is it reamon


Sharla: So… he’s been released, then?

Isaiah: Yes. Three days ago. Bloody city cops cutting a deal with him, got him released early. Which is their perogative, I guess, but they should’ve let us know.

Sharla: I feel sick, even thinking about him being here. I thought I had years still…

Isaiah: Me too. And I’m bloody angry that we didn’t get any warning - I’m putting in a formal complaint about the way this has been handled. Anyway, I’ve put in for restraining orders, for you, and your dad, and Jay, and Candy, so if he breaks them, he’ll be breaking his parole, and could well be back inside for the rest of his sentence, which should be another five years.

Sharla: I’m still worried he’ll come after me… or send someone after me, like the guy he got to attack me in the alley-

Isaiah: Reamon, yeah. We’re still looking for him. It sucks, Sharla, but you’ll just have to be extra vigilant - not go out by yourself, if you have to be home alone, make sure the doors are all locked…

Sharla: I’m worried about Anchor, too. If he hurts Anchor…

Isaiah: I guess if anyone other than you’s looking after him, they need to take the same safety precautions. I wish you didn’t have to do this Sharla, but it is the way it is.

Sharla: I just want to feel safe in my own town. I wish he’d leave.

Isaiah: Me too, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to, and he does have a right to live wherever he wants…

Sharla: …I’m scared what Dad might do if he finds out he’s out. He’s just all over the place at the moment, and I wouldn’t put it past him to attack Mark, again - I don’t want him getting hurt.

Isaiah: You want some help telling him?

Sharla: I wish I could just keep it from him, but-

Isaiah: But he’ll find out anyway, from seeing him out and about - perks of a small town. I’m so sorry all this is happening, Sharla.

Sharla: At least Mum’s not here to see him get released… I miss her so much, Isaiah. I always thought I was a real Daddy’s Girl, but Mum and I really bonded recently, with Anchor, and… I just can’t believe she’s really gone.

Isaiah: She’ll be sorely missed, I know.

Sharla: Right! No more moping! It’s Anchor’s birthday. Let’s just try and forget about everything else for a couple of hours, yeah?