is it really true hes a cannibal

Y'all think you’re obsessed? Try strangling a guy because you don’t want him to leave. Try flaying him and wearing his skin or eating him so that you can become one with him. Try spending $90 on The Exorcist III to keep these dates entertained while you foreplay to all of the above. Try a day in Jeffrey Dahmer’s hush puppies.

It’s beautiful to a “non” Fannibal

This is how I write Hannibal fanfics now, with a laptop skinned in @miasmatik ‘s art. And I just now realized that I don’t get to enjoy the art because I’m on the other side of it. Damn it. I did not think this through. 

My husband complimented it, and now I might need to buy a second to plaster on my husband’s computer for me to enjoy. He offered a mirror-like contraption which I declined, and then I almost peeled it off and stuck it to his, but that seemed … unfair.

I took it out on a maiden voyage yesterday to a coffee house and had two people comment on it. One guy said, “I like your computer art,” to which I replied, “Thank you, it’s Will Graham from Hannibal by the artist, miasmatik on Tumblr.” They then asked, “Will Graham?” and I got excited! I was going to tell them! I was going to explain all about Hannibal and Will and how amazing the show was, but their food was ready, so they wandered away. Strikeout.

But then another person came in and saw it! They called it rad. I had never heard someone say rad in the wild before. I was taken aback! I wanted to question them, but they were with a girl, and that girl needed coffee quickly (I understand that), so I thanked them, and the pair wandered to the counter.

But THEN … the barista, who was on his break eating a sandwich, saw my new laptop sleeve by @camilleflyingrotten !

And he stared. Then he finished his sandwich. He stared again and cocked his head. Then he went back to work. I messed around online for an hour, pretending to write, but was actually dicking around with my Fannibal friends.

I got up to leave and he stopped me. “How was your soup?”

“Great. Excellent crackers!” I said.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

He nods to my laptop sleeve. “Is that Hannibal and Will?”

I, quite literally, dropped everything. “It is Hannibal and Will.” I held it up.

“It’s really … good. I like it.” 

Literally me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) “Did you see my laptop too? There are a lot of really amazing artists who love Hannibal. Are you a Fannibal?!”

“A what?”

Dial it back, Jo, you’re going to fangirl in front of this poor coffee dude. “A fannibal … a fan of NBC’s Hannibal.”

“I only saw seasons one and two,” he said.

“Why did you stop?”

“Honestly, I was afraid Will was going to die.”

I’m not going to lie, my heart kinda broke. I suddenly felt that pain of the season two finale – just a gutwrenching visceral reaction that left me speechless.

“It’s worth it,” I said, “finishing it. Season two is rough. But three is really awesome too.” I write fairly decently, but for fuck’s sake, when I speak, it’s like I have no ability to formulate concise adjectives.

“But they canceled it,” he said, “And at the end of season two, everyone was dying.”

Again, I feel bad. “Yeah, but you get to see Will and Hannibal’s relationship develop. Their romance comes full circle … sort of … and Richard Armitage is in season three.” I don’t know how to sell it on the fly. I wanted to scream BUT MADS MIKKELSEN AND HUGH DANCY BECAUSE AAARRRGGHHH and just throw shit at the wall, but I refrained because I’m a Fannibal not a lunatic.

“Um …,” he began, and he looked a little pekid. “Be honest with me though. Does Will die? I don’t think I can watch it if Will dies.”

I literally had no idea what to say, because this conversation has gotten really weirdly personal for this dude who now looks heartbroken. I wanted to pat him and say, “You are a Fannibal and you’re in love with Will, too,” because all Fannibals are in love with Will and Hannibal. We love their characters so much, it hurts when we know they’re in pain. But I didn’t say that, because that’s a fucking weird as hell thing to say in a coffeehouse to a random dude who began the conversation with: “How was your soup?”

And also … how does one answer that? Does Will die?

No, he doesn’t die if …? 

Yes, he does die, but …? 

Should I have said, “Will will always live on … inside here,” and pointed to his heart, “but also in here,” and pointed to my computer? Because that’s also true.

“There might be a season four,” I said. “But it’s a wonderful story whether they make another season or not. And I write fanfiction for the series. There’s a robust fan community and we’re all very polite and welcoming if you ever get back into the show. We can help you, um … cope.” A diplomatic response, right? It’s neither spoilery nor aggressively fannish, and I offered support. 

“Yeah, that’s cool. I’ll think about it.” He smiled. I did good, right? “Do you watch Supernatural?” he asked.

That’s a random leap, but I remained honest. “It’s not really my thing.”

“I stopped after season five,” he admits, “It just …”

“Jumped the shark?” I said with a nervous snicker.

He laughed and nodded. I am not social by any stretch.

“There are no sharks in Hannibal,” I said because I’m a genius. “But there is a very well-received eel in season three.”

He cocked his head – a true WTF look plastered on his face. I’m not embarrassed though because I’m a 32-years-old woman with two kids who spends her free time making two cannibals suck face. I stopped getting embarrassed about myself in college.

“Maybe I’ll finish the series then,” he said.

“I hope you do.” 

I nodded goodbye and then I left.

I have never interacted with real-life fans of things before. Normally it’s all just chats, groups, and blogs – a weird digital filter placed over fandom life. Fans don’t feel real because I don’t hear voices or see faces and hell, most of the Fannibals I know are random screen names. But this conversation was cool, and I’m glad my two recent RedBubble purchases were what spurred it on.

Anyway, Happy Holidays, fellow Fannibals. Maybe I converted someone to fannibalism or maybe not. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Here’s hoping.


As I studied Jeffrey Dahmer’s chart, I found some pretty conclusive indications regarding his reservedness and his ability to hide his true self. First of all, he had an 8th House stellium (Sun, Mercury and Venus all in the 8th House). This means that he was extremely private, he was great at concealing things about himself, and he was interested in more unspeakable subject matter (in this case, though, his taboo fascinations were really unusual and severely monstrous, which doesn’t go for everyone who has an 8th House stellium). He had a closed-off personality and was not very close to anybody. At the time of his birth, Neptune was in retrograde (he had Neptune in Scorpio), which might have contributed to his tendency to shield his actual, deeper characteristics. Dahmer was most likely shameful of himself, and for very good reason.

When Dahmer lured his first victim into his vehicle, Dahmer recalled in an interview that he did not actually plan it out and that it was a spontaneous occurrence. Dahmer admitted that he had many fantasies about picking up a male hitchhiker, but did not ever think it was actually going to happen, but when he did see his open opportunity, he made the impulsive decision to pick up the victim and eventually murder him. I think his quick decision could have been due to his Aries Moon. At the moment, he was not thinking of the consequences and it was by pure luck that he got away with murdering his first victim.

It’s difficult to say what may have caused Dahmer to become a necrophile. Perhaps it was his Lilith in the 8th House placement. Lilith represents a lot of things, and one of those things has to do with the darker side of people’s sexuality. And since it was placed in the 8th House, it’s extremely common for Lilith in the 8th House natives to have taboo turn-ons, and they are sexually gratified by (sometimes) unspeakable things. Now, I am not saying that people who have this placement will have sexual intercourse with the dead or will even like the idea. But if someone is mentally ill and if they are a psychopath, odds are Lilith in the 8th House will manifest in a horrifying way.

It’s also hard to say what may have led to Dahmer’s cannibalism. We have to remember, though, that Jeffrey Dahmer’s killings were not motivated by cannibalism. His killings were sexually-motivated, and, had he not become a serial killer at all, it’s highly likely that he would not have transformed into a cannibal. So that’s why it’s not easy to pinpoint this particular thing in his chart. The 6th House can often describe eating habits, but he only has Pisces in the 6th and Mars in the 6th House, and I couldn’t find a proper connection to his cannibalism. It has been suggested that his Moon square Saturn placement contributed to his cannibalistic tendencies, however.

In addition, Dahmer had Pluto in the 11th House, which pretty much means that he had difficulty fitting in with friends and with the community. His interests were bizarre and he never felt like he belonged into a social group. In the eye of the public, Dahmer appears soft-spoken, shy, and gentle (Cancer Midheaven). But it’s a whole different story underneath the surface. Jeffrey Dahmer’s chart appears fairly “normal,” but it has also been debated as to whether or not Dahmer was sexually abused in his childhood, which subsequently may have escalated into his deep depression and his road down psychopathy, and developed strange fancies during his descent into madness.

Oneshot fic inspired by this amazing comic.

Comic by the amazing @disteal

The blizzard had come out of nowhere.

Sweeping over the horizon as McCree and Hanzo scrambled to find shelter in the wilderness outside of Eichenwalde. The scouting mission turning into survival. The two running through the forest, battered by wind and shards of ice. They had personal tents but they would be shredded by the beast barreling behind them.

They had minutes before a white out.

“Here!” Jesse grabbed his hand and yanked him to the side.

He snarled, snatching his hand back. “Your arm if freezing.” The cowboy’s prosthetic chillingly cold. His teeth were chattering as he followed anyway. The fur of his wolf pelt already collecting ice crystals.

The forest lashed around them, seeming to roar. They just needed cover, a wind break, anything except trying to stake a tent down and try to hold out. The tent they had been issued for their stealth mission not meant for more than a light flurry.

The thin bedrolls wouldn’t keep them alive.

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Hannibal and positivity

Cannibalism aside, Hannibal does give some really good positive messages. To Margot he said “I’m much weirder than you will ever be, Margot. It’s fine to be weird.”; To Abigale he said “Never be ashamed of who you are.” And he’s been encouraging Will to know himself and be true to himself since the day they first met. Hannibal can be so supportive. 😅

Top 10 Video Game Villains

10. Mr. Scratch (Alan Wake)

He’s truly a charming psychopath. Although enjoyable to watch, he doesn’t get much screen time so he’s only number ten.

9. Albert Wesker (Resident Evil 5)

He’s a very stylish villain and the boss fight against him is enjoyably challenging. Sadly me and my brother’s personal experience with the fight wasn’t great. The game glitched and we were unable to defeat him during the final part of the battle. So thanks to the bad memories, he only gets a nine.

8. Miraak (Skyrim)

A cool and intimidating villain, the fights against him is the best boss fight in Skyrim. Dragonborn’s disappointingly short story kept him from living up to his potential, however.

7. Paul Serene (Quantum Break)

He gets on the list for being a surprisingly sympathetic villain. He’s not really evil, he’s only trying to do what he thinks is right. It’s a shame the boss fight with him is so annoying.

6. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

A true classic, every gamer has at least heard of him. The reason he isn’t higher on the list is because I’ve never actually played FF7. I’ve only met him though spin offs like Crisis Core and Advent Children. I’m looking forward to fighting him in the remake, however.

5. David (The Last of Us)

A cannibal and possible rapist, David is terrifying because he’s just a normal human but seems like more of a monster than the infected.

4. Vaas (Far Cry 3)

He’s far more likeable than the protagonist, Jason Brody. He’s always fun to watch but sadly gets very little screen time. The QTE boss fight is lame, too.

3. Vergil (Devil May Cry 3)

He’s just as stylish as his brother Dante, just in a different way. I would gladly play a prequel game staring him.

2. Gravemind (Halo 2 & 3)

It’s a terrifying and grotesque monster, but oddly well spoken. As the leader of the flood, it’s minions can infect and destroy entire species. Shame you never get to fight it.

1. Pagan Min (Far Cry 4)

My personal favorite video game villain. He’s both hilarious and tragic. I only wish we could have sided with him from the beginning and helped him take down the Golden Path.

Hey, I thought of something. I don’t know if people would like this or not, but if Jeffrey Dahmer were around, it does not seem hard to imagine him becoming a vegetarian/vegan eventually. I imagine him finding a piece of meat exceedingly distasteful and it reminding him of his victims when he cannibalized on their body parts. Perhaps he just wouldn’t be crazy about eating any kind of flesh anymore. It could probably make him feel really sad. I was just thinking about this.

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-what he says: im fine
what he means: cant believe my fucking good ass looks got me caught i mean honestly they should just let me go like look at this fucking collar bone ive got the body of a god they cant put this pretty ass thing in a cell thats bad for my hair its bad for my bone structure i cant lose these clavicles theyre all that ive got i mean come on it was just a couple guys i really cant damage these collar bones

July 22, 1991

In 1994 23 years old Alexander Maslich was serving time in prison for murder. Everyday life in the prison was so dull that Maslich’s cellmate 23 years old Alexei Dzyuba was killing time by telling Maslich and his another cellmate fictional horror stories at night. Dzyuba didn’t know that very soon he will become main part of a real life horror story that will be much more horrific that he could ever imagine. Maslich and his other cellmate killed Dzyuba, cooked his heart, liver and buttocks and ate them. When Maslich was awaiting trial for the murder he committed his third murder, again killing a cellmate. Maslich was sentenced to death (later he was re-sentenced to life imprisonment). When later asked about the crime by a  journalist Maslich responded: «I was insane back then, I didn’t know what I was doing and I don’t really remember anything».