is it really true hes a cannibal

Y'all think you’re obsessed? Try strangling a guy because you don’t want him to leave. Try flaying him and wearing his skin or eating him so that you can become one with him. Try spending $90 on The Exorcist III to keep these dates entertained while you foreplay to all of the above. Try a day in Jeffrey Dahmer’s hush puppies.

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weird facts about jeffrey ?

these are all off the top of my head let’s see how many i can do:

he really liked pabst blue ribbon beer
in prison he would post signs about “cannibals anonymous” meetings
he would also make little fake bodies with ketchup blood with his dinners when he wouldn’t eat it
he loves baloney
i don’t remember the brand but jeff liked menthol cigarettes
he loved cats!
he owned an episode of the cosby show on vhs
one time he watched his weird friend, also named jeff, run over a dog and it kinda fucked him up
he loved the third exorcist movie
he wore yellow contacts bc emperor palpatine had yellow eyes and jeff liked him as a character in the star wars movies
apparently brought a big ass knife to work to cut his sandwiches…
he dressed like my uncle paul
i’m not SURE but i’m like… 99% sure he would’ve enjoyed the show rupauls drag race if he was alive today.
also he would be super sad shea coulee didn’t win this season
he manipulated women in prison bc he knew they loved him so he would ask for money and magazine subscription
and finally… he’s never said it, but i think it’s pretty obvious that his favorite color is a shade of beige.


As I studied Jeffrey Dahmer’s chart, I found some pretty conclusive indications regarding his reservedness and his ability to hide his true self. First of all, he had an 8th House stellium (Sun, Mercury and Venus all in the 8th House). This means that he was extremely private, he was great at concealing things about himself, and he was interested in more unspeakable subject matter (in this case, though, his taboo fascinations were really unusual and severely monstrous, which doesn’t go for everyone who has an 8th House stellium). He had a closed-off personality and was not very close to anybody. At the time of his birth, Neptune was in retrograde (he had Neptune in Scorpio), which might have contributed to his tendency to shield his actual, deeper characteristics. Dahmer was most likely shameful of himself, and for very good reason.

When Dahmer lured his first victim into his vehicle, Dahmer recalled in an interview that he did not actually plan it out and that it was a spontaneous occurrence. Dahmer admitted that he had many fantasies about picking up a male hitchhiker, but did not ever think it was actually going to happen, but when he did see his open opportunity, he made the impulsive decision to pick up the victim and eventually murder him. I think his quick decision could have been due to his Aries Moon. At the moment, he was not thinking of the consequences and it was by pure luck that he got away with murdering his first victim.

It’s difficult to say what may have caused Dahmer to become a necrophile. Perhaps it was his Lilith in the 8th House placement. Lilith represents a lot of things, and one of those things has to do with the darker side of people’s sexuality. And since it was placed in the 8th House, it’s extremely common for Lilith in the 8th House natives to have taboo turn-ons, and they are sexually gratified by (sometimes) unspeakable things. Now, I am not saying that people who have this placement will have sexual intercourse with the dead or will even like the idea. But if someone is mentally ill and if they are a psychopath, odds are Lilith in the 8th House will manifest in a horrifying way.

It’s also hard to say what may have led to Dahmer’s cannibalism. We have to remember, though, that Jeffrey Dahmer’s killings were not motivated by cannibalism. His killings were sexually-motivated, and, had he not become a serial killer at all, it’s highly likely that he would not have transformed into a cannibal. So that’s why it’s not easy to pinpoint this particular thing in his chart. The 6th House can often describe eating habits, but he only has Pisces in the 6th and Mars in the 6th House, and I couldn’t find a proper connection to his cannibalism. It has been suggested that his Moon square Saturn placement contributed to his cannibalistic tendencies, however.

In addition, Dahmer had Pluto in the 11th House, which pretty much means that he had difficulty fitting in with friends and with the community. His interests were bizarre and he never felt like he belonged into a social group. In the eye of the public, Dahmer appears soft-spoken, shy, and gentle (Cancer Midheaven). But it’s a whole different story underneath the surface. Jeffrey Dahmer’s chart appears fairly “normal,” but it has also been debated as to whether or not Dahmer was sexually abused in his childhood, which subsequently may have escalated into his deep depression and his road down psychopathy, and developed strange fancies during his descent into madness.

Oneshot fic inspired by this amazing comic.

Comic by the amazing @disteal

The blizzard had come out of nowhere.

Sweeping over the horizon as McCree and Hanzo scrambled to find shelter in the wilderness outside of Eichenwalde. The scouting mission turning into survival. The two running through the forest, battered by wind and shards of ice. They had personal tents but they would be shredded by the beast barreling behind them.

They had minutes before a white out.

“Here!” Jesse grabbed his hand and yanked him to the side.

He snarled, snatching his hand back. “Your arm if freezing.” The cowboy’s prosthetic chillingly cold. His teeth were chattering as he followed anyway. The fur of his wolf pelt already collecting ice crystals.

The forest lashed around them, seeming to roar. They just needed cover, a wind break, anything except trying to stake a tent down and try to hold out. The tent they had been issued for their stealth mission not meant for more than a light flurry.

The thin bedrolls wouldn’t keep them alive.

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“The oddest part of dealing with him was for six weeks, I was with him eight to ten hours a day. I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner with him. I’d bring the paper in every day. He’d get letters from women with pictures, that said they loved him and wanted to marry him. We’d talk about all this shit. When we weren’t talking about his deeds, just talking about regular things, I saw a regular guy. A product of upper middle class, someone who had been given all the resources and benefits that anybody could want in this country. A guy who had a strong command of the English language, who knew how to talk to authority figures. He could be charming. Overall, you could say he was tolerant and not racist at all. The people in the neighborhood he lived all thought he was a pretty decent white guy. You could see he had real love for his mom and dad and grandpa and brother. The night that I interrogated him, it took me about three and half hours before he started to crack, and when he started crying and saying, “How will I explain this to my family? What will they think about me?” you could see he had a lot of really normal emotions that any normal person would have. When you would look at Jeffrey Dahmer, into his blue eyes, you didn’t see the fucking devil, you know what I’m saying? You saw - at least I saw - a pathetic human being who was so hedonistically selfish that all he could think about was the pursuit of his own sexual pleasures.” -Detective Pat Kennedy on his meetings with Jeffrey Dahmer

Hey, I thought of something. I don’t know if people would like this or not, but if Jeffrey Dahmer were around, it does not seem hard to imagine him becoming a vegetarian/vegan eventually. I imagine him finding a piece of meat exceedingly distasteful and it reminding him of his victims when he cannibalized on their body parts. Perhaps he just wouldn’t be crazy about eating any kind of flesh anymore. It could probably make him feel really sad. I was just thinking about this.

Help me fact check something?

So, one of my favorite fun facts to tell people is that cannibalism isn’t actually illegal in the united states. I tell tons of people this and most find it interesting or ask me to clarify and mention Jeffrey Dahmer or Ed Gein and ask something like “well what about them what did they get arrested for?” and I’d explain that they were arrested for murder, assault, rape, desecration of a corpse… etc. but NOT arrested for cannibalism, bc it’s not EXPLICITLY outlawed. most people accept this and move on.

this guy the other day… did fucking not. He was like 60- something years old and butted into a conversation I was having with my friend while she was at work and I mentioned the fact to her and he like interrupted me and was like, “UM actually…. it is against the law” and I fought back and said no… there’s no law in any state or federal constitution (is that the right word?) that says that a person can’t consume human flesh. And he fought back with a basic argument like “but u cant murder ppl” and it went on for minutes with him throwing out fake shit and me refuting it all with the facts. eventually I gave up bc he wasnt listening and just wanted to be right and i just said, “fine whatever I guess you can’t eat people” or something. BUT ITS BEEN BUGGING ME.

I trust you guys and I just really gotta know FOR SURE that there is no law in the united states that says cannibalism is illegal. I’m pretty sure I’m right but maybe this 60 year old man child was onto something. Also if i’m gonna be telling everyone i know this lil fun fact I want it to be true.

In the 1500s, accusations of men being werewolves ran rampant, much like what happened in Salem, Massachusetts in the 1600s with witches in the Salem Witch Trials. One of the most infamous people to be convicted of being a werewolf was serial child killer and cannibal Peter Stumpp, also known as the Werewolf of Bedburg. After being tortured, Stumpp confessed that he had been practicing dark magic since he was a preteen. Stumpp had spent the last 25 years killing, eating, and drinking the blood of both animals and humans. Among his victims were 14 children, one of them being his own son whose brain he ate. Two of Stumpp’s victims were pregnant women, he cut out their fetuses while they were still alive and ate them. Stumpp claimed the Devil had given him a belt that transformed him into a werewolf when he put it on and he committed his crimes as a werewolf. Legend stated that Stumpp had lost his left hand when a hunter cut off his paw while he was in wolf form. Peter Stumpp was executed on Halloween in 1589. Hot pincers were used to remove the flesh from his arms and legs, he was beheaded, and his body was burned. Today it is debated by some as to if Stumpp really committed the crimes or not because he only confessed when tortured.

In 1994 23 years old Alexander Maslich was serving time in prison for murder. Everyday life in the prison was so dull that Maslich’s cellmate 23 years old Alexei Dzyuba was killing time by telling Maslich and his another cellmate fictional horror stories at night. Dzyuba didn’t know that very soon he will become main part of a real life horror story that will be much more horrific that he could ever imagine. Maslich and his other cellmate killed Dzyuba, cooked his heart, liver and buttocks and ate them. When Maslich was awaiting trial for the murder he committed his third murder, again killing a cellmate. Maslich was sentenced to death (later he was re-sentenced to life imprisonment). When later asked about the crime by a  journalist Maslich responded: «I was insane back then, I didn’t know what I was doing and I don’t really remember anything».

“I picked him up at the Cleveland airport a few days later, expecting a scruffy, downtrodden young man, crestfallen and humiliated. As he came off the plane, however, he was smiling brightly, and from a distance, he looked amazingly cheerful. But as he came closer, I realized that he was drunk, and that it was this that had made him appear cheerful.

‘Sorry, Dad,’ Jeff said as he stepped up to me. 'I guess I had a few too many on the plane.’

Once he’d come closer to me, I saw that Jeff was filthy and disheveled. He’d grown a moustache which he hadn’t cleaned or tended and was now scraggly and unkempt. His clothes were unwashed and covered with stains. He stank of whiskey, and a cigarette dangled from the corner of his mouth… .

…Only two weeks after returning home, Jeff was arrested at the local Ramada Inn. He’d been asked to leave the lounge because he’d been drinking straight out of a vodka bottle. He had refused to do that, and so he’d been taken to the lobby. Even then, however, he hadn’t gone away. Instead, he’d hung around the front door, still drinking from the bottle. The police had finally been called, and at their arrival, Jeff had suddenly turned violent. It had taken three officers to restrain him. Arrested, and later charged with drunk and disorderly conduct, Jeff had been taken to the Akron Correctional Facility.

Jeff’s brief incarceration did no good, and after the episode at the Ramada Inn, the drinking never really stopped, at least not while he lived with Shari and me. At times, he would lose his glasses or wallet while drunk. Several times, he even lost track of the car. As the weeks passed, the calls continued. They might come from Jeff, from a bartender, or from the police, but always the call was to tell me that Jeff was drunk, that he couldn’t drive, that I had to come and get him.”

Lionel Dahmer describing his son’s return home after he was discharged from the army for alcohol abuse, A Father’s Story

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Can you do an Exo reaction to an empty fridge.

Thank you for the request ^^ here i go :)

Xiumin:”if it’s empty…’

Luhan:‘this can’t be true..”

External image

Kris: no problem he always has a bag of seaweed ..

Suho: let’snot kid ourselves,suho’s fridge is never empty…


Baekhyun: “it’s empty…”

External image

“well…at least there’s some bacon…’

Chanyeol:"no put it DOWN!THAT’S CANNIBALISM!!”


External image

Yixing: ”Food…there’s no food..did i eat already…i don’t remember…” “What if food was cold in there and decided to leave…but what if i ate all of it on my own…did i eat today…”

Jongdae: ”But i was really huuungryyyyy..”

Kyngsoo: “i dun curr that the fridge is empty…but that packed kimchi spaghetti..”

External image

“…was miiiiiiine!!”

Tao:“damaa there’s no food…i’m hungryyy…ummmmaaa please feed me!!”


“Wait that’s not necessarily bad…mhhm…chicken takeout it is!!”

Sehun:“food…who eeds food wheno have bubble tea?Choco choco choco….’


hope you enjoyed guys,i did it as i promised… don’t think i’ve forgotten about the others,i just have a hard time finding gifs for everyone ^^

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Rae, did you ever write fanfic? If so, who was it about? Kristen x

My head is mostly fanfic. I write myself into most things. For example -

Twilight - I console Taylor Lautner after Bella makes the wrong choice. Her loss.

Hannibal - I’m a forensic psychologist and Hannibal’s friend. He likes my manners & I remind him of his dead sister so he won’t kill me. He makes me really nice food too - just deserts. Lots of poached pears - that sort of stuff. No cannibalism.

The Hunger Games - I was the one who taught Katniss archery. I live in the woods. I don’t eat squirrels.

Big Bang Theory - Sheldon’s geek aunty. He treats me like he treats Leonard Nimoy - with respect & fear.

Dr.Who - David Tennant’s true love. More than Rose. But I won’t travel with him because my home planet would be lost without me. He cries but I tell him I can’t leave my family or my cat.

Coronation Street. Sort of the new ‘Betty’. I work behind the bar of the Rovers and tell people how to behave. I don’t cook though - I know this is fanfic but it should reflect reality a bit.

X Factor - I’m a judge. I actually find someone completely brilliant & Cowell is so jealous it’s obvious. Me & Cheryl share chips.

Harry Potter - I’m a teacher of the dark arts. I’m also a centaur. I nip into Hagrid’s house for a brew. I gallop randomly because frankly I can.

So yes. I do fanfic. x

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Hello, I have a probably stupid question, I'm sure it's been discussed a million times before, but I'm kind of new to the fandom and I'm rewatching S3 and I had to ask, what is a... common assumption about the fate of Hannibal's sister? Did he kill her and eat her or just eat her or... ? And why?.. Thank you!

Not a stupid question at all nonny, the storytelling on this show can oftentimes be confusing without watching half a dozen times, or without some other context to go along with it. I don’t believe it was ever stated on the show, but I recall watching a post-mortem with Mads and him saying that Hannibal caught the man in the act of molesting and killing his sister. This was never actually mentioned in the episode, but I have to assume this was Bryan’s intent for what exactly happened to her.

This is different from the canon of the Hannibal Rising novel, where Mischa is killed and eaten by Nazis. In the book Hannibal also eats her, but it’s not an intentional act on his part, which completely changes a very large part of not only his backstory, but also his motivation in doing what he does. I really love that Bryan changed this in the show, because making his first act of cannibalism such an intentional thing, as opposed to an accident, makes it clear that who Hannibal is is who he was born as, not something that was created due to the cruelty of others. Nothing happened to him. He happened.

What I really love about this though is how well it ties in with the theme of fairytales that was present throughout the season. The story Hannibal told Chiyoh was only half true, Mischa was killed but not eaten by the man she held prisoner. This half truth was very similar to the canon of the novel, but not the reality of this universe. “All sorrows can be borne if you put them in a story.” While this is obviously a different version of Hannibal’s life, in a way it takes that original backstory and sheds new light on it. It was never the thing that changed or turned Hannibal into something other than himself. The beast was not made a beast, he simply is and was. What happened to Mischa was horrendous, but it doesn’t explain why he is what he is. Only someone completely Other already would react that way.

As for why he ate her, there was certainly a lot going on there. I think it was not only to honor her, but to carry a part of her with him forever in a way, however he also mentioned to Bedelia that Mischa caused him to betray himself, and I always assumed when he said that he was referring to the love he felt for her. As Bedelia said, it was not dissimilar to the love he feels for Will in that it was so powerful it had the ability to influence him and his behavior. It took control away from him, and the only way he was able to take back that control was to consume her. This is how Bedelia was able to convince him he also needed to eat Will, because it worked so well with Mischa.

Vet//An Isaac Lahey Imagine

Anon said: Can you do a oneshot for Isaac Lahey and OC(his gf) where he went back to beacon hills and surprised his friends by bringing OC with him and explained to his friends how he met her (she’s a vet) ? Thank you! I really love your blog btw and i’m in need of some Isaac oneshots lol :D

Yes I want her to meet Deaton so bad they would be besties


“Okay Isaac,” Stiles announced. “You’re back and we need to throw a welcome back party for you.”

He opened his mouth to protest, but thought better of it. Even Deaton was nodding his agreement.

“Fine. But you guys have to be okay with me bringing a plus-one.”

Everyone stared at him as he pulled out his phone and began to text someone.

.   .   .

Your phone pinged with a new message as you were bent over an application to the local animal clinic. It was from Isaac.

How do you feel about going to a Welcome Back Isaac party?

You slammed out a quick reply and went back to pouring over the application when your phone pinged again.

Can you come down to the animal clinic?

Knowing that he wasn’t going to leave you alone until you did, you pulled on your jacket, boots, grabbed your keys and went out the door.

You pulled up to the parking lot and got out of the car and walked into the building.

“Isaac?” you called.

“In the back!” you heard his voice.

“Hey,” you said, kissing his cheek. “These your werewolf buddies?”

He nodded. “Stiles, Scott, Derek, and Dr. Deaton. Guys, this is my girlfriend, (Y/N). She’s a veterinarian." 

You smiled at each of them and then froze, realizing that Dr. Deaton would be the one reviewing your application.

Deaton held out his hand. "If even half of what Isaac’s told us about you is true, I might have a position for you.”

“Really? Oh my god that would be so great.”

“Uh, guys?” Stiles piped up. “Still gotta figure out what did this,” he said gesturing at the mauled rabbit on the table. Your eyes skimmed over it, looking at the claw marks and bite patterns.

“It looks like a wendigo,” you said.

Dr. Deaton shook his head. “No, wendigos are cannibals. I think that this is another werewolf.”

“No,” you insisted. “Look at the bite pattern.”

He bent over and looked at the bites more carefully. “I’ve seen this only once before in Paris. A family of wendigos hated killing, so they only ate wild animals.”

Deaton stood up, looking impressed. “She’s right.”

Isaac smiled proudly. “That’s my girl.”

“You lucky bastard!” Stiles exclaimed. “Beautiful and extensive knowledge of the supernatural!”

“Back off,” Isaac joked.

Stiles held up his hands in mock surrender. “I got Malia.”

“Okay, okay, that’s enough,” Deaton said. “(Y/N), is there any danger to the community with these wendigos?”

You considered for a moment. “No immediate danger. I would recommend keeping an eye out though. The wendigos that were like this in Paris were pretty vigilant about their diet, but I would look out just in case one of them falls off the wagon.”

“Yeah, we definitely have a position open.”

You grinned. “Awesome.”