is it really statistics sara

Tegan's not pressuring you to dance
  • Tegan: This next song is off our last record, and it's a bit of a dance number. There's no pressure though. The last few nights I've been getting the audience to participate a little bit and dance, you know, thinking it would be like good family fun. And then I saw someone write on Instagram like, "I wish Tegan would stop peer pressuring us into dancing." And so I wanna say, tonight, if I, too, were in the audience, I would probably just do this *bops a little bit*
  • So, you do you, you be the person you wanna be. Tegan and Sara's all about encouraging people to be the people that they are. *cheering* But apparently last night I didn't say that to the audience. I was like, "Ok, only the fun people dance." And so then, I think that people felt like I thought that cause you didn't dance you're not fun, and that's not true, probably. You're probably a really spectacular -
  • Sara: Statistically, it's probably true.
  • Tegan: Well, statistically, it might be true, but I shouldn't have put that label out there. I'm deeply sorry.