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Monika’s Pen, or: how DDLC turned the fourth wall into a Shakespearean tragedy.

You remember the ending to ‘What’s Opera Doc?’ 

The short itself is a classic and  considered by critics to be the best of the looney tunes short. But the ending features Elmer Fudd coming across the body of Bugs, as carries him away in tears he sadly says to himself: ‘What have I done? I killed the wabbit.’ while the music swells, Bugs comes to, turns to the audience, and for the first time in the short, speaks without a tune: ‘Well what did you expect in an opera? A happy ending?’ 

Now if you went up to me and asked what that was, I’d tell you that it’s just a fourth wall break. 

Since most everyone knows what the fourth wall is, I won’t explain it here, just wanted to give a quick example, is all. But the thing about the phrase, braking the fourth wall, is that it’s always been seen as a form of comedy, nothing but a clever wink and nod to the audience meant to get a rise out of you.

Lately though, story tellers have been using the fourth wall in a different way. The Dark Tower novels used the idea of creations meeting creators to bring up some fun ideas, and while I haven’t seen it yet, I’ve heard Wes Craven’s new Nightmare has fun with creators being chased by creations. But where those were just something the writers no doubt were playing around with and testing out, another format of stories have begun using the fourth wall to tell rather disturbing, thought provoking tales. 

Video games. 

Underneath the keep reading tab is my thoughts on what this all means for the future of story telling. But it does contain spoilers for both Doki Doki Literature Club and Undertale, two games that you REALLY should go into as blind as possible, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

And please keep in mind that this is just my opinion, I’m just telling you the realization I had after playing both these games. 

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Honestly one of the most iconic moments in Sonic Forces was when your character breaks into the Death Egg to save Sonic, only for Sonic to escape by himself and save your character instead, AND THEN opens up the conversation with “are you here to rescue me”

Is it:

  • “Welcome home, babe.” or
  • “Welcome home, Cas.” ?

Because I know that I’m not going to use “Welcome home, pal.” in this a/b/o bingo fic I’m writing. Dean and Cas have been mated for years, so I feel “pal” would be out of place. ;3

Do you have an endearments that you prefer Dean to use for Cas?

Next to babe I like honey, sweetheart and sunshine, but they’re a bit too cheesy for this particular scene…

so when i first started watching crazy ex girlfriend, i headcanoned rebecca as having bpd and on last night’s episode she was diagnosed with it! i’m excited to see how they handle this - she reacted very similarly to how i did when i was first diagnosed with it. very interested to follow her journey with this and i trust the show to do this justice.


let’s all agree to protect her

I see people wondering how Cas told Jack things or how Jack got to know Cas enough to miss him in the amount of time since they met. The clear answer, at least to me, is that Jack got to know Cas through Kelly.

Remember when Jack says he WAS her? The conversation in 13.06 where Jack says he remembers feeling safe just clarifies that. He remembers KELLY feeling safe. He remembers choosing Cas as his father through Kelly choosing Cas while he “was” Kelly.

Even though he didn’t meet Cas face to face until 13.06, he was basically experiencing things through Kelly before that, so when he says he missed Cas and wanted him back, it’s because he first got to know Cas while he “was” Kelly.

I don’t think it was a direct kind of thing; he says his mother told him to find Cas, which suggests to me that Jack wasn’t directly communicating with Cas. So Cas is familiar to him, but they’ve still never met, technically.

This tells you why he recognizes who Cas is on sight without having to be told, too. Makes me wonder if nephilim can see angel true forms, have a true form of their own, etc, but that’s another conversion entirely. (Hey, if Jack can have wings, and he has grace, some angelic form seems plausible too.)

Very random post-Punisher thoughts:

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