is it really spoilers

I hope I don’t regret choosing these hair and uniform colors in a few weeks.

[See in Full Resolution to appreciate the watercolor effect.]

yo but

the direct parallel of Bellamy and Emori’s breakdowns, tho

they’ve both been in such pain for so much of their lives, they’ve both been treated like crap by their own people, they both “lost” their siblings a.k.a. the only family they’ve ever had, they’re both beyond used to having to do things they don’t even think about whether they agree with anymore to survive


she did it bcos she was tryna save herself 

he did it bcos he couldn’t save someone else



I wasn’t going to write anything about it tonight, but since the Power Rangers tag is filled with people bashing this movie already, here are some of my non-spoilery thoughts on the movie:

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What do you think about this whole issue with Jaal?

It’s… a mess.

I personally don’t have an interest in romancing him…. but I think he should definitely be an option for Scott.The Bi component of his romance getting cut is part of an overarching trend of mlm getting shafted in Bioware games

I think he should be Bi because I think there should be a mlm squadmate. I love Gil to bits, but his entire romance is 8 minutes long. (Cora’s is like 27 or something as a reference) and the mlm contact time in the game is awful.

If they’re not going to make Jaal Bi I think they should flesh out Gil and Reye’s storylines (give them the same treatment as the m/f squadmate romances in the game, more dialogue, dates, animations, etc) and patch in a mlm squadmate. 

Jaal is a good candidate for a mlm romance because the lines are already recorded and there, as is the code for it to happen, so it would be easy to patch him to be Bi (which he was originally, based on the datamine).

It’s a shame to see Bioware ignore it’s mlm fans like this… Mass Effect means a great deal to me and has helped me through some really tough times and it’s a shame to feel ignored and forgotten because of…. all that’s going on.

Also even if they make Jaal bi I still think they need to add more content to Gil and Reyes’ romances. Same goes for Suvi actually. 

Essentially I think Bioware needs to treat it’s LGBT characters and fans better, i.e. the same way it treats its straight characters and fans.

But what if the reason John started seeing Mary after her death is because he had already seen one of his important people dying and then coming back (Sherlock) so he just clutched on that hope that Mary wasn’t dead like Sherlock wasn’t.

Ronan and Romance.

Blue: So how did you finally win Adam Parrish’s heart?

Ronan: Well, Sargent, it went something like this: - *counts on fingers* - first, I dragged him behind my car, then I insulted his girlfriend (that was you - sorry, bro), then I beat up his dad, then I paid his rent without telling him, then I slept on his floor and THEN I showed up at his work with a ten-foot monster bird and asked him to help me blackmail our latin teacher- 

Blue: That went well, I take it?

Ronan: Well no, he kicked me out, so I broke into his car and left him some hand lotion and a mix tape with only the Murder Squash Song on it. 

Blue: I have a vague memory of that tape.

Ronan: It worked! So I took him to see some cows, then we went shopping and I crashed a grocery cart with him in it-

Blue: Gansey never did that to me.

Ronan: See, you need to know how to pick’em. Anyway, there was a slight snafu in a church involving some bodyparts in an envelope and my own bloody corpse, but we got through it, it’s all good. I went on to produce a hooved supernatural child who eats everything in sight  -(he adores her, it’s really sweet), acted as his personal chauffeur during an evening hunt for the Devil, then took him to do a little frolicking in a magical woods where I gave him a nervous breakdown by revealing that said magical woods came from inside my head-

Blue: Fair. 

Ronan: *glares* - He got over it, alright?! Anyway: finally, on my 18th birthday party, after accidentally calling him a shithead, I sent him upstairs to my bedroom for some aluminum foil and there, I kissed him on the mouth after playing a little too long with a toy car and presto! One Parrish-Lynch coalition in the bag!

Blue: …

Blue: If that worked, you deserve each other.

Ronan: - *beams* - Thanks! 

Now that I’ve seen the film, I think I have an explanation for why the dress looks the way it does. 

-The design is more simple and modern to contrast her to the women present in the beginning dance sequence. She’s wearing limited makeup and jewelry, and her dress needs to seem lighter and free-flowing. She needs to show she’s a woman ahead of her time. She doesn’t need to ‘cover up’ or present as something other than she is, like the Prince did with his elaborate makeup.

-The 1991 one version might be more period accurate, but that design looks best in a still. You can’t get away from this because the movie was animated mostly by hand, so you can only draw her frame by frame. 

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Watson’s version, on the other hand, is clearly designed to look best while in movement (something you could only do in live-action). It’s also not a coincidence that the panels (?) on top that replaced the ribbon around the skirt float outward while she’s moving to make her dress resemble a yellow rose (symbolizing friendship). 

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-the no-gloves thing is to further the intimacy between the Beast and Belle. True the elbow-length gloves are more formal and of the period, but this scene needs to demonstrate (without dialogue) how close the pair have gotten. We need that shot of Belle putting her hands on the Beast’s giant claws and trusting that he’s going to handle her gently. Having a barrier between them would work contrary to that goal

-I can’t really speak to the color, other than it was the most vibrant thing in that gorgeous ballroom. Everything else was a very pale, almost cold gold and white and pale blue. If the room was more orange-y like the cartoon, that color wouldn’t have worked. But here I thought it worked. 


Me, who fears that 11 minutes might be too spoilery: