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sousuke is jealous and actually crying inside because makoto spends more time looking at his figurine than him

jimon fic recs

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3 times simon flirts with jace in serious situations + 1 time jace gives it a try by hexicity 

worlds apart by banesexual 

slight misunderstandings by madzielightbane

the obi-wan for me by the_magnificentbane

he’s got something special by rocketshiptospace

call it magic by rocketshiptospace

only fools by rocketshiptospace

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anon with the scars on her legs is back again! i wore shorts and some jerk asked me "did you do that to yourself? oh my god, go get help" and it was funny to see his face change when i told him no and i was proud to have them. everyone was really supportive! thanks morty! (and person behind his beautiful blog)

I’m SO proud of you, I’m so glad! And I mean, even if you did do it to yourself that’s not an okay reaction, you know, what a jerk!  But speaking up and letting people know your story is AMAZING, I know it c-can be SUPER hard, and I am so glad you created dialogue and that people were accepting!! They’re beautiful, and they’re part of you, and NO one can take that survival and beauty from you!!

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Are there adaptations (animes, movies, series, whatever) of some Ranpo story?

Sorry about this one, here’s an incomplete list:


Anime & Manga, Manga II

In addition to that, Ranpo has provided countless of inspiration in various modern works. For example, Meitantei Conan’s Kudo Shinichi picked up “Edogawa” as the last name for his made-up alias. Another one, Man of Many Faces is a CLAMP series which again took inspiration from Edogawa’s works, most notably from The Fiend with Twenty Faces.

I just had a nightmare that someone somehow read and left a review for Red and the Bomb on The Wicker King’s goodreads page.

They were all like “idek why industry people were so excited about this book. I hated the character Bill and the book was nothing like the description I was given. It was confusing and creepy.”

Like maybe someone had given them a bootleg ARC or something??? So then, I had to log into my old Goodreads account and reply to it like “nothing in your review makes me think you read the right book. Also, the character bill is literally grooming a child, so your dislike of him is a normal reaction. P.S. can you tell me who gave you my unpublished work? because whoooo boy did you not read the right thing. Please edit or remove this review.”

Then in the nightmare I learned that the leak was my mom who forwarded the ARC I gave to her for The Wicker King (cause! She! Asked! And! Is! My! Mama!) to a friend of hers who used to work in publishing at Little Brown. Only, she attached the wrong file to her email. And instead of sending TWT she sent a draft of Red and The Bomb I sent her when I was 19. One of the oldest and least edited version of a book I wrote that wasn’t even publishing quality.

And then another aspect of the nightmare was that I had to call my mom and yell at her about it and I hated having to do that.

d8 random fey

1) Don’t step inside the standing stones up on the mound. Those are the teeth of greedy, sleepy old Grandfather Ogre

2) That cabin out by the woods, the man who lives there loves dogs. He has a dozen or more, feeds them from his own hands. He’s raising the pups of the Great Hound deep in the forest, tree-high. He’s not a man at all.

3) You’ll catch her sometimes if she’s quiet, loping along with that awkward gait, watching the birds. When she whistles the men follow her and they never look at her mouth. Her legs alone must be twice their height, but they’ll never speak of it when they come back. If they come back.

4) Always two of them. Man and woman. Husband and wife maybe, but they always wear the same face too. They love to measure - if you stand still by them they’ll measure every part of you, down to the finger-bones. They love smaller things. They’ll make things for you if you let them, from the junk they carry, but they always make them too big. They especially love children.

5) Sometimes you see them flit by at night - bright-winged and butterfly-free. At a distance you can mistake the little ones for fireflies. But when you see the broader glow coming over the curve of the hillside you must remember to look away.

6) The whole bottom of the river is covered in shells and they rattle when you cross the bridge. Shellycoat loves distracting travelers and getting them lost - down her gullet, if she’s hungry.

7) You find them in churches - abandoned ones - torturing themselves. They’ve a fascination with the crucifixion. Sometimes they’ll come close to a village, inching along on those long fingers and toes, and try to lure out a priest to talk to them.

8) You have to understand is it’s not your wife, your husband. The thing gets into the ground and inside of them, makes them move again. It’s not hair - how could hair grow that long? You have to cut it out of the corpse. Get that long strand and follow it back to the beast in the earth.

This is from jasminevilll Instagram story at the Vegan Food and Beer fest in LA today 5/27/17

I knew this was going to happen, so Calum and Nia are walking next to each other. Just waking, nothing else. And then I see a bunch of people saying that they are dating. They aren’t dating, they are friends and they are hanging out, and that’s what friends do. If waking next to someone or being at the same place as someone means that you are dating then I guess Calum is dating many girls. Like they are really just friends and nothing else. Some stans or some people are gonna make this complicated and take it to another level Istg.