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abstruseglitch  asked:

What would all the DAI companions' and advisors' favorite memes be?

mods decided to divide these up into two important categories:


Sera. Sera, Sera, Sera. Can recite the intro to The Bee Movie, will send the entire script via text to anyone who tells her to stop. Rides Wheelies to Hide her Feelies. 

Varric. Master of the copy pasta, can recite most of them by heart, but his favorite is the Navy Seals one.

The Iron Bull. Very skilled at bofa, leaving the Chargers absolutely refusing to clarify anything he says, and tragically trying to stop anyone else from doing the same. 

Leliana. A fan of the classic rickroll, excellent at hiding urls so no one can tell what it is, intersperses the rickrolls with actual informative posts, so no one realizes what is going to happen to them. 

Dorian. Big fan of the nihilistic meme, completely deadpan about them. Also runs a badnecromanytips blog full of dead puns. 

Josephine. Only posts Wholesome Memes about loving her friends and enjoying life. It’s too sweet-hearted and no one can deal with it.

Blackwall. Posts near incomprehensible tragic yet hilarious memes. Sometimes posts farming memes?? Everyone is mildly concerned for him, but as Sera’s bbf (bearded best friend) he is aware of All the memes.

Cole. Really likes Spongebob memes?? He doesn’t really understand the humor, he just thinks they are cute. Sometimes will make those tag yourself memes as different characters representing his friends. He is showing his love for them.

Cassandra. Is delighted by Sword and Shields in-joke memes and posts them thinking no one understands, but Varric knows… he started them.

Vivienne. No one, absolutely no one expects her to have knowledge of memes, until one day Dorian makes a Mistake, and Vivienne replies with, “Blood orange, really? How pretentious. It’s red.” 

non-memers who sera and friends torment:

Cullen. Doesn’t really “get” most memes because the levels of humor go over his head, but features in a lot of Sera’s snapchats with his hair steaming and chopstick stickers everywhere.

Solas. Believes himself to be above memes. Sera interrupts him before every sentence to go, “you, an intellectual”. 

Daily reminder that if you ship narumitsu, narumayo, junipollo, justicykes, franmaya, klapollo, cykesquill, klema, hobopollo, trupearl, lanamia, miego, junithena, blackbright, etc, etc…

Then KEEP ON SHIPPING IT AND LET NO ONE SHAME YOU FOR IT. I know I’ve talked about the issue of ship wars in the past, but we really, REALLY need to stop with all the ship hate in this fandom; it’s disgusting, and it it makes the fandom feel very toxic and unwelcoming when SOME OF YOU act like pretentious babies and act as if only the ships YOU ship are the ‘unproblematic’ ships.

Now I’m not saying you CAN’T have a NOTP: we all do. And that’s okay. But what ISN’T okay is when you’re throwing blatant ship hate into the main tag or the ship tags: it’s not cute. And it makes you look like an asshole, to be honest.

So in short: learn to accept the fact that everyone’s going to ship different ships and you have no right to call anyone ‘disgusting’ for shipping your NOTP. So do yourself a favor and talk only about the ships you do like and shut up about the ones you don’t: make this fandom feel like a WELCOMING one and not one full of condescending, bitter children. 

1.7k Follow Celebration!!

hey hey guys!! so i reached 1.7k followers yesterday I believe and basically I’m just soo soo grateful for each and every one of you guys!! I don’t quite have time to do a full blown celebration but!! i wanted to do something little for all of you so here we are!


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what you can get:

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I'll Be There - allwaswell16 - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan
Additional Tags: Enemies to Lovers, Alternate Universe - College/University, Smut, Masturbation, Blow Jobs, Humor, University Student Harry, University Student Louis, POV Louis, Hate to Love, Sick Character, but not that sick just like a bad cold, Chicken Soup, lol that there’s a tag for that, now i’m just looking for weird tags sorry, Fever, House Cleaning, Beds, lol i’m sorry i’ll stop now

Louis is less than thrilled to find out his roommate has coerced his nemesis to check on him whilst he’s sick in bed. However, Harry seems to take great pleasure in taking care of Louis. Maybe this green smoothie drinking, hot yoga instructing, hair in a bun wearing, pretentious art history studying wanker isn’t so bad after all.

On Monday, Louis thinks Harry’s a twat. By Friday, he’s thinking of reasons for him to stay.


I’m crying, the discourse on this site is just completely unreal.

To all Spirk shippers

I have this idea for a Spirk college au, but I’m not confident enough in my writing skills to actually write it. So if you want to do something with it go ahead just tag me so I can read it.

The Idea

Where James Kirk is an outspoken philosophy major and Spock is an introverted aspiring astronomer, double majoring in literature, who shares classes with James’s best friend and roommate Leonard “Bones” McCoy. Bones always complains about the “pretentious pointy-eared bastard” who is always challenging him. However James and Spock haven’t meet until Bones and Spock get partnered for a project and James finally gets to meet Spock. At first James thinks Spock is cute but then Spock says something that James takes offence to and he decides he doesn’t like Spock. This starts a series of passive aggressive comments and petty arguments that hide their sexual tension. This annoys both Bones and Uhura (Spock’s best friend) so they get together and make a plan to get Spock and James together.

I was going to have Uhura come up with the idea to put some of Spock’s love poetry or something in the pockets of James’s jeans as part of the plan to get them together, But it isn’t necessary.

mercs + pauling as tumblr users:

Heavy: Default theme with blog title “heavy weapons guy”. His only post is a picture of his gun titled “My gun”.

Scout: Reblogs memes and vines. Leaves unnecessary comments on everything. Posts at least 3 shirtless mirror selfies a day. 

Medic: Shitposts between pictures of irl gore and medical stuff. Doesn’t tag gore and posts a lot of pictures of his birds.

Demo: Mostly personal posts about his job and drunken rambles. Reblogs vines.

Soldier: Has a jpg. of the american flag as his blog background. Sends asks to the barack obama tumblr every day. 

Sniper: Reblogs a lot of black and white pictures of shit like coffee mugs and forests. Makes personal posts sometimes but usually deletes them. 

Pyro: ONLY reblogs cute animal vines and pictures of burning buildings. their theme is a pink over saturated mess with tons floaties and small, absolutely unreadable text. Only makes posts in emojis and likes everyone’s posts.

Engie: Uses his blog as an actual blog and writes long posts about stuff he did that day. Reblogs pictures of landscapes. 

Spy: Clean theme. Makes pretentious posts about pretty much anything and reblogs sports cars. Sends anon hate to Sniper. 

Miss Pauling: Very nice and clean theme. Mostly reblogs pictures of guns and tags everything accordingly. Has Scout blocked. 

i’m looking through my pokemon tag and i realize just how much of a pretentious fuck i was being

i am so sorry

everyone’s pokemon opinions are valid i promise

except you fuckin fucks who wanna fetishize the ones i happen to like a lot aesthetically

thanks to you fucks i can’t say that i love swalot without people thinking i mean it in a vore context


i don’t

i just love his huge kissylips and cute face

anonymous asked:

dark phannie show me the fic recs

im answering this so late but (and this is in no particular order)

before we turn into a monster (with two heads) - basically a secret agent au that blew my socks off and the bantz are top notch and it made me feel things. there are a lot of niche references to the dan and phil universe which are not cringey like a lot of other phanfics because they are so sneakily slipped in

never fade away - fuckin fuckkck i just love this so much and it’s so good and im :,) basically it’s an astronaut au (phil’s the astronaut) that made me shit myself. like i felt so many things and it just made me so happy and my heart ached so bad. it’s futuristic but not garishly so which is very enjoyable. also it’s just the first part of the astronaut au so here is the second part (like not the second chapter but the second part)

be the shift of cornerstone - uhhhhhh this captures dan and phil so well and is about their japan visit and it’s so sweet and makes you feel nostalgic for something you never experienced. i feel like this is just a short but very meaningful fic must-read. it’s well written

secrets are the sweetest things - basically i just lobe this and it is sort of ooc but also not? but anyways it’s so sweet and hot and i would die for eavan anyways so read it ! (about actor!dan that hates hollywood and drug dealer!phil and them falling in love and figuring out how to live their lives as two totally different people)

crawling back to you - ok so this was like probably the first longer-ish fic i’ve ever read and it’s hmmmmmm good. the storyline is good but like pretty smutty but not in a extreme way i dont think. basically dan and phil have phone sex until dan moves in with phil officially and then they stop but they keep pining for each other. 

we tossed and we turned our oceans -  this one is sort of pretentious but really sweet. the dynamic between dan and phil is pretty ooc but otherwise it’s a really nice read because like good writing and stuff. it’s about painter!phil and him moving to the island of jersey and it’s cute and maybe a little angsty i can’t remember