is it physically possible

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What is rin like when he cuddles his s/o. And whats his favorite cuddling position?

I actually already did this during my 100 Followers Weekend Bash! You can find all of the basic headcanons (what’s cuddling with them like, what’s kissing them like, etc.) under that tag :) I went ahead and copied what I had already written below for you :D

Snuggles galore. He wants to be as close as physically possible to his s/o, and loves it if they play with his hair.

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considering you said that the baby isn't the only one that's going to be dead by the end of saudade, all i'm saying is that it better be the reader. i can't believe it's physically possibly for someone to be so unbelievably stupid enough to make so many bad decisions and CONTINUE to make them. brendon is no saint but he doesn't deserve the situation he's in. AND JOSH DESERVES BETTER BYE

hahaha this made me laugh so hard this morning, thank you for this

Pepero Day (M)


Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Genre: Smut, Bestfriend!Yoongi, Valentine’s Day themed

Word count: 5.7k

warnings: Rated M, language, graphic sexual descriptions

A/N: This was meant to be a valentine’s day fic, but it’s a day late, rip. I hope you enjoy it regardless!

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idea for the next animal crossing game!!
  • *terrible idea*
  • *idea that had already been implemented and didnt work*
  • *mechanic that is physically not possible within the confines of a game*
  • *paradox that cannot exist on this plane*
  • i want isabelle to get a rest okay!! let my smol dog daughter take a break!
  • *another terrible idea*
  • *terrible idea blatantly showing that the op is a weeaboo*
  • let me date the animals!!

Masterpost of “Design a Gem” page from the Steven Universe Art book.

After me and @moonstone-draws​ cracked the code on what these gems MIGHT be, I decided to draw them.

I was going to draw every gem individually like I did for the Earth Beetle and so called “Budgerite” but I might as well post them all at once! Here they are!

Keep in mind, these are just names. They are not real gems. They are simply names that the writers made up on the spot as a game. We are merely speculating what these gems could be, as they bare strong resemblance to the corrupted gems we’ve seen so far.

Here are the descriptions:

Starbite (Slinker) - “Left alone to watch over a small forested planet on the deep fringes of the Gempire. Has imbred the local vegetation with magic, turning it into plant minions that help with upkeep of magic silent, all knowing.” Possibly a Euclase.

Crunchrock (Worm Monster) - “Every time Crunchrock dies, she builds her body back stronger. Now she’s so big, her gem is crushed in her own body and the pressure is (?) into a powerful mind!” Possibly a Serandite or Coral.

Budgerite - “A hybrid bird gem, Budgerite travels by hitchhiking on the shoulders of passing individuals. She subsists on seed and lays quarterly eggs. Her powers include short powerful & chaotic bursts (?) of flight, and ear-splitting sonic squawks. Her quarterly eggs also have the power to causes a victim to unravel physically.” Possibly a Hawk’s Eye.

Earth Beetle (Heaven Beetle) - “Steven learns to control his healing powers and manages to heal the Earth (and Heaven) Beetle, who turn out to be very tiny Gems. She is very quiet but very quick and very observant”

Chazuski (Ice Monster) - “She crash landed on Earth when dinosaurs were still here. Nothing was going on so she slept. Her gem was in a polar ice cap that melted due to global warming. She doesn’t have any friends or foes. She has ice rock powers! She…”

Masterpost Part 2 here

Geez this is such a long post lol, sorry.

Humans are crazy and can do things that sometimes shouldn’t be physically or realistically possible. We relish the chance to break new barriers, to prove someone wrong, to spit in the face of reason and say screw it all for the sake of seeing if we CAN make it work.


The lengths we will go to to avoid doing things we just DONT like? We’ll give away even our most valuable resources. Strike deals with devils hundreds of times over. Employ extreme avoidance tactics. Even go to the point of begging on our knees for aid in avoiding the action. Cousins bargain away their most cherished rations, memorabilia and even monetary items to get out of sitting by that one relative at dinner. Siblings sell themselves to each other for labor, snacks and sole rights to consoles and transportation to get an alibi for a few short hours. Humans will scour every inch of their living quarters and tackle every project in their command in under 24 hours JUST to avoid that load of laundry in the dryer, or that single research paper on the Scarlett letter. Proud friends and family alike will fall to their knees and beg JUST to get out of changing that diaper or watching that one wild child.

Humans may be proud,collected, mad geniuses who break barriers and physics just to see if they can and stare death in the face to see who flinches first But there is nothing on earth or heaven above we will not do to avoid the tiniest things. And i think that’s beautiful.


Dm: You scurry past the fallen produce carts
Bard: (ooc) wait, are there apples on the ground where I am?
Dm: yes
Bard: I pick up an apple as my free action and eat it.
Dm: wait what no, you can’t do that, you only have six seconds
Bard: exactly, I eat the entire apple
Dm: it’s not physically possible to do that
Bard: (ooc) but it’s physically possible to come back from the dead? I thought so. I eat the fucking apple.