is it pathetic that i didn't even try

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Lol now you just sound childish and even more pathetic. You know it's true though. It is sad that you actively searched for and saved 45 URLs. I have a friend who actually wanted one of them URLs you hoard, and you didn't even have a link on the page to here, so they kept trying other URLs, but other people also hoard them, so they gave up on having an account here. It is kind of selfish and ruins people's fun. And then you give them away like a prize? Weird.

Do you know whats actually pathetic? Sending people hate on anon. I’m not going to reply in a non childish way to something that sad.
And if you had asked for a url i would have given it to you, i have a page for them, anyone can ask for them.

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I think you're biased and in denial about Victor's flaws. Writers don't have characters say stuff for no reason. Just because he acts nice to Yuuri doesn't mean he can't have his own self-serving motives, look how he asked Yuuri what Yuuri wanted him to be just to get him to succeed. He's used to performing roles for people to get a desired result.

Why precisely, writers don’t have characters say stuff for no reason.

Now, may I redirect your attention to the first words that the writers had the main character say in the entire show

This is the first scene of the show and it is ethereal and intimate. And the first dialogue we hear is the main character talking about his co-protagonist in a soft, affectionate, wondrous way. The scene closes with the main character smiling.

Yet you cling to three lines from tertiary characters’ judgments to… prove that somehow we’re supposed to read Victor as self-centered and manipulative? Versus the main character that repeatedly expresses his love and admiration for him? In fact, you’re giving 100% of credibility to three lines from tertiary characters, but give zero to the countless words and demonstrations of affection and caring from the co-protagonist?

Either you are hypocritical, outrageously stupid and have no notion of how narrative ever works or you’re just desperate for attention and have decided that this is your best shot at getting a rise off me, either way you’re pathetic and I feel sad for you because you can’t appreciate what a beautiful thing this is.

You didn’t even try with any argument I hadn’t shot down before, so no golden star for you

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     alcohol counts as a drug, like, technically. but ben never was much for technicalities and who cares if he just got out of the hospital, right? that was like, three weeks ago, and that’s more than enough time for his body to be able to handle this, right? right. that’s absolutely correct, he’s more than certain. but maybe that certainty is only a result of the warmth coursing through his veins and the after burn of hard liquor still in the back of his throat. it’s pathetic really, stumbling up to her house not even a month after he’d done it the first time, but he’s just drunk. that’s it. he’ll even make sure to tell her that after she opens the door (which is bound to happen eventually because he’s knocking sort of loudly).

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The sun thing (also, can you reblog the last ask I sent you? I don't know if you answered it, but if you did, I didn't see it)

Bill was panicking. He was trying to release himself from his bonds and get out. He needed freedom, he needed to be back home, he felt so weak and pathetic, he wanted to cry out for anyone to help him, anyone…. He didn’t even know if anyone knew where he was.
(~Sure thing! I wasn’t sure if this was in oyr normal universe or not, so I made it kind of vague. ~)