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Dear Servamp Fandom,

Every one of you is wonderful.

If you are a creator, thank you for donating your time to this fandom and sharing your love for this manga/anime. No matter if you contribute art/graphics, fanfics, metas or a bunch of incorrect quotes, thank you. You give us wonderful content that helps keep this fandom alive and tide us over until the next chapter/new content.

To the fans that might not create things, you are as important to this fandom as any other fan. Thank you for taking time out of your day when you read our fanfics, enjoy our art and laugh at our silly quotes. You encourage creators with your positivity whether it’s with a simple like or gushing in the tags. You might say you’re just a faceless fan in the crowd but that’s far from truth. You support this fandom in your own way and thank you for doing so.

Servamp is a wonderful series and it’s easy to see why it captured our hearts. It has a little of everything for everyone (great characters, a balance of humour and drama, compelling action and plot twists). Each person may weigh the importance of these things/parts differently but they all make up the whole that we love. People who can capture Servamp’s humour or drama in their work are truly talented and it shows how much you respect Tanaka Strike’s work.

Because we are so diverse, we are able to talk about each chapter/character with our own unique view that we might not have thought of. I know I never would have made the connection between the Eves and the Seven Virtues until I saw a post about it. If you ever put out an idea or analysis, thank you for giving me a new viewpoint.

I know how hard it is to put your ideas and creations out there so I want to take the time to say thank you to each person in the Servamp fandom. This has to be the kindest, most tight-knitted fandom I had the pleasure of being a part of. Lets continue to be positive and support each other.

Soukoku Week 2017 Master Post

Taking a page out of a lot of peoples’ books and making a SKK Week master post of my fics! All of these fics are under a series on my Ao3 titled “Soukoku Week 2017.” But here’s a little bit about them in more detail:

  • Day 1 [Sartorialism] The Brown Coat - A character study based on how Dazai and Chuuya appear before Dazai left and four years later when they meet. 
  • Day 2 [”that’s what being a partner means, right?”] A Simple Word - The night Dazai left the Mafia. 
  • Day 3 [historical au] in another time - Dazai is a field doctor and Chuuya suffers a catastrophic injury. Warnings for gore and major character death. 
  • Day 4 [memento mori] for the best - After Dazai leaves the Mafia, Chuuya is punished. Warnings for torture and graphic medical procedures. 
  • Day 5 [horror au] i didn’t awaken with a sense of purpose anymore - The longer Chuuya doesn’t use Corruption, the more it eats away at who he is. Warnings for gore. 
  • Day 6 [Dazai’s quote] heart that believes in others - Chuuya had his own version of looking after Dazai over the years. Warning for major character death and suicide attempt. 
  • Day 7 [free day] but this condition persists - AU. Dazai and Chuuya are roommates at a psychiatric facility, which might be helpful rather than harmful for both of them. Warnings for implied suicide and self injury, and implied alcohol abuse. 

I loved writing these, and I had a lot of fun with the prompts! I hope you enjoyed/enjoy them! 

Most remember why we fell in love with our teams, but for me I do not know how I fell in love with Arsenal for the first time. I do know it was love at first sight.

For me, no other team compares and I am sure that goes for every other passionate football fan out there in the world. I am in love with Arsenal’s beautiful passing, the finesse of their game, the highs and lows of their seasons, but most of all the hearts of all the players and fans who each and every day give all their love and support to the game. Loving a team requires more than loving them for winning games and titles. Loving a team requires to love them through ups and downs, winning and losing because as an Arsenal fan this happens to me every season.

As passionate fans of the game, we have a special relationship with our teams. Like any other relationship that requires love, our hearts have been broken a couple of times in the process. In the end passion and love always win over broken hearts because if you are a real football fan, chances are you feel the exact same way I feel when I see Arsenal play”.


hey guys! so I’m fuckin finally back with some more lockscreen pack edits! after the alarming success of the last two ones (geometric/constellation ones of mark and jack), I decided to make some more! as you guys know from the previous lockscreens, simplistic/modern/aesthetic™ is more my style, but I wanted to do a little bit of experimentation with color palettes and fonts, so as you can see they’re quite different from the old ones. I included one of my fav jse quotes for the corresponding homescreen instead of the little septiceye sam graphic this time, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. 

if you prefer one design over the other, but really want your lockscreen/homescreen to match, shoot me an IM and I’ll send you the plain cloud background used for both. 

(iPhone) preview:

I hope you all enjoy! and like last time, if people really want a Mark (or other youtuber!) version, I’d be happy to make some more.


Is the lack of science nerd on your dash getting you down? Well you’re in luck! SGU may be over, but we (rumplestiltskin and doctorrsong) are not over it. It’s time to appreciate our grumpy old bastard Nicholas Rush. The appreciation celebration of the character will begin Sunday July 13th (but even if you’re late, you will be fine) and ends on Saturday July 19th 

Nicholas Rush Appreciation Week

  • Day 1: favorite episode
  • Day 2: favorite quote
  • Day 3: favorite color
  • Day 4: favorite scene
  • Day 5: favorite dynamic
  • Day 6: favorite emotion
  • Day 7: favorite planet

Tag your work (graphics, gifs, videos, etc) with #rushaw, also don’t forget to use the main tags #sguedit and#stargate universe so everyone can see your work and reblog them! Don’t forget to put in the first 5 tags if you want your post to appear in the tags properly.  

Have fun everyone! 

the above graphic was part of a character psd by rpcmum so credit goes to her.

In this post, you will find #35 quotes that are classed as inspirational (and one I just really like). You can use them for whatever you like, descriptions, graphics, whatever floats your boat.  Please like/reblog if you use, I don’t own any quotes. This masterlist will be updated over time.

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anonymous asked:

yoonmin 22!!!!!!!!!! or 32:) I absolutely love your writing!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

i managed to fit both of them in!  (i did slightly edit 22)

rating: g
pairing: yoonmin
word count: 780

i’ve seen the way you look at me when you think i won’t notice.”

“You’re doing it again,” Jimin sighs after the ninth time he catches Yoongi, trying and failing to be subtle, gawking at him from where he’s seated on the opposite end of the couch. They’re supposed to be watching television, but Yoongi is choosing to watch Jimin laugh at the variety show playing instead.

“Doing what?” Yoongi grumbles, focus snapping back to the screen the second he’s called out.


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In February I promised we were going to make another Promo Day during GOT Season so the day we are going to do this is June 7th. We are over 111,000 right now and it’s time to put the number to a good use once again. For the ones that don’t know what Promo Day is I’m just going to quote myself from the first post:

This is a network and the purpose of a network is to make new friends and find new interests, so just for one day, I’m going to promote your blogs (not personal blogs, obviously, they must be blogs about someone/something). Don’t send me just a link, I’m only going to reblog posts like these ones. You can make a graphic, only one gif or a gifset, I really don’t care about that, but I want quality for the post (a good description is required) and obviously for your blog (THEME & CONTENTS). If it’s not good, I’m not going to reblog it, you know how picky I am. Make the post on your blog and then submit the link to our ask when you want, but obviously before June 7th. Or even on June 7th. I really don’t care, just don’t submit it on the day after that because I’m not going to look at it anymore.

IMPORTANT : Please, no porn or hate blogs.

For the followers who don’t care about this: don’t worry, I’m not going to flood your dash with promotional reblogs, the blog will alternate GOT posts to promotional posts so we will not be a pain in the ass, promise! ;)

P.S. Do I need to specify that the blogs don’t need to be “related” to GOT? Like if you have a blog about Teen Wolf or Brad Pitt or Jessica Chastain or movies in general or another tv show or old Hollywood or just a meta blog, you are more than welcome to submit it :)


marchetta meme | 9/9 characters: lirah of serker (lumatere chronicles)

Froi let her clean the rest of his grazes.
“And you?” he asked. “What did you do?”
“I’ve wept enough in my life. I have no tears left.”
Not one for great sentimentality, she finished her task and shuffled out from under the logs. “I’m not giving up the comfort of a better shelter,” she said, her voice cool. “And you’d be a fool not to join us.”
He watched Lirah hold a hand over her head to protect her from the rain as she made her way back to Gargarin.
It was some time before Froi joined them. Lirah made room and sat between Froi and Gargarin and he saw her lips curve into a smile.