is it only my creepiness

initially i saw this and i was like

is this a danganronpa reference? nah, can’t be

then i saw this and i was like



“My little brother loves creepy clowns. He’s only 3 so I won’t let him watch IT, but he still loves Pennywise. He asked me to paint his face like Pennywise. He’s done pennywise before but I lost most of the pictures. And since we’ve gotten more pictures of the movie Pennywise, I decided to redo the photo shoot and really go big. The shot in the water was actually a last minute decision. I thought about the scene in the basement and my friends own a lake, so I asked them if I could stop by and toss him in the lake. They said it was fine so he got in the lake and made his “mean face” and I got the perfect shot. “This is the first IT photo shoot I did. At first, he had a plastic bag on his head and a wig and I edited the forehead to look more real. He didn’t have the full costume. So I decided to redo it. And the new one it’s his real hair, and his forehead is edited just a bit to look bigger because these costumes I make from household things I happen to have. So I didn’t have a bald cap and liquid latex, and I threw that old orange wig away. That’s my favorite part of doing it. I don’t really plan things out and make these fancy costumes. Occasionally I do, but with Pennywise, he’s got on an old white blazer, I tied the sleeves with some string to give it the puffy look and the little cuffs at the end. He’s got a dress on under that’s rolled up under it to give it the puffy thing on his hips. The collar is a dress my sister has that I just turned inside out and put around his neck. So really the only thing I bought was orange hairspray and some balloons. I make most everything from simple things I find around the house.“

Photo Credit: Eagan Tilghman
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Trying to get Jumin's bad end 2

Me: *at first feel guilty being a shameless selfish MC*

Me: *keeps choosing the insane choices but somehow keep getting +HEARTS from Jumin*

Me: ???

Me: *keeps getting plus points as Jumin actually LOVES the creepy choices*

Me: o_o




Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Me: *got bad end 2 with a special CG*

Me: i’ve abandoned my humanity and i shall embrace the eternal darkness

prognostically  asked:

/JUMPS IN HERE HELLO I was wondering if I could make a request!! I love your merformers AU like a lot and I love love love your take on yandere characters as well. Could I hear your headcanons on a yandere merformer of your choice?

Oh yes, absolutely!  :D  I’m gonna do Brainstorm for this, because he seems like the type lol!

It’s Brainstorm’s loneliness that sets him down this path.  He’s not exactly what you’d call a popular mer.  Even among his so called friend group, he has a self-destructive tendency to alienate himself.  It’s not his fault they don’t understand his genius.  At least, that’s what he tells himself.

Meeting you was nothing short of a happy accident.  He spotted your bright, yellow kayak as it passed by overhead one day, and immediately decided to investigate.  He’s seen humans come by in boats to see the mangroves before, but it’s certainly not what he’d call an everyday occurrence.

The first thing he notices is that you’re alone, which to him seems unusual, as he assumes humans usually travel in packs.  Yet here you are, quietly paddling your boat through the crystal clear waters, admiring the sunlight filtering through the branches above you, a faint smile on your face as you softly hum to yourself.  It’s mainly for this reason that he decides to approach you.  Even if it goes wrong, there’s not much one human can do against him.

It’s starling for you at first when he first snakes his way over to the side of your boat, but your shock is quickly replaced by amazement.  You had heard and believed the legends about merformers ever since you were a small child, but you never dreamed that you would ever see one, never mind have one come up and strike up a conversation with you.  Judging by the creature’s somewhat startled expression, you gather that this isn’t quite the reaction he had expected, or at least, not to this extent.  You can only hope that your incessant questions and inane babbling aren’t as annoying as you fear they are.

Little do you know, however, that Brainstorm is far from annoyed.  In fact, he’s ecstatic!  Here is this tiny, strange, inquisitive little creature that he’s never even seen before who showers him with attention and compliments and just generally makes him feel actually worth something for a change.  The more you talk, the more he grows to like you, and the more he likes you, the more appealing you start to become in his eyes.  He didn’t quite notice before how your eyes seem to sparkle like the sun on the surface of the water, or the way your smile seems to bloom over your face like a water lily.  He suddenly becomes very aware of how much he’d like to run his claws over your soft skin or through your hair and the thought causes a bright flush to creep over his face.

He offers to show you all the secret spots of his beautiful home, places that the other humans never even knew existed, in return for a small kiss on the cheek.  You giggle and concede to his request thinking to yourself about mers and their mischievousness natures, unaware of how the small brush of your lips sends his stomach flip flopping.  Brainstorm leads you all over the mangroves, showing you where the spoonbills make their nests and where the best bromeliads grow along the shore.  You’re so in awe of your lovely, almost magical, surroundings, that you don’t realize how long you’ve been here until you see the sun start to sink bellow the horizon.

Biting back your worry, you thank Brainstorm for showing you around and ask him to lead you back out again, which of course he will, for another kiss.  You begin to notice however that he seems much less sure of himself this time than he did when first leading you into the heart of the mangroves.  You chalk it up to the dimming light.  Why else would he seem to be leading you down an increasing number of dead ends and wrong turns?  By the time the sun fully sets you’re nearly in tears.  Not only are you cold, tired, and hungry, but you’re legitimately concerned you might not survive with all the nocturnal predators creeping about (you could swear you saw a pair of yellow alligator eyes watching you from the surface of the water.)

Luckily you have Brainstorm there with you.  Don’t you worry, pet!  He won’t let anything happen to you!  You’re completely safe as long as he’s around.  In fact, he knows of a quiet, secluded spot not to far up ahead where you can rest for the night.  He’ll watch over you the whole time.  He’ll even catch you some fish first and maybe try to find you some oranges.  You do look awfully hungry after all.  It’s lucky that you ran into him or you might not have lasted the night.  You just relax, poppet.  He’ll protect you.  Now how about another kiss?  

You feel a small churning of dread begin to settle in your stomach as he proceeds leads you through the inky blackness of the mangroves with expert precision.  

Today, in Baelish Hate Weekly...

THEM: Littlefinger is a creepy mofo/betrayer/shit talking/manipulative asshole. Only my opinion matters and you should hate him too.


THEM: Baelish/Aidan is ugly and I hate his voice


THEM: Hate, vitriol, hate, I hope he dies, choke him, my favs are the best and we’re gonna laugh all season….

ME: *whistles while blocking on tumblr*

THEM: He’s the reason my favs are dead…he started everything


THEM: He should have died the first season…how did he last this long?


THEM: Hooray! Littlefinger is dead

ME: Bae is Forever - King of the Ashes

Keep on hating… we don’t care. We still love our Sleazy Pete.

Emily Scully, ~4-5 yrs, completely convinced that if she stole Mulder’s glasses, he wouldn’t be able to read her a bedtime story, and thus bedtime would never exist. 

anybody: so what’re you up to lately?

me: oh, you know. just trying to reconcile myself to the fact that nick is going to be grace’s love interest in season four of grace & frankie and i might as well get used to it. it’s going pretty well.

me .25 seconds later: