is it only going to get worse from here

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I hope Clarke hugs Bellamy because he finally allowed himself to break down and the only thing she could think of was to hug him. Look at their faces in the hug, it's a definite possibility you have to admit

It’s going to be rough from here on out. I’m with this ship till the end of the show, but this fandom is only going to get worse after next week’s episode.

deadass like its only gonna get worse from here im going to buy more and more expensive grills and more and more obviously fake chains until it gets to the point where i have TV johnny icin my mouth and im hangin shit out of grocery store lobby vending machines around my neck like this is how ive chosen to ball

OKay so OKAY SO 

im thinking about that rumor that Princess Tutu was going to have a 3rd season right???

And then im thinking about the season 2 ending where it was all relatively happy (shipping needs aside)

But also like…. remember that season 1 ended on a pretty.. seemingly happy note?? Princess tutu and mytho dancing together… he’d just gotten the love heart shard back…..

(except we didn’t know that shard was soaked in the ravens blood and things would only get worse from here)

all im saying is that… maybe…… things are not all of what they seem in the season 2 finale??? maybe there are more trials and tribulations going on for these poor kiddos. 

I think the thing which annoys me the most about that horrifically infuriating scene near the end of that episode? Is that that was so perfectly in character for both brothers. Everything being twisted around so that Sam apologises (often when he did nothing wrong) and Dean offers a slice of “gracious” forgiveness (which is usually rescinded at some point in time) is nothing we haven’t seen before. I was just kind of hoping that Sam had finally reached a healthy enough point to be able to overcome those aspects of his self-doubt.

…And then Lucifer happened. Again.

…I have a horrible feeling that things are only going to get worse from here.

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idk what happened I'm here suffering bc I've been staning Byun bACON FOR 3 YEARS then I realized that my son (kyungsoo) has crept up my bias list dragging his boyfriend (nini) WITH HIM AND I FEEL SO ATTACKED WHAT IS GOING ON MY SUFFERING HAS TRIPPLED *JHOPE SCREECH*

this ask was wild from start to finish tbh congrats you made me speechless 

no but for real though, i wish you luck cause Kyungsoo is smol but powerful and also i’ve been in love with Jongin for years and i can tell it only gets worse so you better prepare yourself (i can’t even imagine the combo kaisoo feels tbh)

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i feel like i'm bothering you but i need some advice. i'm the girl that has a crush on her best friend that has a boyfriend. i honestly don't know what to do because she's been my best friend since middle school (we're seniors now, i started liking her sophomore year) and i feel like telling her would ruin our friendship. like it wouldn't be the same you know? she's my rock.. and i hate to admit it but her boyfriend is an awesome guy. it hurts everyday and idk what to do about it

You guys are never a bother!

Alright so I’m gonna hit you with the cold hard truth. You need to decide what’s more important here because obviously you can’t really get over feelings like that.

So, is her friendship worth feeling that over for the next couple possibly years to come. Like just think about it it’s only going to get worse from here. Especially if they have a serious relationship and you see it progress and that shit will actually eat you alive.

I’ve had a couple long term friends that I’ve cut out my life and I can honestly say I’m a better person for doing that now. I get that it’s tough if she’s a good friend but idk I don’t think I could live that way. Knowing how you feel but knowing she’s happy with someone else and you probably won’t have a chance even if they do break up. Like there’s no really good way for this to end you feel me?

Another thing is as long as you’re hung up on her you won’t want to move on and try to find someone for yourself. In my situation even though I know the girl I like is straight I don’t want to like anyone else because she just so fjjdjfjjdnshf. But I need to fucking get over that so I can actually find someone who will actually like me because if I’m hung up on her I’m not looking for anyone else.

Like I get that you don’t want to lose her but in the end it’s all about how you want to feel and it’s going do feel suuuuper shitty at first but long term I think it would be worth it.

I really want to get away from here, just for a bit, but there’s nowhere to go. I wish I was in the city, or on the coast, or anywhere closer to the people I care about.

All I have here is the college and that’s only getting worse the more time I spend here.

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“Hey, snap out of it! There’s nobody here!”

“Wha-t are you talking about Gajeel they are right behind you!”Gray shouted with panic in his voice as he began to go into shock from the visions he was seeing.He crotched down to the ground closing his eyes while his hands were on his head tugging at his hair.This was the only third time this had happened to the ice mage but each time the hallucnations only seem to get worse instead of better.Sweat began to run down Gray’s face as he fought to tell what was real and not.

All the ice mage could see was the torture he had went through,he could still hear Gajeel’s voice but it sounded so distant even though the dragon slayer was standing next to him.Gray could still almost feel the blades sticking into him as well as the whipping and other things he experinced.

Just as the figures in his visions began to walk closer Gray released a loud scream his eyes jolting open while falling backwards onto the ground breathing heavily while trying to focus on what he now seem in front of him.”S-Sorry…I never wanted anyone to witness me going through that…”the ice mage aplogised with an ashamed look appearing arcoss his face while he quickly looked away from the iron dragon slayer.

Gray wasn’t use to people seeing him look so venrable and afraid,but he guessed that they understood that this wouldn’t go away just over night.Slowly the ice mage tried standing himself from being seated on the ground even though he still seemed a little shooken up and dizzy.

Calvin Johnson is retiring :(

(n.b. this is the football Calvin Johnson, not the music one who people don’t like)

it’s time – he’s fragile, and he managed to keep his health reasonably well this year but he just wasn’t the same as he was in his prime and it’s only gonna get worse from here

so it’s sad, but I’m glad he’s going out on a reasonably high note instead of sticking around to get beat up some more

long-time Detroit Lions fans will understand my anxiety at the prospect of taking a wide receiver in the draft, but I hope the new management will have the sense not to do it in the first round, at least (we need other positions more, and there isn’t any WR coming out of college I’m aware of who’s such a superstar that he’s worth a first-rounder)

goodbye, Megatron. we’ll miss you. here’s hoping retirement is good to you.

I’ve got a good few days off from school so I’ve decided to just finally create this blog because I’ve had this in my head since mid December so

Aaauuuuummmmmmm this is probably like an “Everyone Lives On So Forgive and Forget About The Past –True Pacifist” AU so yeah kids are chilling up at the surface.

This is my first ask blog and pretty much my first time contributing to anything sooo I know it’s pretty crappy but don’t worry, it’ll only get worse from here on. I’ll also try to make a storyline if possible because I had a couple of ideas but I’ll probably be way too lazy to even try to start

Here we go


recovery from anything is a beast of a journey. when you find yourself at rock bottom, there are two distinct paths you can choose to go down…

the first is fear: fear that things will only spiral downward from here, that this is something that will haunt you for days/weeks/months/or years to come. I’ve discovered that this only makes it worse, it only exacerbates the negative thoughts and takes you further away from center.

the second is hope: hope that this is an obstacle you can overcome, that right this second you can take the first step towards getting back to normal. hope is scary, because often times it forces us to face our demons head-on. growth consists of a persistent desire to no longer stay where you currently find yourself.

you have to decide to no longer live in fear and doubt, to climb out of the rut you find yourself in, our minds can be our best friend or our worst enemy, it all lies in the thoughts you choose to cultivate and give power to day-in and day-out.

this is something I can overcome, I will not allow this to defeat me.

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My boyfriend is a little less than halfway through his deployment (non-combat). We talk every few days, but lately he hasn't been as "lovey" and reassuring as he was in the beginning. It may just be my anxiety getting the best of me, but I can't shake the unease. Once in a while I casually ask if we're okay, and he assures me that everything is fine, but part of me thinks he wouldn't have the heart to tell me if it wasn't, since we only get to talk for short amounts of time. Help? :(

Unfortunately a lot of us go through this exact thing. Combat or not, the distance is the hardest part and everyone handles it differently. My husband acted similar during our first deployment and I have anxiety as well. It really could just be nothing, but stay positive because sometimes that’s all we can do. If you lose your patience that could make it worse. I hope things only get better from here for you and remember that every day you’re closer to having him back home!

I feel like I should update something. I lurk around tumblr but I’m not as active as I’d like to be these days. I’m guessing there’s still a lot of spam going on here? Really sucks. Umm…so personal stuff, I’m almost 5 months pregnant now, found out it’s a girl even though I was sure it was going to be a boy. Really mild pregnancy, haven’t thrown up once (baby girl was MUCH worse, I was miserable all the time) leading me to believe this one is the boy I was hoping for, but alas.

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