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Percy and Annabeth were a perfect example of why. You should have to make someone’s heart whole.

I guess this is the colored version of this sketch, I changed a few things though. Yet i still have trouble with it

Thank you @percyyoulittleshit who came armed with Percabeth quotes to help me with this one.

  • MC: This is the worst thing you've ever done!
  • Nobunaga: You know, you say that phrase so much it's lost all its meaning.

Inkquisitober Day 14: The Abyssal High Dragon

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Bort’s gotten so strong lately; doesn’t even let me fight. All of us in the diamond class have the maximum hardness level of ten. But there are two classes of durability. I may be hard, but I am fragile under impact. Bort is special, though. The hardest and most perfect among us. I wish I could be strong like that. A weak diamond is really no diamond at all. Sometimes, I think if only it weren’t for Bort… no matter how much I love Bort.


Clones who showed early initiative and leadership abilities were singled out for enhanced programming and officer training.

On other hand, clones who proved deficient or had undesirable mutations were reconditioned - a term that included everything from genetic therapy to termination (After the Jedi took a more active role overseeing clone trooper training, terminations were largely halted, with deficient clones shunted into support roles).

(source: Essential Guide to Warfare)

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I’m laughing so hard I commented on a allurance fan art that included Keith being supportive with “aw Keith is so supportive even though he totally wants lance for himself” and this anti replies “can you not” “not what” “it’s an ALLURANCE fan art and you just HAD to bring klance here that’s what tags are for” and then blocked me and op didn’t even ship allurance? They ship klance but thought it was a good art idea? I’m just dead

Personal opinions here so please don’t start drama over them!!

I hate to agree with them but they are actually kind of right? :’D If someone makes a post for one ship it was made for that ship, so I don’t blame others when they get annoyed with people that try to make it into something it is not. Whether OP ships the ship they created art for or not doesn’t really matter.

But at the same time… tags and adding stuff to reblogs isn’t that much of a difference… if they could have ignored you when you wrote that stuff in the tags they could have ignored you when you added it to a reblog. Starting drama when someone does something you don’t like on the internet won’t get you far except in making people uncomfortable >.< Just ignore or block them and move on, don’t waste your energy on stuff like that.

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Why does the color of their skin matter how we should treat clones? They should be treated as adults because that's what they are, not because their original actor is from NZ.

I consider the race of a character to be one of many relevant facts to consider when you’re measuring how a character is being treated, whether by the fans or the writers.

Good representation is lauded and pursued, but there is also this unconscious habit that many fans take on where they will frame any minority character as faultless children when the character happens to break the stereotypical mold. 

It’s something to consider. Generalizations (even in a “positive” light) are not good for anyone, fictional or otherwise.

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It’s mostly a matter of asking not only to treat the clones as adults but as human beings capable of all the things that come with being human.

♡Fluff prompts♡

Send a couple and I’ll draw them-

1. Relaxing with candles lit to relax the room

2. Kissing one tears away

3.Stomach kisses

4.Under a fluffy blanket

5.Making out

6.Scar kisses

7. Flowercrowns

8.Scalp massage

9.Sleeping the day away

10.Cuddling in a chair

11.Placing a kiss where the heart is

12.French kisses

13.Sharing candy

14. Nose kisses

15. Forehead kisses

16. Lifting one up and shower them in kisses

17. Scar worship

18. Doing something sweet(sender picks!)

19. Holding one up by the booty ;)

20. Sender picks whatever they want!


There was no turning back, no option to abandon his plans. Not that he ever would, he intended to support Kennedy, forever, otherwise there would be no point to this nerve wracking moment. After all the chaos and stress he put himself through to stand before her, as he was in this very moment, he was going to summon the courage and do it, he had to.

As he held Kennedy’s face in his shaking hands, he took a deep breath and began to speak.

John: “ Ken, I…I asked you outside for a reason, a very important reason actually…a-and I don’t exactly know how to say this, b-but…”

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C-C-Combo breaker! …I couldn’t see this any other way.

Who knows how Farona got conned into this, but Yune is enjoying every second of it.

Also, trying out adding some color to my lines/shading! Let me know if you guys like the added splash of colors! It doesn’t kill my wrists.