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Farkle- “Ladiesssssss”
Y/N,Riley,Maya- “Farkle!”
Farkle- “What’s on the slab today”
Riley- “Well I wanna play tag”
Maya- “And I wanna go to the park”
Y/N- “And I wanna eat food”
Farkle- “Well how about we do all three?”
Y/N,Riley,Maya- “How?”
Farkle- “Well we can start by getting some food, then we can go down to the park and play tag there”
Maya- “As long as i can run around and chase these two goofballs”
Y/N- “As long as i get some food”
Riley- “Paaaaarrrrrkkkkk!!!!”
Topanga- “Did i just hear the words park being shouted?”
Maya- “C’mon Topi! Were goin to the park!”
Topanga- “Ha. Uh. Not without me you’re not”
Y/N- “Then let’s go Panga, we’re waitin on you!”
Topanga- “Okay, Okay you four, park it is”
Y/N- “And Food!”
Maya- “And tag!”
Farkle- “And love!”
Y/N,Riley,Maya- “Farkle!!”

Ten Favourite Female Characters

Rules: List ten of your favourite female characters from ten different fandoms and then tag ten people. I was tagged by the amazing @rhysand-vs-rowan and thanks so much for the tag girl, I was literally waiting on my laptop for someone to tag me hehehe!! 

(side note: whenever I copy and paste these posts I am such a little English grammar nerd and refuse to spell ‘favourite’ as ‘favorite’ because I think it’s a crime lel, don’t know if anyone else is super picky about spelling things in their own way hahahahah) 

  1. Feyre Archeron - ACOTAR
  2. Celaena Sadorthien - TOG
  3. Daenerys Targaryen - GOT (and yes I probably spelt her name wrong hahaha, I am such a fake fan)
  4. Olenna Tyrell - GOT (okay so imma have two from GOT because i aspire to be Olenna’s level of petty and vengeful) 
  5. Elizabeth Bennett - Pride and Prejudice 
  6. Michaela Pratt - HTGAWM
  7. Rachel Zane - Suits (Meghan Markle is legit my fave and now that she and Harry are pretty much going to get married i’m just so happy THEY ARE SO PERFECT) 
  8. America Singer - The Selection 
  9. Rosa Diaz - B99
  10. Hermione Granger - Harry Potter (i can’t believe i forgot about HP and nearly left her out!!)

I tag: @feysandsmut @readinglikewildfire @cassianandfenrysaremyboyos @feysandfeels @runesandfaes @micmac21 @fiery-feyre @thelordofthenorth @queen-of-lightning-and-fire @nestarchron and anyone else who wants to do this!! 


Favorite Donna Paulsen Scenes [no order]: 2/10

Season 2 Suits Recruits “El Mensaje”

“He says he’s never met anyone like you before. He says your hair is the color red like the fire in his heart. I’m not mistranslating that. I wish I was.”

Dear LM,RF,RC,MF shippers:

I hope you guys are okay..

I am sorry your ship isn’t canon in Ski Lodge,and I know the feeling..

I know you are hurt,and that you probably are looking for a lot more spoilers..

I am mature and I won’t tag like LM is dead or something even do some of you did..It was probably a moment of excitement..

I just wanted to say that I am sorry some Rucas shippers were mean..

All of your ships are my BROTP,cause I would like to see just their friendship..

I hope you guys are okay,and I wish you all the best <3