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Farkle- “Ladiesssssss”
Y/N,Riley,Maya- “Farkle!”
Farkle- “What’s on the slab today”
Riley- “Well I wanna play tag”
Maya- “And I wanna go to the park”
Y/N- “And I wanna eat food”
Farkle- “Well how about we do all three?”
Y/N,Riley,Maya- “How?”
Farkle- “Well we can start by getting some food, then we can go down to the park and play tag there”
Maya- “As long as i can run around and chase these two goofballs”
Y/N- “As long as i get some food”
Riley- “Paaaaarrrrrkkkkk!!!!”
Topanga- “Did i just hear the words park being shouted?”
Maya- “C’mon Topi! Were goin to the park!”
Topanga- “Ha. Uh. Not without me you’re not”
Y/N- “Then let’s go Panga, we’re waitin on you!”
Topanga- “Okay, Okay you four, park it is”
Y/N- “And Food!”
Maya- “And tag!”
Farkle- “And love!”
Y/N,Riley,Maya- “Farkle!!”

Get to Know Me Meme

I was tagged by @lankyadventurer !! :3c [His post]

Rules: Tag 20 blogs you’d like to get to know better: (I don’t think I know 20 people beyond their username, but okay)

Nickname: Mork, Merk, Murnk (Also “Sparkle Markle” but that was way back in high school.)

Zodiac Sign: Sun Leo (:3c) / Moon Libra

Height: 5'7"

Last Thing You Googled: Password encryption with salt

Favorite Music Artists: Estelle, Twenty One Pilots, Beyoncé, Alt-J, Arctic Monkeys

Last Movie You Watched: The Iron Giant! It was a great movie!!

What Are You Wearing Right Now: Black pants, grey shoes, white t-shirt tucked-in, suspenders, longsleeve plaid shirt rolled up to my elbows. The usual.

Why Did You Choose Your URL: My previous URLs were “w4yw4rdv4g4bond” and “jtpupzone,” and I usually like to keep them for a while. I chose “sentientwatermelon” because it was related to Steven Universe. I’m considering changing it again, but honestly it’s grown on me.

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: YES! I mainly keep 2 active, and another is just a reference collection. @fluffybastards (A lot of animal photos like goats, cats, cows, etc.), @lionloaf (Furry art and where I post all of my drawings. I reblog a lot too.), @mark-pls (A general collection of reference posts. Not overly active.).

What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: Okay so I haven’t dated anyone, but a recent experience did let me grow as a person. Allow yourself to be open, honest, and vulnerable to another person about your feelings. Even if it doesn’t turn out the way you initially wanted, you still have a good relationship with them – perhaps even a better one afterwards. Let yourself feel all of those feelings, then move forward. No more hiding. Let yourself express your feelings with everyone you feel safe with. Do that and keep going. Keep growing.

Religious or Spiritual: Not religious, so spiritual I guess. Karma definitely is a thing I agree with. I guess finding inner balance is what I generally want.

Favorite Color(s): Blue and Green!!

Average Hours of Sleep: 6 to 7 hours. My body refuses to sleep longer than 7 and a half hours.

Lucky Number: 817

Favorite Characters: Jake the Dog/Marceline (Adventure Time), Reinhardt Wilhelm/Bastion (Overwatch), Steven/Greg/Garnet (Steven Universe), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars), Ice Bear/Chloe (We Bare Bears), Allura/Coran (Voltron). There’s more, but I can’t get them all down in one sitting.

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: Mmm. I usually go for 2 blankets. In the summer, I go down to 1.

People I want to know better: @vvindir @diieanywhereelse @bitterpunk @sai-kae @specialgaygentmulder @postmodern-polarbear @convincedtobeconfused 


Favorite Donna Paulsen Scenes [no order]: 2/10

Season 2 Suits Recruits “El Mensaje”

“He says he’s never met anyone like you before. He says your hair is the color red like the fire in his heart. I’m not mistranslating that. I wish I was.”

Dear LM,RF,RC,MF shippers:

I hope you guys are okay..

I am sorry your ship isn’t canon in Ski Lodge,and I know the feeling..

I know you are hurt,and that you probably are looking for a lot more spoilers..

I am mature and I won’t tag like LM is dead or something even do some of you did..It was probably a moment of excitement..

I just wanted to say that I am sorry some Rucas shippers were mean..

All of your ships are my BROTP,cause I would like to see just their friendship..

I hope you guys are okay,and I wish you all the best <3