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Don't wait for a "wake up call" to change.

It’s not admirable, even though it’s glorified. You hear in the stories that ‘such and such’ tragic thing happened in their lives which caused their change. Well, guess what, those who’ve achieved things did it with conscious change and conscious change of their environment. The news fail to mention all the effort that it took for them to get there. The reality is that what think about wake up calls are fake. After one happens it still takes years for them to make all the changes you see today.

Waiting for a wake up call is just an excuse. Some logic you’ve convinced yourself in order to not act.

You’re scared of taking actions because what if it doesn’t make a difference?

Well, what do you have to lose?

Some time?

Guess what: you’ll get that back!

You know how? Once you still living well, and look after your body and your mind’s health, you’ll finally have the energy to clean up after yourself, do all the things you’ve always wanted to do. And finally get your life back!

For example, for every hour you exercise you get a day of health. I would have said an extra day of life, but what’s the point of living extra days when you’re older unless it is pain-free, free of suffering, full of peace and happiness.

You know what - if you’re waiting for a way up call, this is it!


Stop wondering, ‘Hmm one day I’ll change.“

Inaction and laziness is caused by either lack of physical energy or mental energy.

You can get physical energy by upholding the 5 pillars of health I’ll talk about later.

Lack of mental energy is caused by the wrong mindset.

What’s the point anyway mentality. I’ll do it later delusion.

The kind of helplessness society has carved into your mind so you don’t think for yourself and remain consumers. Because they think that the economy depends on it. Not realising freethinkers drive it all.

By the way, guess what! It takes massive energy to resist. Energy makes way for more energy. Action leads to more action. Just think of what your 'resistance to positive change’ action has caused. Disappointing habits, that leads to a constant cycle of problems. But if you could just turn that energy to nourishing your mind and body you can get massive return on investment you will wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

The root cause of those thoughts is fear. But do you want your life dictated by fear or a life lived well and full?

You can do it.

I know because I’ve been there. I know change is hard.

You have to trust me on this: I believe you CAN do it. Despite what others think. Including if you don’t believe you can. You need to act on the faith that you and your life will be amazing, if not better.

Faith is confidence in certain knowledge. Confidence usually happens if you have experience. Which is why I suggest using the first thirty days on a trial basis, just to prove you can, and as long as you done it a couple times a week for the first month, you gain the confidence in yourself, believe that it’s possible. I have confidence in the knowledge that you can do it. Prove it to me, better yet. Prove it to yourself. The amount of self-satisfaction you get is indescribable.

If it possible for a human being to do it, why not me? Why not you? We live in a world where you have the freedom and free will to choose our life path. Design it. Shape it into whatever pathway you want. The power is in your hands.

Go forth and unleash your greatness!


“…I don’t think I answered your question, did I?”

((Idk why my feelings for this comic keeps fluctuating between wanting to post it up and completely scrapping it. But it’s been a week so I might as well post it up ;;;   ))

I was dozing this morning with the radio on whilst off and on trying to wake myself up by checking tumblr and so, what I’m pretty sure I heard is that Putin put out a statement condemning the decadence of anime’s influence on the West and made special mention of this terrible hetalia one where “Feliks is continuously shown flaunting power over Ivan”.  ?????

((ngl seventeen makes me so happy. like, idk what my life would be like if i’d never stan them and because they make me so happy, i’ve decided to stan forever so that every single day, my life will be filled with happiness, with seventeen.))

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“ Living on the outskirts
Trying just to figure it out
Talking like a deadbeat, I just wanted you to see
Everything that I could see
Walking in the night sky, I’m always on your side
You are really saving me. “

Chateau - Angus & Julia Stone

Pebble’s b-day part 2

I told you this is a two day event, my dear, sooooo: Happy birthday, Pebble!!! Man oh man, can you believe that I’ve known you for a year?!? That’s crazy. I’ve seen you grow up over the year and ack I just feel all sorts of !!! in my heart because I know you. I seriously cannot thank my lucky stars that our being on opposite sides of the world means that I’m able to talk to you more during some breaks (though I would very much so love to be able to talk to you during the whole year and gah I need daylight savings time stuff to also stoooop I can barely deal with a 21 hour time difference, let alone 18 hours!!) I think back to a lot of our conversations and I just giggle sometimes because I remember stuff like discussing the different ways we called things when I stayed up late to talk to all you New Zealanders, burrito beans, accents and trolleys (ANYTHING FROM THE TROLLEY?!? wow i am just strolling down memory lane rn) and that one night we did mermaid/siren rp, and writing out a thread (which is still sitting in my notes and we should talk about that again and also i have those gifs saved for that other set of threads that I’ve been working on for a y e a r but nope not gonna focus on that rn this is about you). You’ve supplied stories that make me insanely happy, and just your general presence is so so bright and happy! I love that every time we’re on a call, you manage to get your cat onto the screen and I seriously appreciate random messages I get from you about animals and literally anything else. I really love random “have a good day!” snaps because they’re so good to see and they make me all sorts of happy. I love that you’re just this wonderfully calming and energizing person to talk to. You’re such a precious gem, and I am so so beyond grateful that you exist at the same time as me and that I’m able to call you a friend. You’re so easy to come back to talking to after long periods of time and your friendship is one that I cherish. And I just

Geo, I am beyond honored to know you and seeing you grow has been so great. Thank you so so much for being who you are, you hilarious sweetheart. My dear, I promise to one day see you in person so I can give you the biggest hug and so we can go to an animal shelter or a pet store to play with the animals there and eat some ice lollies popsicles from the icebox freezer 😉

I love you, Pebble! I hope you have a year as fantastic as you are! :D