is it okay to go to bed at 3pm

B U R N O U T  1 0 1 // what it is and how the fuck to fix it 

So, you’ve been really stressed/anxious/exhausted and all of a sudden you’re feeling unmotivated/apathetic/frustrated? Congratulations, it’s looks like you’ve burned yourself out!

What is burnout?

Normally, burnout occurs after an extended period of excess. The breaking point is different for everyone; some may cave after a week of finals, for others it may take months or even years. Symptoms of burnout include, but are not limited to:

- Apathy/disinterest

- Short attention span, difficulty concentrating, switching between tasks frequently 

- Frustration with others, your work, or yourself

- Depression, low mood, anxiety 

Shit, that’s me! How do I solve it?

- Start small, and ease yourself back into the swing of things 

  • Make note of the stuff you absolutely unavoidably have to to do with immediate urgency. Order in terms of immediacy as well as workload. So give credit for tasks both urgent and time consuming. If it doesn’t need to be done (either partially or completely) right this very minute, don’t worry about it. 
  • Break big tasks down into little tasks and tackle them one at a time. Reward yourself upon completion, but keep it reasonable. One episode of Parks and Rec is okay; a whole series is not. 

- Reestablish a routine

  • As insanely fantastic as it is, laying in bed all day is not going to get you anywhere. Set a routine, and stick to it; wake up at a consistent time and actually get out of bed, accomplish a few things each day (but they don’t have to be academic - laundry, taking a walk or vacuuming your bedroom) and stay out of bed except for when you’re sleeping. 
  • Naps are ok too though, but keep them short and don’t start after 3pm because you won’t be able to get to sleep at a human hour that night. 

- Take care of yourself

  • Give priority to maintaining healthy and normal sleep, eating, and self-care habits. You’re going to be useless if you’re exhausted, hungry, and grimy. 
  • Try to identify why you’re burnt out. Yes, you had two weeks of back-to-back exams. But is there anything you could have done differently? Could you have started studying earlier, made revision materials as you went, reduced or delegated other commitments? While this isn’t necessarily cure for burnout, it’s crucial to preventing another episode further on down the line. And after all, they say prevention is the best medicine. 

- Ask for help!!

  • Counsellors (academic and therapeutic) are there for your use. Take advantage of them, especially if they’re provided free of charge by your institution! They’ve got a lot of experience, and could impart some seriously useful wisdom about managing workloads, maintaining your sanity and resources if you really are struggling.
  • Supportive family; not everyone is lucky enough to have one, but if you do, make sure they know you’re under duress and see if they can help in anyway - letting you get off chores or offering to help with your place if you’ve moved out, providing sustenance, or just offering an ear for you to moan and rant and talk it out. 
  • Make sure there’s nothing underlying that’s causing your anxiety/depression/low mood, and if you suspect there is talk to your doctor!

Prompt- ‘Don’t come near me or I swear I will kill you’’ Go to hell!’

angst ANGST ANGST. And then fluff. 

You had been in a relationship with Spencer Reid for a year and a half now. So, you knew when something was wrong.

In the past week, he had suddenly become nervous, and awkward around you, as if he was hiding something. The other day, he even lied about what time he arrived back off the case, and returned home late on a Saturday night when you were 99.9% sure that Garcia had told you that the plane landed at 10am in the morning.

You automatically thought that it must have been because of a case, but then Garcia told you that all of the recent cases had been successful ones.

You then decided that he was cheating, but that idea was so absurd that you immediately dismissed it. He had always been completely and utterly loyal to you, and Spencer Reid having a bit on the side? Not a chance.

So, after he flew out on his next case, you paid a visit to your good friend, and the Oracle of All Knowledge, Penelope Garcia.

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It’s 5:15am, I fell asleep on the couch last night and I’m just now about to go to my bedroom to get ready for bed so I can sleep for an hour. Because I can’t sleep in my bed apparently if I don’t go through my routine, and I can’t sleep on the couch because I keep waking up.

And I haven’t eaten since about 3pm yesterday.

And this is typical behavior.

*flips table*

While I may be the mom friend of my group, I need someone to mom me sometimes too. ._.

*flips another table*

Okay, I’m going to get ready for bed now. XD

KBTBB: Telling Him You’re Pregnant

This includes Shuichi, also I know harsh to Mamo, but tis because I love him so much!

Ota Kisaki
Ota held your hair for you as you threw up again for what seemed like the thousandth time that day. You groaned as you clutched the toilet for dear life, once more emptying the contents of your stomach into it. Throughout all this Ota rubbed your back gently and whispered kind words to you. 

After you were sure that there was nothing left to throw up, you wiped your mouth a shakily stood up, with Ota keeping a hold of you. 

He helped you into the bedroom and sat down next to you,
“You okay now?” He asked, concern clearly showing in his voice and expression. You merely nodded, not having the strength yet to actually talk.
“You know, you’ve been ill for a few weeks now. Prehaps you should go see a doctor or something” Sighing, you mumbled,
“I guess” He smiled slighlty, brushing your hair out of your face and gently stroking your cheek,
“I’ll make an appointment for you for this afternoon, okay” With that he kissed your forehead and left the room, heading for the phone in his studio. 

A little while later he came back,
“All done Koro, you have to go at 3PM, I’ll drive you” He sat in the chair next to the bed, and watched you. You nodded once more before falling asleep. 

Ota was in the waiting room outside while the doctor ran some tests. You sat on the bed in the room, swinging your legs as you waited for the diagnosis. You honestly had no idea what was wrong with you, you’d never been this ill before in your life so it was quite worrying to you. The door opened and the doctor returned smiling with test results in her hand,
“Good news, Miss (L/N), you’re not sick!” She smiled wider as you sighed in relief,
“Your pregnant” your mouth dropped open upon hearing that, with wide eyes you looked at her in disbelief,
“I’m pregnant? But how?” You questioned, completely shocked.
“Yes, you are pregnant, and I think it’s quite obvious how, so I’ll avoid the details as to not embarrass you” She smiled softly,
“What you were experiencing was morning sickness. That I’m afraid will continue, but being pregnant is a wonderful thing. You should tell the father. And you’ll need to come back in a month for a check-up to make sure everything is going smoothly” You nodded, not being able to speak at the moment,
“Thanks” You eventually said as you left the room. Ota looked up when you appeared and smiled and took your hand,
“So, What’s wrong with my Koro then?” He asked, kissing your forehead.
“I’ll tell you later” You mumbled, he nodded and led you out of the hospital to the car. 

The drive back was fairly quiet. You were trying to figure out how you would tell him. Would he not want the baby? What would happen then?

Once you arrived back, you sat down on the sofa, eating some cake, while Ota sat next to you, his sketch pad in hand. “So what did the doctor sat then?” He questioned as he turned to face you. He was still sketching. You sighed and turned your gaze to the floor,
“I’m pregnant” You mumbled. 

You looked up at him to see his shock stricken face, his pencil now on the floor as he stared at you wide eyed.
“That’s great Koro” He annouced, placing a kiss on your lips. 

Eisuke Ichinomiya
The apartment is completely silent when you come in, Eisuke had just got back from business, so you made the assumption that he had put himself to bed.

 And correct, there he was, on his bed, shirtless and half covered with the duvet and a foot jutting out into space, Eisuke is face down, he was quite obviously tired. 

Heat rises to your cheeks at the sight of his bare back,
“Eisuke? Are you awake?” You sit on the edge of his bed, and lean over to kiss his cheek, when all of a sudden he grabs you and hauls you under the covers with him. 

“Hey, (Y/N)” His grin sends a wave of warmth straight to your toes. Before you can even greet him back, his soft lips have found yours,
“And for the record, I am, in fact, awake” His voice is husky and you give a shiver of delight at the sound.
“I can see that” You say with a giggle, laying your head on the arm that he offers. 

You lay there for a few moments, and then take the hint, from him staring at you, with that tired yet lusty look in his eyes, you catch his mouth with yours. Cupping the back of his head, just under his hair. He chuckles and returns the kiss willingly.
“Meow” You joke as you finally break apart.
“You wren’t half bad yourself” Eisuke answers, rolling onto his back. You obligingly scoot closer, tucking the blanket under your side to keep out the draft. You kiss his bare shoulder,
“How do you feel about kids?”
“Hmm?” He opens his eyes again, and glances over at you, one eyebrow raised,
“Kids? What do you mean?” His tone has gone from grudging warmth to suspicious. That’s a bad sign, your mind whispers, but you soldier on,
“W-well… Do you want to have them, when you’re older?” He lays his head back down and stares at the ceiling, 

“I never really thought about it, never really found the right woman before” His eyes slit your way, something you haven’t seen before glimmering below the surface.
“(Y/N), you’re stuttering, what’s wrong? And if you give me that bullshit about nothing, I’m not going to be pleased” His eyes smouldering as he leans over you, one hand placed at your shoulder, so his torso is overshadowing yours.
“Eisuke, I’m pregnant” You announce, taking the plunge. 

“Huh” He rolls back over onto his back and closes his eyes,
“Huh? What? Eisuke?” You were expecting either anger or joy not indifference. You give him a shake,
“I did hear you” You glare down at him,
“But what do you think? Are you happy Eisuke?” Before you can blink, he grabs you by the shoulders and kisses you passionately, his lips fierce. When you break away for air, Eisuke watches you for a long moment,
“(Y/N), give me a minute to wrap my head around this, I’m going to be a father?” You nod dumbly. 

“Huh. I guess I’m going to have to see if they have an earlier honeymoon package” Now it was your turn to be confused,
“Honeymoon package?” He smirks,
“Well, it’s pretty simple. I love you. You’re pregnant with my child. I want to marry you. There’s usually a honeymoon after marriage, isn’t there?” He bends and pecks you gently on the lips before placing a delicate hand on your bump,
“What do you say? Marry me?”

Mitsunari Baba
You have just gotten into the apartment you share with Mitsunari. You glance out the window just in time to see Mitsunari walking into the building. 

You sigh,
“There he is” Stepping over some of the miscellaneous objects strewn across the floor. “Paging (Y/N) Baba, paging (Y/N) Baba” Mitsunari says as he saunters into the apartment, removing his fedora and placing it on the side,
“Hiya pretty lady” He drops a kiss on your forehead and another on your lips,
“We all ready for the big day?”

The weddings tomorrow?! All other thoughts slam to a halt in the colossal train wreck that is your brain. 

“(Y/N)?” he asks, giving you a little shake,
“Are you feeling alright? You look pale" 

You shake off the stupor and decided that it was now or never time on the whole telling him you’re pregnant thing.
"Um, Mitsunari… You remember when you proposed?” His smile instantly turns wolfish,
“I remember the night better” Before you can squeal,
“Perv” He dips you backwards and slips his tongue into your open mouth. You automatically tangle yours around it, stroking his tongue with yours.
“What about it?” He eventually extricates himself from your very willing mouth; you can tell he even didn’t really want the kiss to end, though.
“There was something we kind of forgot” You chewed on your lip,
“And because of that, we kind of… got pregnant”

Mitsunari gawks at you. Then, in a flurry of ecstasy, he wraps you up in his arms and lifts you off the ground, hugging you like there’s no tomorrow,
“That’s fantastic news! Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl yet?” You started laughing. You couldn’t help yourself,
“I’ve got no idea yet" 

Mitsunari vaults over the sofa and grabs the cordless phone, punching in numbers at a breakneck speed,
"We’ve gotta tell Ota, he’ll want to be the godfather”

You giggle and sit yourself down beside him. You miss him on the mouth and make for the kitchen, but Mitsunari sweeps you up into his lap, the remote resting on your legs as he turned on the TV. You lay back against his warm chest as the television clicks on and the credits for some film are playing,
“I love you Mitsunari”
“I love you too”

Soryu Oh
Soryu’s apartment was clean and neat, the walls white, and one wall simply glass, looking out onto the city below. 

Soryu himself was draped over the sofa, his eyes foxed on you. Almost immediately he smiles- really smiles, smiles like he means it,
“(Y/N), you didn’t call to say you were coming over today” Swinging his legs off the couch, he bounds over to you, it had been a while since he had seen you, today being his first day back from Hong Kong, you’d missed him, and he’d quite obviously missed you. His arms fastened around your waist, as he lifted you high, swinging you in a circle, a red colour on his face. 

“Soryu!” Between gales of laughter, you try to protest. Your mouth is suddenly covered by his. 

He sets you down on your feet, pulling away, but not loosening his arms. You tease him, and joke around for a while, before saying something that drives him insane,
“Careful, you” He purrs in your ear, nibbling at the lobe and sending shivers down your spine,
“I might take revenge” To cement his point, he drops you on the ouch and lays on top of you, careful not to smother, and presses a series of slow, open mouthed kisses to your throat. 

When you’ve finished thoroughly ravishing each other, you lay your head back on the arm of the couch and study Soryu. He had already unbuttoned his shirt, since he knew you were quite fond of his chest, and he grins down at you. You lunge upwards and nip his collarbone. Soryu, in his surprise, half laughed and half yelped and fall off the couch. He landed with a thud on the hardwood floor.

You roll over and beam down at him, the epitome of innocence,
“Soryu, be more careful. I’d be mad if you made me a widow before we’re even married" 

"Wicked little minx” He rubs the back of his head grimacing in pain. You lean down and kiss the crown of his head. He moves like lightning, grasping you by the shoulders and dragging you down on top of him,
“I told you I’d take revenge!” His kisses are quick and hot, first one place, then another, while his fingers find all sorts of creative places to taunt. When you’re panting and forming a train of thought is just barely possible, he nuzzles the tip of nose into the dip of your clavicle.

Suddenly he told you tight, pressing you closer to him, like he’s trying to burn the memory of you into his skin,
"I love you Soryu”
“I love you too” You couldn’t see his face. 

You lay like that for a while before he pulls you up with him, carrying you up the spiral stairs by the big picture window to the bedroom upstairs. He lays you gingerly on the bed,
“(Y/N), when exactly were you planning on telling me you’re pregnant?”
“How did you know?” You blurt, your eyes wide,
“Soryu, I came here to tell you, I just got the results this morning” Soryu glances down pointedly at your bump,
“Don’t make fun of me” You flush. 

“You’re taking this amazingly” You stare at him,
“Why shouldn’t I? I love you” He raises an eyebrow, with a content sigh you flop back,
“I’m just really glad you’re happy. I wasn’t sure what I would do if you didn’t want it”
“Don’t think about it” He kneels beside you and kisses your lips. 

Shuichi Hishikura
About ready to pass out from nerves, you open the front door of Shuichi’s flat with the let he gave you. Everything’s completely dark and you slam your foot into something that was laying on the floor. Clapping both your hands over your mouth, you managed to hold back a string of curse words.

You slowly walk to the kitchen.
“(Y/N), what are you doing here all by yourself?” As your heart kicks into overdrive and you flail away from the sudden voice, you loose your balance and start to fall. Shuichi nonchalantly catches you by the elbow and rights you. Planting a quick, barely-there kiss on your lips, he moves for the refrigerator. 

When you’ve recovered some, you stalk up to him,
“Shuichi, you scared the hell out of me! Where were you, anyway? When I cam in, the flat was empty” You clamp a hand over your poor, abused heart as it slows to a gallop. 

Glancing over at you from under his black hair, Shuichi begins to fix himself some food,
“Want some?”

He’s apparently not going to answer you. You sit down with a loud sigh. The heavy weight around your middle is becoming pronounced, and your back feels brittle. Shuichi finishes fixing his sandwich and sits down beside, clearing away a tower of his paper work that he had obviously been working on earlier,
“________, we’ve been together for a while now, yes?” His dark, steady gaze catches yours and you nod, draping an arm across your stomach. You’ve just got a bump at the moment, but in a few weeks it’ll be a bowling ball. Without meaning to, you rub your hand over your stomach, smiling contentedly, until Shuichi clears his throat.
“Oh, eh, yeah, I- Next month is our four year anniversary” He nods absently and takes a bite of his food. 

Silence hangs between the two of you like a heavy tarp and you begin rubbing your stomach again. What if he didn’t want a child? You already loved the tiny life that grew inside you. If Shuichi told you he didn’t want it-
“(Y/N), you’re crying" 

Your head snaps up and you clap both your hands over your cheeks. With a start, you realize you have indeed begun to cry. You hadn’t felt the tears start… You jolt to your feet, unwilling to be mastered by the emotions rising like a tide inside you. Just as you reach the doorway, Shuichi’s arms loop tightly around your waist- both hands landing directly over your bump. 

"You’re in no condition to go running off. Sit back down"Was he being that dense? Did he really not know what he was feeling?
"Let me go” you quaver in a watery voice,
“Shuichi, let me fucking go, right now!”
“I will do no such thing” He answers calmly, pulling you back into the kitchen and forcing you to sit,
“Now, we have things to talk about. Important things, (Y/N), and if you’re being unreasonable, none of them will get done" 

You couldn’t help yourself, your pouting before you can stop yourself. That, combined with Shuichi’s manner towards you, pregnancy hormones, and a mix of overwhelming anxiety and frustrated love cause you to explode,
"Shuichi, I’m pregnant" 

His enormous dark eyes engulf his face,
"Wait, what?”

The sight of Shuichi, completely and utterly dumbfounded would have amazed you at any other time, but right now you were so angry you couldn’t make yourself care,
“You heard me! Pregnant! Your baby! And you don’t even seem to fucking trust me! After four fucking years!”
“Are you done?” He inquires, eyes still large on his pale face,
“I am nowhere near done-"Shuichi smothers your tirade by clamping his lips shut on yours. Both of his hands descend to your swollen abdomen, stroking gently, reverently,
"I was out today because I was getting something for you. This just… expedites it”
“What?” Your brain turned to mush. 

Shuichi’s lips curve into a slow, soft smile,
“This” Something hits your finger and you look down, your eyes immediately flooding with tears,
“Marry me?”

Mamoru Kishi
You open the door to the apartment to be greeted by the pitch blackness, but you skilfully avoided the clutter, mess and furniture, tossing your jacket on the back of a chair. 

Using a wall to navigate, you follow it until your hand brushes the light switch, and you flick it on. The lamps blink and you wince at the sudden brightness. You step over the cat, Jarvis, and proceed to your bedroom, hanging your purse on the nob as you pass. 

Without further ado, you flop back on the mattress, scrunching your hands to your eyes so you can cry. 

You’d told Chaisato you were going to tell Mamo about the pregnancy, but you weren’t certain he would want the baby. It’s too soon- he won’t be able to handle being a father. He isn’t a stupid man, a lazy man, certainly, but he knows what he can and can’t do. 

Anguish colours the room, blurry grey and you cover your eyes again, even as the hot tears keep coming in fierce rivulets. 

He’s said before that you’re the only one he cares for since Minami, his partner’s death. How could he say that and then love someone else, even his own child?

The door opens and shuts outside. You debate whether to scramble under the covers of the bed or just wait for whatever may come. 

You decide to wait. 

You hear him take off his coat, and then you can hear the flick of a lighter and know he’s lighting another cigarette. You hear the dull thumps as he toes off his shoes. Then the light from the doorway is blocked and you close your eyes,

You can only hiccup. 

Without another word he is holding you tight, cradling you like you’re glass, like you might fracture. His lips ghost across your brow. Your fingers knot in the fabric of his shirt and you attempt to stifle another sob, but it proves useless. Soon you’re pressing your face into his chest, sobbing uncontrollably. Mamoru’s arms remained around you. 

"Sweetheart, why are you crying like this? Did something happen?” There is a quiet rage in his voice, he must think that someone hurt you, and more than anything, you know he’d wishing he could kill them.
“It’s not what you’re thinking?” You choke out,
“Then what is it sweetheart?” He asks, his voice with that same velvety warmth you love so much. Clutching his biceps, you burrow further into his embrace. Mamoru kisses the crown of your head, and waits,
“I’m pregnant” You whisper. 

He goes completely stiff. Then he relaxes, by degrees,
“Is that what ya crying about? Is-is it because” He trails off, a razor edged but silent agony in his voice that wasn’t there before,
“Is it because it’s my child?” Bewildered by his reaction, you can only stare up at him in mute disbelief. 

“I understand” His voice soft with hate for himself,
“I’m sorry you’ve gone through this. If you wish-" 

Before he can go any further, you thwack him. HARD.
"Mamo, you stupid. I-I love you, and I’m keeping our baby, you dolt, and I’m keeping you, and if you don’t like it, too bad!” You exhale explosively and glower up into his eyes. He blinks at you in astonishment, rubbing the bump you’d just given him,
“Ya want my child? Are ya serious sweetheart?”
“Do I look like I’m joking?” You ask, entire body rigid with a combination of hormone enhanced anger and anxiety.
“No” He answers, eyes widening marginally,
“Marry me?”

Your anger melts into pure ecstasy,
“Yesyesyesyesyes!” Hurling yourself onto him, you kiss Mamoru senseless, your tongue pressing the advantage while he struggles to keep you, and him from falling off of the bed. Your tears and his mingle, you pull back,

“I’m fine” His lips pressed gently to yours,
“I didn’t dare hope ya would want to start a family with me, kid. I knew ya loved me, but I-”  
“Geez, you’re speechless that’s a first” Mamoru covers your mouth with his, his lips and tongue warm and generous,
“I can’t help it. I’m still in shock. Are you sure…?”
“If you ask me again, I’m going to hit you”
“Then you’re sure. I love you kid” His lips graze your temple. The tenderness in his tone, brings back the tears,
“I love you too" 


Gangster Love

Part 5

The boys had gone out the time I’d managed to pull myself out of bed. My head was pounding, the last thing I remembered was talking to Taehyung in the club. Did he take care of me? I scolded myself, reminding myself that I could’ve ended up dead. Or worse. I could’ve ended up with Jimin.

My phone started buzzing which made me register the time, it was 3pm! I’d slept all morning. It was B.I. I immediately answered it.

“I see you finally got out of bed.” He mumbled as I prepared myself for his yelling.

“I know.” Was all I managed to say. I herd him sigh as voices called out to him in the background.

“Y/N, stay at home okay?” His voice was uneasy. I knew something was wrong.

“Why?” I fought back, not planning to give in to his demands. Not without an explanation.

“Y/N,” He growled, and I knew I wasn’t making his life easier. “Just don’t go outside.”

“I need to.” I lied, wanting to know.

“Why?” He challenged me, making me frown.

“I’m on my period,” I lied again, if he had a good enough excuse, he’d tell me. “I need pads.”

“I’ll send June to get you some soon.” He reassured me as I heard a complain from Junhoe in the background.

“Where are you?” I asked, giving up on the whole excuse thing.

“Out.” His response made me roll my eyes. He was more difficult than me sometimes.

“When will you be home?” I ask.

“Less than an hour.” He told me. Finally a straight answer.

“Fine, I’ll start cooking dinner.” I mumbled in defeat, hanging up the phone.

I began chopping up the onions. I planned on making Bobby’s favourite meal. Burgers. I remember the first time he’d told me, about an hour after I’d been through every Korean meal under the sun. Things haven’t been great between us lately. All the lying, arguing, we’ve spent our only alone time fighting. I missed him. He always made me laugh. I can’t stand the thought of not doing that with him for another second. This was the only way I could give him an apology but not make it look obvious. And Bobby loves food.

I went into his room once the burgers were cooked, noticing his room was almost trashed. Bobby could be messy at the best of times but this is by far the worst I’ve seen it. Good act number 2, tidy his room. I began picking up all the washing from the floor, placing it in the washing basket, wondering why he couldn’t do it himself.

I moved over to his dresser, pushing in all the half empty drawers, aligning his aftershave bottles and other toiletries into a neat line. There was a huge pile of shoes over by the wardrobe, which I spent the next half an hour neatly organising around the skirting board of his room. I chuckled to myself when I’d finished, looking around to see his shoes almost going around the whole perimeter of the room. Bobby’s wardrobe was almost empty too, probably due to the amount of washing he had. I could smell his aftershave lingering on the clothes. I sighed, running my hand down his favourite plaid shirt. I couldn’t wait for him to come home.

That’s when I realised how long I’d spent in his room, looking at my phone to see it was almost 6:30 and still no sign of the boys. It then clicked that B.I had said they’d be home earlier because it gave me no time to sneak out. Damn that boy.

I threw my phone on Bobby’s bed, admiring the picture of us all on his bedside table. His wallet was there too. It was opened, face down, as I picked it up to shut it, I saw the picture inside. It was us at the beach. When we first started dating. I smiled softly, running my finger over it. I placed it in the open drawer. The draw where he kept his gun. It wasn’t there. The boys always carried their guns with them, but would never use it.

I was in mid thought when a voice startled me from behind. “Y/N.”

It was Junhoe, holding a bag out to me. “Are the others here?” I asked him softly, trying to act as if I was looking for something.

“No, just me. B.I told me to bring you these.” He spoke quietly as I took the bag, finding pads.

I chuckled, rolling my eyes as Junhoe cracked a slight smile. “Oh, I was just looking for my charger, Bobby borrowed it.”

“No you weren’t.” He chuckled half heartedly, looking just as lost as B.I sounded on the phone.

“I was- I- uh.” I mumbled, sitting down on the edge of the bed as my cheeks flushed red.

“Can I ask you something?” He asked cautiously, moving into the room slightly.

“Go ahead.” I shrugged, watching him as he came and sit next to me on the bed.

“How much of last night do you remember?” He looked nervous, which worried me. What went down last night? 

“I remember going to the club, I remember me dancing with Jimin and then we went to a booth. Then I remember talking to V.” I spoke quickly, nervous for what I’d missed.

“That’s all?” He asked looking up at me. I nodded softly, panic flooding my face as I waited for him to continue. “You don’t remember being in the cab with me? Asking the taxi driver to take you to the moon?” He chuckled.

“No.” I widened my eyes, covering my mouth in embarrassment.

“When we got back here, you, um, you said something and at first I thought it was just you being drunk. But then I started piecing things together, and I realised you were telling me the truth. About you and Bobby.” He whispered as if someone else would hear.

I gasped, letting my head fall onto my legs as panic mode set it. Is that why B.I sounded off on the phone earlier? Did Junhoe tell him about us? Did I tell him about us?

“It’s okay, I’ll keep your secret.” He rubbed my arm, making me look up at him.

“I don’t want B.I beating you up like he did Bobby for lying to him. No, don’t worry. As soon as the others get home, I’ll talk to Bobby and we’ll tell B.I together, you don’t have to be apart of this.”

He chuckled nervously, nodding as he looked away from me.

I frowned. “What?”

“What?” He widened his eyes, answering too quick.

“I mean what, you don’t think being honest with my brother is a good idea?” I raised my eyebrows, crossing my arms.

“No, it’s not that.” He shook his head as if he were scared of me.

“Then what?” I glared at him. After my brother and Bobby, me and Junhoe had been the closest. I knew when he was acting strange. But then again, I had been on edge lately. I would’ve never normally been so agitated around Bobby.

“Stop overthinking everything.” He chuckled, rolling his eyes at me. I chuckled too, realising there was nothing to worry about.

“Sorry, you wanna start eating? I made Bobby’s favourite but apparently he’s too busy with my brothers to eat.” I mumbled as we both stood up, walking into the kitchen where I’d left the burgers.

June chuckled nervously again, making me roll my eyes. No wonder I was suspicious, these boys were always up to something. “Shouldn’t you um, you know, use the things I had to spend twenty minutes in the store awkwardly buying?”

I stayed facing away from him as I laughed, covering my mouth. Oh shit. Poor Junhoe. “I was lying.” 

“What?” His voice squeaked and I turned around to see his eyes nearly popping out of his head.

“I was just trying to make up an excuse to go out.” I laughed at his expression as he ran his hand through his hair.

“You know how many weird stares I got when I said they were for my friend’s sister?” He gasped, looking up at me with his mouth hung open.

I threw my head back laughing as the door opened and the boys all walked in, apart from Bobby. “You’re missing one.” I spoke to B.I as I continued giggling.

“Do you know she wasn’t even on her period? She was lying!” Junhoe informed them as Chanwoo squealed in disgust and the others pulled faces like they’d just eaten sour candy.

“I know.” B.I nodded, smiling proudly as he picked up a burger, taking a huge bite. “She’s on the pill dude, she doesn’t get periods.” He decided to inform the whole group, making me roll my eyes. Our parents dying put B.I in charge of all the sex ed stuff too. I think he put me on the pill when I was young because he knew from his own experience how teenage boys could be. Not that he had anything to worry about, I didn’t have sex until Bobby. Even though we weren’t in love back then, I knew I could trust him. I knew he wouldn’t be an ass about it. He didn’t pressure me and he didn’t brag about it after. Although, by the smug look on his face anyone could tell what he’d been up to.

“I thought girls only did that if they had boyfriends?” Donghyuk questioned. Junhoe obviously found it hilarious because he burst out laughing, trying to stop himself as he covered his face making me roll my eyes again.

I saw the strange look I was getting from B.I. “Or if they’re whores.” I shrugged as Donghyuk’s jaw fell open. B.I chuckled, shaking his head as he took the last bite of his burger.

“Really? You’re not.” Donghyuk said almost unsure as I served the boys their dinner, shrugging as B.I chuckled, walking into the living room, the boys following him.

“Hey, fool,” I hissed at Junhoe, making him turn around. “I’ve kept this secret up for a year, you can’t blow it in a day.”

“You’ve been dating for a year?” June whispered widening his eyes.

“6 months.” I correct him, leaving him puzzled.

“Then what were you doing bef- Oh.” He chuckled, smirking deviously as he caught on to mine and Bobby’s 6 months of ‘friends’. “Damn you are a whore.” He squealed as we walked in to the others. The boys had all finished eating and were in the process of standing up.

“Where are you going?” I asked curiously as they all zipped up their jackets.

“To get Bobby.” B.I replied as the boys walked out ahead of him.

“Where is he?” I frowned, still not getting a reply from earlier.

“Scouting out The Albert.” He shrugged pushing past me, rushing after the others.

“The Albert?” I called after him. “But that place is-“ The front door slammed, leaving me alone with Junhoe again. The Albert belonged to Rap Mon’s family. It was a bar, for the more, wealthy people. What the fuck would Bobby be doing there?

I’d slept all day and some how was still tired. So, after I’d finished the washing up, I took a seat on the sofa next to Junhoe who was watching Spongebob Squarepants way too enthusiastically.

“Remind me again why you don’t have a girlfriend?” I teased him, leaning my head on his shoulder.

“Because I’m too busy looking after you when you’re drunk.” He retaliated, making me oooohh him.

I fell asleep on his shoulder not too long after. That was until i was awoken by the sound of him talking. Junhoe was no longer next to me. I grabbed my phone from my pocket, squinting as I tried to see the time. It was 3am. I sat up, rubbing my eyes as I heard Junhoe from down the hall.

“What the fuck do you mean you haven’t found him yet?” He hissed just higher than a whisper. I stood up, walking towards his voice to get a better listen. “He hasn’t been home for over a day now. His phone’s gunna die soon. If you’re gunna find him, you’d better do it soon. Fuck, don’t say that. It’s Bobby, he’d never do this unless he was forced. I don’t get how you managed to lose him in the club anyway. You’d better hope BTS haven’t got to him.”

I walked around the corner as June hung up the phone. My jaw was clenched as the tears blurred my vision. I was fuming. What the fuck. Bobby’s missing? He didn’t think to tell me? None of them did? My brother? Where was Bobby? Why wouldn’t he message me? He’d know I worry. Unless, like Junhoe said, BTS got to him. Maybe Rap Mon is making him pay for what he did to his girlfriend. My head starting to spin as the ache in my heart pumped through my chest. I couldn’t los him. I couldn’t lose my Bobby.

“Y/N, I-“ Junhoe looked petrified.

“Fuck you.” I spat at him through gritted teeth. I could’ve said a thousand words to him and it still wouldn’t have been enough to tell him how I feel. I shoved past him, slamming my bedroom door behind me before locking it.

“Y/N.” Junhoe yelled worridly, banging on the door as I dug deep in my underwear drawer. I pulled out the pink pistol B.I had gotten me for my 16th birthday. I’d never used it apart from practicing hitting a few cans one weekend. I’d never had reason to use it until now. Until they decided to hurt Bobby.

Jimin hurting me? Fine. I could take it. Sure it killed me inside, but it would be nothing compared to the pain of losing Bobby. I filled it up with bullets, placing it down my top between my boobs so it wasn’t visible. The tears streamed down my face, stung my eyes as I stared at myself in the mirror. This was it. This was do or die. Park Jimin was going to die for hurting Bobby. I made sure my hair was tied tightly, wiping my eyes on the sleeve of the baggy shirt I wore.

“Fuck it.” I breathed out slowly, opening the door as Junhoe was leaned up against the wall opposite my door.

“Y/N, I’m sorry I-“

“Im going to find Bobby, like I would’ve done hours ago if you’d bothered to mention he was missing.” I spoke calmly, cracking my knuckles as I strolled into Bobby’s room, grabbing one of his jackets. It was early in the morning. It was still dark outside. Even with all the fury heating up my body, it would still be cold out. I grabbed the pink bandana from my jeans pocket, tying it around my nose and mouth before pulling the hood up over my face, leaving just my eyes and forehead showing. I pressed my chest, making sure the gun was still in place before storming out the front door.

Park Jimin, you’d better run.

Car Accident; Jack J Imagine

Jack’s POV

I get off the plane in Omaha. Me and Jack have been on tour for months, so my girlfriend told me she’d pick me up.

‘Hey babe where are you?’
I get my luggage. No reply.
'Babe? Where you at?’
I text again.
I sit down, maybe traffic is bad.
A half hour rolls on by.
I text hoping she’d answer then.
Nope. An hour past.
'Babe where the fuck are you!?’
I’m starting to get worried.
“Hey J you need a ride?” Gilinsky asks while leaving with his family. “Yeah I think Y/N forgot.” I get mad.
'I can’t believe you forgot! You’re such a bitch!’ I don’t regret sending that, I’m pissed she forgot about picking me up.

I’m laying in bed. Still nothing from her. We’re done. I’ll text her in the morning telling her that. We’ve been dating for 2 years, how could she forget about picking me up at the airport especially since she’s been talking about wanting me home since the tour started.

'Hey Jack this is her mom, she was in an accident.’ I read. I re-read so I could make sure my sleepy eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. The love of my life was in an accident.

'What happened?’ I asked afraid to know.
'She was coming to get you from the airport and she lost control of her car, and hit a guardrail and went off an embankment.’
I started crying.
'Is she okay?’ I ask hoping to God she was.
'We don’t know yet they’re still doing tests.’ I quickly got dressed. 'Can I come see her?’ I ask hoping her mom would let me since she knows I love her daughter to death. 'Yeah.’ Was all she said.

I grabbed my keys and walked out to my car.

“Where transferring her.” The doctors came out to us. “The tests look good here but to get a second look we’re transferring her.” He continued.

My eyes look from the doctor to her mom.
“Jack I’ll drive us.” She said.

They loaded her up in the ambulance. Tubs and IVs coming out of her body. The tears couldn’t help but spill over. “Jack they said the test looked good.” “I know but what if something happens?” I ask her mom looking out the car window. “She’s strong, she’s a survivor. She’ll pull through.” She touched my shoulder.

I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I’m in love with her. She’s the love of my life. She’s my future.


“She had 2 seizures.” The doctors said. “It’s probably because of the stress of the whole situation.” He explained.

“Will she be okay?” Her mom asks. “Yeah, you guys can go see her.” He told us. We walked back to her room. The tubs no longer in her mouth helping her breath, but IVs still in her. “She’s not in pain.” Her mom explained. “Good because she can’t handle pain at all.” I crack a smile. I lay next to her on the bed. I whisper to her. “Hey babe I don’t know if you can hear me but if you can I just want to tell you I love you. You’re so important to me.” I kiss her forehead.

Her eyes flutter open. She smiles. “Do you know where you are?” Her mom looks up to see her. “The hospital.” She looks around. “Do you know what happened?” She pressed again. “I wrecked going to get Jack.” she looks to me. “I’m so sorry Jack.” She let’s her tears fall. “Babe, don’t be, you’re okay that’s what matters.” I kissed her forehead.

“She’s free to leave.” Her doctor comes in. “Okay thank you.” Her father chimes in. “Okay, let’s get dressed.” The nurse comes in with a gown since her clothes are all cut up.

She’s been in and out all day. She’s fine though. Thank god. I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

Finnick and Annie's goodbyes before the reaping of the quell

Finnick’s body was pressed against Annie’s, her back against the wall. His eyes were closed, and Annie’s fingers caressed his cheeks, his lips, his eyelids. Annie knew every angle, every feature, every expression on his face. And for the first time in forever she was afraid she’d lose him, never being able to touch his cheeks, to kiss his lips.

But she would remember. She’d remember every angle, every feature, every expression. She’d remember them painfully real, dead or alive - and right now, she wasn’t sure which one she’d end up in a couple of weeks. Dead or alive?

Finnick’s lips brushed down their way on her forehead to the tip of her nose, on her lips and all the way to her jaw. How’d he ever be able to let her go? He couldn’t. He wouldn’t. Slowly Finnick cupped Annie’s face, his thumbs wiping away the tears that were rolling down her cheeks.

For a moment they just stood there, sinking deeper into each other’s eyes, into their own desperation. Don’t go, the words died on her lips. Washed away by her rolling tears. But Finnick knew what she wanted to say - he wanted to say that he wouldn’t, of course he wouldn’t. He’d stay right here. With her. Staying in bed until 3pm, eating breakfast for dinner. He’d stay. He’d stay forever.

“Promise me you’ll come back,” Annie whispered, her fingers tangling into his hair. “Just come back home, okay?” The last word was a mix of a chuckle and a sob, and hardly understandable.

Finnick’s lips brushed against hers, his other hand pressing against the wall next to her head, his body pressing against hers. He recognized her every move: the way she tilted her head when she was thinking, the way her hands were shaking when she was about to break down.

Her hands were shaking.

Finnick’s lips pressed loving kisses on her ears, on her forehead, into her hair. His other hand took Annie’s, their fingers intertwining. “I’ll come back in no time, love. Don’t you - don’t you worry about me. It’s gonna be okay,” Finnick answered, having some trouble on keeping his voice steady. “Don’t you worry about me,” he repeated, more quietly.

And their lips crashed. Her back thumped into the hard wall, but she hardly felt anything. All she wanted - all she needed - to feel was Finnick’s hand in her hair, his lips on hers.

Finnick didn’t know what to do. What do you do on your possible last minutes with the person who you love most in the world - no, no, a person who is your whole world. You just want to say everything, do everything, on that moment, and before you realize, it’s over. Those precious moments, passed by. The image of her glistening eyes behind your eyelids, the sound of her laughter in your head, slowly fading. Gone.

He just wanted to tell her everything: how he loved her so much his chest burned, how he loved her laughter, the soft chuckles. The way she looked at the horizon during sunrise. The way she got lost into books, the way she got mad when Finnick stole her books.

Finnick wanted to say everything. Everything. But his words got caught up on his lips, dying before they got out. But she knew. She knew exactly what he wanted to say.

“Hey, it’s alright,” Annie whispered when Finnick broke into tears, his sea-green eyes burning. “Don’t cry. Don’t.”

Her lips pressed on his, and his fingers tangled into her hair. “I love you, Annie. And I promise you that I’ll come back,” he said after pulling away a couple of centimeters. Annie closed her eyes, her right arm wrapping around his neck. “I love you too, Finn,” she said on a broken voice. “I’ll wait for you.”

You have to save yourself, no one is going to do that for you. They can help you, but when you’re alone in your bed on 3pm asking yourself what’s worth fighting for, they won’t be there. Nobody is going to be there, just you. You have to learn to hold yourself and say to you “It will be okay, just hold on”. You have to be your own best friend, because neither him is going to be there. It’s hard I know, but don’t ilude yourself depending in someone.
—  A friendly advice (via the-sadness-returned)
Harry Styles Imagine - He admits he loves you.


A/N: Hi Lily !! I hoped you enjoyed your imagine and thank you for requesting. Sorry if it’s a bit long. If you would like more be sure to request me in my ask. To those who are about to read it, if you enjoyed it , please be sure to follow me and like this for more. If you would like your own or have an idea simply ask me and I would be happy to write for you. Byeee :) .xx

WWA Tour was about to begin this week and you were so excited because you will be going on tour with the boys. You had just finished packing your bag and now here you are watching tv and eating crisps. Just when you thought you can relax after packing you here a knock on your door. “I’m coming” you shouted across the room. You were greeted by your best friends face , Harry. “Hey” he said engulfing you in a tight hug. You hugged back. “So.. What brings you here ?” you ask a bit shy. You were always shy around Harry because you had a crush on him since X Factor. You both were best friends from the time you were in diapers. As the years went you started to have feelings for him but just one problem. What if he doesn’t like you back ? Whenever you both were alone at times like this you always thought about expressing how you feel about him but you never ended up doing it. “Well, I thought since the tour is gonna start soon… I thought we should hang” he said running his fingers through his hair. “Oh well okay” you said laughing and then giving him a smile.

It’s a day before tour starts, you and the boys were now sitting in the car on your way to the airport. The boys were like your big brothers well all except Harry. The boys all knew you like Harry, they always tried to make you say those three words to him but you decided against it. You were also best friends with the boys girlfriends , they also tried getting you to express your feelings for Harry but you always think against it. You should always think that maybe he doesn’t like you that way so you tend to not ask him.

You were now in Toronto for the first show tomorrow. The boys and you got mobbed while getting into your hotel but you got used to it now. Once you were all checked in, turns out you were sleeping with Harry. That’s fine with you, you slept with Harry, cuddled with him, fans would say you both were so cute though you also get haters but you didn’t let them get to you. You and Harry were now in your hotel suite, it was massive and really cosy and warm. You loved it. As soon as you entered you ran straight for the bed and before you know it, you were off like a light.

You wake up next morning to see it’s 2 pm. Shit ! Why didn’t the other boys wake you up ? Harry’s gonna get late for the show. Harry was now holding you around your waist. You struggle from his embrace, even though how much you didn’t want to let go, you had to wake up. You got out of bed, did your routine and decided to wake up Harry.“Harry wake up it’s a big show today.” you say shaking him a bit. He tossed and turned in his sleep, he didn’t here you. “Harry get up now !!!” You say pushing him to get up.“5 mins more” he mumbled. “Harry it’s 3pm and the shows in like two hours !!! You were told to get ready early now wake up.” You basically shout at him. “Okay I’m up.” He says and gets out of bed.

You were both now at the arena. Today’s the day your going to tell him those three words. You were sitting on the couch while Harry was getting dressed. He approaches you and asks “How do I look ?” he said with a wink. “Sexy as always” you say. It was normal for you to say that, it didn’t mean anything to the both of you to say things like that to eachother. “You heard that Harry looks like somebody wants some” Louis said winking in your direction. You started to blush so hard, your face probably looked like a red tomato. The boys always teased you, you and Harry always end up blushing at their remarks. Their show was about to start in ten minutes, it’s time to tell him. “Uhh.. Harry can I speak to you alone for a minute.” you ask shyly. “Yeah sure.” He replies. You both walked out of the dressing room to an empty corridor. “Harry just hear me out. You probably don’t feel the same but I need to tell you.” You say. “No. Let me. Lily I’ve been liking you for a long time, for atleast three years. I’m such an idiot for not saying it earlier otherwise you would be mine by now. But all I have to say is I love you. Will you be mine” he asks. You smashes your lips against his. He kissed back. You now had your fingers in his hair and his arms were around your waist. “I’ve always wanted to do that” you said coming out for breath. “I’m guessing that’s a yes” he said smirking.