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for a prompt: teen trans boy Sam ends up in hospital after a hunt and the staff are calling him 'Samantha' and 'she/her' and just not listening in general, cue Dean being supportive and telling them what's what :)

Trans prompts?

Dean hasn’t read to Sam in years, not since he still had his baby fat and toddled instead of walking. Really, they guy learned - and demanded that he was allowed - to read on his own obscenely early, or so it had seemed to Dean. But now it’s different, with his both arms aching and bruised and the other one completely encased in bandages; Sam can’t do it on his own, and he’s got schoolwork to do. So Dean’s reading to him about history, chapter after chapter, taking a sip of his takeaway coffee every now and then. There’s a sense of something in the room, with every corner of it quiet if not for the coughing of the girl in the corner bed across the curtains separating Sam from the rest of the room, which, if not for the girl, would be empty other than for them. John’s out: after making sure his kids were fine, he went off again to finish the hunt. Dean hopes he’ll be fine, the same as always; in the back of his head he can never feel quite confident that they’ll all be together again if he’s not there to personally make it so. Despite it, he knows his place, and it’s right here by Sammy.

Footsteps interrupt them. Dean lowers the book onto his lap when the nurse arrives, pushes aside the curtain and steps inside their private little bubble.

“I’ll just check on your sister, then you can continue, alright?” the nurse asks Dean, as if Sam’s not present in the room.


Her voice is absent; she’s already pulling aside some of the padding covering the claw marks on Sam’s arm.

“He’s my brother.”

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I Was Alone

REQUESTED BY ANON : OMG YOU’RE ALIVE YAAAY Can I request a sisfic with angst? A LOT OF ANGST? Please and thank you! ❤❤ idc what happens, I just love your sisfics Maybe they go on a hunt and something happens. Maybe let bobby be in this too. :)

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A hunt. It should not be a weird word for you since you are a hunter, but for today it is. It is your first hunt since… forever. Well, four months, but it was four long months.

You were all alone, locked in your room at Bobby’s. You knew you were not alone, Bobby was there for you, like he always was, but you still felt alone. Mourning the loss of your older brother was hard. Adding to it, you’re other older brother left you when you needed him the most, and you know he needed you too.

“Ready for this, kid?” Dean asked.

“Yeah, got everything” you nodded “also, I’m sixteen, not a kid anymore”.

“Good kid, Sammy is waiting in the car”.

Dean gives you his famous smirk before leaving threw the front door.


You take your gun out, aiming at the hungry bloody werewolf who is charging to you. Breathing heavily, laying your back, lifted up on your elbows, you aim.

‘It’s like a bike’ you tell yourself in your head ‘like a bike’.

You fire, eyes closed. You slowly open them, only to see an even angrier werewolf attacking you with his claws out.

You try to shoot again, but you are out of ammo. The only solution left is to run hopping you can find your brothers in this dark forest. You get up on your feet’s, stumbling a few times before running between the trees. Though, the werewolf is faster.

Suddenly, you feel a heavy white pain on your ankle. You fall on the muddy ground, feeling yourself getting pulled away. You scream as hard as you can, screaming in pain and for your brothers.

You turn on your back, the werewolf claws clawing you all over your body. You protect yourself hiding your face with your arms giving kicks with your tired legs.

Suddenly, a shot echoes in your ears and the monster is taken off of you, replace by green worried eyes.

“Shit, (Y/N)” he said “it’s okay, it’s okay”.

“Dean, we have to take her to the hospital”.

You start crying, showing both of your brothers how much pain you are in. You rarely cry, you usually suck it up and fight. But right now, the pain is the worst. You’re whole body is hurt, you are also very tired from the running and blood loss.

“Come on kid” Dean whispered picking you up “you stay awake for me okay?”

Though, before you can answer, you do go unconscious.


Nasty smell, blinding light… you recognize it right away. You know you are at the hospital even before you open your eyes. You feel a hand on your, so you tighten your grip on it, you know those rough hands.

“Hey, kid”.


“Sammy is here too” Dean said.


“Yeah, kiddo, I’m here too, how are you feeling?”

As an answer you groan. You feel like you will need lots and lots of time before you will be able to be yourself and run around again. The pain is worse than ever.

“I’ll go get the doctor” Dean said leaving you with Sam.

Sam passes a hand in your hair “I’m so sorry little sis’, it’s all my fault”

You want to tell him it’s not, but your body does not work with your brain, instead it prefers to shut down for a few hours again.


It has been a long and hard two weeks. Half a week in the hospital and the rest stuck on the couch at Bobby’s with two older overprotective brothers around asking you if you need anything.

The worst in all this, is Sam, each time he looks at you, he looks sad. You know he blames himself for what happened, even if it is not, but you don’t feel like confronting him. You are still mad, deep inside, because he left you alone for four months.

“Where’s Sam and Dean?” you asked Bobby.

“Got ‘em an easy salt ‘n burn” Bobby answered sitting at his desk “they should be back in two or three days. Told me they’d call you tonight”.

“Oh, okay…”

You look down at your hands, pensive. Bobby, knowing you like his own, sighs. He gets up to go sit with you on the couch they set up like bed for you.

“When the boys come back you should talk to Sam, darlin’”.

“I know…”

“He’s worried about ya he blames himself and it’s not good for him”.


Sam and Dean enter the only place they can actually call home. The hunt was finally over and now they can come back to see you.

“What if it happens again?” Sam asked his older brother “I can’t protect her”.

“Yes you can, Sam” Dean sighed putting a hand on his brother’s shoulder “you are a good big brother. You made a mistake, and it’s okay. I made so many mistakes when we were kids. You just have to make it up with her. And you’re a good talker about girly things, so I have faith in you”.

“Thanks Dean” Sam said giving him a bitch face.

“No problem Samantha, now go check on her, I’m gonna catch a shower”.

Sam walks in the living room, Bobby had left the second the Winchester brothers had arrived, said he had to go to the library.

Sam takes a chair and sits beside his sleeping little sister.

“You look better” Sam said passing a hand in your hair.

You had a few complication, one of your wound got infected, you had a high fever, but the boys could manage it.

“Sammy?” You ask sleepily opening your eyes.

“Hey, kiddo. How are you feeling?”

“I’m good” you look up, your eyes meeting with your brother “how about you?”

“I’m not im-“

“Don’t say that, Sam… how about you?”

“I’m okay” Sam sighs

He looks down at his hands, his long bangs hiding his face.

“Sammy, I have something to tell you”.

“Me too” Sam said quickly before you could say anything else “I’m sorry this happened to you. I shouldn’t have let you alone when Dean was in hell. I’m so sorry for not doing my job”.

“We were both destroyed, Sammy. I should have went out there and look for you and help you, I’m sorry too. It’s not your fault. I was alone, but now I am not alone anymore. So are you”.

Sam looks up at you, realizing how much you matured these past months. His smiles, proud of you.

“Come here, little sis”.

He takes you into his strong arms, those arms he promised to use to protect you and all of his family.


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This little fic was a collab with @angelkurenai and it was really fun to do! :D We both hope you enjoy it!

Pairing: Platonic Dean x reader, Platonic Sam x reader
Warning: None! Just Fluff! ^w^
Word Count: 1473

(K: Gifs belong to respective owners)

Video Chats and Giggles


It had been at least a week since Sam and Dean had left for a hunt. The hunt was just a few states over. After hearing about these mysterious murders, they packed up and went to go check it out. Turns out they were hunting down a shapeshifter who was taking form of different men and murdering women.

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Family Troubles » Matt Murdock

Pairing: Matt Murdock x Reader

Fandom: Marvel, Daredevil

Words: 1640

Summary: Matt meets your family.

Originally posted by always-caskett-at-221b

   Matt was nervous. He’s never met your family before and he usually just heard you complain about them. He listened to the steady beat of your heart to calm him down. You were too occupied with driving to realize how nervous Matt really was.

   You looked over at Matt and smiled. You were a lucky woman to have a man like Matt. You noticed something off though. Usually, Matt will strike up a conversation with you, but now he was just silent. “Matt?”

   Matt was ripped out of his trace and faced you, “Yes, Y/N?”

   "You doing okay?“ You asked, facing the road once more.

   "Just a little nervous,” Matt lied, he didn’t want to tell you how nervous he actually was.

   You laughed, which caused Matt to smile. He loved nothing more than your laugh. “I’m sure you’ll be fine. If I love you, then they’ll love you.” You told him. They have to.

   As you drove closer and closer to your parents house, you began to worry. Your parents were quite judgemental. It was just in their nature. You had told your family a lot about Matt, how he was a lawyer and had his own apartment. You told them all the good things, but you left out an very important detail. You never told your family that Matt was blind.

   You also never told them about Daredevil and you never planned on. But, they were going to find out Matt was blind one way or another.

   The house was finally in sight. You carefully parked the car in the driveway, avoiding your dad’s truck that was taking most of the room in the driveway. You took in a deep breath and turned off the car, taking your keys and placing them in your purse. You waited as Matt got out of the car and joined you. “I don’t really know what to expect,” You told Matt, holding on to his hand. “But no matter what my family thinks, I love you so much, Matt,” You whispered, kissing his cheek.

   Instead of calming Matt, your words made him even more nervous. He nodded, giving you short kiss on your lips. He smiled at you and you couldn’t help but smile. You pulled him along as you reached the front door.

   Matt listened as you rang the doorbell. He could hear the excited shouts of your mother, the sound of your sister upstairs getting ready, your brother playing a video game in the kitchen and your father’s heavy feet making their way to the door.

   Matt and you took in a deep breath as the door was pulled open. “Y/N!” Your dad pulled you into a hug and your wrapped your arms around him. “I missed you, darling.”

   You laughed and nodded, “I missed you!” You said as you saw your mom turning around the corner. She smiled and gave you a big hug, before dragging you into the kitchen leaving Matt alone with your dad.

   "You must be Matt,“ Your dad grunted out. Matt nodded as your dad stepped aside to let Matt enter. Your dad finally noticed Matt’s walking stick. Matt could hear your dad’s heart rate increase and could feel the extra heat coming off him. “Why don’t you wait in the living room?” He didn’t even bother showing Matt where it was.

   Matt sighed, walking towards the sound of the console and your brother’s shouts. He walked into the living room and your brother looked up at him. He paused his game. “Don’t stop on my account,” Matt told him which caused the boy to smile and nod in his direction.

   Matt couldn’t help but eavesdrop into the conversation that was happening in the kitchen.

   "Why the hell didn’t you tell us he was blind?“ Your dad said to you while you just sighed.

   Your mom gasped slightly, "Y/N! You can’t date a blind man.” She told you which caused you to glare at her. You knew that Matt was probably listening in. Poor Matt.

   You looked up at your parents, “I love him, mom.” You told her simply. You loved Matt. That was the truth. You loved everything about him.

   "But… but… he’s blind!“ Your dad scowled. He did not like the idea of his daughter dating a blind man. To him, Matt was a burden.

   "Please,” you begged them. “Give him a try.”

   Your mom nodded, she looked over at your dad. “John, let’s give the boy a chance.”

   John huffed, shaking his head, “But, Mary!”

   "John! Our daughter loves this man. The least you can do is give him a try.“ Your mom easily convinced your dad. He nodded, before helping Mary cook the dinner.

   You let out a breath that you were holding, now everything was up to Matt. He needed to impress your parents, mostly your dad, John. Your mom was dealing with Matt being blind a little better.

   You walked upstairs, avoiding Matt. You decided to check up on your sister, Samantha. You always called her Sammy for short. You knocked her door, "Sammy?” You opened the door and your sister looked up from her phone.

   "Y/N!“ She got up from her bed and gave you a hug. "When did you get here?” She asked.

   "I don’t know, about ten minutes ago.“ You walked into her room, not much has changed other than the band that was on their posters in her room. The last time you were here, Justin Bieber littered the wall. Now bands like Coldplay and The Neighborhood filled the room. "No more Justin Bieber,” You commented, causing your sister to cringe.

   "Please, do not remind me. I don’t know what was wrong with me back then.“ She said, sitting next to you staring at the posters.

   "I remember you used to be like, ‘Justin! Please marry me! I want to have your babies’” You mocked her old self which caused her to hit you with her pillow.

   "Stop! Or I’ll tell mom.“ She said, hitting you with her pillow.

   You scoffed, "How old are you?” You stood up, dodging her pillow.

   "I’m 17. Plus, I’m more mature than when you were my age.“ She spoke in her smug voice, a small grin on her face.

   You were about to say something witty when Mary’s voice yelled from downstairs, "Girls! Dinner’s ready!” Sammy jumped off the bed and ran downstairs causing you to shake your head. You followed down the familiar staircase and walked into the kitchen.

   You sat next to Matt who just smiled at you, you looked down at your lap. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell them,” You whispered so only Matt could hear. Matt placed his hand over yours.

   "It’s okay,“ Matt told you, he could hear how nervous you were. Matt was able to collect his thoughts when he spent time with your brother, Trevor.

   Trevor sat next to Sammy while Sammy sat across from you. John sat at the end of the table, near Matt. Mary sat at the other end which was right next to you. You looked at the table, your mom had made a large feast: roast chicken, turkey lasagna, baked brie, strawberry salad, bread sticks, shrimp cocktails and a few other dishes. You smiled at your mom, again she went overboard with the cooking.

   Once everyone had got their food, the interrogation began. "Matt, what do you do for a living?” John asked.

   "I’m a lawyer at Nelson & Murdock. My friend Foggy and I own the facility.“ Matt replied, which caused Mary to smile. That sounds pretty good if you didn’t know the details.

   "How did you meet Y/N?” John asked next, sipping on his beer.

   "I bumped into her on the street, she-“ Matt was interrupted by Sammy.

   "That’s so cliché!” Sammy burst out causing Trevor to laugh.

   You started to laugh along with Sammy but for another reason. You remembered the day you met Matt. You had bumped into him which knocked you to the ground. Your first words to him were, “Watch where you’re going, shithead!” You were so embarrassed when you figured out he was blind.

   John nodded, not really amused. Mary gave John a small smile. Mary actually like Matt. John still had a problem. “What’s your family like?” John asked him.

   You looked over at Matt, placing your hand on his thigh. Matt sighed, “My father was a boxer, "Battling Jack”. After he died, I lived in the church with a few sisters.“

   Mary sighed, "I’m sorry, Matt.” She said since she felt pity for the boy. John, on the other hand, wasn’t affected.

   "Were you born blind?“ John asked as you glared at your dad. Why was he being so insensitive?

   "No, I was in an accident when I was younger, it caused me to go blind,” Matt answered his questions, unphased by John. He figured Mary liked him and so did Trevor. Sammy didn’t seem to mind him. Who cares if John hated his guts?

   Mary decided to ask a question herself, “Matt, do you love our daughter?”

   Matt smiled slightly, he could hear your heartbeat quicken. The room was quiet to everyone except Matt who could hear everything. He found your hand and gave it a light squeeze. “Yes, I love her more than words can even express. She’s everything I could have wanted.” Matt paused and looked around. Everyone’s attention on him.  "There are perks to being blind. You see people’s personalities, you don’t judge by looks. You get to know people. You start to love people for them.“ He turned to look at you. "And Y/N, I’m completely and madly in love with you.”

   You blushed as your sister whistled in the background. John let out a fake cough, drawing the attention to him.

   "Well, Matt… welcome to the family.“

The Winchesters Plus One

Dead in the water - Part 3

The reader on the road with the Winchesters. Do Y/N and Dean share more than meets the eyes?

[Prologue - Pilot - Wendigo - Dead in the water Part 1 - Part 2]

“So, where did Y/N go?” Sam asked, working on his laptop in the attempt to find anything he could about the lake.

“How should I know?” His brother replied, going through his clothing to see if there was something still clean, “We need to do some laundry, man,” he continued, trying to change the subject.

Sam, though, didn’t take the bait, “Because you gave her your car, Dean. So I’m pretty sure you know.” 

“She needed some ladies’ stuff, okay? Can we focus on the lake now or do we have to discuss what brand of tampon is best, Samantha?” Dean responded, interrupting his actions for a moment. He couldn’t see Sam’s face since his little brother was sitting at the table, giving his back to him, but he could imagine his bitch face perfectly, and this image alone made him chuckle.

Sam only shook his head, annoyed, before going back to his laptop.

The room was now silent, each of them focused on his task, until, a few minutes later Y/N opened the door and got inside the motel room, the keys to the Impala in her hand. Before Dean could have the chance to open his mouth, she reassured him, “She’s fine. Not a scratch.”

He looked at her for a second or two, his eyes squinting a bit, trying to see if she was lying. “Good,” he said, snatching the keys from her hand and pocketing them. Then he went back to his clothes.

Y/N sat at the table next to Sam, one foot tucked under the other leg, and opened up John’s journal, starting to rifle through it. Everything was in there, John’s pain after the death of his wife, Dean’s way to cope with it, the monsters they had encountered over the years, their whole life. This made it special, unique, and John’s single most valuable possession. Y/N wanted to read all of it at one point, knowing that a great knowledge was in there, not only the one of the creatures she hadn’t faced yet, but the knowledge of whom John really was, of how he had changed during the years, of how his sons had become hunters.

“Have you found something?” She asked distractedly after a while.

“Yeah,” the younger Winchester replied, his eyes glued to the laptop, “the three drowning victims of this year. And then six more, spread out over the past thirty-five years. Those bodies where never recovered either. If there’s something out there, it’s picking up its pace.”

“So, what,” Dean intervened, tossing a shirt onto the bed, “we got a lake monster on a binge?”

“This whole monster thing it’s kinda strange, though,” Y/N stated, closing the journal and turning her head back to look at him.


“Lock Ness or, uh, Lake Champlain, there are literally hundreds of eyewitness accounts, but here… almost nothing.”

“Yeah. Whatever is out there, no one’s living to talk about it,” Sam added, scrolling through the comments section of an article while Dean moved behind him to look at the screen as well, “Wait,” he said suddenly, pointing at a name, “Barr. Christopher Barr. Where have I heard that name before?”

“Christopher Barr, the victim in May,” his younger brother mumbled, clicking on a link that opened a new window, a picture of Lucas in the middle of it, “Oh. He was Andrea’s husband, Lucas’s father. Apparently he took his son out swimming. Lucas was on a floating wooden platform when Chris drowned. Two hours before the kid got rescued.”

Y/N sighed, now understanding perfectly why Lucas hadn’t said a word to them, why he had looked so scared, “So there is an eyewitness after all…”

“No wonder that kid was so freaked out,” Dean spoke after a while, his eyes still on the picture, “watching one of your parents die isn’t something you just get over,” he admitted, knowing this from experience.

Honestly, Y/N couldn’t even begin to think about it. She hadn’t seen her mom die, she had found her when it was too late. This thing alone had given her more nightmares that she could count. Who knows what nightmares Lucas had, who knows for how long he was going to have them. There are many things that kids just forget growing up, good things mostly. The bad things instead leave a mark on them, one that is pretty difficult to remove.

“Let’s go talk to him,” Dean announced, putting on his jacket.

“You guys go,” Sam replied, “I’m gonna try to look for something else, try to find a pattern.”

“All right, call us if you find anything,” his brother responded, opening the door. He held it for Y/N and let her pass first, then closed it behind him, “Y/N, you okay?”

It was always the same story with him. He was involved in this case even more than she was, but he was still concerned about her, “I’m fine Deanie beanie,” she told him with a smile.

“Why can’t you just use my name as it is? You know, without adding crap to it,” he replied with a glare.

“Because that’s boring. Here,” she continued, handing him the new fake badge, “I had to move to the next town for this, so try to remember your name this time.”

“I’ll remember,” he stated, taking the badge, “and if Sammy asks you where you went-”

“To buy tampons, yes I know,” she interrupted him, getting in the passenger seat, “You should really come up with something new. I’m pretty sure we’ve used this excuse 10 times already.”

“Nah. We’re good with this one till you’re 50,” he responded, starting the Impala, “now let’s talk about something else before I turn into a chick.”

“Man, that would be so great! Can you imagine how many things we could do together?” Y/N daydreamed, excited.

“Oh, yeah, so great! You could braid my hair, we could watch chick flick movies and cry together,” Dean picked up, pretending to be thrilled, “oh, you could paint my nails… and I’d rather die,” he concluded with a cold stare.

It’s not like Y/N was going to surrender, though, so she kept suggesting possibilities. And we could do this, and we could do that, and we could do this other thing. At the end, even if he would never admit it, Dean was starting to see the appeal of it, not because of the things she had suggested, but because his mind had gone into the gutter, a smirk on his lips.

It took only a glance for her to realize what he was thinking, at least half of it, “Are you seriously considering pillow fights right now?”

His eyes widened but only for a second; then he started to deny, “No, of course not,” he replied, clearing his throat.

“Good, because we don’t do that. We don’t walk around in underwear and throw pillows at each other.”

“Hey! A guy can dream!”

Just when she was about to reply, she noticed something, “Hey, they’re here. Lucas and Andrea,” she said, indicating the small park on her right.

The elder Winchester parked the car in the first empty spot he could find and started to walk alongside his partner, the park already in front of them. Andrea was sitting on a bench, watching her son who was at another bench a few feet away from her, coloring and playing with toy soldiers.

“Can we join you?” Y/N asked Andrea when they had reached her.

“I’m here with my son.”

“Oh, mind if I say hi?” Dean asked her, but moved towards the kid, without waiting for a reply.

Andrea shook his head, even though she looked amused, “Tell your friend this whole Jerry Maguire thing is not gonna work on me,” she said to Y/N. The latter sat next to her and, having glanced at Dean for a second, replied, “I don’t think that’s what this is about.”

She hoped it could have been this simple, she hoped they could have left that kid alone, she hoped no one would die again because of the lake. But these were only hopes, the reality was entirely different.

One thing was sure, tough: if someone was able to find out something from Lucas, that would be Dean. Lucas has seen his father die and had stopped talking, and Dean knew exactly what was happening to him, because he himself had been Lucas, after Mary’s death.

Dean had seen the fire burning her alive, just a glimpse before his father had ordered him to run outside and take little Sam to safety. Just a glimpse, and the smell of flesh burning, but that had been enough. He had stopped talking. He would never cry, or call for his mother, he would just stare at the world around him, not seeing anything aside from those flames that had ended his childhood.

“Dean still hardly talks.” John’s journal read, on the date November 16, 1983, “I try to make small talk, or ask him if he wants to throw the baseball around. Anything to make him feel like a normal kid again. He never budges from my side—or from his brother. Every morning when I wake up, Dean is inside the crib, arms wrapped around baby Sam. Like he’s trying to protect him from whatever is out there in the night.”

The day Mary had died, Dean had lost his childhood, had lost his happiness, had lost his speech.

That day had changed him, making him a hunter, a hero, making him his brother’s keeper, giving him more responsibilities that he could count.

Y/N only hoped that it could be different for Lucas, that he could keep his childhood, that he could have a normal life.

Part 4

Just Enough (Ashton)

“would you be able to do a daddy 5sos preference where he is a struggling musician and you guys have kids and are struggling to make it work but end up getting it to” 

A/N:AUs like this one make me happy. I feel things. Anyway, these will each be going up on different days, so look forward to these for awhile! I used different babies, just to mix things up. Enjoy, and let me know what you think xx 

Ashton knew subconsciously that you guys were struggling. He definitely knew that you weren’t well off in the economic stability department, but he thought you guys were doing fine. It wasn’t your fault that the housing market in your city was shit so you guys couldn’t afford a house. That was just the society as a whole. Everyone was struggling.

Your job at the local library didn’t pay much higher than minimum wage, but Ashton made good money when he had work. He had a contract with a local recording studio to come in and record drum tracks for the artists coming in to produce, but that was few and far between. Luckily, you guys were good at living within your means and tucking money away into savings.

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Authors Note: I gotta send a huge thanks to @heather-lynn for helping me flesh some of this series out and giving me some awesome direction in this series. And to @theycallmebecca for being the BEST beta out there! Love you both!

Warning: Slight Angst?

Here is the Letter that sparked this whole meeting 

Part 1: The One With the Meeting

It had been nearly a month since school had started and things for Sammie were great. Her classes were going well, there hadn’t been any major issues with any of her students, and her relationship with Chris couldn’t have been any better, even if they have been dating for only a few months. Even her anxiety issues had been under control.

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