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So my driving teacher looks like paul rudd and each day that goes by i get more and more baffled that everyone in this damn city has a dopplegänger that is famous

hold my hand… please?
minghao x 645 words ☀︎
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when coming down to the library, you had three things to look out for.

one, that stupid calculus book you needed to refer to because number three of the first section of the test never fails to steal your marks and eat it with pride. two, your destined place to sit at by the window because you sit there frequent enough to claim it as your territory. third… xu minghao.

that boy would not let up ever since you… fine, you like him. so what? it’s not like he doesn’t feel the same way. you hope he feels the same way. it’s possible he feels the same way? you’ve heard people talking and those people are the ones he’s close with but you’ve never heard it in person so… maybe he does like you and that’s what terrifies you even more.

ah, forget it. time to face a bigger nightmare: calculus.

but just as you pick up your pencil and flip to the page you want to, the abrupt drag of the chair opposite you makes you flinch. your eyes search for the owner only to not want to. minghao takes the seat with a book similar to yours, opening it and daringly grabs onto your hand atop of the table like he’s done this many, many times.

you yank your hand back, as if his hands are of the sun’s touch itself and try to formulate a sentence you’ve been practicing to say if you saw him again but nothing comes out. he takes this moment to let out a sound of disapproval, reaching for your hand again that you shove your books at his way as a defensive mechanism, your hand in your own.

“what are you doing?”

he answers you without missing a heartbeat.

“holding your hand,”

“…i know that. but-”

“you asked what i’m doing. you didn’t ask why i’m doing it-”

“well geez mr. grammar nazi. fine! why are you doing it, then?”

“because i like you,” he deadpans, confident enough to stare you down with his eyes locked on yours and you feel your throat being clogged with the air you breathe and the words dissolving into nothing. you had expected him to be straightforward but not this straightforward.

“and from what i recall, you said you like me too. so,” he puts his hand up by the side of your books, his eyes pointing to his - “hand,”

for a second, you react faster than your mind could hold you back. your hand inches to place it in his where it almost feels like it’s a safe haven waiting to be held but your thoughts stop you with: “g-guys don’t just force a girl to hold onto their hand,”

he shrugs with a small pout, “it’s not really forcing if you put your hand in mine yourself and look, i just really want to hold hands with the girl i like and considering she likes me back, will you hold my hand as we study calculus?”

is it weird you find this endearing? apart from what he just said, the way he said it with sincerity and his doe eyes blinking at you with slight nervousness as he licks his lips, it makes your heart swell.

“that’s a very odd thing to say,”

“as long as you’re happy, i’d say a shit ton of odd things.”

nevertheless, minghao got to hold your hand for quite the time that day. plus, he got a kiss on the cheek after that when the night falls he’s simply - “dude, do i want to know why you’ve been smiling like that nonstop since you came back?”

“…don’t be an ass. y/n probably kissed him,”

“how could you be so-”they simply focus on minghao touching his cheek, giddily chuckling and-”my boy, if that isn’t obvious enough, we’re dumb as fuck.”

“Someone’s pulling at the strings, you just haven’t seen them yet.”
Mafia!Palette and his boss ((BIG FUCKING SPOILER XD))
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AU is mine
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There are still many people around who talk about SVU. My blog is 80% Barba, Sonny & Barisi, I reblog from you&other popular people all the time PLUS create my own stuff, but it's hard to get a reblog (not to mention a(n) (re-)add...lmao). OK, maybe my blog just sucks, but one of my mutuals makes amazing Barisi&SVU fanart and gets 15 notes max. The content is right here, but everyone keeps 2 their own old clique. Why don't we support each other more? Sorry, this fandom frustrates me sometimes.

I genuinely think the show itself is the problem. For the past couple of seasons, I used to click on the Sonny tag or the Barisi tag and I’d like/reblog everything I saw and I’d get excited and everything was great and I couldn’t wait to go through my dash! This season, I’m like “….eh”. My excitement is almost totally gone. I think a lot of people feel that way (at least going by the number of people who no longer post about SVU or who now have multifandom blogs like me lol).

Speaking for myself, you’ll find that I mostly reblog actual gifs of Sonny or Barba from the new episodes, or shitposts about how far the show has fallen. Even my own meta posts are shorter (and a struggle to write, except for my speculation roundups, which I really enjoy, because they allow me to hear your thoughts). I lack the energy to even make an effort to participate more. I do feel terrible, but my main mood these days is “….eh.”

The fact is, the lack of quality and character development this season is slowly but surely killing my interest. I almost reblog more Lucifer than SVU, at this point, and I’ve followed a dozen Lucifer/Deckerstar blogs just so I can have something I enjoy on my dash. Tumblr-wise, SVU content is, in my view, decreasing. Not in quality, of course, because I do agree that people still create wonderful stuff, but in quantity. Or in frequency. We used to get tons of gif sets and meta after each episode, and we’d discuss each ep for days at a time, but this season there’s not much to gif or talk about.

I do see an uptick in Sonny/Reader or Barba/Reader stories and/or Imagines. In fact, I feel that’s the majority of SVU fic right now, at least on tumblr. Unfortunately, I’ve never really gotten into those, not in any fandom, so I’m just like “You do you guys! I’m glad y’all are enjoying yourselves! <3” without actually reading those stories, lol.

As for cliques, I’ll speak for myself. As anyone here will tell you, I don’t really talk to people via messaging (hi, guys who sent me stuff 6 months ago and I still haven’t replied!) or e-mail etc, because I’m a terrible person and also I am scared of emotional intimacy, so I consider myself a Lone Dick Wolf here. I just use my posts and my tags to communicate with you all (and my asks, when I remember to answer them). I do follow and love some Barisi OGs, if you will, lol, but I don’t think I limit my reblogs just to them (omg do I?). Truth be told, I do occasionally reblog “popular” old school Barisi posts, but that’s because the show hasn’t given us anything new since the S17 finale. And because there’s a sense of nostalgia in reblogging that same Barisi gif set that has 800 notes :’)

Like, 15 notes for a new SVU/Sonny/Barba/Barisi post (unless it’s a gif set) sounds about right, know what I’m saying? In my view, it’s not about us not supporting each other, it’s about (some of) us finding it hard to care these days :(

i say this as i’m working on a ~40K barisi fic lmao i’m a masochist

in my defense it’s a canon AU because canon is no longer interesting or inspiring

also dammit i still love sonny and barba and i always will

Lastly, no one’s blog sucks, anon! We’re all here to have fun! If only the show would let us. I don’t know if you were active last season or the one before that, but I fear you might be experiencing the side-effects of a fandom on the decline. If you’re just starting to participate, and you’re all excited, and you’re making great posts, and you’re not getting the response you deserve, I’m sure you must feel frustrated. The thing is, SVU content may be there, and it may be great, but how many people are still actively interested? 15 lol

unless it’s gifs of barba’s ties and sonny’s tight pants which rightfully get hundreds of notes, because quality schmality, we all have eyes :’)

Again, it all comes down to the show, for me. I can’t pretend I’m still excited, I can’t act like I’m still enjoying it when I literally have to force myself to watch the new episodes. I click on the tags and I have little inclination to reblog anything that isn’t Sonny’s face. It’s sad, but it is what it is. I still write Barisi, because it’s a helpful and healthy creative outlet for me and my real life woes, and I’m attached to these characters, and I’m super-attached to you guys, but I can’t say I’m surprised to see fewer posts and fewer notes for SVU-related content.

I mean, after a boring mess like this week’s episode, who has the energy to reblog anything about it? me lol, but you know what i mean

Thank you for this ask, anon, and I hope my point was clear. If you’re feeling left out, it’s not because your blog sucks (<333) or because people are purposely ignoring you (at least I hope not D:), it’s because some people are starting to ignore SVU itself. With good reason :D 

Disclaimer: I don’t speak for everyone, of course. Those of you who are still super-excited about SVU, y’all are awesome! I’m happy for you, and I envy you. I’m sure you’re out there having fun and excitedly chatting about the show. Don’t let my ramblings sour your enjoyment <333

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Hi, I'm sorry, pls dont take this the wrong way, and understand i am v scared to mention this, but could you have an anon tag maybe?? i would like to keep following this blog but the stream of constant anon asks fills up my dashboard and some of them are v sad or dramatic or otherwise bring me down, and i was hoping for humorous Ace stuff and if not i dont mind but i just double-checked and there's actually no tags at all on those Asks so maybe that might be a nice idea. Ok, & either way thanks.

I will try to start tagging them– it’s just that my browser doesn’t give me a space to add tags on asks but I’ll try to go back & add them from now on :)


Ok ok yknow how there’s that one online cah thing?? (the like pretend ur xyz or whatever)

I’m PRETTY SURE you can make ur own decks to add to it, so like

What if we made a snowday/just general digimon one would anyone wanna join in on that shit

Here is an example of how someone’s words on their blog don’t match their actions. So it is ok to send snarky tweets to Sam because he didn’t do what you expected him to because he probably won’t see it. Well not only does he likely see it so does the rest of the fandom because you tagged both Sam and Cait. And if there was a chance he wasn’t going to see it that ship (pardon the pun) sailed away when you got screen capped and called out by one of his friends.

How hard is it to just be kind to him? This is not staying in your own lane. Staying in your lane is keeping it on your blog or not tagging the Stars because believe it or not their are non tinhatters who follow their mentions.

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Relationship status: in a relationship! 

Last song I listened to: “The Fall of Home” by Los Campesinos!

Last book I read: i don’t quite remember but i think it was “Queer” by William S. Burroughs. a very good little book, i highly recommend it!

Favorite color: um, i have a few (mwuahaha) green, purple, and blue

Top three shows: Stranger Things!! Daredevil!! Luther!!

Top three characters: um…this is Tough, but i’ma try.. ok, here it goes. um, Batman (definitely Batman, he’s my favorite superhero), Plo Koon (a jedi from star wars, the clone wars), and um, John Luther from the BBC show Luther

Top three ships: this is easy! The USS Enterprise, the Millennium Falcon, and um, Battlestar Galactica! (i know that’s probably Not what that question meant but oh well :P)

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1) Lock screen Screenshot: Ok my lock screen is my hubby, and that fine man is only for me, so here’s my background instead, lol. The Niffler!! I want one. Every pirate needs a Niffler.

2) Last song I’ve listened to: Enrique Iglesias, Subeme La Radio. Don’t laugh at me! It just came out today and its my jaaaaam!

3) a selfie: Oh god, I can’t today. Not happening. ;) Here, look at my pretty boat, took this last weekend. It’s enough of an extension of myself… :P

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1. Are you named after someone?

yep!! well its not just someone but also something.. the something is my first name, and the second name is someone lmfao

2. When is the last time you cried?

last last night(?), i overthinked and stuff and i got emotional listening to certain songs

3. Do you like your handwriting?

NEVER. its ew ;/ but ehh they tease me its a doctor’s handwriting hahaha i aint complaining coz i wanna be a doctor

4. What is your favourite lunch meat?

tbvh i love all meat, but lunch.. i’ll have to go with chicken.. esp mcdo chicken or jollibee chicken or inasal chicken

5. Do you have kids?

does friends count? >w< i have a gc on twt where i am their mom and the another one in kkt where im considered a mom too lol and i have 2 shih tzu tho i consider them my brother/sister 

kidding aside, nop!

6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

sure why not, im p open for new friends! 

7. Do you use sarcasm?

sometimes, im not really good with sarcasm that much

8. Do you still have your tonsils?

im p sure yes???

9. Would you bungee jump?

okay! i have a funny story on this one >w< i tried bungee jumping once! and tbvh that bungee jump isnt even that high! like i swear its just not high and tbh the fall was machine controlled so not rlly that u’re free falling n sht.. but i got rlly scared wtF like i got scared i was on the top porch for so long i let the others behind me go first! i mean im already at the top and its a hassle to go multiple steps down so i just readied my self.. after there are no more customers behind me i did it.. damn i even prayed.. and like i said it was machine controlled so my fall isnt that fast or sth, but the fact that you’ll jump on ur own made me go mad //// but I did it anyways, and when i got down i cried.. I CRIEEEDDDD.. ToT i guess i was relieved.. but YUP i’ll def try it again, maybe the one in singapore/sokor.. someday

10. What’s your favourite cereal?

HONEY STARS & FRUIT LOOPS! i sometimes eat them without milk

11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

yups, just a lil bit

12. Do you think you’re a strong person?

im in the middle of strong & weak

13. What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?


14. What’s the first thing you notice about people?

their face and how they carry themselves

15. Red or pink?

pink… i dont like hot pink or rlly neon pink.. pastel pink def a fave

16. What is your least favourite physical thing about yourself?

my thighs..

17. What colour pants and shoes are you wearing right now?

im just at home right now so im wearing a pjs // orange, and blue for my house slippers

18. What was the last thing you ate?

adobo!! idk if you guys will know it ahah

19. What are you listening to right now?

spring day by bts

20. If you were a crayon what colour would you be?

baby blue / sky blue

21. Favourite smell?

im all for cherry blossoms perfumes, thats my fave! but any floral scent is a good one! i dont rlly like fruity smell / scent

22. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

my dad

23. Favourite sport to watch?


24. Hair colour?

medium brown i guess

25. Eye colour?

dark brown

26. Do you wear contacts?


27. Favourite food to eat?

uh… THIS IS HARD… I LOV ALL FOOD?? but comfort food is french fries + ice cream! i could eat ‘em all day

28. Scary movies or comedy?

i’d prefer scary movies, but i dont watch it alone!!

29. Last movie you watched?

max steel!! 

30. What colour shirt are you wearing?

yellow :>

31. Summer or winter?

winter.. i lov coldness that makes u feel warm.. so winter

32. Hugs or kisses?

def both!! but im always down for hugs a lot!

33. What book are you currently reading?

im in a fanfic phase right now aaahhh i stopped reading the book im reading, but its “unearthly” (about fallen angels and stuff)

34. Who do you miss right now?

my heart is cold, i dont miss anyone at the moment

35. What is on your mouse pad?

i dont have a mouse pad….

36. What is the last tv show you watched?

errr are kdramas considered a tv show? coz if it is, its goblin! ;)

37. What is the best sound?

PIANO… it’s just so calming?? but um i also love the sound of water.. even if its rain or the beach waves.. i lov it

38. Rolling Stones or The Beatles?

idk them?? i mean i know the beatles but i havent actually listened to any of their songs so idkkk

39. What is the furthest you’ve ever travelled?

los angeles! my butt hurt from seating in the airplane

40. Do you have a special talent?

um.. i draw?? hehe

41.Where were you born?

manila, philippines!


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we may literally never interact ever but like thats a pretty easy way to get the favorable opinion of a complete stranger

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A - Age: 20
B - Biggest fear: a hoe’s fearless ( ok but why would i tell people what i’m scared of )
C - Current time: 21:27
D - Drink you last had: pepsi
E - Every day starts with: i’m the best … me lookin in the mirror 4 abt 5 mins ?
F - Favourite song: still dre - dr.dre … like a set fave but rn it’s love the most - m.o. ft yungen
G - Ghosts are they real: idk man… like i believe in jinn but who knows
I - In love with: myself.. who else lmao !
K - Killed someone: listen pal, if i killed sum1 i wouldn’t be announcing it on tumblr
L - Last time you cried: when my great grandma’s sister died i think but i also exaggerated and said i started cryin when there were no croissants in the house and it was That Time of the Month but i didn’t cry i just stared blankly at a wall 4 a few mins
M - Middle name: i usually tell people i don’t have 1 but it’s close 2 fairy :)
N - Number of siblings: 3 yungers sisters and a yunger brother 
O - One wish: wanna b fuckin rich tbh like the richest bitch in the world 
P - Person you last called/texted: my friend
Q - Questions you are always asked: “are u goin out” bc i can’t fucking sit @ home 4 shit
R - Reasons to smile: lookin at myself in the mirror …. my friends ,,,, compliments. theme parks. a lotta reasons tbh !
S - Song last sang: idk lmao
T - Time you woke up: like 7am 2 go 2 the gym
U - Underwear colour: black n red
V - Vacation destination: not 2 b like a basic bitch or anything but tokyo lmfao… idek why 
W - Worst habit: when u talk 2 me face 2 face, i jump from 1 convo 2 another like i’ll be sayin smth and then i’ll remember smth else and then not finish that and then go back 2 talkin abt the first thing. it confuses people a loT … like i don’t do it as much here but jfdklgjldgl
X - X-Rays you’ve had: fam… i can’t remember 
Y - Your favourite food: cherries ! pomengranates ! plums, strawberries but i have 2 eat them w/ purple grapes bc they taste sweeter that way. i like cake tbh w/ buttercream and sprinkles it tastes fuckin gooda ! also maccy’s 
Z- Zodiac sign: gemini bitch!!