is it ok to tag this as hunhan also

hey guys, let's talk about luharem

as expected, we’ve got xiumin:

and of course we can’t forget sehun:

heck, it’s all of the exo members:

from tao’s molesting…

to baekhyun’s stroking…

lay’s tender love and care…

chanyeol’s not-so-tender love and care…

kai’s butt-touching…

chen’s adorable hugs…

he’s kyungsoo’s favorite hyung…

and remember, he’s also suho’s ideal type

even henry’s getting in on the action

and minho

but no one will ever compare to lao gao, who’s been with him since the very beginning

(and seems to look like he’s regretting it)

anyway, everyone loves luhan

even himself.

and his 3 identical brothers.

ah yes it me your (least) favorite pile of dog shit ;),,, i haven’t been on tumblr for very long, at least not on this one but i’ve met the most amaziiiing people over the past few months that i’ve been here and i wanted to take this time to thank all of you hehe. you guys are amazeballs and deserve candy. ok moving on, this is my first follow forever! i’m way too lazy to tag everyone tho (u are too dont lie) so im just gonna tag my huntys n stuff ok


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But can we all agree on

  • not mentioning jealous members when other otps moments happen, because truth is no one is jealous at all
  • not tagging otps that have nothing to do with ours on our posts
  • not attacking other otps since we fucking hate when people do that to ours
  • not attacking other otps when trying to argue with other shippers because this is srsly lame, ships have nothing to do with their shitty shippers
  • kindly telling other shippers (shipping or not our otp) to stop when they should just shut the fuck up
  • cutting the bullshit bc I come here to have a good time and I’m past the age of complaining about this situation twice?

Am I asking for too much? Don’t like it? Ignore it. Blacklist it.

You guys are unbelievable; you fight with non kpop fans, you fight with other kpop fans, you fight with other shippers, and you even fight with your own! Over who tops! (I’m not even kidding, or exaggerating, take Eunhae/Haehyuk as example, or that one time I visited a kr Chansoo fic forum and they wouldn’t let you post Kyungyeol (their loss))

Fucking behave, grow up. In ten years you’re not even going to care if they date or not, believe me. No, srsly, believe me, don’t fight me on this, because I’m either right or you better start looking for professional help already.

This is srsly Kyumin/Kyuwook all over again. And Hunhan/Xiuhan/Taohun, and probably many others.

Just… come on, all ships are lovely. This economy is already heartbreaking, let’s not fight over this. Be nice, and never ever say or do what you wouldn’t like to hear or have to go through. Ok?