is it ok that i liked the outcome cuz i really do

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hi this might be a weird question, and you dont have to at all. but do you think you could post a comparison of your art when you started drawing digitally, and now? i'm finding it really distressing because nothing's turning out right and it can get a girl down y'know? i love your art sm thank you 💗💗💗💗

lemme see, from when I got my tablet… hmmm…

Let’s go down memory lane lmao; the beginning was shit like oh my god, I saw it and cried a bit look at this shit

This is from 2011 like… wow. Ok, let’s just…
I don’t have a lot on my computer now (from my old drawings) but this next one is from… 2013 I think/? I don’t really know

it’s from right before I left for uni, if I remember correctly? I drew my room… I have one with m room from my foundation year too, look;

It looks bigger in the drawing cuz im shit with backgrounds but yeah :’D

And then in 2014 I tried drawing in this kind of a style:

With this being one of the good outcomes :’D

there’s this too which looks really cool, I should redraw this one day damn

But moving on, then I started with the BTS fanart and if you look WAY back, I think these are like, the first things I posted here related to BTS?

eyyy namjin :’D

And at some point I drew these sketches where I used a hard and consistent lie and it was like my eyes just opened and I discovered the kind of line that I want in my art

So I went on with that and stuff like these happened:

As well as the Yoonmin Bingo comic series ayy

And then I played around for like hours and hours in Photoshop just trying out things and we got to the kind of drawings I make today :D


here’s a thought

so I was reading a bunch of YOI metas, discussing the unexplained turnaround in Victor’s decision to go back to skating in episode 12, instead of the retirement his whole plot arc was leading up to,

and i had this weird little idea

what if victor intends to go back to skating…and lose?

bear with bear with

(and this is more of a detailed hc than a meta, but i hope that the imagining comforts you, if you like me are feeling terrified about the writing and plot arc of yoi s2.)  

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You like theories, right? This is super long and I’m so sorry.

*Ahem* ANYWAY. One thing that always bothered me abt the game was that whenever the 4th wall was broken down and resets were mentioned, the characters always blame frisk? like “Frisk y did u reset” “frisk stop resetting” and the player themselves is practically never mentioned, it’s always either Chara or Frisk.

For example, when flowey begs you not to reset after a true pacifist and says ‘let Frisk be happy’, at the very end he says ‘Chara’ which implies that he thinks he’s talking to Chara. You could say that ‘Chara’ is the only name the player has to go by, and as such, Flowey just calls you Chara cuz he has nothing else to call you, but if you remember the Asriel fight, he clearly thinks Frisk is Chara at that point before realizing that it’s not, but who’s to say that he doesn’t realize that while Frisk isn’t Chara, Chara IS there somewhere, watching. And it’s true, right? If not for the narrator chara theory, then because we know for sure that Chara comes at the end of genocide, right? So Flowey thinks Chara is the one resetting.

Next, when chara talks to you post genocide, they say ‘this soul. this determination. it is not mine but yours’. And then after they erase the world, they ask for your soul. And THEN, if you do another genocide, they say ‘this soul resonates with a perverted sentimentality’. This proves that there is indeed a soul being bartered. Chara can feel this soul and tell what it’s feeling. But it can’t be the player’s soul because you still keep your soul and all right? So it must be Frisks soul because obviously there’s no other soul to barter.

So, the soul belongs to Frisk right? Ok. Now, I want to point out that Chara is clearly only addressing one person. They use 'you’ for both the one with the soul (Frisk) and the one with the determination, or the save reset reload powers (the player) and treat these two forces as one single person. But why would Chara lump both player and Frisk into one person when you are both different entities? Maybe because Chara doesn’t realize that Frisk isn’t necessarily the one doing the resets? Maybe Chara thinks that Firsk, the one with the soul is the one doing the resets and doesn’t even realize that the player is there? If they knew the player was there, they would have made a distinction between Frisk and the player because the one who chose to do the genocide run and the one who can reset is the player, so clearly, the player is worth addressing. But they don’t. They just talk to one person, and that can only be Frisk.

In addition, when Flowey is telling you his story in the castle in the genocide run, he says something along the lines of 'we’re better than the ones who wish they could do it but just watch it instead. in fact, there’s someone like that watching right now, isn’t there?’ This could be referring to the player, but you’d think there’d be more instances like these where Flowey clearly and certainly acknowledges the player, wouldn’t you? unless he’s talking about Frisk. And if you remember at the beginning of a genocide run after you kill Toriel, Flowey says 'i have a plan to become stronger than you and your stolen soul’. Whose soul? The players real soul is no where near the game, so it has to be Frisk, right?

This might be the part where someone would say, 'but maybe it IS chara/frisk that’s resetting and the player isn’t actually part of the story/plot.’ But then why is there so much confusion? At the end of a pacifist run, Frisk is with their friends back in above the ground all happy etc with the picture or in their new room asleep, right? They’re not about to reset that anytime soon, are they? They’re living their life and they’re nowhere near a reset button. So it must be Chara who resets that, right? But then, Chara themselves said, 'it’s not my determination but yours’. They straight up admit that they aren’t the one resetting. As I said earlier, they think it’s Frisk doing it.

So then who is it really? Frisk or Chara? It’s neither. It’s the player. All the other characters are WRONG. Chara is WRONG. Flowey was WRONG. WRONG WRONG WRONG, it’s actually the PLAYER, lmao bet u didn see that coming ayyy.

And that’s kinda sad, isn’t it? Despite going through and making all these friends, despite being there every step of the way and influencing outcomes and doing everything Frisk does, nobody realizes you’re there. Nobody acknowledges you. No one has any idea that you exist. It wasn’t you they came to love, it was Frisk. And if you go genocide, it’s not you they all hated, it was Chara/Frisk. I mean, they WOULD hate you if they knew you were there. Especially if they knew you reset their happy ending just to do the whole thing over. But they don’t. (but nobody came).


There’s something else interesting about the player’s part in this story. The player. They influence the story by choosing its direction, even though they can’t change the story (the script) themselves. They are always there. They are always watching. They are always listening.

Know anyone else like that?


In this sense, Gaster has a lot of parallels with the player. Gaster is surrounded with dark mystery, his theme is kinda creepy and he could seem like a villain, but at the same time, he seemed pretty happy to be finally found in that white room and we don’t know who he is so he could just be an absolute sweetheart! Likewise, the player could be the villain because you can reset everyone’s happy ending anytime you want and do a genocide. But wouldn’t it be nice for the characters to actually recognize you instead of Frisk for once? Also, there are those people who play through one pacifist ending once and then never touch the game again. Those ppl would be the sweethearts of the fandom (lmao not me tho).

There is also that post that talks about Wing Ding Aster -> asterisks, which are at the beginning of every sentence in the game except for some (Papyrus). Likewise, what’s at the END of almost every sentence in the game? That’s right. Our 'Z’ button (or the ctrl button). To progress dialogue, the player presses Z or CTRL, right? The only exceptions for these is that Papyrus has no asterisks and that there are some auto timed dialogues that change without pressing Z (for example the text that appears before you fight asgore 'something something You are filled with DETERMINATION’).

Anyway, that’s how I feel abt it. Wow this was long. My blog is sht so I’d rather have submitted this to a nice theory blog and you seemed happy enough to take it >.< Have a nice day!

(by anonymous)

((Yeah, you bring up a lot of good points concerning “The Player” and their existence in regards to the game meta.))
((Sans for example, is the most meta aware character of the game. In the intro he winks at the “camera” he always defaults to staring at “the screen.” But even then he doesn’t seem to quite understand the full scope of their existence or Frisk’s power/nature, otherwise I think he’d be less focused on fighting Frisk and more focused on cutting the connection between 'the player’ and Frisk.))

((Then there is the fact that Frisk’s name is something we can not touch, but we can name Chara? And it’s not like we named this child at their birth like a proper human being, no we name them after they fall into the underground. Does our meddling with their name affect them adversely? When we name them Chara the game will respond with “ah, the true name.” does that mean Chara is their birth-name? When we name or re-name them are we thereby exercising power over them and by extension over Frisk?))

((It’s quite the rigmarole trying to figure all this out.))
((Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, you have a nice day too!))