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listen, i know a lot of you in this fandom are young, so let me just say this:

FFS and iDubbbz are heavily satirical. When they say edgy shit, there’s a very different context. That doesn’t make it okay, it still makes me uncomfortable personally. However comma, I still see a big contextual difference between, say, Ian pulling a meme on Tana and y'all pulling out the n***er word because you think it’s funny.

“Either all of it’s okay, or none of it’s okay” doesn’t mean “It’s okay to say n***er now”. You still sound like an edgelord and it’s cringy as fuck to put sp*c or w*tback or g**k in your edits because you think it’s ~aesthetic~. It isn’t. It looks ugly and you just look like a racist.

Don’t take things out of context, kids. It’s time to stop.

“I cannot betray The Doctor…”

The Doctor is shaped like a friend and Sky Troops is one of my favorite stages and favorite soundtracks.

tfw “we’re alive” is on “best storytelling podcasts to listen to” lists but TAZ isnt like…. what the christ

tfw when you know youre supposed to “Be yourself” but you arent neurotypical so you dont know if that still applies to you since your Self is not entirely socially acceptable and is embarrassing and confusing at best but you also have anxiety so you dont know if thats even true or if you just are unnecessarily worried that youre being embarrassing when youre not but still you dont know whether you should Be Yourself or Be Socially Acceptable and you feel like if you Be Yourself then youre not going to be able to properly interact with people since its like you and everyone else are speaking two different languages but thats what youre told youre Supposed To Do and you think you would be uncomfortable with only acting how youre supposed to instead of acting how you instinctively want to but on top of this you also have black and white thinking to some extent so you have trouble comprehending the idea of having a balance between the two

santorumsoakedpikachu があなたの投稿に返信しました “I love being lied about and distorted. it’s great! im being sarcastic…”

When I was your age, I was pretty much completely controlled by my “friend” who was basically experimenting on me.
I felt lucky that she would pay attention to me at all.
She didn’t like rumpelstiltskinix, so I stopped talking to them. I ended up spending 4 years without the love of my life that we could have had together because of my “friend”’s disapproval.
The power of toxic friends should not be diminished.

that is so terrible! im glad that person is out of your life now

and yeah when someone forces you to stop associating with anyone they dont personally like for whatever reason, that’s a bad sign, especially if they tell lies and distortions about the person being worse than they actually are to justify it (which aves does habitually)