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I’m looking for more trans and ace friendly blogs to follow so if you post Dragon Age please like or reblog this if you want so I can check out your blog!!

(especially if you post Dorian, Blackwall, Bull, Sera, Zevran, and/or Merrill content in general, Dorian romance, Merrill romance, Sera romance, Zevran romance with male Warden, Bull romance with male Inquisitor, and/or Blackwall romance with male Inquisitor, but none of that’s required or anything because I know that’s a lot lol)

some nsf.w is fine and you don’t have to be trans or asexual yourself, just safe for both


(no exclusionists (that includes people who exclude cis heteromantic aces and cis aro heterosexuals), transmedicalists, anyone who thinks gay people aren’t attracted to trans people of their same gender, or anyone who thinks aro/ace headcanons for gay characters are homophobic)

(also no minors please, I only want to follow other adults)

hi. this is my first time doing this, so idk if it’ll work buuuut my dash is really really slow right now, so! reblog this if you post any of the following:

  • good omens
  • tolkien stuff
  • dirk gently’s h.d. agency
  • voltron (only if you don’t post discourse)
  • boku no hero academia
  • tales of zestiria
  • world of warcraft
  • mythology
  • other history stuff/facts/etc

multifandom blogs are more than welcome, as long as you tag all the content. that is a requirement for everyone. here is my blacklist kind-of-thing if you want to check it out.

i’ll delete this post soon to remove it from search/tags but for now pls bear with me. thanks!

This was supposed to be for Halloween, but well, better later than never, right? xD

Some Marichat Monster AU, because what else would you expect from me lol

You know how @therealjacksepticeye did the whole #septicart thing again and it’s supposed to be halloween themed.

I really wanted to contribute but i realised i have no idea how to draw gore or blood.

But like i still wanted to do SOMETHING because i wanted to draw more so i still drew jack, and he has an orange sweater because his hair looks like a patch of grass.

And with the “carrots and sliver parsnips” thingy going on… you get the idea.

Basically long story short i just wanted to try new things with the way i draw things like hair and how i shade so yeah…

Im rambling again..


cis people are really uncomfortable with the idea of masculine trans men because to cis people we have to be uwu soft boys who love make up but like….

shoutout to my dudes who grew up being called “tomboys” and fit in with the lads more and realized it was actually because they were men all along

shoutout to masculine trans men who wanna hang out in sports bars and “men’s” spaces but feel outcased because theyre trans

shoutout to trans men who are into male dominated video games who feel uncomfortable using voice chat in a server full of cis men

and shoutout to trans men in board shorts and baseball caps because 2017 is the year we trans men steal cishet boy culture


malec + lips (requested by @ihaveabookishbrain )