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i think it’s strange how the su fandom likes to think that they are so open to different neurodivergent mindsets and above stereotyping and whatnot.. yet the second someone doesn’t respond to trauma in the nice and socially acceptable™ way in which they are all quiet and sad they are evil and bad..




Also I love the fact that

1)      Syaoran is both ready and immediately willing to break the law to get the feather

2)      And like. LIBRARY laws.

3)      From SYAORAN.

4)      And Mokona actually goes through the effort of explain the deception to Sakura JUST IN CASE SHE DIDN’T GET IT. And I don’t know if this means Sakura is just so pure she wouldn’t realise it was a lie (which is true) or Mokona is just ridiculously proud of Syaoran for succumbing to her brand of chaos (which is also true).

5)      Also is that Kaede?

New boi from Papy’s AU

Here’s the deaL, the swap bros and the ut bros are one family, like in the ref I drew, so the fell bros and maybe the swapfell bros will be one family. Both families are rivals. The AUs are mashed up you know, like everyone’s there and they’re basically rivals, yeeeee. I’ll explain more later.

But about dis boi, hee’s just gotta do what he’s gotta do, he is cold and dead inside- His name is ofc sans but there’s like four sans’ in this au so they all got nicknames and he’s called either Cherry or Red ooor Rose to a certain BBy hheheh it’s a pun with the name If anyone but the special person calls him Rose he’ll punch ‘em-

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i know this isn't how the meme works, but would you mind talking about *your* favs?

the batsammi. MY faves? Like, my favorite blogs that I would follow until my dying breath? Sure! Let’s limit it to about… ten okay? So, if you’re left out of this list, don’t feel discouraged! This is just the first ten to come to mind!

@xdemondrinker​ / @deathsdesiign Sam. Sam is the Superman to my Batman. We’ve been friends for almost 5 years? 6 years? God, I don’t even know anymore. We talk every day and I’m always blown away by someone who’s gone through so much, but is still so kind and full of creativity. If you’re not following Sam, you’re missing out on some hella writing. From her Witch!AU Sam Winchester, to the personification of Death from Final Destination —- you just gotta. You gotta. I love her with all my black litle heart.

@leadkiss​ / where ever else you are tbh. GINA. GINA LIGHT OF MY WORLD AND HEART. Another person I’ve been writing with for literal years. She’s been with me through some terribly tough times and helped me when I wasn’t sure I could be helped. She could write a stick and still get your feels. She’s talented and brilliant, and such a good. Just. Just a good okay.

@monstricidalYou’ve probably heard me say this before, but Mary wouldn’t be who she is without Kat’s Alana Bloom. There is no one on God’s Green Earth who probably loves Alana Bloom more than her. Her characterization is nuanced and deep, and everything has a reason and a realistic touch. Not to mention the writing is just flawless and breath taking. Kat is important to me. 100%.

@glitchyai​ / @thatradiodialDAISY. Daisyyyy. I’ve written with them for… god, 5 years now probably? We met on Carol? Yeah. 5 years. And all of their characters are gems and well thought out and just. I LOVE. I love, I love. I cannot imagine my life without.

@djtothestars​ / @radiowaaves MANDY! (Oh c'mon, you saw that coming didn’t you??) I met Mandy through Daisy and I’m so grateful for that. Mostly we scream about characters at each other and random snapchats but I love Mandy with pm my whole liver. *wistful sigh* & she gets me into all these dang podcasts that give me feelings GOSH DERN IT

@dalishfrecklesJ O L Y. I don’t think there are words for how important, or how much they mean to me. There are no words in all the tongues of the Elves, Dwarves, or Ents to explain my love. Like a lot of these people, I wouldn’t be where I am now, or who I am now without Joly. They are a piece of my soul that I hope never leaves me. Their writing keeps me on my toes and make me want to write better, and have you seen their characters? Perfection.

@thirtylcveSO. a new fave. i absolutely love kate. i love to talk to her and watch her on the dash. and she’s just so… kind and thoughtful. she understands all of her muses so well, and i just. i love her so much. /smooshes face. SO MUCH. also her freaking promo tag is “your fave could never” and i think it’s the cutest thing in thE WHOLE WORLD

@onlyjokesherebro>> this one should come as 0% surprise tbh. magpie is the cutest patootiest patoot in the whole galaxy. chris’s personality and speech patterns are so unique, but she gets them super great and is just a delight to talk to. and so. i’m so. I LOVE.

@perfectforayear MY STEPCHILD FROM ANOTHER BLOG…er or son from another blog? W/E. I have watched them grow from a n00b to this fully fledged roleplayer who has surpassed me in wonderfulness. i adore. forever.

SO THESE ARE SOME OF MY FRIENDS. and to round out #10, i wanted to tell you about a fave that i’ve never actually talked to, never written with, but i adore from afar bc i am smol potato.

@vcspertiilio  did you know i love batman? no? where have you been?! i love just about every version of batman in the world. and i just recently (in the past 2 years) started reading batman comics. now. this blog? does such justice to bruce wayne that i am constantly blown away. the dialogue is perfect. the motivations are impeccable. i’m amazed at the headcanons that are supported by comic canon…….. from a movie batman blog, who (from what i know) has read none to some comics. ( I’M NO EXPERT OK ) and i just. i read just about everythign on the dash with them and. /wisTFUL SIGH FROM FAR AWAY.

there you go. 10 of my faves. this isn’t even top ten. this was just literally the firt ten i thought of. i love everyone i write with, and plot with, and for those of you who i haven’t gotten a chance to —– COME AT ME. I want new things. I want old things. I want all things. ouo


woah i wrote a thing,,,,,i didnt listen all the way though the recording so sorry if there are any imperfections


me too, plagg… me too.

Marichat May (Identity Reveal)

welcome to adrien inner mind theater (again-ish)

my headcanons are that this nerd reads a lot of shoujo manga and that he really does think he’s beautiful af so here you go—

you: judeo-christian holidays
me, an intellectual: jewish and christian holidays are not the same in terms of both ritual and cultural significance and are not seen in the same way by the media or average american. grouping them together in this way implies that jews have the same narrative and power as christians, which is false and frankly offensive

a soft boy