is it october 7th yet


Please, I urge you all to share this, even if you’re not a Dutch blogger.

The girl in the pictures is called Anne Faber and she’s been missing since Friday the 29th of September. The second photo is a selfie she sent to her boyfriend right before she vanished. She was cycling, it’s unknown where she was headed but as far as we know she had no plans with other people. She was last seen at 5 PM, the selfie was sent at 6:15 PM. It’s been since discovered this photo was taken in Baarn, The Netherlands. This was about 20km away from her house where she started her journey.

Around midnight, Anne’s parents and boyfriend decided to call the police and report her missing. She’s not picking up or answering messages, her WhatsApp messages are unread. The next day a search party was sent out, for days they searched to no avail.

Tuesday October 3rd suddenly brought change. They figured out her phone signal. It was last detected at 7:30 PM the night she vanished. It shows she had cycled from Soest to De Bilt (both Utrecht, The Netherlands). At 5 PM the same day, someone finds a coat. We only found out today that it belonged to her.

Thursday October 5th, we find a bike in a pond in Huis Ter Heide (Utrecht, Netherlands). It matches the description of Anne’s bike. The pond is drenched.

A day later on October 6th, a bag is found that also matches the description of Anne’s bag. Nothing is found in the pond. It’s been a week since she went missing.

And today, October 7th, they’re looking in the mud of the drenched pond. It’s yet unclear whether the bag is Anne’s.

Now I know many of you aren’t Dutch and don’t even live in this environment. But this girl went missing in my area, and the fact that she sent this selfie right before vanishing makes this just so much weirder. Please, consider sharing this. We don’t know what happened. She might have been the victim of a kidnapping that took her to a different country.

7th October

The day, when Max discovered she can rewind time.

The day, when Chloe Price was shot by Nathan Prescott.

The day, when these two reunited after five years of silence to experience the most strange week in their lives.

The day, that changed everything.

7th October… the day when it all started.

This whole week is going to be “that” week in-game. What about some “Episodes themed” posts? Like gif sets, screenshots, fan arts, fanfics, your opinions, whatever. Just tag your posts with #lisweek. The only rule is - it must be from episode, which is set in that day.

So, c'mon, Strangers! Let’s make Dontnod proud of the fandom!