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soulmate! Hoshi

for anon: soulmate hoshi please? i loved all the soulmate aus so far!!!!keep up the good work!!!

a/n: TYSM and hope you enjoy!!

Summary: in which the closer you are to your soulmate, you can hear what song their listening too, visa versa

  • the first year you could comprehend what a soulmate actually was,
  • you were completely obsessed with finding your “mark”
  • and after that mess, searching through the “soulmate” section in the library and asking around
  • you kind of just gave up of finding your soulmate
  • figured “go with the flow” is best
  • but that didn’t stop you from lowkey being jealous of your friends who had obvious signs
  • hell even one had her soulmate’s first words
  • you think you could live with anything, even "get out the way" if it meant you would for sure meet he or, what the hell, she one day
  • flash forward years later not really lol your still young and fresh okay
  • your college offers programs for classes over seas for a year
  • for your major, the best places would be, south korea, singapore, and japan
  • lots of people were choosing south korea, and but you actually already know korean, as a result of your high school friend who was korean
  • so to be a little different you and your best friend in college, choose japan
  • even though flying is a bitch, you and your friend land safely and head to baggage claim
  • suddenly you hear this slight beat in your ears
  • looking down at your phone, you see the music is turned off
  • “f/n do you hear some music?”
  • “nah you alright?”
  • “yeah it’s probably just my post plane effects”
  • when you sit in the taxi on the way to your airport, you play your music and eventually the beat is gone
  • the next day when your prepping for a class, you hear the beat again
  • you search everywhere and after your friend says she hears nothing, you almost pull your hair out
  • then it clicks,
  • holy shit you’ve read of soulmates having this before
  • maybe he’s japanese????
  • after telling your friend, on any spare time you guys had, you both travel all through japan
  • the disappointment you feel hurts, in fact in seems the farther you travel through japan, the quieter the beat gets
  • the one thing you notice is the same beat seems to play over and over again
  • at one point you to start to subconsciously drum your fingers to them 24/7
  • you wonder if your soulmate can hear your music too and is thinking about you? hopefully?
  • at the end of your time in japan, you and your friend decided to take a week vacation in seoul, south korea
  • “girl did you see the street food there, if we gain a couple pounds, it’ll definitely be okay”
  • and literally, the first thing you notice when landing at Incheon is the melody added to that beat
  • “f/n. shit i think my soulmate’s korean”
  • as you get closer to seoul, you can start to hear the whispers of lyrics
  • by the time your in your hotel you can hear the lyrics as if your playing it from your phone quietly 
  • “ulgo sipci anha”
  • despite the bit of jet lag you have, you grab a small backpack full of all your essentials and head out, leaving a note for your friend who’s already knocked out
  • as you run around seoul aimlessly, you somehow figure out directions with the sounds
  • this leads you to the front of a large building
  • smartly, you plug in your earphones and play a hiphop song, loud with heavy beats
  • if there’s a way you can hear a song about boys not wanting to cry then he could hear you blasting kokak blacks’ tunnel vision in one ear
  • no matter how far you walk along the street you always hear the song the loudest at the building
  • after mustering up some courage, your about to knock but the crying song stops
  • you step back three feet, kind of freaked out, the mash of the two songs only becoming yours
  • suddenly a cute black haired boy dressed in sweaty workout clothes explodes from the doors
  • he stares at you with wide eyes and takes a step back
  • bumping into a whole soccer team of guys coming out or peaking heads out the door
  • you slowly reach your hand up to your earbud and as you take that one out, the music in his ears stop also
  • the grin that graces his face has to be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen
  • he looks at your face brightly, noticing the happy smile on your face
  • like the match made in heaven you guys are, you run up to him laughing and he opens his arm laughing
  • your arms go around his shoulders and his around your waist
  • you get lifted slightly and this situation makes you smile and giggle even harder
  • suddenly you feel yourself get pulled forward from what you notice is your soulmate’s friends pulling him back inside the building
  • “as happy as i am for you to find your soulmate, lets not have any pictures taken”
  • he ignores them completely with the smile seemingly permanent
  • setting you down, he holds your hands tightly, grinning
  • “my name’s kwon soonyoung and ill definitely be calling you soon”
  • you giggle and answer
  •  "my name’s f/n l/n. i would call you honey, but your so much sweeter than that.“
  •  you guys laugh again and he pulls you in closer, burying his head in your nape and yours in his chest
  • “wow someone who’s actually PERFECT for soonyoung”
  • “the cringe couple”
  • “ewwww LMAO”
  • after being introduced and explained too that they are actually a group called seventeen and bombarded by them with questions,
  • you and soonyoung are given time alone
  • aka sitting in the corner and pretending svt isn’t trying to eavesdrop on the other side of the dance studio
  • getting to know each other must have been the funnest and cutest experience of each other’s life
  • “its a great song but i was tired of listening to just one portion of a song about boys crying after the first 10 minutes”
  • “yahh, i create choreography, so of course i play it over”
  • you guys openly and cutely discuss pet names
  • “i dont want to call you y/n, that’s what everyone else calls you,” he pouts
  • “what about you? you have something you wanna be called?”
  •  he slightly gets flustered, and before he can answer you ask,
  • “you know how americans will call their husbands hubby?”
  • he nods at the mention
  • “what do you think about bubby? boyfriend instead of husband”
  • he smiles sweetly and laughs, “i like it, and i’ll call you jagi (honey) in honor of your pickup line”
  • you laugh and accept of course
  •  the corners of his mouth twitch up in a slight smirk
  • “so am i your boyfriend now?”
  • you slap his arm lightly, “yah im not that easy, take me on a date first”
  • you guys get closer on the emotional level
  • he looks at you and smiles softly
  • “i think your too pretty to be my soulmate" 
  • "what do you mean??? your the most attractive guy ever. clearly we are soulmates, two good looking people together? helloo”
  • you wiggle your eyebrows at him and wink cutely
  • he chuckles softly
  • “are you sure, you’ve seen the other members, they have way better bodies and faces than me”
  • you realize at this moment your soulmate had insecurities
  • why are korean beauty standards like this
  • “look at me”
  • you boldly hold his face in both of your hands, instantly making his ears turn red
  • “i don’t know or care that other people don’t find you attractive. to me you are the most handsome" 
  • "your the perfect height for me, i dont need to you to be any taller" 
  • "your eyes are the most attractive thing, i didn’t think someone can be so hot and cute as the same time but damn you proved me wrong" 
  • "i could go on and on but if i say all of them now, it would take forever”
  • you bring his face closer and press your lips on his cheek softly
  • he smiles with pink cheeks and pecks your neck, settling his head there and whispers
  • “you don’t need to be perfect but i know your perfect for me”
  • you laugh tenderly and whisper in his ear,
  • “i love how you can keep up with my cheesy comments but let’s not do this 24/7”
  • he chuckles loudly
  • “let’s be a comfortable & fun couple, those are the best”
  •  "definitely”
  • svt at the side like “this has to be the cheesiest and cutest moment i’ll ever witness”
  • “it’s a drama in real life lol”
  • seungkwan says this a little too loudly
  • you and soonyoung both look over and then at each other
  • “you wanna throw it or will i?”

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The Seventeen Soulmate AU series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||

100% reconmend you another soulmate au here, soulmate! Joshua ;)

(Jess: Seri ily //actual tears//)


More theories/reasons why Ali has always been -A

• She said something like her secrets stay hidden until she wants them found.
- uhmm?? Didn’t that how the first few seasons go? Them “finding” Ali’s hiding places. it seems to me like she planted them – but why would she want them to find those things? What’s the point? How could she foretell she was going to be missing?

You can easily argue that she may have planned to run away beforehand, but why leave clues? Isnt the point of running away, not wanting to be found? Or maybe she planned to run away from -A beforehand and was so scared something might happen to her so she left clues for the girls to find that mysterious stalker — but then again if she’s really on the Liars’ side and want them to find -A, why didn’t she tell them who the blackmailer was? She told hanna she knew who it was but never told them when she had so many opportunities


• Ali planned to run away (leaving diaries, keys, etc) = was that the only thing she planned?
• weird quotes like she wants to die young, leave a beautiful corpse, etc. and what happens??? She “dies young”
- speaking of Young, before Mona fake died she called aria to say ALI LURED BETHANY TO ROSEWOOD. to fake her death she obviously would’ve needed a body.

Yes i know allegedly mona wanted to fake her death and pin it on Ali but then got kidnapped. BUT LISTEN. This doesn’t make sense to me.
1) she was gonna have a good future, going to a good college, and she clearly loved her mom even speaking to her with no hints before the “fake death” so why would she risk all that?
You could say that because she’s not mentally stable and her hatred for Ali was so deep but this brings me to the next point
2) IF she really planned on pinning it on Ali, i love how -A (supposedly cece that time) kidnaps her at the right time — did she know her plan? Or just coincidentally kidnapped her first before she could actually do it

Whichever it was, i don’t buy it. If Cece knew her plan and wanted to stop Mona from pinning her “beloved sister/cousin”, she did the exact opposite – by how smart Cece was portrayed, she would’ve known there were cameras. So why didn’t she at least put on a wig to not look similar to Ali? To divert the cops completely?

Same thing if Cece really just wanted to kidnap her, why not have put on a wig or a disguise to not get Ali blamed? As she claimed to want to protect Alison

My far fetched theory is that Ali wanted to get pinned for her murder to be put in jail, so that when the girls get kidnapped she wouldn’t be suspected of being involved as she was in prison — completely ruling her out as -A/kidnapper. One purpose of the dollhouse was introducing them to Charles, making them believe they’re closer to learning the identity of -A — i’m pretty sure “A” never planned to kill them or lock them inside forever. It was all part of the plan for Ali to find their location. Again, making us/the Liars rule her out as A.

• also it’s kinda weird how all the Liars’ parents think Alison is capable of hurting people more than with just words – i mean all we know that they know, is that she was a 15-year old bully. They don’t even know about the Jenna thing.

I think one of them even said something along the lines of we know what Alison dilaurentis is capable of.

What do they know?

• Cece said she targeted the Liars because they were happy Ali was gone.

BUT it doesn’t make sense??? I think this would’ve fit better if it were Ali’s motive. Like for example :
After running away to get her wish of dying young, being popular in life and death, expecting people to mourn for her and all that and being remembered but then she sees her friends living a seemingly better life without her. She’d be furious

• Cece and Ali were shown to have always played games before, that they were partners-in-crime.

I could see Charlotte taking the fall for everything (knowing she would only be put into a facility), if it meant Ali could continue their sick game – which is why Ali stayed behind 5 years for her. They wanted to resume the game.

Note that if Cece = Ali’s cousin is true then more reasons why Charlotte would’ve done that as she was her only family left (besides estranged Mary)

• in the Dollhouse, why the fuck would Charles put blocks that would’ve given out his name??? Everyone knew Spencer was smart so -A knew she would’ve figured it out. Obviously -A wanted her to know — to hide Ali’s real identity and distract them by giving them another’s name? To put the seed of their plan to have Cece as Charles confess as -A?

• Also in the dollhouse, its probably just me pushing it but i saw Mona dressed up as Alison as a metaphor for MONA DISGUISING AS ORIGINAL A. She was said to be the first A but if it were really Alison, then she was really “dressing up” as Alison. (Did that make sense? I suck at explaining lmao)


That should’ve been a big red flag already !!!!! That scene screamed she hasn’t changed. Also why did she even make up the kidnapping story? So she wouldn’t talk about -A to the police !!! Because they would find holes in her story.

• During the pilot, something happened like the girls looking for Ali, scared and all, only to find her playing a prank on them. UHM FORESHADOWING??? thats the whole show, i swear.

• during the First Secret, something like that happened again. She hired someone to fake attack her (but apparently noel couldn’t make it but irrelevant to the theory), to see how far the girls would go look for her and to how much risk are they willing to jump for her. Seemed like a test trial for the -A game.

Maybe it’s called the First Secret because it’s the first (pre)- AGame Ali played on them.

• she told Hanna it was fun for her to play someone else or something.
Hence, Vivian darkbloom and switching personalities with Cece, etc.
Who says -A isn’t one of her alternate personas?

• jenna always repeating “you shouldn’t be afraid of me, i’m not Alison.”

Jenna was always the red herring especially after the last episode of 7a i think it’s confirmed she’s not uber A

Some of these are already shoved in our faces since season 1 (of course some are still just theories), they’re literally just adding things to confuse us to rule out Ali (like Rollins, Mary) but it really comes back to Alison. A FREAKING D are the initials, like they want us to think it’s not Ali because it’s too obvious – but that’s the whole show. It was already obvious in season 1 but we said nah too easy.

IT’S ALISON’S SHOW, but not because it’s all about her family, or her fake death or her secrets. BUT it’s because she calls the shots on what would happen next, she’s the one who wrote the entire thing.

Think about it. She loved mysteries. She was the one to lay out clues, she made them solve her fake death, she appears out of nowhere just to say mysterious ass quotes that don’t answer anything they need, she kept doing things to move the story forward. Even SOS-ing them that brought them to kill and bury someone.

-AGame seems to be like a huge power trip and we clearly see Alison playing people like puppets. Even during that fight with Spencer “that night”, she said they were nothing without her and honestly, they really were her dolls back in the flashbacks. She knew how to play them to get exactly what she wants. She feeds off having power over them, over everyone around her. Who knows maybe because she doesn’t have any control about her fucked up family – maybe it drives her crazy that her own mother was the one to teach and encourage her to lie, that her parents cheat on eachother, that jessica had an affair that resulted into another sibling and who knows how many more, that her mom had a secret twin in radley, that for god knows what reason ur mom spoils some girl in a mental facility, i can go on and on about how messed up her family is.

But yes, i could see how all that could have affected Ali resulting her bad behavior maybe even to the point where she has the need to control everyone – being -A.

Sticky Sticky Sweet

Summary: You and Dean set up shop in a motel parking lot on a hot summer’s day, enjoying your first day off in months. Dean ends up getting excited by more than just the sizzling sun.
Pairing: Dean/Reader
Word Count: 3K of pure debauchery 
Warnings: Smutty smuttiness, blowjob, food play, temperature play, hair pulling, rough sex, unsafe sex (don’t be silly, wrap those willies), tons of strong language bc of who I am as a person, dirty talk, cunnilingus from behind, ass eating, vaginal fingering, some spanking, basically PWP with a huge emphasis on the P O R N (tbh this turned out soooo much filthier than I had originally planned…) NSFW aesthetic below the cut as well!
A/N: Shame. So much shame.
Side Note: Please, ladies, do not—I repeat: do not—put sweet, sticky, sugary anything near or in your woman business. This is purely fiction and yeast infections do not exist in this universe, but they very much do exist in ours. So please, mix food with sex responsibly and at your own discretion. I am in no way responsible if you chose to reenact this with a partner and end up getting a YI and a big yellow pill for said affliction lmao js 

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leina does a thing; masterlist/guide to playing japanese charactersayo….. so in light of the recent discussions in the rpc i decided to infiltrate the comm with more poc!!! yas! oh and also since i hit 800 today, this is a thing i did for that so… go me!!! anyway i decided it would be a good idea to make a sort of…. thing for ppl interested in playing japanese characters a little better?? this includes male/female names, last names, some fcs you can play, and my own notes about japanese culture. before u ask, yes i’m half japanese and i do speak u dickstick. :)))) pls enjoy,,,,, どうぞよろしくお願いいたします!<3

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When Fantasy And Reality Lie Too Far Apart

prompt: d+p living in the real world they r now, but d always flirts w p since the beginning. they arent togther but p just laughs it off when d flirts w him. suddenly d says something sexual and p’s like u kno what fck it and pushes d against a wall
 Author’s Note: I really hope this is close to what you had in mind, somehow Dan ended up getting pressed into a sofa instead of a wall lmao… Seriously though if this is totally not what you were thinking just send me another ask and I’ll try to write something more like what you had in mind! If you like this and want to send in a prompt, feel free!! <3  (2.1k)

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