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Fools (M)

Summary: Harbored feelings over the years start to build up. Both you and Taehyung are so obviously in love with each other – well at least it was obvious to everyone except the two of you – and the world (aka Park Jimin) has made it it’s mission to get the two of you to realize the feelings are mutual.

Word Count: 9.8k.

Warnings: *breathes heavily* College!AU, angst, smut; i.e. dirty talk, angry sex, slight overstimulation.

A/N: This is what happens when I have an idea and decide to run with it – I write a fucking novel. I was listening to ‘Fools’ by Lauren Aquilina last night and branched this off of that song. This is officially the lengthiest thing I’ve ever written and I can tell you I’ve never felt as satisfied with an ending than I have before with this one. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do! xx.

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What if we ruin it all and love like fools?

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There’s always an up in the air situation when it came to having a best friend of the opposite sex. Everyone always assumed that the two people were together and when they tell them they’re not, they’re faced with comments telling them ‘Oh, you’d be perfect together!’ Or ‘You’re pretty much together already so why not make it official?’ Which can lead to one of two things; an awkward atmosphere that ends up putting too much strain on said friendship, thus the two friends drifting apart and ultimately never speaking again. Or it could lead to the seemingly inevitable – admitting the hidden feelings.

When it comes to yours and Taehyung’s friendship, both of those options seem to scare the living shit out of you.

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“From order, springs harmony.”

Goodness, I’m finally finished with Symmetra!
[first image is a 100% res view of her beautiful face]

I was undecided on the background for a while, since earlier in the process my friend said it was too busy, but tbh I didn’t have any other ideas so I messed around a bit, and this is what I’ve got OTL

I really wanted to try to include Vishkar colours though! It just happened to be an odd combination, cyan and purple, whoops. Hopefully it looks okay!
Also the pose is totally just ripped from her ‘Balance’ victory pose, in case that wasn’t obvious.

Tbh I just wanna draw more of her now. She’s too damn pretty, and I’m a sucker for drawing pretty women :’)

Also tbh, I kinda want a print of this in my room now, lol

More Voltron AU of Bayonetta because that’s how I roll. At least its helping my artblock. Plus what are reference poses? I do not know what that is OTL :D

Little!Allura and Black Lion are looking for mummy and Adult!Allura is having none of that! How will Allura handle the new responsibility???

Bonus character under the cut! Please don’t edit or repost. :3c

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It’s a Percabeth au but i have no idea what to call it so here you go with a title with no indication for the AU whatsoever
  • Okay so an au in which Percy works at a lifeguard/swim teachers on the weekends.
  • So one day Annabethn shows up with Bobby and Matthew, because honestly, they’re 7, they should know how to swim.
  • Percy can’t stop staring at her. It’s her hair that caught his eye, but everything about her is just so pretty. And the way she talks to her baby brothers is just so sweet, and they seem so happy when they’re running to the poolside. (Percy later tells them they can’t do that. “Slippery when wet”, he tells them, pointing to the sign.) She walks over to the bleachers, sits down and takes a book from her bag.
  • He looks away as fast as he can after realizing he’s been staring.
  • Annabeth glances at him too, just a lot less obvious. His abs and his back, it’s so clear he’s a swimmer, and god is hat attractive when he’s only wearing swim shorts and his skin is practically glowing because of the water. Needless to say, Annabeth can’t focus on her book.
  • After swimming lesson, on their way home, Matthew and Bobby keeps talking all excited about their awesome and funny teacher Percy. Annabeth believes them when they say he’s the best teacher ever.
  • Next week they’re back.
  • Percy and Annabeth keeps glancing at each others.
  • Beckendorf notices and gets sick of their shit.
  • “You should talk to her,” he tells Percy.
  • Percy is all suspicious, because no, she would probably not like him at all, but Beckendorf just says “She’s checking you out too, I’m not as oblivious as you, just GO!”
  • So he goes, because Beckendorf is his best friend, he wouldn’t lie about that,
  • They are so awkward. They intruduce themselves, but after that they’re silent for a painfully long amout of time.
  • Finally, Annabeth says, “My brothers thinks you’re a really good teacher.”
  • Percy gets all flustered. So does Annabeth, because when Percy is nervous he runs his hand through his hair, which leaves it looking all styled and showing off his biceps and hell he’s good looking.
  • He decides they don’t have anything else to talk about right now, so he runs back to the water and continues the lesson.
  • When they’re finished he hurries out of the pool and tries to work up the courage to ask her out.
  • He doesn’t have time before the boys come running, grabbing one of Annabeth’s hands each dragging her up from her seat. They’re jumping up and down, telling her they’ve learned how to swim, and that she promised them ice cream when they had.
  • Annabeth raises an eyebrow at Percy. “Did they really?” He nods.
  • “Then we’re going for ice cream!” Annabeth said, rubbing their heads. Bobby and Matthew ran off, already discussing which ice cream flavours they were going to have.
  • Annabeth smiled at Percy, and considered for a moment before she asked him “Care to join us?”
  • “Thought you’d never ask,” he replied, smirking. 

I just really do not understand where people are getting the idea that Kavinsky loves and is honest with himself, especially when compared to Ronan.

Kavinsky does not accept himself.  He does not have an unapologetic view of his sexuality.  He calls Ronan queer slurs throughout the entire book and mocks him for his perceived sexuality.  It’s not cute, it’s not flirting: it’s hate.  It’s the bigot fixating on what they perceive as a flaw in someone else because they can’t accept that in themselves.  The fact that he shares aspects of that sexuality with Ronan only makes it obvious that Kavinsky does not view that aspect of himself with acceptance.  As a matter of fact, the one time he displays his sexuality toward Ronan in the book was after he had drugged him so he could not possibly reject his advances, which, on top of being assault, also reinforces the idea that Kavinsky can only be ‘himself’ when he has eliminated the opportunity for someone else to reject him.

Furthermore, the strange idea that Ronan hates himself because he’s gay (and is therefore not a positive lgbt character) is a huge oversimplification of his character that reduces all of his experiences down to the fact that he likes men and ignores every other reason he gives for his self-hatred.  Ronan has severe PTSD that stems from finding his father’s corpse in the driveway.  He hates himself because he couldn’t save him, hates himself because he didn’t fight harder to stay at the Barns, hates himself because there are horrors in his mind, hates himself because he doesn’t understand who he is.  He… doesn’t hate himself because he’s gay.  He keeps his sexual identity as a secret from himself because he is afraid.  The book spells this out.  He doesn’t understand himself- his powers, his PTSD, his sexuality- and his lack of understanding is terrifying. Dream Thieves is about Ronan overcoming his fear of himself, finding out who he is, and accepting himself for it.

At the end of the book, Kavinsky literally summons a monster fueled by his own self loathing.  This monster kills him, an act that’s basically spelled out to be suicide.  Ronan, by contrast, realizes that he doesn’t hate himself and controls his own monster because he finally understands it (meaning he understands and accepts himself).  I can’t fathom how Ronan’s character arc is not immensely more powerful and positive than Kavinsky’s, due to that reason alone.

I love Kavinsky a lot (he’s probably one of my top 3 favorite characters), but using him as an ideal model for an honest or self accepting lgbt character and then turning around and saying that Ronan is not just makes absolutely zero sense to me.


A couple days ago - a person asked if I could do a Thor Jasper and WHILE I don’t usually do random requests, it DID spiral into a big fun mess of ideas after that ask and I made a lot of sketches but kinda forgot about them till now due to other distractions.

Today I decided I’d share them!

The SU Avengers! (with a bonus Ms. Marvel Connie)

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I always kind of got hate watching something, but let me tell you right now I am full on hate reading that fucking dissertation. I’m not even gonna do the whole thing because contrary to popular belief a do have a life. The main part is 113 pages, I am somewhere on page 92 and I think I need a drink to finish this.

ALSO according to the ‘thank you’ part of this thing my friend had like 4 other people beta reading that thing and I kinda have to wonder what they did? There are still quite a few pretty obvious mistakes in there and I don’t get how.

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Hiya! Have you got any Kuguri relationship hcs?

Hello!! Ahh I love Kuguri! Thanks for requesting. (^-^)

♡  I think he’d be so sweet in a relationship!  He’d be so, so nervous about it at first and would have no idea as to what he was doing for the most part. For quite a while, you’d be guiding the whole thing.

♡  He’s not really used to PDA; it’s basically foreign to him. On the rare occasion that he went to hold your hand, Kuguri would be shaking so bad. But, after a while, he’d always, always have your hand in his and warm up to it.

♡ He rarely shows it, but he gets jealous very easily. If you get comfy or close with anyone else, especially if they’re on the volleyball team, he gets all pouty and internally throws a little fit, but he’d try his best to conceal it. It never works. He’s way too obvious. It’ll take a whole lot of kisses to cheer him back up.

♡ Speaking of kisses, he loves to give you ones on your shoulders the most. It’s intimate yet discreet at the same time. Whether you’re sitting together, walking together, or anything of the sort, Kuguri always likes to give you kisses on your shoulders.

♡ It’s so easy to fluster him that it’s not even funny. You could smile at him, give him a random hug or even say “I love you” and he’d turn into a blushing mess.

♡ He’s really just trying his best! He’s never really been in any sort of long-term serious relationship before so he’s terrified of doing the wrong thing. Please always give him reassurance and tell him he’s amazing!

♡ He’ll catch himself staring at you often; Kuguri thinks he’s so lucky to have you in his life, someone who loves him and someone he can love so much in return.

♡ Everybody was sort of shocked when they found out that you two were together, they didn’t think Kuguri could actually be in a relationship, that he was void of all emotion. Very wrong. He’s actually so sweet that he’d rot your teeth out.

♡ He loves taking you out on dates in the park! The scenery is so pretty and what better to take the prettiest person to the prettiest place?

♡ Kuguri also loves to get you flowers! Lillies, roses, orchids, you name it, he’s bought it. He always says that they remind him of you if you ask why.

♡ It was really easy for him to open up to you. Even though he’s a rather closed off person, he’d trust you with his life. He never thought he’d be able to talk to someone so much and so freely.

♡ Kuguri tries to keep your relationship private; he doesn’t think that it’s anyone else’s business. Good luck trying to do that with Daishou existing. Everyone will know if you tell him (even if you don’t, he’ll find out, that snake). Cue the super duper embarrassed Kuguri.

♡  Watch him get extremely flustered if someone mentions it. He’ll shrink away and bury his face in your hair if someone so much as compliments your relationship.

♡ I just think he’d be such a good boyfriend! So cute, so caring, so sweet.

What If...

steven j. mcgarrett actually adopted nahele? how would it happen? what are the circumstances? i have some ideas.

there’s the obvious canonical option of nahele’s dad going to jail again and nahele being left without a guardian. that would be the way to do it, right?

but what if that weren’t a thing?

how about steve, upon seeing how good nahele is doing but also sees him struggling in ways that no kid, previously homeless or not, should, invites nahele to live with him on the condition that he keeps his job and stays in school. nahele has his own room for the first time in forever, has privacy and real, home cooked meals, and steve takes to being a guardian like he’s always had kids to look after. one day, months into their arrangement, nahele comes home and tells steve all about how he SLAYED the competition at the science fair and steve pulls him in for a hug and murmurs, “proud of you, son.” and nahele is like… “i could be.” and steve smiles, pulls him back in and says “yeah, yeah you could.”

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I came up with a dumb idea that probably will not be in the fic i’m writting (for obvious reasons) it’s in the dceu and it goes something like this:

Bruce decides to “ introduce” his boyfriend to society and he just points at joker and sais “This is Joseph, he is my boyfriend now, we’ve been together for like a year and don’t believe anything he tells you he lies a lot” and Joker smiles happily while hugging him.

That night Joker does the same in his night club, he goes up on a stage and grabs a microphone, points to a disguised Bruce and shouts “THAT ONE IS MY BOYFRIEND, HE IS MINE AND NOBODY CAN TOUCH HIM, IF YOU DO YOU DIE Now if you’ll excuse me I have to sit on his lap" Bruce just facepalm wondering why he agreed to this

Why episode 10 Mika and Yuu were Out of Character

Many people didn’t notice the oocness so this post is here to show it. WARNING: Long post due to images

Before that, I wanted to also state what should be obvious: Almost all characters acted out of themselves at least ONCE in the anime. Here are a couple of examples.

First, let’s start with both of them as a whole.
In the manga both were really tense yet desperate as you can see here:

Both are pretty stubborn and are defending their ideas strongly. Not just Yuu is screaming and arguing, but so is Mika. He is as determined as him.
But in the anime? No, Mika doesn’t even question what Yuu says, he just denies it in a very weak way (he also isn’t as persuasive)

Look at their body language. Yuu is being forceful and Mika looks both tense and scared. Look at his freaking facial expression and his hands folded in his chest. That’s how someone that is at least uncomfortable looks.

Again, Yuu is being much more agressive than in the manga, I even dare to say that by the way he’s forcing Mika’s head into his neck against his will feels like a “rape” (like when a boy forcefully kiss a girl).

In the manga, Mika is confident, in the anime, he looks scared.
In the manga, Yuu is desperate yet respectful to a certain stent. In the anime, he’s forceful and demanding.

These are the faces Yuu makes in the manga, they go from concern to despair, from anger and frustration. The soo loved anime bedroom eyes were pretty much an act of arrogance and pity, while in the manga, Yuu acts respectfully and sees Mika as an equal.

Also, these touches were so ooc and forced, just like the ones that happened between Shinoa and Yuu. And let’s not forget how submissive Mika is in the anime. Geez, Mika isn’t submissive to anyone, even to Krull (who’s nonetheless than the 3d progenitor and the strongest vampire known, the Queen). He also never was submissive to Yuu either since they were kids. Do you really think Mika would be okay with Yuu putting his hand on his face like that? If anything, he would be at least confused or weirded out. (after all, the Yuu he knows would never do that kind of touch)

It also took Mika freaking 36 pages of chap 36 for him to cry in only 2 panels. In the anime he cried almost all the time.
These are the moments he looked most unstable in the manga (while in the anime he was the whole time):

The other moments he was pissed or with a “I’m so done with Yuu-chan” face.

These 2 panels from both chapters 36 and 37 (and that one he’s biting Yuu I forgot to put it here sorry) are the only ones he’s actually crying:

Also, Yuu doesn’t picks Mikas sword like in the anime nor does he look angry while doing so.Which is awful taking in consideration that Yuu not doing anything against it showed how much trust he had in Mika, while in the anime it made him look bossy. He also didn’t look that intolerant.

Also the only moment Mika looked bashful was here due to him remembering how the squad helped him, protected and called him family.

Lets also not forget jealous Mika of papa Guren:

Welp, there was so much good stuff missing out, like the chibi faces, the little arguments. God, the manga was much more emotional, both heart warming and breaking. But the anime failed to do even that.

Bonus: The amazing animation:

Ok I am writing more for the daemon cp au and when I started it ages ago I had something picked for Jack that I thought was perfect but now I’m not so sure…

So I need a little help with ideas.

Taking away the obvious suggestions of moose and geese ( which are not helpful at all (¬_¬) looking at you @bittybutt ), what do you guys think?

Does Jack have more feline or canine traits?

Every time I read something Jennifer Lee says about “F r o z e n” and even “Wreck-It Ralph” I immediately get annoyed.

Not only does she have no idea what the hell she is talking about, but she makes it so obvious that throughout the whole process she had no idea what she was doing, she neglected characters and important storytelling, and that she doesn’t give a damn what’s actually in the film because she just accepts all the fake praise and false symbolism.

I can’t believe people actually look up to her as a director. I know she’s one of the very few female animated film directors, but she’s an awful one, and I’d rather look up to someone who is good at their job.


why is some people justifying kennedy staying? katya was being consistent during the entire fucking season, she’s hilarious, she acts, she can dance, her runway is always on point, EVEN TODAY SHE LOOK FIERCE, she even didn’t do that bad in glamazonian airways when she lipsynched, while kennedy was the worst team leader ever, her runways are boring and she’s being a bitch to every queen that’s innovative and creative like violet or pearl, THIS IS ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS HAPPENING IN RU’S MIND BUT YOU JUST SENT HOME THE OBVIOUS WINNER OF THE SEASON. I’VE HAD IT, OFFICIALLY!.


So I’ve been watching Star vs. FOE and I think made a connection about our favourite lizard, Toffee

So what do we know about him?

Well one,

He has the power to regenerate

What else do we know?


He’s also a manipulative bastard

But what else?


One thing we’ve been questioning for a while


I propose the idea that Toffee purposely cut off one of his own fingers to be able to regenerate from it later

And I’m going one step further

I believe I know where his finger is

After the explosion, there’s almost nothing left of Ludo’s castle, or anybody inside, not counting Star and Marco in that weird crystal case thing



So I was thinking about Greg, and putting some earlier episodes into perspective, and thought of a terrible thing

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