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I think some of these questions might be more easily avoided if your descriptions had a link to specific tags regarding Underdecay (I checked your tumblr on the comp after I didn't see any on my phone). Since a lot of people go through the phone app (and the phone app is crap for tag searching some blogs), that might help?

Yeah, that’s what I usually do. But rn I’m honestly getting really tired to see that people doesn’t take initiative before ask me questions of this kind over and over. Phone or not. If I can search something on my phone in someone’s blog. So you guys.

Anyways @anti-reg is a homophobe who said that being aphobic is why people kill “gays” (yeah they used those words even though they are a demiheterorimantic asexual) and even though from what I’ve seen their blog seems new and really inflammatory?? Block, ignore, whatever. They are just generally gross as fuck and should be avoided at all costs.

@lesbiantiope @herefortheace @aphobehatingcharacteroftheday @aphobephobe @aphobic-hau could you guys spread this?

(it looks like they are being avoided except for criticism anyway tho so keep it up!)

*lies down*

i have to go to work instead of rewriting this scene to make Victor’s life Super a Misery noooooo

If Victor had been thinking straight, he would have ordered cheesecake in a box and hustled Yuri back to the apartment. It’s just his bad luck that Yuri knows, and Victor knows that Yuri knows, that Victor can no sooner resist ordering Yuri a fancy meal and watching him eat it than a moth can resist a flame.

“We’ll have the seasonal tasting menu,” says Victor bleakly. “Oysters to start. And he’ll have a sugared Cosmo. I’ll have vodka on the rocks with a twist of lime.”

I just want to make sure we all know sombra doesn’t wear toe shoes / vibrams. The are thick tights/leggings with reinforced padding on the under side. If they were toe shoes, the shading defining each toe would be much more pronounced and go further into her foot. 

That is all, good night.


Ok but remember this galra. So the fandom kinda decided on either this being Lotor or Keith’s mom. At work I just randomly realized this. Why the Mystery Galra doesn’t talk.

At this episode’s point in the season we don’t even think of Lotor being this person? (Maybe some old Voltron fans but??? Not most people). SO, if this galra was a guy, we’d have heard a man’s voice (obviously), and we’ve met plenty of male galra, so it’s No Big Deal, just some mystery galra why may show up again later.

BUT if we had heard a girl’s voice? I don’t think we’ve ever met a female galra. The introduction of a female galra, even if we don’t see their face, would be kind of a big deal. (And I mean… The Belly of The Weblum episode was AFTER the episode where it was revealed that Keith’s mother is galra… So it’d be an obvious thing for fans to jump too. (Which some people, me, did do))

So I think it’s part of the reason WHY the Mystery Galra didn’t talk. From a writing point of view. If it was a male it could just be any random galra. But adding a female galra all of a sudden? That’s a first. And intentionally keeping their face/name hidden like that??? Who are they???

i get it y’all wanna speculate about ur fave’s sexuality……. whatever ok but like stop talking in absolutes. nothing is “obvious”, none of you “know” anything…. that kind of language is harmful to lgbtq+ people because it perpetuates stereotypes and also exacerbates the environment of fear that surrounds those who are closeted and don’t want to be “obvious” or have other people “know” before they’re ready

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Holy shit thank you for existing cuz as a person that has an interest in these sorts of things it's so hard to find blogs that talk about murders + murderers that don't fucking romanticize serial killers. Like I'm gonna be a child therapist when I finish school so my interest in this is obvious but I'm tired of teenage girls wishing ted bundy wasn't dead jfc.

thank you so much for your kind words, and that sounds like a great aspiration to have, congrats and good luck!


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