is it obvious i'm tired

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I just want to make sure we all know sombra doesn’t wear toe shoes / vibrams. The are thick tights/leggings with reinforced padding on the under side. If they were toe shoes, the shading defining each toe would be much more pronounced and go further into her foot. 

That is all, good night.

Completely True SU Theory

The Cluster inside the Earth is just a decoy. The real Cluster is the moon

Look at it being menacing in the background

Thinking we wouldn’t notice…


Dance in the ashfall

It’s not diversity when your record streak of hiring not white actors is a long line of having to replace your “diversity” because the story demanded they die to further the plot*. You don’t get to count your total non white characters against the white ones when the white ones have been around for season after season while the non white ones are lucky to get through an entire story arc.

You are not progressive because you’ve introduced a record number of non white (or male) characters over the run of your show when those characters are forced to step on the dead bodies of their predecessors.

(p.s. it’s also shitty writing)

(*Or to prove to your audience that you’re a NEW kind of writer and that no one is safe, except your white favs, that becomes obvious after  a while.)

Listen, I’m going to see Rizzoli and Isles out through the bitter end. And here’s why.

This show gave me something to look forward to, week after week, and it’s very much a big reason why I was able to push through the last half of 2011.

It gave me a community here, and some of my absolute best friends in the world.

The most amazing piece of queer literature I have ever read (AND its sequel) exists because of this show, because of the insanely talented people who fell in love with Jane and Maura and decided to use their talent to shape their own stories.

It’s always been a point in the future I can count on. Whatever happens in the next few months, I’ll survive it, because I know I’ll be around for the season/mid-season premiere of Rizzoli and Isles. It might sound kind of weird, but since the most difficult time of my life, it’s always been a safe haven.

Even season 4. Somehow I got through season 4. I’m even weaker than I thought if I stop now.

I want to see LTY’s final project through to the end. He was an integral part of that safe haven and it’s the best way I can remember him.

And finally… I still love the characters. I still love the show. It’s gone to hell and back, and so have they with some still straggling on the trail, but it’s kind of like a sibling to me now. Like it can be a total piece of shit and annoy the hell out of me but at the end of the day, I still love it and care enough to want to know how it turns out.