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Fluffy A-Z headcanon game

So I made a list of my own of a fluffish list of headcanons so send in a character/s and a letter/s and I’ll answer them! Hope everyone likes the list and please feel free to use!

This is based off @fairy-tail-babes NSFW list but a fluff version of it. Anyway show them some love while your at it!


A = affection (how affectionate are they in day to day life? Do they show affection publicly or keep that more in private?)

B = best memory (what is the best memory they have with you)

C = cat or dog person (this is pretty obvious)

D = dreams (what do they want to do in life?)

E = evenings (how do they spend their evening? So they go out? Do they read?)

F = first date (what was it like?)

G = giggle (what is their laugh like? What makes them laugh?)

H = hugs (do they like hug? What kind of hugs do the give?)

I = instrument (do they play an instrument?)

J = joy (what brings them joy in life?)

K = kisses (what kind of kisser are they? Shy? Passionate?)

L = love (how do they act when they have a crush)

M = memory (what’s their favourite memory?)

N = no (what is their pet peeve?)

O = occupation (what’s their dream job?)

P = parent (what kind of parent would they be?)

Q = questions (do they believe in the super natural? Aliens? Anything along those lines)

R = romantic (are they romantic during the relationship?)

S = smile (what makes them smile without fail)

T = together (how clingy are they? How long do you two spend together per day on average)

U = unbearable (what habit do they have that’s unbearable? What habit do you have that they find unbearable)

V = videos (do they take lots of videos or photos during your relationship?)

W = wedding (what was the wedding like?)

X = eXtra (what’s an interesting fact about them that they don’t tell anyone about?)

Y = yuck (what do they hate? Could be a food, sent, word anything)

Z = zzzz (how heavy of a sleeper are they? How do they sleep? What mood do they wake up in? Really any sleeping headcanons)

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pap, dunno if this has changed now that he officially has a blog (or *he* does, anyway... heh), but your bro really wants you to know he loves you. you're the best sibling a skeleton could ever ask for and then some, even if he doesn't always make it super obvious. you help so many people just by existing and being you, and he's one of them. and he hopes you're taking care of yourself as well as you've taken care of him, cause a lot of people- not just him- care about you. he loves you.



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Can we have more Harry? Like what it would be like to date him??? Xx

- He gets very jelous very quickly. (Although he doesn’t mind you hanging around people like Gil, Carlos, etc. who he knows won’t try to flirt with them)

- Harry looks at you like his entire world is standing right in front of him.

- Stupid cheesy pick up lines.

- Intimate stares throughout the day where it’s clearly obvious that he’s holding back from wrapping his arms around you and kissing you right there.

- Hickeys.

- Matching tattoos.

- Laughing so hard that you can’t help but have tears spilling out of your eyes.

- He’s not used to saying ‘I love you’ since he was never really told it as he grew up. Still, when he does say it, he makes sure that he means it with his entire heart.

- Sneaking onto the top of a building in the middle of the night and having super serious conversations.

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Seems like jk is avoiding that celebrity crush ques. Ik face but idk name then ik mobie but idk movie name and then recently jimin too avoided that question. I hope the interviewers stop with those basic ass question tbh.

honestly i live for them avoiding the question. like, jk really pulling that “i know nothing” act. he’s so obvious about it. like the over exaggerated gestures. killed me. honestly. but i love that they both avoid it, not because ji/kook specifically but because i hate the question lmaoo

Rwby V5E6

Things are getting interesting. I love how grey their painting this. There is no argument that Raven is a shitty person. She still loves her familly and is afraid for them. It’s pretty obvious that Ozpin has a dark side and that Ruby is to gullible and trusting. But I think the idea of questioning everything will stick with Weiss and Yang. The idea that he is forcing a young preteen boy to fight a war for him is not a good look. The plan right now is to invade Ravens camp but now I’m not sure if that’s a plan Weiss and Yang will want to go along with. Ozpin sent Summer off to die mostlikly knowing that she didn’t stand a chance. I wonder how that will hit Ruby and Yang when that comes out. Still I think a compromise can be reached. Cinder is going to her camp to force her to join them. Saying she will die if she doesn’t help. But one thing we know about Raven is that she believes in honor and does genuinely love her daughter enough to watch over her as Much as she can. She might not think it’s possible to win a war against Salem but I don’t think she would follow beneath her. She doesn’t want her to take control or to curupt Vernal. This is gonna lead to some big drama in the team if No one trust each other. I think Yang is gonna realize that Ozpin is grooming her to become the next Summer, the next gaurdian just like he did to Pyrrah. And Ruby and Qrow will be the only ones left who belive in their master and Oscar will be scared shitless of what he’s capable of being combined with a tainted soul.

Edit:also with the white fang, illia will do the right thing, she’s gonna take Blake and Sun to haven. Problem is, she’s not the only assassin. I hope so much that Kali will make it out with them but the Belladona white fang needs a marder to inspire the fanaus to follow Blake and I think that’s gonna have to be Ghira. I like him but it’s necessary for Blake to grow and did Adam to loose ground expecially if the word got out that Adam also was responsible for Sienna his plan might backfire

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Hey, turtle! Reading your archive is hands down the most entertaining and relaxing things I've done in years. It brought back my love of the books as well. I learned something about them that now looks obvious in hindsight with almost every one of your posts. - That said, has there been something that you didn't realize about the books until it was pointed out to you, at which point it became glaringly obvious?

Thank you very much!

The set-up for Stannis’ forthcoming attack on the Freys in TWoW. I thought the ice-fishing detail was a weird one to include, and I thought Stannis was acting strangely, but I hadn’t put everything together on my first read. Then I read the speculation that Stannis is going to lure the Freys into charging over the destabilised lake, and it was just like ohhhhhh. That’s what’s going on!

11.17.17 cont

Hey. Sorry this is something I really didn’t want to post.

But here we are. 

I’m not going to sugarcoat this because I love all of you.

I’m leaving this blog for my mental sake. I feel like I’m faking this now because DC is kind of a douche bag? Like I liked him and all but with his actions lately (which I haven’t written them all down for obvious reasons), I’m just losing all of my interest. 

When I graduate, I’m going to go back to this blog and give you guys my personal tumblr so we can stay in touch- to those who want to. :) 

I’m so sorry this happened, I haven’t even been on this blog for a while- but for my mental health and for me not lying to you guys- it’s better for me to go.

I’m so sorry.

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Time to be obvious: Daud

Oh worm?? Bless u

Favourite thing about them:
C O M P L E X I T Y and we’re both grumpy-ass fucks with Ragrets.

Also, I think he’s pretty

Least favourite thing about them:
Whatever happened in DotO. Loved the game, but not over Daud and will probably never be.

Favourite line:
Can I say his entire ending monologue to Brigmore Witches? Michael Madsen really brought the goods on that one, and it’s probably one of my favourite moments in a video game tbh. There’s SO MUCH going on there, and it’s just… *chef kiss* good shit, Harvey 👌🏼

Billie/Daud, duh.


I love the art produced for it, but I just could never get into Corvo/Daud and don’t actually ship them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Random headcanon:
I have…… so many……

For starters, I made him considerably younger because Reasons (mostly because Michael Fassbender), so that he’s actually 42 in DH2, not DH1, which makes him 27 in the latter. This definitely fucks with the supposedly canon lore, but I never totally liked or trusted the reliability of the ages given for a lot of the characters tbh, and a lot of them that are apparently older have been de-aged for me.

He’s demisexual/gray-a because I live for ace spectrum Daud thank u Harvey

MOST RANDOM: he has heterochromia. This was because, with a quick glance at one of the pictures of him (the assassination portrait iirc; see below – especially more so in-game), he looked vaguely like he had a different-coloured eye, and because it was just Cool and A Thing I Liked for him. So in my mind his right eye is brown while the left is blue – it’s the one with the scar, but has nothing to do with that and just Is.

Unpopular opinion:
Miss me with your anti-Daud discourse please. I like to enjoy things for the sake of enjoying them and can do so while still recognising their faults because those two things aren’t mutually exclusive, and it’s also straight-up exhausting to keep criticising shit, however justified. For some reason this hellsite says it wants complex anti-heroes/villains, but never actually wants them to do anything complex or villainous ever, but like, Daud is one of my favourite characters in any piece of media, and it’s incredibly frustrating and draining to see some of the nonsense about him kthx. 

Song I associate with them:
Here’s three!

Sinister Kid - The Black Keys
Shadow Stabbing - Cake
Assassin - Muse

Pls ask me about my Daud playlist

Favourite picture of them:
This one. MMMMMMMM 👀

Send me a character!

I adore the duality of Tony Stark. Not the secret identity thing, but this idea, one that you get to see more of in the comics than the films (though IM1 did this a lot): the idea that there’s this aloof, cold businessman who puts on perfectly-tailored suits and snarks his way through a room and destroys opponents without a thought using an offhand quip, and resorts to pragmatism when nobody else will, and wears his playboy persona on his sleeve, and knows all the easiest ways to blow up a person or a world, and has a bit of a god complex, and used to be called the Merchant of Death -

- but he’s also the guy who wanders around like a zombie before the first coffee of the day, and works with his hands, and spends his time with mad-scientist hair and wearing scruffy vests covered in oil because he got caught up in his hard work and his passion for creation. He’s the guy who will do anything for his friends and makes silly jokes over breakfast and wholeheartedly, dorkily loves the Avengers, from the concept of it to the people in it. He falls hard for the people he loves, and is incredibly lonely. He’s the guy who goes to orphanages and holds babies when he can’t sleep, and adores kids. He’s the guy who cries easily, never thinks he’s doing enough, struggles with alcoholism and chronic illnesses, and desperately doesn’t want to be his father, no matter how much the media pins the opposite on him. He loves the world and the people in it, even when he kind of hates them, and is constantly working to make things better. He remembers his employees’ names and asks after their families. He tries to see the good in people and goes for rehabilitative over punitive justice wherever possible, even when it comes to villains who have actively tried to kill him. He’s known for how much he cares, exhaustingly, about everything. He’s the man who honestly has a good heart and is constantly trying to reach out, and often gets laughed at for his idealism. He’s a man who’s so often in pain, but tries to use it to improve the world rather than letting it destroy him.

Sure, I like his ruthlessness and some of his coolness, but I also love the guy who unironically adores classic Star Trek and makes absentminded Dune and Arthurian references and thinks equations are cool; who makes mental notes of his friends’ favourite breakfasts and takes young heroes under his wing and is semi-jokingly horrified when one doesn’t have a file system. Who goes “but why does that do that?” and wants to take everything apart and fix it so it can help people, and honest to god believes in a better future. 

(The movies are subtler about that side of him, but it’s still there. I mean, as a little thing, I’m always grateful they let RDJ put some of his own love of classic and sometimes silly rock into Tony Stark. Not just because I share that music taste, but I always like characters who are nerdy and wholehearted about at least something. But the bigger stuff, too: the between-the-lines moments: the naming his bots, the “here, have my whole R&D lab/my company/my home/my heart if you want it, why do you look so surprised?” That’s all straight from the comics. It’s just done slightly more snarkily and with a slightly shorter, brown-eyed Tony rather than a tall, blue-eyed one.)

But it’s still a very bad idea to piss him off.

He’s both. I love that he’s both.


Happy 21st birthday to GOT7′s dancing machine, Kim Yugyeom! You keep bullying your hyungs, but it’s obvious how much you love them deep down. You also never forget to express your love to ahgases, always including #igot7❤️🐥 in your Instagram captions. I believe that you’re a giant maknae because you have so much love inside of you. Just like your birthday wish, I hope that GOT7 and ahgases will go on together forever. Always stay healthy and never stop dancing! #DandelionYugyeomDay 🌻🌼


A subtle reminder that Rob is the father in real life [for added effect]

Thor: Ragnarok my absolute fave part

- SPOILER if it’s not yet obvious -

So Valkyrie and Banner are complaining about how Loki tried to kill them and there’s Thor saying

Yes me too, on many occasions...

and he literally could just list out all the times Loki went all murderous rage against him but he goes

There was one time when we were children, he transformed himself into a snake, and he knows I love snakes, so I picked up the snake to admire it and he transformed back into himself he was like ‘WAH IT’S ME!’ and then he stabbed me.”

and they all look at Loki and he has this smirk of absolute pride and fondness in the memory, so thank you for this little scene my will to live is restored

When Mike saw Eleven (Spoilers but also my outlook upon it)

So many things were happening when El made her badass entrance back into the gangs life. 

But being the heavy Mileven shipper (Mike and Eleven shipper) that I am, I was waiting for his reaction the most. The way that they produced his reaction to seeing her again was so so beautiful.

Like Mike was instantly at peace with himself maybe even the world, you could literally see the weight lift from his shoulders and how thankful he was to be in that room.


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but the amount of vulnerability was so key in Mike’s scenes this season.

And for eleven

She looked happy to see them all (except Max for obvious reasons) but I feel like she came back to her family, but Mike, Mike is her home. He cared for her before anyone else would and I feel like this was so essential and the amount of character development in this season was CRAZY.

But her expression moved mountains. Like she was all badass looking until she saw Mike and she became soft and emotional and that is how you knew (if you didn’t know already) that she was in love with Mike. They are home for each other. 

the amount of peace in this scene was so wholesome okay!

It made me (and probably several others happy asf) I love Stranger Things but this was my favorite scene by far. 

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who are your favorite minor pro heros in bnha?

I feel like this was incredibly predictable haha if you mean even more minor then Kamui Woods and Edgeshot are definitely faves of mine, I wish I could see more of them !!!


I can’t believe you thought I was gonna name our baby Grunka. Grunka– the name of the spoons that I bought at Ikea. I had you going there for a minute, though.