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So is Adriana going to that daughter that's like; Ew you have a crush on my math teacher? or She going to be that daughter that's like; I ship it!!! Constantly plotting with her Uncle Hunk on how to get them together. lol

Her favorite teacher and his dad? she loves it! besides, it was pretty obvious that they like each other from the start, Adriana is just more observant than any of them; five minutes into their conversation and she was already imagining who they were going to invite to the wedding. And yes, she will pull off a “parent trap” eventually with the help of Hunk and Pidge too!

all jokes aside, if klance doesn’t become canon i’m just….i’m gonna be really sad? there is SOMETHING there. there is chemistry and it’s obvious. they have so much potential, they could grow to have such a great, healthy relationship. it hurts me deeply knowing that if one of them were a girl, i wouldn’t even have to worry about this. god i just…i just want them to fall in love, in the sweetest way. it would be so important to so many people. it would be so important to me.

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Can I just say that you pointing out that people love to critique Felicity for being 10+ older than her character, but don't do the same to Diego? Like, hm, I wonder why people love to pull that card against her. It's been bugging me ever since the movie came out, so thank you for stating that it's an obsolete and ridiculous criticism!

You’re welcome. 

It’s particularly absurd because Diego Luna and Felicity Jones actually have the same age difference as Jyn and Cassian (four years), which makes them both too old by exactly the same amount. In both cases, it’s really obvious that they’re older. This is like a double standards trap just waiting to happen, and yet they keep stepping right into it.

just a little public service announcement because of some of the comments i’ve gotten lately:

- when i talk about dee and dennis i am talking about their dynamic in a strictly platonic way. when i say they are the bonnie and clyde of my dreams i mean i love their scheming. i do not “ship” them for obvious reasons

- when i talk about charlie and mac i am /mostly/ talking about it in a platonic way. i go through moods where they are all i want to talk about but that doesnt mean im over mac/dennis blah blah blahblah. 

- the only dynamic on this show i go for romantically is mac and dennis. which is clear if you’ve been following me for five minutes. 

- i do not “hate” dennis. look at my url. i post more about him than anyone else. i like to tease him and expose him because he makes it so easy. its 100% out of love. my dennis reynolds callout tag is a thing of beauty but its done out of love.

i shouldnt need to make this clear but here we are 

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Do you have any tips for putting out info and getting comfortable with your own characters? Like Galathan, I love him dearly, and you out out such beautiful work of him and Dorian. I have tons of OCs and I'm not sure how I should... Express them. Thanks a bunches! (You're so talented, I can only dream of becoming as gifted as you. Haha)

Hey anon, regarding to your question of how to present your OCs put - I’m not even sure myself tbh.

But it’s obvious when you create a character, not only you want them to look unique but also have an fun personality too. But don’t make them perfect either, you got to give them flaws and weakness to balance it out.

It’s good to put your OCs in situations were they interacts with other characters or a conflict, I find it it’s a good way to show who your characters are.

When I first made Galathan, I have no idea he would get an audience at all. But it was easier for him to be seen because he’s from an existing game followed by a huge fanbase. His story was already given to him and all l had to do was adding things to give him a personality.

Honestly though, just enjoy your OCs for who they are and write/draw them however you want. If they get attention from people that’s cool and if not, that’s cool too.

This will probably always be one of my favorite pages about Adam from the Ex art book. For one: I love that the designers were aware that while trying to get his look down, it’d become really obvious that trying to keep his arms exposed all the time made him look like a douche bag when coupled with his shades and beard. I mean, he still looks like a douchebag but whatever.

Also every time I see these it makes me wish they’d kept the exposed augmented legs/ gone with some very odd design. For one, as we have it now they’re entirely covered so you can’t even see them and tbh, sometimes I forget they’re augmented.

Not to mention it interesting having them exposed/ their weird design prohibits them from being hidden behind clothes. Because it’d be like a sort of very obvious visual reminder: he’s an amputee, someone who was horribly injured and without the aid of these prosthetics he would be disabled.

Granted you can still get this sense when he’s out sans coat and his arms ( or just having his hands shown at all ) are exposed but I feel the impact isn’t as strong. After all his black armor and coat kinda melds in with his black arms. So in an almost subconscious manner your mind would look at him and assume he’s wearing a long sleeve with gloves on. 

Either way, I do sometimes like writing in when Adam’s out in public with his coat on that people would do double takes once realizing his hands aren’t wearing gloves, that the black things actually are his hands. It’s always why sometimes I like writing/imagining him in a white button up with his sleeves rolled up too. The stark contrast really makes his prosthetics stand out. 

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What do u think about for your trolls roleswap au that trolls aren't really ones for public displays of affection. Meanwhile human aaarrrgghh and blinky are constantly touching, hugging, resting hands on each other etc in completely platonic ways, which trolls misinterpretate as them being a mated pair :)


i am all for the idea that in terms of relationships trolls tend to be a lot more secretive about it and suDDENLY HERE ARE THESE HUMANS BEING OVERLY OBVIOUS ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP

tbh honest tho they are probably married both in this au and in canon hhhhhh

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Alright, what are your top 5 favourite Voltron pairings and why? Also, who are your favourite VLD characters? Why do you like them?

pidge I’m a multhishipping Bitch so what may be my top 5 right at this very moment (March 24, 2017, 5:47 pm) may change but here I go.

Top 5 Voltron Ships

1. Shidge

Idk if it isn’t that obvious. I love Shidge so much and I feel their dynamics is so good. They care about each other and I feel they balance each other out. Pidge is daring and smart and assertive, somewhat aggressive, but Shiro keeps her at bay. And Shiro tends to be self-restricting and too serious so someone who is both level-headed and goofy would be good for him. And they have some history between them before all this but not so big a history that they don’t get to develop much of their relationship. I honestly just love Shidge so much.

2. Shance

Shance was actually almost my otp rip. But the Shidge shippers found me and adopted me and I fell deeper into Shidge hell. The salt was greater in Shidge too and you know how salt controls 90% of my actions. But Shance will always have a special place in my heart. It would just be such a good but also strange ship. They both have issues with themselves and I think they would learn to really bond over that and overcome their problems or maybe learn to live with them. Lance has always looked up to Shiro and that kinda just hits me right there. And Shiro is just so good a support. But ofc I yearn for the day Shiro opens up and maybe Lance would be there to help.

3. Hance

My obsession with Hance was rather recent. I read this one really good hance fic and liked it but not enough to make it to my top. But now I am so down for Hance. The reason is actually very simple. Hance dynamics reminds me of me pining for my friend. It just hits homerun to my heart and just, friends trope can do miracles. You have mutual pining, one-sided pining, and just SO MUCH. Honestly, I won’t be surprised if Hance happens. Hunk and Lance have always cared for each other and tbh are closer to each other too. So like, it would be nice to actually seem them. This is one of the few ships, I’m rooting for in canon.

4. Pallura

Honestly, this was my super secret rarepair. I never saw anyone shipping it so it never grew that much on me but I love it to bits. I cry at everything Pallura. I know they barely have anything on them BUT I STILL LOVE IT. And I’ll cry if you talk Pallura to me and love you forever. ;w;)/

And as I always say, Pallura is the ship I would ask to be canon is I was given a chance to make one voltron ship canon.

5. Shunk-Kallura-Allurivan(its a tie of three deal with it)

I can’t choose rip. 

I started liking Shunk just recently. It never really occured to my mind as a ship until a friend of mine started talking polydin to me and I realized how this ship is so fluffy and good and it pains the heart so much. Plus, Hunk and Shiro are actual the space parents™. Look me in the eye and tell me Hunk is not the mom friend of the group and therefore the Space mom. They are just such a good and underrated ship.

Honestly, the whole Kallura thing was a ride. I was so salty about the antis that I honestly started salt-shipping what I used to dub as my notp. I changed the meaning of notp to new otp and if that isn’t enough salt, idk what is. But the deeper I dug into Kallura, the more I stated liking the ship. The Kallura community is full of nice people too and that just made me like this ship all the more.

Allurivan. Honestly, idk. They rarely had big moments but I ship them. I just see so much potential in Allura and Kolivan and ofc there will be tension and it will take a really really slow slowburn trope for them to actually develop feelings but I want it and I feel it would be worth the wait.

My Fave Characters

This one is hella harder dude

1. Lance & Pidge (fucking fight me I love both ok both)

I’m not choosing ok

Lance is such a precious character to me. He wasn’t originally the type of character I die over. I’m usually all for edgies with rough backstories like Pidge and keith. But when Lance showed drama with his family, I just flipped. I live in a very family-oriented environment so like at that moment, I just clicked with Lance’s character and started to delve into it deeper and I found myself relating to him more and more and loving him.

Pidge and I just really resonated. I saw her and she was an instant fave. I really really just love Pidge’s character.She’s smart and assertive and speaks her mind. She’s not afraid to fight and speak for herself and she knows what she wants to do. It is not everyday you see a well-grounded female characters who don’t have to go through this whole feminine™ role and that is so nice.

2. Allura


Allura is a character I love for many reasons. She’s a princess that has spice. I’ve seen princesses in mecha that just lets me down because they end up being plot devices to further protagonists and sometimes they end up being damn hella annoying too. But Allura, Allura is the protagonist. She has her storyline and her theme and character. She’s ready to give up everything to save her father’s legacy and save the universe. Her theme has always been duty and sacrifice and damn hell right her character sticks to it so well. (Destroying her father’s AI, rejuvenating the balmera despite probability of dying, saving Shiro and sacrificing herself, owning up to her prejudice and accepting Keith and the Blade) She is just so well-written and I wanna cry. I love her so much.

3. Shiro & Keith (yes they come as a matching set)

I’m also bi for Shiro if that is not so obvious. I just really love Shiro. I want to wrap him up in a blanket, let him drink warm cocoa and let him watch cute chill videos of kittens and puppies. But Shiro is a deep character and he may not remember doing really morally questionable things in his stay with the Galra and I honestly want to see how he would deal with memories of that.

Keith is edgy™. ofc I love him. But his character is actually a lot more deeper. He wants a family and people he cares about and boi, he’s just ready to fight for you. When things get tight, he tends to play devil’s advocate and be a lot more practical. It usually gets looked over as sounding harsh and detached but he handles the job well and we always need devil’s adovates in teams.

4. Hunk

Hunk is a real sweetheart. I loved his bit over the balmera arc and his character growth was so amazing and refreshing. It’s nice to see a kind and goofy chara, really. I love how he is a worrier but also a fighter. And how chill he seems. Hunk feels so chill with the big things and when I see him, I just also have this tendency to also chill. He’s a pretty well rounded character who can be understanding, funny, sassy even. And he’s just a really good support for the team.

5. Coran & Ulaz (deal with it)

Coran is a character I am guilty of ignoring. I’m so sorry. But Coran is a wonderful character. He is caring and always there for the Paladins and Allura. I really loved his bits in season two especially with Allura. They were so warm and precious. ;w;

There is no good explanation why Ulaz, a character who barely got screentime, is here. I just think he is really hot. Ulaz is hot so he is here.

And another thing about this photo reel

The immediate reasons to be fucking oBSESSED are obvious but do you know what else really has me emotional about it? 

Yuuri’s confidence. His carefree attitude. He’s totally taking the lead here! Like seeing this is WILD for me, especially knowing this happened BEFORE THE EVENTS of this series. I love this! I can’t get enough of this and I want more (hence my other post lol). LOOK AT HIM. And just take away the obvious perfection of this victuuri content and think about Yuuri as a character. 

Yes, he’s drunk, but listen drinking doesn’t give you qualities and skills you weren’t already capable of. I’m p sure all of them were a little tipsy :p.  All it does it lower your inhibitions and amplify certain aspects of you that already exist. Drunk Yuuri is still Yuuri. THIS IS REALLY YUURI. He didn’t just suddenly learn how to pole dance and break dance and do all these holds. And we’ve seen him pull of his eros sober. It was something all his own and it was so surprising at the time but now? Now it makes perfect sense in the best way. 

I really feel like the Yuuri in these camera roll scenes is significantly real and seeing him so confident and in the spotlight is like WOW. My heart breaks a little because HE DOESN’T REMEMBER. Boy has to know and understand that he captured everyone’s heart that night. He’s a goddamn shooting star. As a character he’s a triumph, a masterpiece. He’s so multifaceted and honestly seeing his journey to this point in his career was already good enough. 

But they didn’t stop there! They were like “Not only is Yuuri a badass now, he was ALWAYS A BADASS. Victor didn’t change him at all. This wasn’t what we thought it was going to be at first AT ALL. It seemed like Victor was spicing up Yuuri’s life and bringing out all these NEW sides of him. ALL LIES. Yuuri was the one spicing up Vitya’s life. EVERYONE’S lives even! Who knows what the atmosphere between all of them was like before this? Like honestly? I bet they were all being super stuffy and formal and not all that chummy like they are now and their closeness now is partially thanks to this cute boy. I love Yuuri so much like :’) Just….I just need a moment. *ahem* 

OKAY but do y’all UNDERSTAND like he was upstaging CHRISTOPHE !!! 

he was DANCE BATTLING YURIO. YURIO you guys. Since when has this kid been a socialite? Letting loose at parties?! WHAT? This is the power of our pork cutlet king

this was ALL before the main events in the series like…I’m dumbfounded right now.

Yuri was so timid and insecure in the first episode. And we just rolled with that. We thought this was about a blossoming skater trying to find his footing again. We thought it was about Victor helping him learn to be confident. 

Originally posted by bunnydesuuu

But nah. Yuuri had us fucking fooled. This man is a showstopper. This guy captivated the greatest skater on the scene, he completely stole the show. He just hit a rough spot, honestly.  

Imagine if someone tried to tell us Yuuri Katsuki knew how to do pole! Or breakdance! Or would hold his idol Victor in a saucy tango pose? 

We’d all be like HA! Okay~ :p 

We thought Victor was going to be the seductive one. 

Mann the production team must have been laughing at all of us this whole time. They were sitting on this from DAY ONE. 

We got played in the best way. Honestly? Standing ovation. This is how it’s done. Other studios better step up because YOI raised the bar beyond our wildest dreams. 

The signs and crushes
  • Aries: Realises they're developing a crush and then overthinks everything and how they'll never be together so it's not worth liking them
  • Taurus: Is super shy but devotes their time to their crush
  • Gemini: Attempts to make them laugh... but then again they try to make everyone laugh
  • Cancer: Decides they have a crush... but then again maybe they're just friends... nah i like them... but we're just friends
  • Leo: smiles and laughs at everything they say unless its REALLY stupid
  • Virgo: admires their body and makes many innuendos
  • Libra: Follows... Stalks... no personal space remains
  • Scorpio: Crushes on anything with a pulse
  • Sagittarius: Becomes shy which is weird until they unleash their full personality on their crush
  • Capricorn: Pretends they don't have a crush but makes it very obvious in their behaviour
  • Aquarius: doesn't need to have a crush, everyone crushes on them
  • Pisces: Twirls their hair and stares at their crush until they fall in love with them
watching yuri!!! on ice
  • me : mm mhm MHHHHM wait what, you're telling me this is a sports anime?
  • me : lolwut m8 they are g-a-y
  • me : wait do straight people do that
  • me : wait do straight people do THAT
  • me : ohmygod this is super frickin gay
  • me : victor, please stop eye-fucking yuri and thank you
  • me : victor! stop touching him so much and get your hand off his chin RIGHT NOW
  • me : *chanting* kiss,kiss,kiss! just tip a bit over and kiss him!
  • me : my sweet summer children, you have now fueled my descent into hell
  • me :
  • me :
  • me : thank you for ruining my life i guess

straight ppl things:

  • outright, obvious discomfort
  • assuming your s/o is your best friend. just love holding hands and kissing them. “you two are such good friends! i want a friend like that” 
  • assuming coming out is a one time thing where you invite everyone you have ever came into contact w/ + will ever come into contact w/ to a party and get on a stage and announce “hey! i’m gay” and everyone claps and that’s that
  • weird invasive questions about your personal experiences
  • “maybe someday you’ll realize that this was just a phase and you’re just kidding yourself! we all go through phases”
  • “haha so did you ever have a crush on me/don’t get a crush on me or anything… jk”
  • “i love you even though i don’t support your actions and you’re inevitably going to hell (:”
  • “you’re so brave for-”
  • “so how does your family feel about-”
  • treating you talking about the shit they do (even if you say it lightheartedly/in passing) as if you went directly into their home and broke all of their dishes, individually, one plate at a time, as they stood there and had to watch

Ya’ll been hitting me with that good lesbian pidge content so i’m gonna put more out there too.

• Pidge gets sUPER flustered around girls!!
• She’s only 14 and not super experienced?? So whenever a cute girl even talks to her she gets shy and blushy
• She isn’t super ready to start dating just yet but she just likes to remind everyone “man i love girls and i’m just!! A big lesbian! Just to remind everyone here!!”
• *rips off her sweater* “LESBIANS FOR LOCHNESS”
• When pidge gets a crush its super obvious to figure it out.
• She gets clumsy around them and messes up her words and probably accidentally broke one of her devices while talking to them.
• When everyone else finds out Pidge has a crush on someone they all flip out because “oh my god!! Our little sis has a crush!!”
• Lance would try to give her some flirting tips, but knowing Pidge, she obviously rejects that
• Lance: “oh my god do you wanna hear some advice?”
• Pidge: “I’d rather take my chances”
• Also pidge: “please i’m like 100x better at flirting with you, i could get 10 girlfriends in a week without your help!” *nervous laughter*
• Hunk would tease her but also give her some cliché advice that you hear in every show/movie
• Hunk: “ooo I knew you had a girlfriend”
• Hunk: “just be yoursel-”
• Pidge: “hunk I appreciate that but i’ve already heard that from like everything. Ever.”
• Keith: “i don’t know what else to say so…” *thumbs up* “good luck”
• Pidge: “wow thanks”
• Shiro would actually probably give her solid advice
• Shiro, *jokingly*: “if you want to succeed… don’t listen to lance’s advice about anything”
• Lance: “haven’t i been the only one who actually got kissed by a cute alien girl?”
• Pidge *softly*: “fuck, you’re right”
• Pidge also lowkey is jealous of Lance’s confidence around girls
• She just wishes she could be better socially tbh like she’s getting there but also- have you seen girls???

Thanks for reading please @ voltron fandom gimme that good lesbian pidge headcanons, art and fanfics.

since it’s valentine’s day i’d just like to scream a little over this

because i’ll never be able to wrap my head around

just how outrageously smitten and in love they are

especially in this interview, the interview that changed a nation

they were so obvious and flirtatious it was the only interview they were ever allowed to do alone with each other

but my god if it isn’t a treasure


tag yourself, i’m them staring at each other’s lips

who looks at their best friend like that? whom?

just how will you get him for it? i am fascinated, do tell

the thing is no matter how much mamamoo’s perfomances get cut on different award shows they still manage to make the most out of it, they burst out their powerful vocals and energy, the way they hype up the audience always adding something new into their perfomances and also their iconic adlibbing skills - all this in that short time making their perfomance if not the most then one of the most memorable ones, because you can’t cut that talent out of them :“)

I just really wanted to talk about this:

The reason why is because even though I was incredibly happy that they kissed, I was even more happy with the look that they gave each other at the end. This look is filled with so much warmth that it actually warmed my heart because you can tell that this kiss wasn’t forced. The affection and fondness is so evident in their eyes that it’s so obvious about how much the other means to them. It’s so much love and so much trust that it’s unquestionable and I’m so glad that they decided to include this at the end instead of having them kissing and then going straight off to the next scene. 

I think I can safely say that Yuuri and Viktor love each other so much and, I’ll keep on saying this, their relationship had been given time to grow and to become something much stronger and meaningful. They have formed a bond and have seen each other’s weaknesses as well as their strengths. They’ve been through many highs and lows but still manage to make it out because they have each other. 

It’s a healthy relationship with proper communication and support which both of them do need. They open up to each other and meet where the other is. 

This show, as a whole, is absolutely brilliant and I know that people have had their doubts because they thought it was queerbaiting. And I don’t blame them because it has happened before on different shows, too many times. 

But this is legit and it’s so real that it’s incredible. 

And I’m SO glad that it is turning out like we have all hoped. 

Love Wins.