is it normal to be this sexually attracted to a fictional character

How to write young adult fantasy fiction that ignores PSTD

Fictional Character:  My village was slaughtered.

Fictional Character:  My parents died.          

Fictional Character: I saw the bodies.

Fictional Character: I was betrayed soon after by someone I considered a friend.

Fictional Character:  I was taken prisoner.

Fictional Character:  I fought monsters.

Fictional Character: *mourns when they set out on their journey from village*

Fictional Character:  *doesn’t grieve more than briefly after that*

Fictional Character: *doesn’t cry at random times*

Fictional Character:  *doesn’t become emotionally numb*

Fictional Character: *doesn’t flinch at things glimpsed out of the corner of their eyes*

Fictional Character: *has no paranoia about lurking dangers*

Fictional Character: *trusts companions*

Fictional Character: *only has fear of companions dying/disappearing when companions are actively in danger*

Fictional Character: *still feels normal sexual/romantic attraction, but nobly tries to suppress it because that is what they should do*

Fictional Character: *doesn’t mistake random people for dead people they knew unless sorcery/deception is involved*

Fictional Character: *doesn’t regress or become dependent*

Fictional Character: *doesn’t have panic attacks*

Fictional Character: *doesn’t freeze when violence occurs*

Fictional Character: *doesn’t have nightmares or nightmares used to get love interest to comfort character*

Fictional Character:  *experiences insomnia, but never to the point of hallucinating*

Fictional Character:  *does push themselves past the point of exhaustion repeatedly as a plot device to make companions have to express caring feelings*

Fictional Character: Survivor’s Guilt? Maybe on the odd occasion when I’m enjoying a really good meal or song or something. Because that would be Dramatic and prove I have Benevolent Feelings and deserve to be loved. Will I cry over warm unpleasant tasting water in a goatskin canteen because so-and-so will never taste water again? Probably not.

Fictional Character: *rare intrusive thoughts* *may interfere with The Plan*

Fictional Character: *walks confidently in city streets when they have never been to a city and have never seen more than hundred people together at any one time before* *doesn’t experience overwhelming sensory input* *doesn’t even get a headache*

Fictional Character: *goes to the royal court for the first time ever, doesn’t fail politics*

Fictional Character: Unexplained unreasonable emotions? I’m being manipulated by outside forces or my powers are emerging.

Fictional Character: *when the subject of loss comes up, expresses righteous outrage*

Fictional Character: It was the worst experience of my life. It changed me forever. I shall never forget.

Fictional Character: *for a whole chapter, doesn’t refer to their loss or grief at all, not even in private thoughts*

Author: PSTD is only for minor disposable characters, not main characters.

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I've got a genderqueer character who looks extremely androgynous. I realise that can be a stereotype but the character is a shapeshifter and consciously chooses to look like that. Part of their reason is that while they come from a culture that recognises 3rd gender the culture they're currently in doesn't. Mixing visual ques is a small way of asserting their identity when the people around them don't have a frame work for discussing 3rd gender. Does this work?

Personally I feel like this totally works as your character is not representing themselves this way to make them seem more appealing or sexually desirable, but as a gentle way of thumbing their nose at a group who refuses to see past their own norms. Normally this androgyny becomes an issue in fiction when people characterize it as attractiveness rather than just allowing the character to be who/what they are.

Snarky and rebellious may, or may not, be a way into my heart.

Ironically I actually happen to do this myself to a lesser extent. While I can’t change my physical structure on an urge I do regularly mix clothing styles, wearing both “men’s” and “women’s” fashions. I’ll also wear makeup to enhance culturally typed female features on some days and on other days use it to enhance culturally typed male features, while on even more common days not wearing any at all.

- Reese

  • Fictional character: I don't care about sex
  • Me, an asexual individual: Ohh, that's something i can relate to. Finally! Yay!
  • Fictional character: I don't care about romance either.
  • Me: That's cool! It will be very enjoyable to watch you have a meaningful life and be a complex, unique person who simply happens not to feel sexual or romantic attraction.
  • Fictional character: In fact, i don't care about other humans at all. I don't have friends or family. I'm a very lonely person. Other people call me a freak.
  • Me: ... Fine, i guess
  • Fictional character: All my social interactions are very child-like, cold-hearted, superficial and meaningless. The sole reason for this is my lack of romance and sex. It makes me incapable of having a happy, normal relationship of any kind.
  • Me: What
  • Fictional character: But now i met That One Special Person.
  • Me: the fuck
  • Fictional character: That One Special Person changes everything. They heal my broken heart and make me capable of having feelings. Obviously i have been broken the whole time.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Why did i even expect anything else, i should know better by now

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Am I still a valid lesbian if I only like girls irl but I like fictional men? I rly love ephraim but men irl disgust me. Idk I feel super fake even though I'm only attracted to girls outside of fiction

absolutely! there’s nothing fake about you. fictional men are very different creatures from real-life men, especially when they have pretty anime designs. hell, even gay af me will occassionally doubt my sexuality at the sight of certain characters damn you shigure and your pretty boy ilk so what i’m trying to say is, you’re valid and what you’re feeling is normal <3