is it normal to be this sexually attracted to a fictional character

Common experiences of lesbians who don’t know they’re lesbians yet

 Out of curiosity, I recently googled “Am I lesbian quiz”. Half the “Are You a Lesbian” quizzes just asked outright, “Are you attracted to women?” as though that isn’t the very answer a questioning lesbian is trying to figure out. The other half marked me as heterosexual for things like owning more nail varnish than dogs. I hope this list will give you more nuanced ideas to think about as you explore your identity.

These experiences are all really common among - but not universal or exclusive to - people who later realize they’re lesbians and find a comfortable home in the lesbian label and community.

It’s mostly stuff that I and other lesbians I know have wished we knew when we were first coming to grips with our lesbian identities, because the fact is it takes a long time to discover how common a lot of these experiences are among lesbians, and not knowing what to look for when trying to figure out if you’re a lesbian can be hard.

‘Attraction’ to men

  • Deciding which guys to be attracted to – not to date, but to be attracted to – based on how well they match a mental list of attractive qualities
  • Only developing attraction to a guy after a female friend expresses attraction to him
  • Getting jealous of a specific female friend’s relationships with guys and assuming you must be attracted to the guys she’s with (even if you never really noticed them before she was interested in them)
  • Picking a guy at random to be attracted to
  • Choosing to be attracted to a guy at all, not just choosing to act on it but flipping your attraction on like a switch – that’s a common lesbian thing
  • Having such high standards that literally no guy meets them – and feeling no spark of attraction to any guy who doesn’t meet them
  • Only/mostly being into guys who are gnc in some way
  • Only/mostly being attracted to unattainable, disinterested, or fictional guys or guys you never or rarely interact with
  • Being deeply uncomfortable and losing all interest in these unattainable guys if they ever indicate they might reciprocate
  • Reading your anxiety/discomfort/nervousness/combativeness around men as attraction to them
  • Reading a desire to be attractive to men as attraction to them
  • Having a lot of your ‘guy’ crushes later turn out to be trans women

Relationships with men

  • Dreading what feels like an inevitable domestic future with a man
  • Or looking forward to an idealized version of it that resembles literally no m/f relationship you’ve ever seen in your life, never being able to picture any man you’ve actually met in that image

  • Being repulsed by the dynamics of most/all real life m/f relationships you’ve seen and/or regularly feeling like “maybe it works for them but I never want my relationship to be like that”

  • Thinking you’re commitmentphobic because no relationship, no matter how great the guy, feels quite right and you drag your feet when it comes time to escalate it

  • Going along with escalation because it seems like the 'appropriate time’ or bc the guy wants it so bad, even if you personally aren’t quite ready to say I love you or have labels or move in together etc.

  • Or jumping ahead and trying to rush to the ‘comfortably settled’ part of relationships with guys, trying to make a relationship a done deal without investing time into emotional closeness
  • Feeling like you have to have relationships with guys and/or let them get serious in order to prove something, maybe something nebulous you can’t identify

  • Only having online relationships with guys; preferring not to look at the guys you’re interacting with online; choosing not to meet up with a guy even if you seem very into him and he reciprocates and meeting up is totally realistic
  • Getting a boyfriend mostly so other people know you have a boyfriend and not really being interested in him romantically/sexually
  • Wishing your boyfriend was more like your female friends
  • Wishing your boyfriend was less interested in romance and/or sex with you and that you could just hang out as pals
  • Thinking you’re really in love with a guy but being able to get over him in such record time that you pretend to be more affected than you are so your friends don’t think you’re heartless
  • After a breakup, missing having a boyfriend more than you miss the specific guy you were with
  • Worrying that you’re broken inside and unable to really love anyone

Sex with men

  • Having sex not out of desire for the physical pleasure or emotional closeness but because you like feeling wanted
  • OR: preferring to 'be a tease’ to feel wanted but feeling like following through is a chore
  • Only being comfortable with sex with men if there’s an extreme power imbalance and your desires aren’t centred
  • Using sex with men as a form of self-harm
  • Feeling numb or dissociating or crying during/after sex with men (even if you don’t understand that reaction and think you’re fine and crying etc for no reason)
  • Being bored with sex with men/not understanding what the big deal is that makes other women want it
  • Doing it anyway out of obligation or a desire to be a good sport/do something nice for him
  • Never/rarely having sexual fantasies about specific men, preferring to leave them as undetailed as possible or not thinking about men at all while fantasizing
  • Having to make a concerted effort to fantasize about the guy you’re “attracted” to

Early interest in women

  • Not recognizing past/current crushes on women until you’ve come to grips with your attraction to women
  • Being unusually competitive, shy, or eager to impress specific women when you’re not that way with anyone else
  • Wanting to kiss your female best friend on the mouth for literally any reason (”to practice for boys” included)
  • Getting butterflies or feeling like you can’t get close enough when cuddling with a close female friend
  • Looking at a close female friend and feeling something in your chest clench up and being overwhelmed with love for her - love you may read as platonic
  • Having had strong and abiding feelings of admiration for a specific female teacher, actor, etc., growing up that were deep and reverent
  • Having had an unusually close relationship with a female friend growing up that was different and special in a way you couldn’t articulate
  • Thinking relationships would be simpler “if only I were attracted to women/my best friend who would be perfect for me if she/I weren’t a girl”
  • When a female friend is treated badly by a man, having your protective thoughts turn in the direction of “if I was him/a man I’d never do that to her/my girlfriend”
  • Being utterly fascinated by any lesbians you know/see in media and thinking they’re all ultra cool people
  • Having your favourite character in every show be that one gay-coded or butch-looking woman (like Shego from Kim Possible or Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica)
  • Feeling weirdly guilty and uncomfortable in locker rooms etc., when your female friends are less clothed than they normally would be around men and being more careful not to look than they are

The 'straight’ version of you

  • Thinking that all straight girls feel at least some attraction to women
  • Thinking that your interest in seeing attractive women/scantily clad women/boobs is an artificial reaction caused by the objectification of women in media
  • Being really into how women look “aesthetically”/“just as artistic interest”
  • Thinking it’s objective and uncontested that almost all women are way more attractive than most men
  • Being a really intense LGBT+ “ally” and getting weirdly emotional about homophobia but assuming you’re just a Really Good Ally and v empathetic
  • Having like half your friend group from school turn out to be LGBT+
  • Getting emotional or having a strong reaction you don’t understand to f/f love stories etc.
  • Having had people think you were gay when you had no suspicion you were gay

Exploring attraction to women

  • Feeling like you could live with a woman in a romantic way, even if you can’t imagine doing anything sexual with a woman
  • Feeling like you could enjoy sexual interaction with a woman, even if you can’t imagine having romantic feelings for a woman
  • Thinking you couldn’t be a lesbian because you’re not attractive enough, cool enough, or otherwise in the same league as most of the women you know
  • Interacting with het sex/romance in media by imagining yourself in the man’s position or just never/rarely imagining yourself in the woman’s position
  • Really focusing on the women in het porn
  • Being really into the idea of kissing/being sexual with a woman 'to turn guys on’
  • Being really annoyed when guys actually do express interest in watching or joining in when you do that
  • Only feeling/expressing attraction to or sexual interest in women when you’re inebriated or otherwise impaired

Gender Feelings

  • Having a lot of conflicting gender feelings that are only possible to resolve once you understand you are/can be a lesbian
  • Thinking that being gnc and feeling a disconnect from traditional womanhood mean that you can’t be a woman even if that’s what feels closest to right - many lesbians are gnc and many lesbians feel disconnected from traditional womanhood since it’s so bound up in heteropatriarchy
  • Knowing you’re attracted to women and not being able to parse that (esp + any gender nonconformance) as gay, taking a long time to figure out if you’re a straight man or a lesbian
  • Being dysphoric about the parts of you that make straight men think your body is owed to them, having to figure out what that dysphoria means for/to you
  • Knowing you’re attracted to women, but feeling weirdly guilty and uncomfortable trying to interact with them as a straight man, and only later realizing you’re actually a trans lesbian
  • Knowing you’re gay, but experiencing a lot of the symptoms of comp het when you try to interact with men romantically/sexually, and only later realizing you’re a trans lesbian and not a gay man
  • Being nonbinary and taking a long time to sort through being able to respect/understand your nonbinary identity and your lesbianness at the same time

Considering lesbianism

  • Wanting to be a lesbian but feeling like if you don’t already know you are one you can’t be
  • Feeling guilty about wanting to be a lesbian, feeling like you’re just attention-seeking or trying to be trendy
  • Suppressing your lesbian dreams because you think exploring that desire would mean you’re a bad/homophobic person using lesbianness selfishly
  • Wishing you were a lesbian to escape the discomfort of dating men
  • Fantasizing about how much fun it would be to be a lesbian and just be with women/a specific woman, but thinking that can’t be for you
  • Worrying that some of your past attraction to men was actually real so you can’t be a lesbian
  • Worrying that bc you can’t be 100% sure you’re not attracted to men and can’t be 100% sure you won’t change your mind, you can’t be a lesbian
  • Worrying that you only want to be a lesbian because of trauma and that means your lesbianness would be Fake
  • Worrying that trauma-induced complications in how you experience sex (e.g., a habit of self-harming via sex w men or a fear of any sex at all) mean you’re not a Real Lesbian

Every item on this list is common among Real Lesbians. It’s all Normal Lesbian Stuff. If you’re worried that you can’t be a lesbian even though it’s the life you really want for yourself, I hope this gives you permission to explore that. You are allowed to be a lesbian. 

And if you’re not sure yet – if you took the time to read this entire thing because you’re curious about your identity, if you identified with a bunch of items on this list – you may or may not be a lesbian, but friend, you almost certainly aren’t cishet. Welcome.

(I’d love to hear other things lesbians wish you’d known were A Thing when you were first exploring your identity!)



A pedophile if you are sexually attracted to REAL LIFE prepubescent children

A rapist if you force sex or anything of a sexual nature onto A REAL LIFE person without their consent

A abuser if you physically beat A REAL LIFE person or emotionally abuse someone


A pedophile if you ship characters together that are younger or a ship something with a age gap

A rapist if you ship something considered “problematic”

A abuser if you post/draw/write about a ship that is considered “problematic”


Understand the difference between FICTION vs REALITY.
One thing Anti’s like to say to counter people who ship “problematic” thing is that

“oh well if you want representation in fiction or that when a /insert thing here/ is wrong you get all upset!!! See fiction does effect reality”

I need you all to know that yes shows or books and things like that do effect reality to a point, but just because things CSI or Criminal Minds or any horror movie ever made exists doesn’t mean that all of a sudden crime and murder just started happening more. Why should I hate and not support things like Killing Stalking just because it shows “problematic” things?
This is where the fiction vs reality thing comes in to play.
Just because you see a movie/show/video game or anything do something
Yes there are very very impressionable people out there who see something like GTA and are like “yup I’m gonna steal a car now” but just because a few people are stupid doesn’t mean we should censor everything and act like art is something that must be moderated.
If someone sees some fluffy fanart of JD/Veronica and genuinely thinks that their relationship is something completely healthy and normal then they probably take a second and then learn some things about the real world.
Does this mean we should get rid of that nice fluffy fanart because a few people are too stupid to understand that’s not how things actually work?

N o

We shouldn’t punish and shame and hide art because it doesn’t fit into a few peoples ideal.
Everyone has the right to draw or write anything they want as long as they can tell the difference between their art and the real world.


You don’t need to have been raped or abused previously to ship “problematic” things because its a “coping” method.

Understand the difference between lines on a paper or pixals on a screen from a living, breathing, actual human being.

Don’t tell someone to “kill themselves” or that their “rapists” “abusers” “pedophiles” because they ship something you don’t like.

Don’t tell people who just say they don’t ship something that their “attacking people” or anything like that.

If someone ships something you don’t like or you see something that triggers you
That mechanism exists for a reason.

Ship what you ship.

Don’t ship whatever you want.

Just don’t actually hurt or attack anyone

Stop being dicks to each other and just get on with your life.

How to write young adult fantasy fiction that ignores PSTD

Fictional Character:  My village was slaughtered.

Fictional Character:  My parents died.          

Fictional Character: I saw the bodies.

Fictional Character: I was betrayed soon after by someone I considered a friend.

Fictional Character:  I was taken prisoner.

Fictional Character:  I fought monsters.

Fictional Character: *mourns when they set out on their journey from village*

Fictional Character:  *doesn’t grieve more than briefly after that*

Fictional Character: *doesn’t cry at random times*

Fictional Character:  *doesn’t become emotionally numb*

Fictional Character: *doesn’t flinch at things glimpsed out of the corner of their eyes*

Fictional Character: *has no paranoia about lurking dangers*

Fictional Character: *trusts companions*

Fictional Character: *only has fear of companions dying/disappearing when companions are actively in danger*

Fictional Character: *still feels normal sexual/romantic attraction, but nobly tries to suppress it because that is what they should do*

Fictional Character: *doesn’t mistake random people for dead people they knew unless sorcery/deception is involved*

Fictional Character: *doesn’t regress or become dependent*

Fictional Character: *doesn’t have panic attacks*

Fictional Character: *doesn’t freeze when violence occurs*

Fictional Character: *doesn’t have nightmares or nightmares used to get love interest to comfort character*

Fictional Character:  *experiences insomnia, but never to the point of hallucinating*

Fictional Character:  *does push themselves past the point of exhaustion repeatedly as a plot device to make companions have to express caring feelings*

Fictional Character: Survivor’s Guilt? Maybe on the odd occasion when I’m enjoying a really good meal or song or something. Because that would be Dramatic and prove I have Benevolent Feelings and deserve to be loved. Will I cry over warm unpleasant tasting water in a goatskin canteen because so-and-so will never taste water again? Probably not.

Fictional Character: *rare intrusive thoughts* *may interfere with The Plan*

Fictional Character: *walks confidently in city streets when they have never been to a city and have never seen more than hundred people together at any one time before* *doesn’t experience overwhelming sensory input* *doesn’t even get a headache*

Fictional Character: *goes to the royal court for the first time ever, doesn’t fail politics*

Fictional Character: Unexplained unreasonable emotions? I’m being manipulated by outside forces or my powers are emerging.

Fictional Character: *when the subject of loss comes up, expresses righteous outrage*

Fictional Character: It was the worst experience of my life. It changed me forever. I shall never forget.

Fictional Character: *for a whole chapter, doesn’t refer to their loss or grief at all, not even in private thoughts*

Author: PSTD is only for minor disposable characters, not main characters.

What IS dysphoria?

Okay, I’m really annoyed by people thinking dysphoria is only debilitating, obvious to self body hate so they must be non-dysphoric. First off, let’s define dysphoria: Sex dysphoria is a disconnect, dissociation, or other discomfort a person has with their sex and/or sex characteristics. It can present A LOT of different ways and be very subtle.

I’m compiling this list to help people see how confusing dysphoria really can be. If you’ve experienced dysphoria in a way that isn’t listed here, please say something to me and I’ll add it. You can read my person experience with my subtle dysphoria that was more obvious upon looking back: [Link]

Ways Dysphoria can present: 
- [Unexplained] depression or anxiety. 
- [Unexplained] anhedonia (inability to feel pleasure or joy)
- Phantom penis or breasts.
- Something feeling “off” or “wrong” in the mirror. 
- Disliking being naked or seeing oneself naked. 
- [Unexplained] anxiety or depression after orgasm or sexual contact. 
- A physical anxiety-like feeling, especially when reminded of one’s sex. 
- Desire to mutilate sex characteristics such as genitals or breasts. 
- [Unexplained] irritability. 
- [Unexplained] resentment for sex opposite of yours. 
- Jealousy of the sex opposite of yours. 
- Feeling uncomfortable, anxious, depressed, resentful, or jealous when people of the sex opposite to yours talk about sex-specific experiences. 
- Stuffing pants/pushing in genitals from a young age and finding it gratifying. 
- Extreme fear of or worse anxiety than normal towards puberty. 
- Stuffing family member’s bras. 
- Making phallic objects and pretending you have a penis. 
- Taking sex toys and finding enjoyment out of pretending you have a penis. 
- Taking every chance with delight to dress up as the opposite sex as a “joke”
- Extreme aversion to gender non-conformity, often times hyper masculinity/femininity to the point of being toxic.  
- [Unexplained] general dissatisfaction when looking in the mirror, especially when naked. 
- Avoidance to being naked. 
- Avoidance to being seen naked by people who it’d normally be acceptable: (Significant others, doctors, etc.)
- Feeling “disconnected” or “Dissociated” from one’s body, especially sex characteristics. 
- Feeling like you’re watching a movie through your eyes. 
- EUPHORIA from transitioning, noticing changes, passing, or doing things reminiscent of the sex opposite of yours. 
- Poor perception of time, days mashing together, time going by fast or slow, etc. 
- Trouble with memory and/or focus. 
- [Unexplained] Flat Affect: Dull emotions, dull facial expressions, dull expression in general.
- General apathy and indifference. . 
- [ Unexplained] General dissatisfaction with life. 
- [Unexplained] Dislike of sex and masturbation. 
- [Unexplained] Discomfort with sex and masturbation. 
- [Unexplained] Uncomfortable physical or emotional feelings or mood swings after orgasm, sex, or masturbation.
- Avoiding sex and masturbation despite wanting to partake in them to avoid uncomfortable feelings after. 
- Feeling as if you’re putting on a performance. 
- Feeling unable to relate to peers of your sex. 
- Feeling more negative or personally hurt about homophobia directed at sex opposite of yours. 
- Frequent daydreaming about being the opposite sex. 
- Frequently making video game or original characters of the opposite sex. 
- Feeling more uncomfortable than normal about hearing your voice played back on a device.
- Feeling uncomfortable in clothing that accentuates your sex characteristics, such as (FtM) women’s jeans making you appear more curvy. 
- Feeling like your libido should be higher or lower, more like the opposite sex.
- Other issues or discomfort with sex or masturbation involving natal genitals, such as vaginismus or vestibulodynia.
- [Unexplained] Dissatisfaction or discomfort with height, feeling you should be taller or shorter/more like the opposite sex. 
- [Unexplained] Strong connection to fictional characters of the opposite sex who you are not attracted to. 
- [Unexplained] Feeling of not belonging or being out of place in social settings where everyone is the same sex as you. 
- As a child, not feeling connected to peers of the same sex. 
- [Unexplained] Extreme aversion to reproducing. 
- [Unexplained] (MtF) Positive or euphoric feelings when thinking about being pregnant.
- (FtM) Using a strap on during sex feels more natural and enjoyable during sex, and (MtF) being penetrated feels more natural and enjoyable.
- [Unexplained] Discomfort or feeling of wrongness at the rate of muscle growth from working out. 
- [Unexplained] Discomfort with fat distribution, especially below the waist.
- Thinking you’re doing something different from what you’re doing when expressing gender nonconformity. Like putting make-up on in front of the mirror as FTM = “Oh my god look at me I’m so faggy!” Building muscle at the gym as MTF = “I’m a strong woman! Subverting gender roles! Breaking the glass ceiling!” There’s dissociation between what you know is actually happening (you look gender conforming) and what you imagine you’re doing.
- Jealousy of trans people who have gotten certain surgeries done
- Difficulty forming connections with people, especially of the same sex.
- Difficulty expressing yourself.
- Unstable identity as an adult. 
- General feeling that something about you is “off” or “different”.
- Switching clothing styles often due to unexplainable dissatisfaction.
- [Unexplained] dissatisfaction with overall appearance.

Thanks, for several suggestions, Trans-Mettaton! :)

THIS IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO EVERYTHING. Please send me suggestions and additions of your experiences or others you’ve heard and I will happily and anonymously add them, but right now I’m drawing a blank.

It’s also important to note while gender nonconformity is very common among trans people prior to transition, it is NOT inherently dysphoria or a sign of being trans. Gender nonconformity and disliking/being uncomfortable with gender roles, or your sex/sex characteristics being assigned a gender role, can mimic being trans and having sex dysphoria. The important distinction is that sex dysphoria has to do with SEX. So your physical body, anatomy, physiology, being seen and treated as the sex you want to transition to, etc. Gender roles have to do with behavior, perceptions, roles, presentation, etc. 

Pretty much all of these examples can be caused by other things as well, so if you relate to a thing or two on this list it doesn’t necessarily mean dysphoria. If you relate to a lot of things on this list, I’d start questioning things though.

I hope this can help clear up what dysphoria really is so we can finally help questioning people better,

What does ‘fetishizing’ actually mean when it comes to ships?

Is it writing smut for a pairing?

No, writing erotica isn’t a fetish. Anything that is actually about sex is not a fetish, because a fetish is defined as a sexual fixation on something not normally sexual. You can have a foot fetish or a humiliation fetish. You can’t have a porn fetish, because porn is already about sex.

Does it mean having sexual fantasies about a fictional character or characters?

That’s just sexual attraction. Doesn’t matter if the person is fictional. In fact, fictional characters make it a lot less complicated, since you don’t have to worry about them returning your feelings and stuff like that.

Is it only thinking about a ship in a sexual context?

First of all, that’s inherently about sex so not a fetish, but also it’s not a thing people do. Shipping is being interested in the dynamic between two (or more) characters. Most shippers don’t purely want to see people get naked. We have the internet for that.

How about focusing on aspects of a ship that actually fall under a fetish? For example, liking a ship because the characters canonically hate each other or because they both have red hair or whatever.

That’s just fetish content. Have you seen DeviantArt? It’s nothing new. And it doesn’t forever taint a ship with its evil fetish aura, or all ships would be dirty fetishes by now.

Ooh, what about having ships that don’t involve your orientation and/or gender? Tumblr tells me that’s fetishizing an identity.

Well, it’s not, hypothetical person who speaks in bold. That has nothing to do with your fetishes and doesn’t dictate your opinion about people of that group. If you’re a fujoshi who thinks gay men are just like in yaoi, then you have a problem distinguishing fiction from reality and would do something similar with any other type of media. Talk to a therapist, that’s not normal. But if you aren’t that specific person, then your interest in ships doesn’t fundamentally change how you view real actual people. Because you know there’s a difference between them and fake people.

‘Fetishizing a ship’ means nothing. It is a nonsense phrase that is used to attack people for liking things.

Please be nice and stop saying people are bad because of what they ship.

anonymous asked:

Calliope can't have red feelings. I don't understand these people who just ignore this

Anon, I think you missed the whole point of how romance and attraction are built through Homestucks use of different romantic quadrants.

the whole point of quadrants was that their aren’t actually real. that they were just a made up social concept.

in fact, Karkat’s entire character arc was supposed to be coming to terms with that fact that quadrants aren’t real. (I could go into more detail about this but this ask was about Callie). It’s supposed to directly mirror Dave coming to terms with the fact that human romance is built on the same non-existent social concept, but in a different way. 

Callie never stated that she cant have red feelings, she did say that she doesnt know if she can, because she wasn’t raised on the idea of red romance, and thus has no idea what it would feel like. her love of the concept of red romance should have been a direct hint that she actually can have romantic feelings, the same way closeted gay people often fantasize about fictional gay relationships. 

Quadrants are supposed to be a commentary on the way humans sort sexuality, how it’s all just a construct. As we see, John is capable to have black feelings and act on them, it’s not a thing that’s exclusive to race, and it’s not an alien concept. They’re just emotions, and emotions aren’t race-exclusive. Feelings are feelings and if you like someone, you like someone, there’s no need to put labels on it, that’s the whole point. 

“Human” romance isn’t even red romance, it’s null, it’s just romance. The same way that Signless and Disciple had a romance that transcended the quadrants, because quadrants are made up. This is also why Dave and Karkat don’t have a “red” relationship, they have something closer to human dating and why Vriska was confused as to what quadrant they’re in, they aren’t in any… Or they’re in all at once. They’re in love and not in “pity”. 

Kankri also uses a bunch of terms for different types of troll romance that are supposed to mirror different types of human sexuality, phrases like “panquatrent” which is probably the category Karkat would be placed in, and the equivalent to being gay in troll society. 

Red/Black/Pale/Gray feelings don’t exist in this regard, they’re just labels that trolls put on their relationships, and the whole concept of quadrants is intentionally set up as a damaging one to society, equivalent to heteronormitivity.

Calliope’s lack of understanding or red feelings isn’t because she can’t have them, but because she’s been pressured to believe that she can’t have them, in reality they don’t exist, and neither do the black feelings that she’s expected to have. In fact, Calliope has never been on board with the idea of black romance, she never seemed happy with it, this is just another way quadrants parallel sexuality. 

Think of it this way: Calliope is the equivalent to a human who has always been fascinated by the idea of gay relationships but doesn’t think that they’re gay because they have always been lead to believe that it’s normal to be straight and not have those feelings. 

Quadrants aren’t real in Homestuck, they’re intentionally set up as a made up social concept, the same way “normal” gender and sexuality are, they’re used as intentional allusions to human sexuality. Deviating from the social norm of quadrants is the equivalent of being gay, that’s a huge overarching theme in Homestuck.

TL;DR: Callie can have red feelings, anon. Even though different types of romance are a made up social construct in Homestuck.  

Animes with a large yaoi fandom that are NOT yaoi/BL~

UPDATE: To the idiots who are actually flaming me, how cliche and illiterate can you get, it’s hilarious. 

I’m probably going to lose a shit ton of followers and get a lot of hate on especially on a bishies blog like this, but I’ve been thinking of making a post like this for a while and frankly, need to let this out of my chest. 


So to my disturbance but unsurprisingly, I noticed a lot of people who like anime, but have not seen the following animes I am about to list, thought they were shounen-ai, boys love or yaoi. Because of that, a lot of people avert from them dismissing the animes off as pure fanservice for crazy fangirls. 
I understand this because I was and still am one of those people who stayed away. 

But after having the pleasure of diving into actually watching/reading Kuroshitsuji, Durarara!!, Hunter x Hunter, K-Project, etc. you start realizing how damn deep these works of fiction are and you really enjoy the characters and plot once you zone out the fandoms. 

There is no yaoi or BL whatsoever and any fanservice added is simply added in the anime and is in no way canon to the original work, manga.

I won’t be mentioning sports animes or reverse harems cause they’re full of guys, the fandom is bound to be crazy over that so I’ve given up hope. 

Basically, I just want to be a bitch and crush fangirly dreams so this post is pretty much me proving to newcomers why these animes are not yaoi and the men are not ‘gay.’

Okay, if you hate this already, stop here, backspace, block me, whatever. If you agree, carry on.

If you do happen to carry on but don’t agree, DO NOT attempt to argue or fight with me on this. Sorry to say, but I’m not really that open-minded and I stand firm on my beliefs here so if you don’t agree, then don’t ever socialize with me. Everyone is happy. We’re good.


Let’s start with Durarara!!

Let’s start with the most popular and raging ship in that fandom. Shizaya.
Shizuo and Izaya have been confirmed that they feel only hate and dislike towards each other. They literally want to get rid of each other. That’s it. And somehow, that is interpreted as ‘love’ by fangirls. 
In any case, the author already answered that Izaya was ‘normal’ and that he ‘has his needs.’ In Japan, that equates to being a healthy, heterosexual male who has normal sexual urges now and then. 

Despite claiming to love all of humanity, Izaya does flirt with women a lot and even said how he wants to date one or a few of them when they threatened to kill him. 

Shizuo used to have a crush on an older woman who sold him milk. He was originally supposed to be paired up with Namie by the author. He is also ship teased with Vorona and she to him.

Never had Shizuo shown any interest in men. 


Now on to K-Project. 

Reisi has been canonically ship teased with Seri. Seri has been revealed to harbor a bit of a crush on him. 
Reisi has no other feelings towards Mikoto other than wanting him to take responsibilities as King and a comrade. Mikoto is 100% indifferent to everything aside from his clan and family. 

Yukari Mishakuji is beautiful. He talks femininely, use makeup and skin care products. He paints his nails and is obsessed with everything beautiful.

He also said that he would only date Nagare Hisui IF he was a girl. If that doesn’t not ring a bell, I don’t know what does. 


Let’s go on to the ever so famous Kuroshitsuji and its famous bullshit rumor about it being “supposed to be a yaoi.” 
A Japanese person runs a blog on this website responsible for translating Yana Toboso’s blog. 
She has already confirmed that literally, no one in Japan including the author herself know anything about that made up rumor. As time went by, the rumors only got worse to the point that even non-shippers believe it (like I stupidly did in the past)

Both Yana and her editor already said too many times that Sebastian and Ciel feel nothing for each other aside from business, hostility and distrust. Let’s also add that Yana had GFantasy publish Kuroshitsuji. A company that strictly prohibits yaoi and BL of any form.  

Ciel throughout the manga and especially in the latest chapters had only shown concern and love towards Elizabeth Midford. Ciel, a cold-hearted child obsessed with revenge was legitimately about to throw his life on the line when Lizzy was in danger during the Campania arc. 

Whether this can be interpreted romantically or platonically on Ciel’s part is more ambiguous, but there is no doubt that the two care greatly about each other. 

If Sebastian really had ‘feelings’ for Ciel like so many fangirls like to believe, he would definitely do everything in his OP demonic power to get rid of Lizzy and have Ciel for himself.

Instead, he actively teases Ciel and respects Lizzy as well as support their fiancee relationship. Any ‘feelings’ he has towards Ciel is that of a predator and his dinner. 
Sebastian also has a lot of fun interrogating women in certain, special ways. Something he has never shown interest in doing with men. 


Finally, Hunter x Hunter.

Ever since a shounen like HxH attracted female viewers, no doubt because of the generous amount of bishounens on there (Hisoka, Killua, Illumi, Chrollo, etc,) the yaoi fandom now dominates the place and Killua and Gon became the most popular ship.
Even more than canon ones like Meruem and Komugi. 

I have run across people who even said that Killua and Gon are canon and that there can be nothing to challenge that. (apparently fangirls think they own shit now)

Killua had said countlessly that Gon was his “dear friend.” To anyone with common sense, a friend is not the same thing as a lover lol. There is nothing between the two little boys aside from a beautiful friendship that often occurs between children and adolescents even if a website like tumblr might find this shocking.

Let’s finish this with Hisoka, a character that has much controversy recently regarding his sexuality ever since certain people including I headcanoned him heterosexual cause we can.
But because of that one simply headcanon, people I personally knew and I were attacked, harassed, badmouthed and mocked. 

Until Togashi or Ishida confirms anything, Hisoka is left ambiguous. 
That does not mean that we cannot analyze canon evidence however.

When it comes to every single male character in HxH (including Illumi and Chrollo, the two male characters often shipped with Hisoka,) Hisoka has only expressed desire to fight and eventually kill them. This stretched down to Hisoka’s only ‘friend,’ Illumi. He has absolutely no problem killing Killua just to earn Illumi’s wrath to have the opportunity to kill him.

Hisoka’s interest in fighting Chrollo turned into 100% indifference when he learned the Phantom Troupe leader could not use nen courtesy of Kurapika.
Gon is just another toy he wants ripened to have the pleasure of killing.

The only person Hisoka is intimate with, tried to sleep with, get a date with, shared his past and his abilities with is to the beautiful female character Machi.
This extends to the latest chapter of 357 where he seemingly spared her at least temporarily out of respect.

Even when Machi threatened to chase him down to the ends of the world to eradicate him when he playfully makes her choose between him and Chrollo, he seemed satisfied with that.


For Shingeki no Kyojin, the most popular pairing in the Western fandom is Eren and Levi.
In the Japanese fandom, the most popular ship is Eren and Mikasa.

While I’m at it, SNK’s author answered in a Q&A that he purposely wrote Levi to have an attraction towards Petra Ral. 

And that ladies and gentlemen, concludes my throwing shade analysis of the above yaoi-dominated animes. 

(Also, I own none of the drawings used.)

Fabulous Olicity Fanfic Friday - June 16th, 2017

Happy Friday! So this is my attempt to both thank awesome fanfic writers for their amazing work and offer my recommendations to anyone who is interested. Here are the fantastic fanfic stories I read this week! They are posted in the order I read them.

Oh and I’m wicked behind in my reading!! So if I tagged your post #can’t wait to read and you don’t see here, I will still read - I’m just REALLY behind  - such a first world problem!

Summer House multi-chapter by @laurabelle2930 - Oliver Queen has been missing for two years. On the eve of his 2nd anniversary the local paper with the families consent has decided to run a memorial article since one was never done when he first went missing. Sara Lance was assigned the story at first but know the paper’s hotshot reporter Felicity Smoak has been assigned the story. Felicity must now put her personal feelings aside as she searches for the truth to Oliver Queen’s disappearance.

Untitled by @effie214 - post 5x23 Thea’s POV Olicity after safe return from island

Girl of My Dreams multi-chapter by @tdgal1 and @c0bra5nak3 - Oliver Queen, CEO of Queen Consolidated, meets IT specialist Felicity Smoak.   Playboy turns boyfriend as he dates and falls in love with this amazing woman.  But everything is not perfect and the couple will find that they must face some obstacles together.

Time for a Story multi-chapter by @smkkbert - This fic shows Olicity and their life as a (married) couple with family. Although Olicity (and their kids) are the protagonists, other characters of Arrow and Flash make appearances. - I really cannot tell you how much joy and happiness this story brings to my life DAILY. I’m almost caught up and will be at a loss waiting fro the next AMAZING chapter!!

Keep it Professional multi-chapter by @mogirl97 - Oliver is assigned to be Felicity’s bodyguard

You Had Me at Hello by @tdgal1 - Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak met at a Gala and had an instant attraction but Smoak Technologies and Queen Consolidated have to work together.  Can they make that sexual chemistry work and still work together.

You Call it Madness by @smoaking-greenarrow - Cupid’s Arrow strikes the Green Arrow and there are unintended consequences

When I’m With You - How To Fall In Love multi-chapter by @sentence-fragments - ARROW AU - Felicity is a Merlyn. When she was only five years-old, her father dropped her off to live with the Queens. She had expected it to be a few days, but those days turned into weeks, into months and into years. This is the story of her friendship with Oliver, her struggle to find a purpose in life, and her life with an absent father. (Part 1 of the ‘When I’m WIth You’-Series)

I Will Always Trust You @felicityollies - A collection of oneshots for Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon 2017. 01. Summer Vacation - Cabin in the Woods (smut) 02. Eye Contact - More than Words (smut) 03. Taste - Sunshine in a Pretty Blonde Bottle (vampire au / smut)

Summer Vacation by @dmichellewrites - Oliver and Felicity actually have some time off from Team Arrow business. It’s everything Oliver has ever wanted from quiet date nights to trips back home and more. The Queens, their friends, and family have a fantastic summer vacation after escaping Lian Yu.

The Way He Looks at You by McDrama - My entry for the Olicity hiatus Week two prompt: Eye contact This is something completely AU I just started writing and this is the result. Oliver is a hired gun living two lives and one day during his daily routine he meets a blonde whirlwind at the coffee shop, as their eyes locked he felt like seeing light for the first time in ten years.

Tastes Like Pure Joy by @wherethereissmoak - Felicity almost has her school paid off - and her last night as a live-donor at a vampire restaurant will settle her debt. But her encounter with client Oliver Queen was anything but the quick and easy feed either of them was expecting.

The Bond multi-chapter by @green-arrows-of-karamel - On Earth-837, a world so alike and yet so different from ours, people bond with their soulmates through a single gaze into each other’s eyes. Oliver Queen has not found his mate yet, and he fears that he never will. But one night, he meets a woman with sapphire eyes and their life changes forever. (Fulfilling OHFAT week 2 prompt: Eye Contact)

Normality by @cruzrogue - Oliver and Felicity just having a normal day by their standards. Olicity hiatus fiction prompt: Eye Contact.

Most Secrets Come With a Price by @diggo26 - Oliver Queen wants to get his life back in order. He seeks out an old friend, Felicity Smoak, believing she is the one person who can help him. With years passed and both having grown, will spending so much time together forever change their relationship? But not all is as it seems. When secrets, the past, family, and life, all start to unravel before him, can Oliver trust anyone?

Kiss Me by @laurabelle2930 - So this weeks prompt was Taste for the Olicity Hiatus fic-a-thon and as usual when you give me something like taste I can’t help but go down the smutty road. However this week I did so with an angel/demon trope.

What She Whispered by @beemichelle7 - Post 5x23 fic, so so wonderful!

To Make You Feel My Love multi-chapter by @smkkbert - One year after the Gambit went down, the incredible happens: Oliver is found alive and brought back to Starling City. All he wants is getting back to Felicity and Madeleine. Though Felicity welcomes him back with her arms wide open, Oliver struggles to find his place in the family. It seems like his place – at least in Mae’s heart – is already taken. And it doesn’t help that it’s his best friend Tommy who seems to have taken it. A MUST READ.

Checkout by @arrowgirl20 - Thea asks Oliver for a favor which leads to Oliver meeting a helpful blonde saleswoman.

When I’m With You - Withdrawal Symptoms multi-chapter by @sentence-fragments - Arrow AU - After finally becoming a couple, the worst possible thing you can imagine happens to Felicity Merlyn. Her other half is gone and she has to find a way to live without him. Or does she? This is Felicity’s journey to finding herself after Oliver is gone and the decisions she has to make in her quest to find him. (part 2 of the 'When I’m With You’-series)

Summer Vacation by @thearrowandhisgirlwednesday - Summer vacation prompt for Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon - so sweet!

Taste by @diggo26 - Summary: Oliver gets a very nice and surprising mid-sleep wake up.

Somethings are Meant to Be by @pimsiepim - sequel to His Girl Wednesday which you REALLY NEED in your life if you missed read here: Set after Oliver returns to Star City after being missing for 3 years, it is shaping up to be just as awesome as His Girl Wednesday

Olicity: Coming Home by @ghostfoxlovely - Dialogue prompt #102: “Are you done bleeding yet?”

Olicity: Raise Your Glass by @ghostfoxlovely - Dialogue prompt: “I’m going to need a lot of alcohol.”

Untitled by @ghostfoxlovely - Prompt: Honey, you just got out of surgery

Olicity: Fall Into You by @ghostfoxlovely - Dialogue prompt: “How did you even get up there?”

Untitled by @ghostfoxlovely - Prompt: Honey, the doctor says you can’t have caffeine

Liked the Deserts Missed the Rain by @almondblossomme - Felicity’s thoughts after that slip up in the lair - SO SO WONDERFUL!

Dinner with the Chef by @bitchwhwifi - They meet at the grocery store and argue about pasta.

I Could Use a Drink by LIngall - Felicity joins the Team in the bunker to share some exciting news. Too bad she missed out on the first round of the celebration. OTA toasts to Felicity’s new venture. Later, our favorite couple continues to get closer and Oliver shares a memorable story from his time away from Star City.

Drunk Felicity by @ilovefelicitysmoaks - Prompt: Drunk Felicity when her and Oliver aren’t together

The Daughter, The Closet and The Wardrobe by @olicitydaydream - “Can we maybe get back to the conversation we were having, where you were explaining to me that you got called down to our daughter’s school today because she was caught skipping class to make out with a boy in a closet?!”

Pieces of Always multi-chapter by @so-caffeinated and @dust2dust34 - Life continues after Forever is Composed of Nows. Ongoing non-linear collection of family moments for the Queens.

Return to Me multi-chapter by @diggo26 - What would you do if you woke up tomorrow with the last 5 years of your memories gone? After an unfortunate accident, Oliver Queen must figure out his place in a life he has no memory of whilst his wife, Felicity, does everything she can to support him. With emotions, secrets and relationships pushed to the limits; will love and friendship be enough to turn back the hands of time?

As Easy As Falling multi-chapter by @charlinert - Felicity has just received tragic news when she meets Oliver, I believe there is hope, highly recommend but you will cry but not every chapter!

See Beneath multi-chapter by @someonesaidcake - Fantastic, hot story of Olicity meeting on a cruise but of course it’s not all smooth sailing

Blue Eyed Angel: Taste by @tdgal1 - Oliver is determined to win Felicity over.  This is for the Olicity Hiatus Ficathon but the wonderful @thebookjumper  and the prompt is taste.

Some Fairytale Bliss by @callistawolf - Written for the Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon, this is the week 3 prompt: Taste. The team lands in Star City and Oliver and Felicity are left alone… at last. Will they be too unsure to pick things up where they left off before?

Don’t Get Me Started on Ladders by LIngall - We catch back up with Oliver and Felicity as they return from Lian Yu along with Thea, Samantha and William.  Everyone settles in for the night at the loft, but Felicity wants to finish cleaning up the remains of  Oliver’s recent birthday party. We all know Oliver is a light sleeper. This story assumes that Felicity is not very good with ladders – of any kind, and that Oliver will come to her rescue – no matter what.

Definitely, Love by @leonie1988 - To say she was a vision of beauty and grace would have been unworthy to describe her sheer perfection.

Mayor Queen Triumphs in Celebrity Chef Competition by @xblondepiratesopheeex - Article on Mayor Oliver Queen winning a celebrity chef competition.

How Do You Get Bloodstains Off by @oneofakindxx - Olicity dinner date conversation

Killer Frost Smoak multi-chapter by @tdgal1 - Felicity is with Barry during the particle accelerator and becomes Killer Frost.  How does she handle this and does she tell Oliver?

Bonds That Can’t Be Broken multi-chapter by @wherethereissmoak - Felicity goes off her meds to enjoy one heat with a random stranger after her graduation before settling down to focus on her career. On the drunken night out in Vegas, she finds an Alpha and they have what she hopes is a one night stand. But the next morning, she wakes up with a bondmate bite and realizes she cannot remember many details of the night before. Oliver Queen knows that he bonded with a beautiful woman, but he has no idea who she was. The two try (and often fail) to move on with their life without hope of ever finding their mate, but does fate have other plans for them? And when they reunite, can they overcome all the forces of evil in their path to finally be together?

(Untitled) Masterpiece multi-chapter by @overwatch-smoak - He ignited a passion inside of her that she didn’t think she had. And when he proposed it was romantical and fantastical and so utterly beautiful. His creative soul called to her in the strangest ways. His career was really getting off the ground, and once he had the actual model of his angel, they were happy.

The Summer People multi-chapter by @olicitysmoaky - Genius IT girl, Felicity Smoak, takes a trip to the Hamptons to take care of her movie-star cousin’s kids for the summer and meets billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, who’s lost his way within QC and with his relationship with his father. Felicity’s disenchanted with her current life, too. She’s just left a job at Wayne Enterprises and attempting to regroup at the beach. Will these two help the other find themselves or will they remain lost in the disenchanting world of the wildly idle rich? ***Yay for Arrow in the Hamptons. Fluffy but has action and a bad guy. ;)

A is for Aerial by @smoakmonster -  Felicity is an amateur and struggling trapeze performer in Vegas. Slowly but surely, her new partner Oliver teaches her how to overcome her fears, both on and off the stage.            

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Why I dislike The Fault in Our Stars

So, I’ve been getting a lot of asks over the last few months asking why I strongly dislike TFIOS by John Green as much as I do. And for the most part, all the recent askers have been surprisingly polite, considering the more aggressive ones I’ve received in the past on the subject. Anyway, I’ve answered a bunch of them separately, but I’ve decided to condense all of my theories, opinions and arguments into one succinct post.

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anonymous asked:

Can you elaborate, what exactly is purity culture?

purity culture is a term that comes up often in the context of conservative religious environments, most commonly used in the context of american christian conservatism. it’s the sort of thing where you’re taught that premarital/pleasurable sex is corroding, bad, or evil. so chastity is emphasized to an extremely unhealthy extent.

there’s something like that going on a lot on tumblr, where people will casually get mocked for having the “wrong” fetish or being attracted to the wrong people. or in the case of shipping culture, if you ship one or more teenagers as being in a relationship.

soon as someone turns 18 on here they’re expected to disavow ever being attracted to teenage fictional characters, even though being attracted to people around your age and that are your peers is entirely normal. in fact, in real life, that’s why a lot of age of consent laws have a “grace period” so that, say, an 18 year old caught by a 17 year old’s parents wouldn’t get charged with raping a minor.

you also see this with a lot of LGBT pairings where tumblr will condemn depicted sexual unions in favor of chaste kissing or hugging. while you got people that ship pairings going “OMG I’M SINNING MY SMOL GAY BBYS” kinda shit. it’s infantilizing and insulting to lgbt people, but if you criticize this in any shape or form, you get called a virulent homophobe and probably a racist transphobe too. because apparently young lgbt people NEVER take the sexual initiative in couples with an age gap in their wonky minds.

and finally, you have people treating anime and japanese games like something that religious extremists find objectionable. if you like any sort of anime or the wrong type of japanese game that doesn’t pass an insane standards test on tumblr’s part, you’re evil. you’re satan. you’re the whore of babylon, and you deserve to be shamed, humiliated, and excommunicated.

corosays  asked:

hello! I'm really glad to find your blog because it helps me a lot to get through many things for my future project! I also wanna know if you maybe can help me, bcs the world of my project is just like our own Earth, but there are monsters and people who can control elements like air, fire, etc. I'm still confused on how to make the world seems realistic and relatable to the readers, I wonder if you can help me? and I'm not a native English speaker, sorry if there is any mistake. thank you!

Hello, love!  Your English is great 👍  And thank you for following!

That sounds like a really cool universe :)  I strongly relate to your struggle with relatability – I tend to make my worlds complex and a bit inaccessible to readers.  And that’s the kind of problem that, when you look at it as a whole, feels pretty overwhelming.  That’s why I break it down into three different areas…

The Three C’s of Relatable Stories

In general, there are three big parts of your story that you’ll need your characters to understand and, on some level, relate to.  While your fictional universe should be unique and different from our real world – especially the more removed it is from real-life science and society – there should be a few common threads that your readers can see and think, “Oh, that’s just like real life!”  Examine your story in the following three areas:

1. Culture

This is the topic I’ll discuss most, so I put it first.  Your story’s culture is, for some readers (including myself), one of the most immersive and exciting aspects of your fictional universe.  Everything that creates your society – architecture, art, history, education, food, fashion, sports, politics, religion, medicine, community, major moral beliefs and conflicts – will shape how your readers experience your story.  Interesting fictional culture also promotes fanfiction, cosplay, and strong fandom ties that enable you to write sequels/spin-offs (J.K. Rowling is living off how strong her fictional culture was).

Because we want our cultures to be so unique and entertaining, though, many writers make the mistake of creating cultures too exotic or fantastical to reach readers.  But there are certain “human” parts of culture that reappear no matter what universe you’re in, so make sure your story has at least a few of the following:

  • Games.  Even wild animals, who have nothing to do with our society, play games with each other in real life – so unless fun and games are strictly outlawed in your universe, you should probably have some.  Games aren’t necessarily going to mirror ours; after all, we have board games, card games, video games, arcade games, sports games, drinking games, and games that don’t require supplies (guessing games, tag, hide-and-seek, charades, I-Spy etc.).  Different games are more appropriate for different ages – some are associated with certain genders, certain events, or certain environments.  Develop some of your own games, and maybe use some that mimic real games (with different names, of course).
  • Food.  Food isn’t just something we eat – it’s a culture.  Food culture = answering questions like:

Where do people of [lower/middle/upper] classes eat?

What sort of events are tied to food? (e.g. Thanksgiving, harvest festivals, etc.)

Are there special foods or meals for special occasions?

What do children eat in schools?

How difficult is it to get organic ingredients?

What is weight culture like?  In other words, are people viewed as more healthy when they eat more/less?  What figure is considered normal or attractive?  Do people diet?

  • Sports.  No matter where you live on planet earth, there’s generally some kind of sports culture – some sports are more dominant in some places than others (think about the U.S.’s relationship to soccer vs. everywhere else).  Some cultures use sports as a social activity for their kids, while others cultivate serious sports practice from childhood.  Certain sports are environmentally more relevant to certain places (which is why Canadians are so damn good at the winter Olympics).  Some sports are more violent than others – and each one has certain values: strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, agility, artistry, precision, rhythm, teamwork, or strategy.  Assess your fictional region’s values and develop sports culture that mirror said values.
  • Politics.  Every type of government comes with its own benefits, challenges, and conflicts.  Issues of allocating funds, handling corruption, checks and balances, legal rulings, outdated laws, controversial leaders, foreign relations, taxes, inequality, nature conservation, church vs. state, overpopulation – many of these problems will likely exist in your universe, in some form or another.  Pick and choose what political conflicts you’ll share with readers, and think about how they relate to and reflect in your fictional society.
  • Theology.  Decide on the majority worldview/s (theism, deism, naturalism, nihilism, pantheism, new age, post-modernism, etc. – although these worldviews shouldn’t be mentioned by name in your work) of your universe.  Read about these worldviews and how they shape society’s morals, legal system, government, interpersonal relationships, parenting, and environmentalism.  Create characters who align with the majority, and characters who contrast with the majority – thus creating conflicts that are very familiar to us.  This doesn’t mean your story has to become a religious or political commentary, of course!  But these belief systems have effects on every aspect of life, including life-or-death situations, romantic entanglements, and day-to-day affairs like work, money, and school.

2. Characters

Arguably the most important aspect of relatability, your characters are the driving force of empathy and comfort for your readers.  Although your characters will have some level of difference from real people (especially if your genre is fantasy/supernatural), there are a few common things that your characters should more than likely have:

  • Desires.  Everyone everywhere has desires, both attainable and unattainable, that drive them through every action.  There are large-scale desires – dream colleges, dream jobs, dream power, dream relationships – and small-scale desires – to help someone through a hard time, to make money, to eat right, to be a patient person – and even unknown desires – answers, fulfillment, guidance, the “right thing”, passion – all of which will exist in each character simultaneously.  Decide what your character wants, and you’ve already got multiple platforms for relatability.
  • Weaknesses.  Where there are desires, there are weaknesses that get in the way of those desires – and that’s usually the best way to find them.  What gets in the way of what they want?  Look at the Seven Deadly Sins; look at your own flaws, and the flaws that annoy you the most in others, and the flaws you don’t mind in others.  If your character, for example, wants to become famous on Broadway… what makes it a challenge?  Does she have social anxiety?  Is she impatient?  Does she struggle with her responsibilities?  Does she struggle with internalized discrimination?  What makes her dream personally, circumstantially, or socially unattainable?
  • Self-image.  So they’ve got their desires, and the weaknesses that keep them from those desires, so the real question is: how do they see themselves?  Do they focus on their failures or their successes?  Do they see their dreams as attainable or impossible?  Do they make steps to better themselves or do they feel comfortable with who they are now?  Do they absorb other people’s opinions of them, or reject those opinions?  Self-image is almost more relevant to a character’s story than their actual image, because this directs a lot of how they behave, how they struggle, and most importantly, how they narrate their own story.
  • Sins.  Bad habits, conscious choices, past sins – the sins they don’t even know are sins – these things are the ultimate stuff of relatability.  When someone reads your book and sees a character who shares their struggles, they won’t put the book down.  Don’t be afraid to let your character do bad things.  Don’t try to make them lovable angelic cinnamon rolls who do no harm.  Let them do things that make your readers cringe because damn it, she’s yelling at the people she loves again – stop pushing them away!  This will keep readers involved and allow them to feel your character’s failures as if they were their own.
  • Humor.  Everybody’s got a sense of humor – even those dumbass middle school boys who joke about sexual experiences they’ve never had.  Everyone has their own type of humor based on the kind of people they live with and the TV shows they watch and the experiences they’ve had.  Writing humor, however, can feel less natural – because there’s this pressure to make everybody laugh.  Don’t worry about that.  Just give your characters their own senses of humor, and someone will find it relatable.
  • Love.  Even villains have love to give.  Every person, and therefore every character – from every background and every trauma and every bad relationship and bad childhood – has love in their heart, as cheesy as that sounds.  They have love they want to give to people (sometimes a particular person) and love they want to receive, and different methods of expressing their love (see: The Five Love Languages) to others.  They have love for themselves, too, and conditions on which they’ll treat themselves with love.  Determine their potential for loving themselves, for loving others – both platonically and romantically – and for unconditional love.  Then allow this to grow over the course of the story, and you’ll have a character arc everyone can appreciate.

3. Conflict

Here is a post I’ve written discussing 4/5 of the main types of conflict, which are:

  • Man vs. Man
  • Man vs. Nature
  • Man vs. Society
  • Man vs. Self
  • Man vs. Technology/Supernatural

The reason these categories of conflict are so popular is because they’re the same conflicts we face in day-to-day life.  The fight over territory with your roommate = Man vs. Man.  Trying to find your car in the rain = Man vs. Nature.  Making the same New Year’s resolution for the third year in a row = Man vs. Self.  So identify these conflicts in your story, both large-scale and small-scale.  Both are important, but the personal conflicts – the ones that most affect your characters, like their resolutions or their roommate, or the killer beast that’s trying to eat them or the A.I. that’s taken control of their spaceship – will give your story stakes that, on their basest level, your readers will understand.

That’s my only real advice for you, since this is something I also struggle to manage – but I hope some of this makes sense for you and your story.  If you have any further questions, hit me up and I’ll try to get back to you way sooner.  Good luck!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

Why Wincest? : An Honest Answer.

Like most Wincest shippers, I get asked a lot of different questions about why it is so appealing to me. Fortunately, I havent received any hate regarding it (yet) just mostly curiosity, and to be honest, I ask myself all the same questions.

To be clear, I am only answering for myself, since everyone’s experience is different, but I know there are people who feel the same way. I’ll start by saying, I don’t have a brother kink, or any interest in m/m sex, but something about Sam and Dean specifically, intrigued me very early on. I’d say somewhere around “Woooaaah easy tiger” (Dean grins) “Dean!?” (Sam answers breathlessly) I thought, “Oh yeah, these 2 wanna bang each other!” and that was literally the first scene we ever saw of Sam and Dean together. 

There is a reason why the writers/producers gave us a scene like this as our first introduction to the brothers’s relationship, it’s because they want us to sense sexual tension between them. This is the type of scene that TV shows and movies use to plant such thoughts between characters. For whatever reason 2 characters suddenly have physical contact, or maybe just long eye contact. The trope we’ve seen a million times, the “oops our bodies are touching and we made eye contact” that has started almost every love story ever. Since this is the very first scene between the brothers, the writers wanted to establish this immediately. 

So, like so many people, I noticed this, and then thought “well thats kinda gross, they’re brothers” and moved on. However, it didnt stop there. The writers threw in text mixed with subtext to keep it going. From standing/sitting too close together, unnecessary touching, grabbing, pinning each other against the wall, and so on, mixed with spoken text about how much one needs the other, or how theres nothing they wouldnt do for each other, established in concrete, that these 2 are not normal brothers. 

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Malik Ishtar isn’t Girly, or Gay

And other inflammatory titles, including: “Western Character Readings are neither Definitive, nor at times, Appropriate”. 

nb: This essay will make use of the term Marginalized Orientations, Gender identities, and Intersex, (hereinafter referred to as MOGAI) as an alternative to the word queer.

A fairly common description of Malik Ishtar, is that he is designed with effeminate, and MOGAI-encoded traits. This reading of his aesthetic, whilst not exclusive to the Western fandom, is exacerbated, and encouraged by a Western perspective of gender, sexuality, and encoding. 

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with approaching Yu-Gi-Oh! or Malik Ishtar as a Westerner, particularly as the series enjoyed a global release. In fact, it is natural to consider the impact of MOGAI-encoding on a Western audience. However, not analyzing the material within its native context (1) is short-sighted, and incredibly self-absorbed.

To state that Malik Ishtar is intended (2) to be read as feminine, or gay, applies this Western reading without remembering this. Instead, Malik’s design clearly draws on a Bishōnen (美少年, lit. beautiful young man) aesthetic. Although Bishōnen does indeed have roots in homosexuality, and femininity, the modern use of the aesthetic is realized as a form of idealized youth, transient bisexuality, and gender-neutral androgyny. 

Initially, this description of Bishōnen may seem very similar to the Westernized “camp” aesthetic. Indeed, Bishōnen includes elements of MOGAI-encoding, but where the Westernized trope has effeminate elements deriving from sexuality, the Bishōnen trope derives androgyny, and bisexuality from age. Further, where the Westernized “camp” is used to portray MOGAI characters, often via negative parody, Bishōnen are considered highly desirable to women.

Indeed, they are described as highly desirable to everyone. It is an aesthetic intended to appear as neither masculine, nor feminine, and to be transcendently attractive. In this regard, Bishōnen most closely resemble the Western depiction of angels (gender-neutral, and beautiful to everyone) more than Western depictions of MOGAI individuals.

What a sweet angel - hah! 

Moving on, Bishōnen as an aesthetic is seen as appealing, and is emulated by Idols, Visual Kei artists, and many Japanese Youth in order to become more attractive, especially to women. It is not specifically an aesthetic favoured by the Japanese MOGAI community, and indeed, the homosexual male community distinctly disfavours it.

However, due to its popularity with young women, within the Shōnen genre, it is specifically used to appeal to a female readership. This is different to being a Shōjo, or Yaoi/BL genre, in that Bishōnen are used - again, to appeal to the female readership - but also feature in romantic storylines, involving either young women, or young men. When used in Shōnen, it diversifies reader appeal aesthetically, rather than narratively.

Although there is still an implication of bisexuality, Malik is primarily designed as incredibly attractive. Importantly, the bisexuality disclosed by the trope is specific to age - basically, same-gender romantic tension is acceptable, as something practiced by children, and teenagers.

Arguably the design-shift between the Battle City arc, and Millennium World arc is heightened masculinity. From a Western Perspective, he has lost many of his feminine, and thus MOGAI-encoded traits. However, in the context of Bishōnen, Malik has retained the elegance, and prettiness that qualify him as beautiful (bi, 美) and grown away from youthful androgyny. The implication is not that his heel-face-turn has “straightened” him out, but that it has matured him from a beautiful boy, into a beautiful man (biseinen, 美青年).

Of course, this does carry the connotation that he will eventually grow out of his “childish” bisexuality. There is still a MOGAIphobic element, however it was not deliberately invoked, and is instead a facet of a larger cultural attitude. This does not make it less offensive, but it does make it less implicit. In case it is unclear to any readers, people do not grow up and magically become straight, and the implication that they do is offensive.

In conclusion, Malik Ishtar’s aesthetic is not coded as “girly”, or “gay”, but instead as ambivalent in sexuality, and androgynous in presentation – and above-all, excessively young, and attractive

And maybe if Malik is hot as hell, and strips a bit in the anime, then more girls will watch YGO. It worked, didn’t it?

Although a Western audience will always bring their own expectations, tropes and encoding to analysis, it is important to never assume that one’s own perspective is more important, or accurate. To make that assumption is flatly offensive in this context.

Regardless of Malik Ishtar’s aesthetic informing the audience that he is androgynous, and bisexual, please don’t forget that presentation does not equal sexuality, or identity. 


(1) As a sidenote, don’t forget, there is a strong cultural divide between Japanese media or entertainment, and Japanese society. There is an understanding that deviations permitted in the context of entertainment isn’t normally permissible, and is not inherently real. As Malik Ishtar is a fictional character, societal oppression does not apply to him in the same way, or intensity as it it would, if he was a real person.

(2) Additionally, it is vital to understand that the design of a character does not exist in a vacuum. Although Malik Ishtar may have character reasons for his presentation, he is not a real person, and therefore lacks autonomy over his appearance. Instead, his appearance is dictated by his creator, and his creator’s motivations.

Therefore, it remains offensive to presume that the sexuality and gender identity of real people can be determined by their presentation. Although presentation may be dissected from a design standpoint, to argue a character, or real person identifies in certain ways, based purely on their appearance is potentially problematic.

“Kuroko no Basket is not gay” - and why that statement is bullshit

I know I said I was leaving for today but this is something that has bothered me for a long time and I would like to say this. 

I take issue with the title statement, and I’m going to explain why. This is going to be a very long post so grab a snack and get comfy. 

Okay. To begin with, I’m going to talk about Kagami. He, along with Kuroko (but that’s another story), are the only male characters on the Seirin team who show no interest in Momoi. There are plenty of things that make this odd. One is the fact that Hyuuga has said he doesn’t like girly girls, yet even he salivates over Momoi. So Momoi is hot stuff. Yet Kagami shows zero attraction to her. He says to Kuroko that she’s cute, but that doesn’t mean he’s interested in her. Kuroko agrees she’s cute, but we know he isn’t interested in her at all. You can be aesthetically attracted to someone but not romantically or sexually. Secondly, his interactions with Alex. Kagami seems thoroughly disturbed by Alex when she does things such as try to kiss him or when she walks around naked. First of all this is odd for a teenage boy. It’s not that Alex isn’t attractive. The Seirin members also go gaga over her similar to Momoi. And I don’t believe it’s that she’s a mentor/parent/older sister figure, because of Himuro’s interactions with her. Himuro is not bothered by her behaviour at all, he just seems amused. When she tries to kiss him, he stops her and says people don’t do that casually here. This implies he’d be fine for her to kiss him if they were back in America. You could explain this as ‘maybe Kagami is just a prude’, and yeah, maybe he is. That’s one option.
However there’s more. In Kurofes, his answer to ‘what is your type (as in romantic partner)’ is very odd. I have spoken to other people who speak Japanese and they also agree his answer is very strange. So, Kagami responds that he is attracted to “an elegant gir- person”. He starts saying the word girl, and then stops and changes to a gender neutral term. This is odd. The change from female to neutral seems significant. Why did he feel the need to stop saying a female term and change to a neutral term? Plenty of other characters in Kurofes say gender neutral person instead of girl (male characters) or boy (female characters) but that’s a normal response and they most likely are still straight. However that Kagami felt the need to specifically change his answer is very strange. My personal theory is that he just doesn’t think about his sexuality. He doesn’t seem the type to think about that kind of thing. All he cares about is basketball, not who he’s going to date. My theory is that he started saying girl because most people default that everyone is straight (shitty but true), and since Kagami doesn’t think about this he just automatically began to say girl. However, he changed his mind. So I think in that moment he realised “wait I do like guys” and thus changed his answer. You could take his answer two ways. That he’s bisexual, and wanted to use a neutral term to say he likes both girls and guys. Or you could take it that he is gay. Reo for example uses a gender neutral term in his answer, but we know he’s canonically gay. I would believe either, that Kagami is gay or bi, but personally I think it’s entirely possible that he’s gay judging by his interaction with female characters. 

We’re going to move onto another topic. The topic is that Fujimaki knows jack shit. 

Example one. Murasakibara. Murasakibara is autistic. There is no doubt. There is no argument. He is. He is autistic. However, I don’t think Fujimaki intended for him to be autistic. And by that I mean, Fujimaki does not know what autism is. He doesn’t know it is a thing that exists. There are a few reasons to support this. First, the way other characters talk about Murasakibara. Kuroko for example. Kuroko’s a smart kid. He likely would be aware that Murasakibara is autistic. However, when Kuroko describes Murasakibara and his personality, he makes no mention of this condition. Murasakibara is essentially described by characters as to be ‘just weird’. Things such as autism and mental illnesses are not understood well in Asian countries. I honestly do not have much knowledge of the way such things are treated in Japan, but in South Korea these things are barely acknowledged. Martina from EatYourKimchi has spoken about her experiences as a teacher in S.Korea. She mentioned that she had students she was convinced were autistic, and when she brought this up to the other teachers they responded “No they’re just a troublemaker. There’s nothing wrong with them.” I assume this view is the same in Japan (especially going by Fujimaki’s opinion of LGBT culture - which we’ll get to later). So, Fujimaki likely doesn’t even know autism exists, he just thinks it’s a weird personality some kids have, and gave it to Murasakibara for variety, without realising his character actually has a medical condition. 

Example two. Reo. I love Reo. He is beautiful and lovely and I love him. But he is THE SHITTIEST AND LAZIEST attempt at a gay character I have ever seen. Fujimaki has NO IDEA about anything LGBT. There have been discussions on this already, for example here. I highly recommend you read this post, but I’ll also go into this as well. So in Japan, for many people who are not in the gay community, being gay, transgender, or even just a crossdresser are considered the same thing. If you’re gay you’re trans. If you’re a male who wears dresses, you’re gay and trans. And so on. That’s the opinion. It’s fucking stupid. But that’s how it is. 
Now let’s look back at Reo. First of all, Hayama refers to him with a female honorific, ‘nee’ meaning older sister. This does not necessarily mean Reo identifies as female. In Asian countries, many males who exhibit motherly qualities are often referred to with female terms. For example, my fav kpop group of VIXX. The leader, Hakyeon, is very motherly to the younger members, and the younger members sometimes refer to him as their mother. Does that mean he’s gay or identifies as female? Of course not. The same is with Reo. He’s motherly to the other members of Rakuzan, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s transgender. He certainly could be, but he also could not be. The combination of multiple things, the female honorific, the fact that Reo has been depicted with the other female characters in art and omake panels, and that Hyuuga uses a transphobic slur with him, all suggests that Fujimaki shares that stereotypical opinion of if you’re gay you’re also trans, and so on. I’m not saying Reo is or is not trans, I don’t know and I will never know, because Fujimaki doesn’t fucking know either. 

More on sexuality and why Fujimaki knows nothing about LGBT. Alex. Her answer as to what is her type in Kurofes is that she likes assertive men. However we know Alex is bisexual. She is attracted to females as well. She states this plainly. You could say she only platonically kisses girls and while I recognise platonic kisses are a thing (I’m aroace so ofc I do) I don’t think it applies here, and I will tell you why. To most of us modern kids on tumblr, sexuality and gender are all very normal things that we know a lot about. But to most what I’m going to call ‘normal’ people not on tumblr, they are not educated in such topics. A straight man is just not going to kiss another man. Maybe if he’s an actor playing a gay character, but I don’t think many straight guys are going to be pashing other guys just for fun. If they were into that, they’d be bi. Same with straight girls. I know plenty of straight girls who just would not kiss another girl. It’s not homophobic, it’s just their preference, similar to a lesbian or a gay male not wanting to kiss someone of the opposite gender. It’s just preference. And that’s fine. Fujimaki does has the stereotypical opinion of westerners which is “we’re all gay, we all make out with everyone, and we love taking our clothes off”. And yeah. That’s what Alex is. I love her, but she’s the stereotypical Japanese idea of what an American is. Which is highly inaccurate. However, this does not change the fact that she is bisexual. Again, Fujimaki may not have intended that, but as the same with Murasakibara, it’s true whether he knows it or not. 

So. We have established that Fujimaki knows nothing about his own characters. By all this information, it’s entirely possible other characters could have different gender identities or sexualities. Fujimaki would probably say ‘no, they’re all straight’, but tbh, I’m not going to listen to anything he says judging on the way he wrote Murasakibara, Reo, and Alex. I’m just not. 

My point here after all that is: if you know the characters better than the author does, do whatever the fuck you want with them. Say they’re gay, say they’re trans. Whatever. Do what you want with them. Fujimaki has no fucking clue what he’s doing with them, so feel free to take his characters and do what you want. If you want to say Takao is gay, go for it, he’s certainly homo with Midorima. If you want to say Kuroko is aromantic, go for it. I get that vibe too. 

Basically, do what you want with them, and let others do the same. These are fictional characters. They’re meant to be enjoyed. If you feel the need to snap at people and police them for identifying with a character and saying they are *insert identity here* then you’re an asshole and you need to reevaluate your life choices. 

Good day. 

btw, Kuroko no Basket is gay af

Being demisexual: what it’s like for me

I grew up thinking it was normal and expected to attach emotionally before you attached sexually; I think my mother was demisexual as a younger woman (I’d say she’s evolved and become fully asexual now) which led me to believe it was normal, as I was fairly isolated and didn’t have much contact with people as friends until I was well past sexual maturity.  In college, to be precise, where I realized nearly everyone was very different from me in forming their sexual attractions.

As a demisexual, I usually only attach to people with sexual feelings one at a time, and it’s very sudden and usually extremely intense.  It can be agonizing– here is this person you’ve come to depend on as a friend and confidante.  Everything is fine.  Then one day you’re walking down the street and suddenly something triggers sexual attraction– a casual touch that activates sexual response, a chance word that makes me think that person might appreciate ME sexually, whatever.  BLIP– and then the whole relationship is set on its ear and is in serious jeopardy.  Invariably, for me the addition of the sexual component destroys the friendship in the long run.  I’ve tried to keep it quiet when I become attracted, but it just makes things worse when they fall apart.  

As a demisexual bisexual, I have lost female BFFs one after the other because all of a sudden after months/years I was suddenly sexually attracted to them and they were heterosexual and found it unacceptable.  

As a demisexual, my best successful friendships are with people I only see online because there’s much less chance of them triggering sexual response, I suppose– or maybe because they’re remote and the emotional attachment isn’t intense enough for me to become sexually responsive.

As a demisexual, I can’t form long-term meaningful friendships with men because they assume I’m romantically interested and snub me from day one, or because they think I’ll never become romantically interested and when I do, they begin to snub me.

As a demisexual, I don’t normally enjoy any form of porn with the exception of fan fiction (if I’m sexually attracted to one of the characters in the fanfiction, otherwise I get nothing out of it).  

As a demisexual, Tinder culture is absolutely baffling and foreign to me.  I can’t even envision myself texting someone once or twice, meeting up, and enjoying a sexual hookup, then wandering off into the blue, ready for the next one.  I can’t comprehend liking to do that.  I read an article about that culture in Cosmopolitan this week, linked to me by @irrealia, and was just… gobsmacked.  How do people do this thing?  Inconceivable.  In a way I’d love to be able to do this, because I have been all but celibate except for a couple of really awkward hookups when I was young and desperate, and I feel horribly lonely and touch-starved.  But my attraction doesn’t operate that way.  I would be repelled by sex with a relative stranger.

As a demisexual I am unaware of sexual dynamics in most relationships between others until someone points them out to me (aka hits me over the head with a clue stick).  

As a demisexual, I do not know how to flirt or signal my sexual availability to another person.  If I make an overt attempt to imitate the flirtations I’ve seen, I upset people because I’m being weird or awkward– to me, naturally demonstrating attraction is acting in way that friends normally act toward one another.

As a demisexual, I receive emails from friends with beefcake or cheesecake pictures in them, or links to sexy videos, and I’m expected to participate in a mutual lust-fest over the pictures.  I stare at these highly toned beautiful bodies or people having sex dully, without interest, going “please don’t send me more of these pictures; I don’t even know who that is.”

As a demisexual, I respond to personalities more than to bodies, looks, or clothing.  

As a demisexual, I enjoyed Obi-Wan Kenobi platonically for over a decade, aware of his sexual attractiveness only as an abstract, viewing Ewan McGregor and Alec Guinness as more or less equal in my esteem until one day I saw Ewan McGregor being sweet and empathic and vulnerable as himself in “Long Way ‘Round” and I suddenly emotionally attached to him and went “HOLY SHIT” and fell head over heels in love.

As a demisexual, I know that if Tom Hiddleston walked in here right now and stripped naked and said “Let’s do it,” I would have one of two responses:  either “I’d better take this chance because I’m never going to get laid again in my life and I know I should want him,” whereupon I would lie there under him feeling vastly uncomfortable, being unable to self-lubricate, and thinking “I could paint the ceiling beige, ugh, there’s a cobweb,” or I would respond “No thank you, Mr. Hiddleston, I know you are a sex god, but I’m unfortunately not interested in you sexually.  Could you invest several months in befriending me first, minimum, then let’s see what happens?”  Same thing for oh, say, Gal Gadot.

This is all just my personal experience, which I conflate in greater or lesser degrees to my demisexuality.  It’s by no means intended to be a statement that all or most demisexuals are like this.  All I know is that one day I saw the term “demisexual” and went and read about it and sat up like I’d been hit by lightning and said “THAT IS ME.”

Noir Nocturne Part 1 Chapter 15 Messers. Blake and Charles

Claire was embarrassed by her near hysteria. She couldn’t remember the last time she had broken down so completely. She most certainly had not meant to mention Frank yet. She hadn’t been sure what Jamie’s reaction would be once he put two and two together, but she had not been expecting him to frighten her. He was normally so calm, considerate and almost nonchalant about life in general.  

She’d known there must be a harder side to him before today, he’d been a soldier after all, but she’d never really seen it.  She didn’t see him fight the Redcoats, just the results. There had been a brawl in a tavern and once he had shown off demonstrating weapons, but that wasn’t the same as actual soldiering. 

She realized that his sacrifice in marrying her, tender nature and contagious joy as a lover, may have blinded her to parts of his nature that she hadn’t had much reason to consider yet. He had been furious, not just disappointed, when he grabbed her arm and he hadn’t done it lightly. The look on his face was so out of character it truly shocked her.

He did appear to be genuinely sorry however, and had tried to comfort her. Was it possible he loved her and that is why he had reacted so badly? If that was the case, wouldn’t she know it, or maybe she hadn’t wanted to? Perhaps he thought she didn’t care for him enough to trust her with the depth of his feelings, whatever they were. Did she love him? Was it more than just overwhelming sexual attraction? Surely it was too soon to decide that, for either of them.

Get ahold of yourself Beauchamp! You simply must focus on what is still to be done today, the rest of this can wait, she thought as she went through the door of the Employment Center behind the men.

It was a large entry room, at least ten manned desks, with lines snaking to each one. People were milling about around the walls as well. The first desk in the entry way had an information sign on the front. She’d start there. “Go over by that wall and wait for me please. I’ll find out where Mr. Blake is.” She told Jamie, who nodded and collected up the others, marshalling them to the furthest open spot. She could see their looks of astonishment over the different ethnicities in the room. Ah, yet another thing she should have already told them about. The list was growing endless she thought and sighed as she rubbed her forehead.

“I beg your pardon, we are here to see Mr. Blake, could you tell me where I might find him?” She asked the harried looking woman seated at the desk. Claire tried to give her a warm smile of encouragement as well, although she wasn’t quite sure she succeeded, still a bit wobbly that. The thing was that she felt somewhat better after the confrontation with Jamie, steadier on her feet somehow, now that she’d let some of the emotion out. Her heart no longer felt like it was riding in her throat and the numbness had left her hands.

“He’s not in yet. Won’t be here until 11:00. Just wait over there somewhere and I’ll send him your way when I see him.” The lady informed her, without looking up, waving one hand in the direction of the wall, and lighting a cigarette with the other. She had the most interesting hairstyle, finger waves, Claire remembered they were called, doubting that her own hair could ever be managed into something so stylish. This was getting ridiculous, why could she not focus on one thing at a time?

“Thank you.”

“Welcome. Next!”

Claire, deciding the woman was probably overwhelmed by the masses and not reacting poorly to herself, crossed the room to stand with the others. “We have to wait for him, he won’t be here for another thirty minutes I’m afraid. Now would be a good time for questions, quietly please.” She leaned against the wall, glad to be out of the way of all the others in the room.

“Are those Asians? Are they slaves in the colonies too? Was the tamale seller from here or somewhere else? Do women work everywhere now or only in the Americas?” came in one long string from Angus.

“Oh, Dear God Angus, must you? Must you really?” she sighed heavily, wondering where to begin.

“One thing at a time then Claire, start wheree’er ye like Lass” Jamie said, resting back against the wall next to her, reaching out a large hand for hers. She took the gesture for what it was, a kindness, and not direction for husbandly sake.

“No, they aren’t slaves and neither is anyone else here! That all ended some time ago, in the 1830s and 1840s in the United Kingdom and then its’ colonies and territories. The Colonies, which became the United States of America in the 1770s with a document called the Declaration of Independence and a Revolutionary War, fought yet another war, called the Civil War, to eliminate slavery, among other issues, here in the 1860s The United States is a Republic, and has no King or Queen, France is now the same. Theoretically, this is a Democracy, in the Ancient Greek style, with a Government in the Ancient Roman style. The current President, leader in charge, is Herbert Hoover. This country will be an invaluable ally to Great Britain in the First and Second World Wars. It has its’ problems, like everywhere else and currently the economic and political states are in flux. The Government doesn’t know what to do about the Depression, and generally stays out of peoples’ lives, except Prohibition, so most control and or help is on a local level. There is a Military, but it is nothing like the Redcoats of old.

Immigrants have come here from all over the world for an opportunity at a better life or to escape persecution, famine, wars or just to satisfy wanderlust. I had never even visited here before we arrived, and other than meeting many Yanks in my War and seeing Motion Pictures or reading the News, World Histories or fictional tales about it, that is the extent of my knowledge about this place.

I know trivial things of course, like who wins the next several World Series of Baseball, or General Elections, or who the Heavy Weight Boxing Champion is…” Claire gasped and stopped abruptly. That is what had been tapping on her brain! People gambled here, on all kinds of things. She would have to learn how to go about it and soon.


“Ye mean ye ken things that are going to happen that we might have use of Lass?” Dougal asked as soon as she stopped and he took notice of her startled face. “For money aye?” He wasn’t sure he cared at all about all the other things she’d said about this place, but that, that he did find interesting.

“Yes Dougal! But give me time to think on it and decide what to do about it. Surely you have other questions that I can help with now?” She raised a brow at him and frowned slightly. Ah but she was a unique woman, he thought. While he knew she must have fears, and certainly her tears had confused him, he just couldn’t help but admire her courage. She didna give a tinkers’ damn about what he wanted. It tickled him no end that he didna impress her one bit.

“Weel, tell me more of this place we’ve landed in and what are Motion Pictures? Can we see one then?” he asked, leaning into the other side of her and nudging her with his shoulder. He grinned down at her and then looked up and winked at Jamie on her other side. “I ken she knows more than she’s telling lad. You might have to beat her to make her properly respectful.”

“I would like to see him try to!” Claire huffed, not really appreciating the joke.

“While I’m sure I could, canna imagine that I would.” Jamie laughed and chucked her chin. “Nae ‘twould ha’e to be life or death ye ken?”

“Nae sure who’s death it would be.” Murtagh said to Angus, who rolled his eyes and guffawed.

“She’d scratch yer eyes out if ye tried Jamie, but I’d be willing to pay to see it.” Angus said, digging in his pocket for some of his change from breakfast.

“That will be enough of that you lot! If you can’t be serious, at least control yourselves and put away your change Angus. You’ll be needing it soon enough.” Claire finally giggled a bit. “Motion pictures are like those photographs in the attic Dougal. They make them here, although it used to all be done in New York. If we have time to go see one before we must get back to the boarding house, I’ll treat you all to one. This is a very large state called California, as far as I can tell it’s a bit different here than elsewhere in the States, but it’s a huge country and I seriously doubt you will believe how big until you see maps.”

“This state alone is probably five times the size of your countries combined” said a humorous deep voice standing about ten feet away from them.

Dougal looked up quickly, prepared to say something rude to the stranger, but stopped abruptly when he got a look at the man as he came towards them.

“I understand you were looking for me? Might you be the ones Father McDaniel sent over to see me?”

Claire stepped forward and held out her hand to him, smiling brightly, she said, “Mr. Blake, I presume?”

He took her hand and shook it. “Yes, Mrs. Fraser? If you all will follow me to my office, I have the information you need.”

They followed him across the entry room and into a rather large office that held only one desk and several chairs. Dougal was impressed with the man, although he wasn’t sure why. Mr. Blake was tall, wide of shoulder, with skin the color of fine tobacco. He had the most striking eyes. They were so dark, he couldn’t see his pupils. He wore a thin mustache and a black suit, with something in the upper pocket, folded in peaks. His hair was tightly combed to his scalp in dark waves that shone.

Dougal had never seen anything like him. None of them had, except Claire, and she had the oddest little smirk on her face as she looked at the men. It was as if she was laughing at them, but he couldn’t understand why.

“Please be seated. We have a few things to cover before you head to work tomorrow. Father McDaniel explained your tragic circumstances to me. Shame about that fire that destroyed your passports. But I imagine we’ll be able to replace them soon enough.” Mr. Blake picked up something from his desk, sat down and pulled some papers towards himself.

“Ah, yes, the fire, it took most of our possessions as well Mr. Blake.” Claire said, cool as you please. She was getting better at lying Dougal thought.

“Well, if you would give me your names, dates of birth, country of origin, any other countries you might have traveled to, and when, as well as when you arrived here, I will have an associate of mine make you new ones.” Mr. Blake replied, looking at Claire out of the corner of his eyes in a manner that said he knew she was lying, but that it didn’t matter.

“Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Fraser…” Claire began and then proceeded to fill in the details as Mr. Blake wrote it all down. The men just gave their names and birthdays and followed her lead on the rest.  “Do you think you might be able to provide us with birth certificates and a marriage license as well Mr. Blake?” she said, surprising all of them, except Mr. Blake, Dougal saw.

“Oh, shouldn’t be much of a stretch Mrs. Fraser, cost you though.  Say five dollars total each? When you go to get your pictures taken for your passports, next week, my associate will have those documents as well. Does it matter who we list on the certificates or…?” Mr. Blake replied.

“Give the gentleman your parents’ names please. The marriage certificate should read Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp and James Alexander Malcom MacKenzie Fraser, with Dougal MacKenzie and Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser as witnesses. Make sure it’s a Catholic certificate, if you would. I am sure Father McDaniel will be happy to sign as the presiding Priest and date it four days ago please.”

“Ah, newlyweds, congratulations are in order. Best wishes for your long happiness. Now, about the airport job. It should last a week, and you will be working through the weekend. The bus will pick you up here at 7 AM. Don’t be late or it will leave without you. You’ll mostly be digging, hauling and grading, but they pay at the end of each day, and no questions asked about who I send. Do a good job, and I’ll be happy to find you more as I am able, once we have you legal again. The foreman’s name is Don Grant. He’s fair but tough. I take it you have something lined up Mrs. Fraser? Come back and see me if that doesn’t pan out. I can get you day bit parts with your looks.” He smiled and stood up, sticking out his hand for each of them to shake.

Dougal felt like he had missed something in all this but couldn’t quite grasp what it was. He shook the man’s hand, approving of his firm grip. “Thank ye man” he said, meaning it.


“Well, that took care of several birds with one stone.”  Claire said as she led them back outside.

Murtagh, who was a bit lost with all that had happened since they’d left the diner, if he was honest, shook his head and asked, “Did that all go as it should?”

Claire laughed and took his arm “Yes, yes it did. He obviously knew what he was about, and Father McDaniel had filled him in somewhat as to our predicament. I doubt he told him when we were from though. Now, let’s get you all cleaned up a bit more before we find you some work clothes.”

Murtagh was absurdly pleased she had taken his arm. Jamie would like that too. Dougal and Angus looked at her askance though. He grinned nastily at them and led her further up the street. “Barber, is it?” he said as he tried out tipping his hat to her.

She flushed a lovely light pink about the cheeks, squeezed his arm a bit and said “Yes, there’s one up there, see the red and white striped pole? That’s how you know one’s about.” She pointed several buildings down and he strolled contented at her side.

They all filed into the shop, and he looked around for signs of doctoring, but it was not like that. There were four red upholstered chairs with headrests, one of which was occupied. There were four men in white smocks standing near sinks, one of whom was wrapping a towel around the face of the man reclined in one of the red seats. There were more chairs near the door, a table in front of them, scattered with papers.  

“It’s a stampede!” came a muffled voice from under the towel.

“I don’t think so Nick, looks like four men in search of serious trims if you ask me.” Replied the man placing another steaming towel on the customer’s face.

“Well, men should always be serious about trim, if you ask me” chuckled the muffled face.

Claire coughed. “I beg your pardon, but these gentlemen all need your services. I’m going to head across the street to the five and dime whilst you get on with it.”

“I do apologize Madam. Had no idea we were in the presence of an English lady” waved the cultured voice with one manicured, slender hand.

“Think nothing of it. I’ll be back in twenty minutes or so. Enjoy your pampering my lads.” She laughed and left quickly by the ringing door.

“Well, three of you sit down over here and one of you guard the front door from any more women intruders” said one of the smocked men.

There was a bit of a scrum to see who would be sitting by the door.

“Mike, take Red there, Bob, see to the giant in grey, Steve you’ve got your pick of the other two. Well, gentlemen, we don’t actually bite you know, set yourselves down and let’s get on with it. I’m Larry by the by. This here’s Nick Charles under the facial. He’s famous.”

Murtagh decided courage was the better part of valor and took the third seat before Angus could. “Oh, Aye Larry? And what’s he famous for then?” he asked as he rested his feet on the small platform at the end of the chair.

“Him? He’s the detective of course. But you’ll not be knowing that if you’re fresh off the boat” sniffed Larry.

“What’ll it be” asked Mike of Murtagh. “Can’t remember the last time I saw four men in beards. Want that shaved then? Facial like Charles? Haircuts definitely.”

“I’ll have the shave, haircut and facial” Jamie said to Bob.

“Ye’ll no be taking my beard, but ye can trim it up if it suits ye. Hair and facial too” Dougal told Steve.

“Aye, same as Dougal then” Murtagh said, folding his hands over his hat in his lap.

The barbers all snapped and swirled capes in unison and the men all sat up a bit straighter when they were covered in them. Angus laughed from his seat by the door “Ye look like huge ghosties, ya gobshites.”

“Ah, nothing like a good Scottish accent on the ears” said Nick as he sat up and removed the towels. He stood and removed a flask from his interior jacket pocket. “Paper cups will have to do Lawrence.” He collected several white cones from a stand on the other side of the door and gave one to each of the men seated. He poured out a small dram of what smelled like whisky to Murtagh in each of the cones.

“Here’s looking up your old address! Your health lads and welcome.” Nick said and drank his down.

It was very fine whisky indeed.

“What’s this then?” Dougal asked.

“Why that’s Kentucky mash my good man. Bourbon, not Scotch alas.” Nick laughed and poured himself another, emptying the flask and sighing. “Put their beautifications on my tab Lawrence. I’ll be back presently.” He waved again and left.

“Just where’s everyone gettin’ whisky then?” Angus questioned casually.

“Hah! The day will never come when Mr. Charles doesn’t have it.” Larry said, waving him over to the now empty seat. “I know, you want the same as Red” he said, as he appeared to study the length of his hair and beard.

“Ye should shave him bald, ye ken. Nae tellin’ what’s livin’ in tha’ mop.” Murtagh suggested helpfully.


Claire spent a few minutes wandering the aisles of the store, happily looking over all the items and enjoying her few minutes in peace. They had work clothes and shoes in a basement Men’s section but she needed the men to fit them, and they likely were too pricey anyway. She took her time at the perfume counter on the main floor instead, nearly crying again with joy.

“May I help you Madam?” a salesclerk asked her when she stopped by another counter to look at watches.

“Oh yes please, something not too expensive if you don’t mind.”

“This is a lovely piece, two dollars, but worth it, if you ask me. You can pin it to anything and it has a seconds arm as well.” He said, pointing to a silver broach with an open face. It had a loop for putting it on as necklace too.

“That will do nicely” she said, concerned with the price, but needing it for work. He handed it over after placing it in a small velvet box. She paid him and stepped away to look at some sundries down one of the aisles closer to the door.  She would have to wait on the perfume she determined. Oh well, maybe Mrs. Bartlett would have an idea where she could look for bargains.

“I think the lads might be missing you” came Nick’s cultured voice to her right.

She jumped about a foot in the air, coming down with a small “Oh!”, whipping her head around to look at him.

He was in a beautifully tailored suit of dove grey, with a lavender tie and matching pocket handkerchief. His hat was grey felt with a darker grey band, casually tipped to just above his right eye. He was smiling kindly, but pursing his lips as he did so.

“Nick Charles Madam. Please forgive my ill manners, my wife would be mortified, I’m sure.”

“You just startled me, it’s fine really. Did something happen?” she asked worriedly.

“Now what could happen there that would make you look like that, I wonder.”

She wasn’t sure how to respond. Was he just curious by nature? Why had he followed her here? Why did his name ring a bell? “Oh, I’ve just had a long morning Mr. Charles, bit ragged around the edges. If you’ll excuse me, I must be getting back to them. Lovely to meet you!” she babbled as she stepped around him and out the door.


Jamie decided he quite liked this Barber Shop. The Barbers never stopped talking but were quick about their jobs. The towels were heated through, damp and scented. He could get used to that bit of pampering. He wasn’t a vain man, so he really didn’t care what his hair looked like, but thought he could also get used to the cream that flattened it down and made it shine as well. Would Claire like it though, that was the question. She’d never seen it this short, or neat.

They took seats back by the door and waited for Larry to finish with Angus, who looked like an entirely different man without all that unruly hair about his head and face.  

“Yer own Mither wouldna’ ken ye” Murtagh said picking up one of the papers from the table. The bell rang again and Claire came back just as Jamie was doing the same.

“That spawn of Satan didna’ ha’e a Mother.” Dougal stated, standing up and heading to the door.

“I’ll ha’e ye know I did!” Angus, who had been studying himself in the mirror, held out his hand to Larry and thanked him before winking at Claire.

“Goodness! You all certainly look polished up! What a lovely job you’ve made of it.” She said as she opened her wee bag.

“Master Charles paid Claire.” Jamie said, wondering still if she liked what she saw.

“That was kind of him, I wonder why he did?”

“Just that sort of fella. You all be sure to come back in a couple of weeks. Can’t have you looking like hooligans.” Larry said, sweeping up the multicolored hair on the floor.

The other barbers had taken over the seats and waved them all out the door.

“Where to now Sassenach?”

“Oh, I think we should search for a second-hand shop for your work clothes and shoes, and then we’ll take a bus to a cinema. That way you will know what to expect in the morning.” She placed her arm about his waist and whispered up into his ear “You look very handsome Jamie and you smell lovely.”

He warmed to his toes and placed an arm about her shoulders. “It was verra nice in there. Did ye find what ye needed at the store?”

“I did indeed. I’ll show you later.”

Jamie’s mind went straight to those single beds and he felt himself starting to flush about the neck.

“Just what is causing that my lad?” Claire asked knowingly.

“I tell ye later too.” He grinned down at her and pulled in her a bit closer.

They walked a couple of streets over until she found the place she was looking for. They spent the next thirty minutes or so trying on shoes and having her hold up what she called dungarees to each of them. She then handed them three of those each and picked out cotton shirts that weren’t as formal as the ones they were wearing he saw. They had no buttons for one thing, and had shortened sleeves.

“These will do for work. Each of you take this stuff to the cashier over there. You should have enough with your other dollar bill.”

That bit of business handled she asked the lady who had taken their money where the closest cinema was and if there was a bus stop handy to it.

“Right down the road hun. Can’t miss it, it’ll drop you right in front of Grauman’s” she answered.

They walked to the bus stop, carrying a bag apiece. Claire had not gotten herself anything at the clothes place and Jamie felt bad about it. He wanted to spoil her with trinkets he realized. She didn’t even have a wedding ring he suddenly remembered and felt immediately worse.

It would become his top priority as soon as he was able to afford one he determined.

The bus arrived in a belch of black smoke, squealing like a stuck boar as it pulled up in front of them. She went first and dropped some coins in a box as they entered. “I’ve got theirs” she said to the man sitting behind a large wheel. “How far until the Chinese Cinema?” He heard her ask him.

“Fifteen minutes or so, take your seats please, I’ll holler when it’s your stop.”

The bus roared back into motion and Jamie grabbed a rail in front of his and Claire’s seat. “What’s he called then?” he gritted through his teeth, feeling a bit sick.

“He’s called a driver. There are also hired automobiles called cabs, that have drivers as well.”

“I think I prefer horses.”

“Well of course you do.” She said, patting his thigh and laughing.

Her touch took his mind off everything else for the next few minutes. He saw the rest of them looking out the windows and murmuring to each other, but he couldn’t be bothered. He took her hand again, keeping it firmly on his leg.

“I like to see you laughing. You have such beautiful teeth. My bonny wife” he said in French. It seemed much more appropriate for their close quarters on this contraption.

“Why thank you gallant Sir.” She responded in kind, tickling the palm of his hand.

“If you keep that up, we might have to go home straight away.” He grinned his most devilish grin at her and rubbed her hand lightly.

“Not a chance. This bit of the day will be the most fun I’ve had yet. I can hardly wait to see all your faces when you see a cartoon.” She grinned back and took her hand from his, folding her arms beneath her breasts.

“Ye’ll pay for this. I dinna ken how yet, but ye will.” He growled in her ear and turned to finally look out the window at the passing scenery.


On SebaCiel and other things

I am greatly surprised that nobody had written about this before. To be honest, I’m even more surprised at how some SebaCiel shippers simply take the blame when they are called pedophiles, rape apologists, and abuse supporters. So I thought it was time already to clarify some misconceptions that those antis have burned so strongly in their own minds.

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then it was easy

summary: //or ‘how you met Tadashi and a little bit more after that‘// if anyone asked you why you favored this café on the corner, you answered with the same rehearsed line that came as easy to you as breathing: it was a good café with good food and a good atmosphere. You did not come to gawk at the handsome waiter
fandom: Big Hero 6
couple: Tadashi HamadaXReader or Tadashi Hamada/Reader. A Tadashi Hamada Imagine. (with lightly socially inept ‘Y/N’ that’s so awkward that’s it’s not cute)
notes (1): i am so sorry if it’s shitty. please forgive me. this wasn’t easy.
notes (2): pre-movie. tadashi’s in his first year in sfit. hiro’s in his second year of high school.
notes (3): take it how you want it.

Your name: submit What is this?

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anonymous asked:

do you think the books were bad at showing how much adam cared for ronan or do you think people are just bad at picking it up?

this is an interesting question and i’ve been turning it over. i think mostly the second part, but a dash of the first in a couple of specific ways. the sad truth is that, as society is right now, directly addressing characters’ non-straight sexualities is like… necessary in fiction. i’d love to see less stories about “but i’m a GIRL and she’s a GIRL oh no!!! what ever shall i do!! this is the only concern lgbt+ people ever have” and more stories about girlfriends/boyfriends fighting evil, accidentally inheriting a billion dollars, traveling to different realms, etc, but…… stief’s vision of a world where ~sexuality doesn’t matter~ is different from reality, and her choice not to address adam’s bisexuality head on lead a lot of stuff surrounding p*nch to be like: could adam POSSIBLY like ronan BACK? but he liked blue?????? 2+2 = 6? and i mean, i hate that this is true– picture me, A Bi, slapping myself in the face going “stop oppressing yourself”– but their dynamic throughout the series would have read as more obviously romantic if one of them were a girl. they’re deliberately placed together by the narrative (and like….by maggie obviously lol) throughout the series with a lot of important character moments hinging on one another, etc, but. unfortunately i was still kind of ?????? about some things because a) i wasn’t really involved in fandom and didn’t know until later stief had confirmed it as canon and b) i’ve been burned before and c) again, stuff about sexuality and representation in fiction, etc (i’m sorry anon my brain is fried)

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Let’s talk about the depiction of female characters in Scooby-Doo! and Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery.

…I swear, the movie’s official title gets funnier every time I read it.

Now, the first thing I want to make clear is that I’m not saying characters shouldn’t be attractive in cartoons, or any other media for that matter.

A character being cute isn’t a bad thing, even in entertainment that’s accessible to a younger audience. It’s natural and healthy – heck, from the stories I hear via running SDM, a lot of people first discovered a childhood attraction through fictional characters. It’s a nice, safe place for those feelings to begin when you’re little.

I also have no issue with characters’ design growing more realistic and attractive over the years. Going from this episode from 1969, to–

–this movie from 2015, I don’t think Warner-Brothers did anything inappropriate with Velma and Daphne’s depiction. 

Sure, they’re made to look a little more feminine and real, but a lot of that is just due to the animation getting better over time. Hard to say what the original show would have looked like if they had access to these modern tools, and a real budget.

However, early in the movie, when Velm and Daph put on their KISS-inspired outfits?


This is where I start to have issues with the movie. 

Sure, Daphne’s always had her trademark hourglass, ok – but here, the sexualization of both of them is intense enough to be tacky. There’s no reason for it to be ramped up to such a distracting extent.

Daphne was always the ‘tall, ditzy, and hot’ one, and Velma was the ‘short, plain, and smart’ one – and that differentiation made Velma beloved by fans. It’s nice for little girls to have a female character that’s more realistic, and has some real traits to identify with.

Is all that ruined by her gaining Daphne’s insane figure in a few scenes? No, but the principle of it is a little weird… it feels like it goes against what made the character who she was in the first place.

Now, onto the larger subject: the way all the main characters of the movie are presented.

As seen above, yes, the movie features ‘80s-ideal Paul Stanley, in all his barely-shirted glory.

Having not experienced the ‘80s myself, I can’t really judge his attractiveness in human or cartoon form, but judging by the reaction of every female alive in that decade, I’m guessing he’s pretty hot stuff.

…even if from behind it really looks like he’s wearing a bra.

So, he’s hot, and that’s part of his character, and the plot of the movie. Cool! 

I mean, it’s not like the other members are randomly super sexualized. Gene Simmons isn’t exactly–

–being used as eye candy in this, lemme tell ya. 

The male characters are quite normal and varied in the movie. The females, though….

Daphne? Perfect hourglass, a skin-tight costume (or later, her standard super short and tight dress)

Villain? Perfect hourglass, revealing clothing… weird metal breast seashell-things I can’t explain.

Though I’ll make no objection to the stockings. Those are darn nice.

Oh, a female scientist character? Hey, maybe she’ll be more–

…oh. Nope, exactly the same as the others, plus some… interesting… posture.

Voodoo shaman lady? Identical again, only with even larger breasts, because apparently the character design team thought the others just weren’t sufficient.

This is the real problem – handling female attractiveness in such a gratuitous way. A ‘hot’ character of a gender is one thing, but every single one being ramped up to 11 in such a pandering way is insulting to the audience.

Pandering is the key word, here. Targeting the classic 12-year-old boy demographic so shamelessly, while not technically having any inappropriate content so the parents can’t complain… while still dishing out–

–butt shots that are ‘entirely accidental.’

Want to make a movie with constant eye candy and fanservice just for the sake of it? Hey, sure, there’s a place for that, and it can be used well – it just has to be honest about what it is.

Be tacky, be shameless, appeal to whatever group you want… but don’t try to hide it and act innocent. A tongue-in-cheek vibe shows the audience you know exactly what you’re doing, and they can take it or leave it. 

But trying to slip in–

–bikini gargoyles? Nuh-uh. 12-year-old boys or not, the audience isn’t that blind to your motives.

In conclusion: have some restraint, Warner-Brothers. 

Look, I’ll be the last person in the world to say butts aren’t awesome, but know what really isn’t awesome? Pandering, immaturity, and sexualization that’s inappropriate within a movie’s context.

I’m onto you, WB… get your act together, and no buts about it.

…pun intended.