is it nice?? or not cute??? send me ur thoughts

exidbot  asked:

โ™ง !!!

You’re my: iridescent mutual <3

How I met you: honestly… idk

Why I follow you: ur chill n i enjoy ur blog

Your blog is: magnificent , thabk u

Your URL is: super cute lik u !

Your icon is: gorgeous 

A random fact I know about you: u’d sell ur soul for exid n that’s so valid 

General opinion: ur rly great and seem so nice (big angel energy) n i hope we can interact more love <3 !!

A random thought I have: how do u pronounce ur name :0 i feel like i say it wrong in my head

mutuals send me an emoji and i’ll do this! 

anonymous asked:

not to be weird (really) but how did you get a bf? were you friends from before? did he/you ask you/him out? when you really like someone what do you do? (again not to be weird or anything but the experience I have in these matters is almost zero and it comes from unrealistic movies so *shrugs* it's okay if you don't want to answer though! have a nice day!)

HEY!! ur not weird at all trust me it’s all good :,) me n my bf met through some mutual friends and honestly i’ve??? never thought he’d be my bf one day ?? after we met we just kept talking abt random stuff and we’d send each other songs every night and it just became a regular thing we talked every day and on the days we didn’t it felt,,, weird sdfKDK he made me so happy and one day he sent me a message that said “ur really cute” and i was like “oh thats funny cause ur way cuter” and yea it went downhill from there !! U WILL FIND SOMEONE WHO MAKES U HAPPY I ASSURE U!!! patience is key bby ALSO be yourself that’s very important u need someone who accepts u just the way u are !! if they don’t then u don’t need em!!! 💌💞

thotseokjin  asked:


You’re my: crackhead seokjin satan stan who i can always expect a good laugh from
How I met you: i think we maybe met through a net?? i’m not sure?? but either way, i think i followed you and from there i’ve loved ur blog shjddrf
Why I follow you: because youre so funny and nice and i just love your blog?
Your blog is: exactly what i need after a long day
Your URL is: valid
Your icon is: BEAUTIFUL
A random fact I know about you: you’re literally so cute n pretty ok
General opinion: you seem like such a gentle and fun person and i really am happy i followed u like i really love ur blog :(
A random thought I have: would u pick tiddies over seokjin or vice versa? bls ask because ur bio tells me u stan both

Mutuals send me “♧“ and i’ll answer these prompts

01okyo  asked:

โฃ ??

OH ANN !! U CHANGED UR URL !!!! for so long i thought u were someone else akjdlskd !!!! ahh were to start !!!! angel little sibling !!! ure a v sweet n affable person ! also ! ure rlly cute 😖 10/10 would give a big hug to !!! i hope that your week went well n that you’ll get to rest this weekend ! eat lots of good foods n drink warm honey tea !! i love u !! take care of urself ok !!!!🌹💞💐✨🌙

mutuals send me a❣️ for a nice message !!

01okyo  asked:


ANN ILU !!!!

ure my: little sister mutual !!!!!!

how i met you: in the gc !!!!!!

why i follow you: cuz ily n that ur theme is cute af !!!!!

ur blog is: 💗💕🌸🌹🎀💘💟💗

ur url is: cute n pure !!!🌹

your icon is: lovely !!!! i had the same when i first remade !!!

a random fact ik abt you: ure v cute !!!! like rlly !!! n u have an aqua merc !!!

general opinion: ure so nice n im glad to have met u !!!

a random thought: im listening to red flavour n im wondering how it always slaps more the more i listen to it

haecity  asked:

♣๏ธ if you wnat to xhfhhf


you’re my: fav nctzen mutual! 
how I met you: akjdkd probably thru nik?? 
why I follow you: nik told me abt u and then u followed me so i was like oh !! 
your blog is: loud.. ur so loud but i love u 
your URL is: cute !!! 
your icon is: also cute !!
a random fact I know about you: u have a sister?? i think ?? dkjskdjksjd!! 
general opinion: ur rly rly sweet n fun n just a rly rly nice person !! 
a random thought I have: the boots is the best song of 2018

miyadoriya  asked:

โ™ง :D

ure my: bnha (?) n wonder girls mutual !!

how i met you: u were recommended on a mutual’s blog but u followed me first ?? Jwksjdj

why i follow you: bc u have a cool aes !!!

ur blog is: so nice :(( when will i snap n do 3 archive mbs :((

ur url is: cute cute cute !

your icon is: aesthetically pleasing if im using tumblr vernacular language

a random fact ik abt you: ur a scorp moon ..even tho i thought u were a fire moon for the longest time….

general opinion: mutual w the great aes !!!! i love ur header !!!

a random thought i have: u say geminis don’t interact yet you’re the one interacting w one….inch resting….

trlvia  asked:

pretend i sent u emoji

you’re my: aes legend mutual

how i met you: tungle

why i follow you: bc ur aes is so so so nice and ur a total sweetheart

your blog is: amazing, sexy af, 20/10 would recommend

your url is: cute hehe

your icon is: (UR SO) PRETTY WHAT THE FUCK

a random fact I know about you: ur in singapore rn ?? and lol i live here

general opinion: i love u, we should talk more

a random thought i have: still thinking abt the double p thing u mentioned earlier…… im dead


The recruit staying with hae mentioned abt hae in his letter:

‘Why did u not ask(abt donghae) when i’m having a training with SJ donghae. Other noonas all asked me abt him ㅋㅋ
'Anyway Donghae is really handsome. He’s nice and has good manners. He’s small though. But his eyes are ur ideal type.’
'He has a deep double eyelid, but he’s not cheesy. i thought he was crying before (cus of his eyes)ㅋㅋ’
'You should send me a letter. I’m ashamed of quantity of my letters, i can’t read them at all next to donghae.’ © ©