is it near a river

The best thing about death note is probably the fact that it took like the three smartest people on earth, an entire police task force, the mafia, the FBI and a team literally designed to take down kira (and maybe even a couple of shinigamis dependant how you look at it) years to take down a kid with a notebook, a slightly unstable lawyer, a news reporter and a girl that’s just in it for the hell of it and yet Naomi practically figured it out before the second book had even finished


Here are a few update photos from myself, family and friends on Facebook of Hurricane Harvey’s destruction to the eastside of Houston and downtown. These were taken today after last nights continuous torrential rains. Pray for my city! 🙏🏾

  • L: my deductive skills have brought me to the conclusion that light is in fact kira based on the fact that my theories have all made sense and all evidence leads back to light. i have all the facts to prove that light is kira.
  • Light: i'm not kira i swear
  • everyone: well light just said he wasn't kira, L.
ok so

According to this post, charoite corresponds to anxiety 

And, uh, what I’d like to know is…  


Wammy’s house memes

- *points at any bug eyed animal* holy shit who invited L

- Linda and Matt having an ongoing bet over when Mello’s next freak out will be

- ‘Your Momma’s so fat she wears Saturn’s rings as a hula hoop’ ‘My mum’s dead’ ‘Well yeah man so is mine’

- Everyone dabbing in coordination at Near to see how he reacts. He dabs back

- 'You know why Near wears white? To hide all them fine cocaines he’s been snorting’

- Asking someone how they want their bacon done and being told to Beyond it

- Roger is a cyborg created by Watari and his circuits will short if you let him near a microwave

- Twenty one Zero days since the last explosion

- The ongoing conspiracy that Mello is in fact, Taylor Swift

- The yearly elaborate traps rigged around the house to catch Watari Claus at Christmas

- Calling Linda by her Deviantart OC’s names from 2005

- *Exam season* ‘I haven’t slept in forty hours so pardon my language but, what the fuck is going on in this here day?’

- Knowingly telling the new arrivals that Watari is keeping you here until he is ready to sell your organs on the black market

- Any fictional detective is L

- Both of Matt’s eyes are fake and that’s why he wears goggles

friendly reminder that Near is canonically an Artist

dice (and domino, in the Relight) structures with a complex design, revealing likewise innate planning and spatial skills;

cut cut cut…such deft hands to make beautiful paper towers (he’s specifically building the Tokyo Tower here, in this chapter he had just arrived in Japan together with Rester);

of course, the finger puppets;

a close look at all his tools and materials to paint on them…

Halle and Gevanni encouraging him to keep nurturing this interest he has, suggesting he should definitely keep making others after the Kira case too, inspired by favourite fictional characters from shows or movies he may like, or real famous people/important figures from past and present; Gevanni secretly posting photos of them on his personal Instagram account (which he mostly uses for aesthetic pictures of his ships in bottles);

…and some years later, Near basically mastering the art of using thousands of Tarot cards for literal fortresses surrounding his realm.

Of course, the SPK always genuinely supportive of his passions and talents. 

I’m glad yall agree how indisputably, how good of an artist he is so this has been an appreciation post