is it naomi appreciation week yet


Naomi Nagata Appreciation Week: Day One | Moment I Fell in Love With Naomi

Now that I’m home and finished, I can yell about how much I love Naomi. Like with Alex, I read the books first, and loved Naomi from the moment I laid eyes on Dominique (who… is… so good. Naomi always in my heart.).

From the moment Naomi told Holden off for not signing off on her paperwork I loved her. She hit every note in just one episode. Her private vulnerability, her honesty, her sharp wit, her smarts. Naomi was beautiful and beautifully done. 

Naomi is a character who has been through so much, hit such lows that it’s hard to believe she made it here, the strong woman she is. And yet… voila. She’s one of my favorite characters, and this entire episode she really makes an impression without really showing all her cards. I love her so much. She’s always going to be a favorite of mine. 

Day 3: Favourite relationship

I don’t have screenshots from season 2 yet, but I love her relationship with Miller. She’s understanding of him and was the one who spoke out for him when no one else did. It really showed that she was a Belter and that she understands her people. It also allowed for another relationship of hers to grow.

It added dimension to her and threw a lovely bone to my sad puppy.