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these are the type of comments being left on videos covering the earthquakes in mexico im just absolutely sick to my stomach. people are DEAD. buildings are COLLAPSING. if this shit were to happen in france or germany or some other white country there would already be hashtags and fundraisers all over the internet, but when something tragic like this happens to mexico everyone treats it as a joke. absolutely revolting

Art Museum Meeting ft. Taehyung

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word count ; 1.7k

like 2% fluff

today was the day. you were going to an art musuem for the first time. it was something that you always wanted to do.

you tried to get your friends to come along with you but, they thought that it’d be ‘boring’. so here you were, walking alone and humming slow songs to yourself.

although you were about to be alone, you still kept a smile on your face. you were about to be face to…frame with art. not just random art, but some of the most famous pieces.

vincent van gogh paintings were what you anticipated the most. all of his work was out of this world but what you really couldn’t wait to see was the starry night, irises, and the yellow house.

your walking and thoughts about art came to a halt when your phone started ringing, loudly. you answered the call while putting your phone on silent mode.

you were extremely lucky to not be in the musuem when it rang. your ringtone was a song with very explicit lyrics, so that wouldn’t have been good.

“who has ringtones anymore?” you overheard but couldn’t figure out who asked that question.

you scoffed it off and turned your attention back onto your phone.

“yes, can i help you?” you sarcastically asked.

“kill the attitude y/n, i just wanted to see if you were at that place yet.” your annoying friend said, already getting on your nerves.

“if i was there, i wouldn’t be talking to you right now.”

“don’t lie. i’m your friend, you’d answer whenever i call because you love me.” she teased.

“i mean…if that false thought helps you sleep at night, then believe it all you want.”

“anyways.” she paused amd dramatically sighed. “you need a man so i’m hoping that you meet an intellectual at that place.”

“i don’t need a man and for the last time, it’s a musuem.”

“and for the last time it’s a musuem!” your friend mocked you. “you need a man! i’m tired of you third wheeling with me and m-”

you cut her off by hanging up. “annoying. as. hell.” you mummered as you started to walk again.


“finally.” you let out a sigh of relief once you saw the two front doors of the musuem that you had wanted to visit for years.

your hand quickly rose up to your face as a tear shed from your eye.

“what the hell? what’s she crying for?” a random person asked their friend, thinking that you didn’t hear it. but you did.

instead of embarrassing yourself in public and spitting out very detailed and emotional paragraphs about the beauty of the outside of the musuem, you hurriedly entered.

just as you expected, there were people everywhere. this place was heavenly, the scenery…everything.

“this place looks like something from that beauty and beast movie!” you smiled, watching a kid as he shouted and pointed at the ceiling in awe.

you remembered being that age, being so interested in art and photography. thankfully, that interested stayed with you up until now.

you started on the left side of the museum, admiring the floral paintings as they lead you to the back. to your left were the stairs that went to the second floor.

“even the stairs! who painted this?” you mumered while you slowly walked up each stair, looking at each one before you went up on it. they were individually painted in a different design or style.

“you seem to be really into those stairs.” a deep voice said which made you jump. hell, the owner of it was basically in your ear.

you hurriedly went up to the second floor and turmed around to face whoever it was that made that comment.

“damn.” you said in a breathy tone. the owner of that deep voice was a tall and (very) handsome man.

he looked wealthy, healthy and sexy. you couldn’t even hide that you found him attractive.

he wore a long sleeved loose shirt that he had tucked into his pants and he had on those ugly gucci shoes that everybody wanted for a reason you didn’t know. but he made it work.

“what? Is there something wrong?” he curiously asked, squinting his eyes at you.

you were staring too long!

you were hesitant to say anything so instead of doing so, you walked away.

“hey..” the man quietly called you until he caught up to you. “why’d you say damn?”

you sighed and turned to face him. as soon as your eyes met his, your face got hot and at that point you were struggling to do anything. you couldn’t even move or speak.

that is, until he snapped his fingers in your face. “ma'am.” he whispered.

“don’t call me that. i’m not old.” you said once you came back down to earth.

“okay, tell me.” he swayed from side to side with his hands in his pockets, staring at you, and waiting for you to say something.

you didn’t like to lie but you had to. you weren’t about to tell him that he was the most attractive man you’d seen in your life.

“you dropped your forehead.” you spat out and waited until he looked down to escape to the nearest bathroom.


you waited for five minutes, hoping that he wasn’t near when you walked out. hell, there were four stories here, he shouldn’t be.

“dumbass! it’s only been five minutes and this is an art museum. he got up here the same time you did!” you face palmed yourself after thinking about this whole situation.

you were here for the art and not to play hide and seek, if he was even looking for you…

you kind of hoped that he was. when would you ever get this attention again? it’s been so long since any dude had ever paid attention to you.

you just didn’t know how to act. acring hard to get was something that you always did because you wanted to see how far a guy would go for you.

they always gave up.

“it can’t be that bad.” you told yourself, as you proceeded to exit the bathroom.

“hey, thanks for telling me.” said that familiar voice that you thought that you’d never hear again. “about my forehead.”

you sighed and proceeded to walk away but, he grabbed your arm. your eyes slowly traveled down to his hand and then back up to look him directly in his. “let me go..”

“let’s look around together?” he suggested, sneakily putting his hand in yours

“let me go.” you were getting annoyed.

“i’ll let go if you promise not to run away again.” he chuckled and slid his hand in yours.

“i don’t have to promise you anything. i don’t even know you. so let me go.” you ordered.

“what are you so mad about?” he asked.

you let out a dramatic sigh and looked him straight in his eyes. you noticed how his pupils enlarged, his cheeks developed a rosy tint and his hand became moist.

was he intimidated? hopefully.

“really?” you paused. “there’s a stranger holding my hand. he won’t leave me alone. i didn’t come here to be attacked, i came here to look at art.”

his curious facial expression changed into a more giddy one. he let go of your hand and did the most extra bow that you had ever seen. “i’m kim taehyung.”

suddenly, you weren’t annoyed anymore. you couldn’t hide your smile.

his smile was contagious, and he was actually kind of cute.


“y/n, y/n, y/n, y/n. the most beautiful human that i’ve ever seen.” he went over to your side and wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

“don’t gas me.” you scoffed at his action, wiggling to get his arm from around your shoulders. as expected, you failed..but it was worth the try.

“that’s silly. you’re not a car.” he laughed, thinking that what you said was some type of joke.

“oh!” taehyung shouted, leaving you behind as he rushed over to a familiar painting.

you quickly followed him after realizing that the painting was, the starry night.

“oh my god!” you semi yelled.

“it’s what i most wanted to see. it’s beautiful right?” he asked you, raising one of his eyebrows and stepping closer to your side.

you nodded, noticing that he was suddenly and very close to you. “me too.” you paused and eyed him. “but…do you know what personal space is?”

“why are you being so mean to me?” taehyung asked, fake pouting.

“i’m not? you’re just really close. we’re not dating and i don’t know you that well, so there’s no reason for it.”

he cocked his head to the side and stepped to the side to give you back your personal space. “well then, can we get to know each other better? i wanna know you better.”

what a genuine voice.

you covered your mouth before he could see the wide smile that quickly formed after what he had said. “why do you even wanna get to know me? i’m no one special.”

“wrong.” he shook his head no. “you’re so beautiful and different in so many ways. we haven’t even known each other long but i think i like you.”

“oh.” was all that came out of your mouth. it was all that you could say.

that was the first time that someone had said something like that to you. not even your ex’s told you something like this.

“so, do you want to go out to one of the cafes around here? we can come back. i’ll pay for everything.” he offered.

“you’re really trying to make moves with me huh?” you let out a small giggle.

he might’ve done something here. you started catching feelings.

“i mean, yeah.” he swayed, looked away from you and awkwardly smiled,  letting you see his shy side for the first time today.

“okay.” you responded walking past him and heading towards the exit.

“yes!” he whispered to himself as he followed behind you.

“i heard that.” you said, holding the door open for him. as a response, he laughed and grabbed your hand. when the thought of yanking your hand away came to mind, you quickly got rid of it.


when you two went to the cafe, you really came around to him. you became bestfriends almost instantly after he did what he did. he showed you how happy you could really be. not to mention the endless gas that he supplied you with.

The BAU on Bake Off

Garcia: The baker who goes for weird flavour combos but somehow manages to pull it off.

JJ: The baker who brings in stuff their mum grew in allotment and practises their bakes on their kids.

Rossi: Old school baker who uses traditional recipes and refuses to deviate.

Reid: The baker who comes in with a chart of their baking times, precut templates and compass, tape measure and scientific calculator.

Prentiss: The baker who puts loads of booze in, hoping that wins over the judges.

Morgan: The baker who learnt everything from their Mum and still uses the family recipe book handed down through the generations but adds his own twist.

Hotch: Perfectionist baker who prefers to do simple bakes to a high standard. Argues with Paul.

Irreplaceable (Pt.2)

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Pairing: Jimin X Reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary:  “Would you do whatever it takes to make someone fall in love with you?”


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The dated text message was the only one that was sent to your phone, still sitting silently, unanswered. Two weeks had passed since he’s asked you to come visit him at work, and two weeks have past but you spent almost every hour thinking about it. You expected more from him, wondering why he never bothered to call or text you anymore. The more you’d think about it the further you’d fall, thinking in circles trying to analyze it yourself without contacting him first. It was true you were always the one to message him first but you knew it was because he was just busy or conveniently already around considering how often you spent with the other boys.

But now those just seemed like dumb excuses when you found him making time for others way easier than he ever did with you. The crisp winter air was hitting your cheeks as you walked along the side walk, headed back to the company. There was a heavy brisk feeling weighed over your shoulders, trying to be strong. You wondered if today would be no different than it had been. The chances of him not being there with everyone once more didn’t seem likely but definitely further away than impossible. You couldn’t help but question if you were making the right choice on leaving everything up to him. What if he thought you were no longer interested? In that case he should just fight for you. No, why would he need to do that when he could already have you? But why should you be easy for him? 

You instinctively shook your head from the feverish thoughts, trying to think of happier things when being greet by the security guard in the front of the building, it was useless to show off your unhappiness.

“Good morning.” You smiled.

“Good morning, miss.” 

It would only be a few more seconds before you would storm straight into Jimin’s workspace to catch his attention, showing him everything he had been missing out on, all while wearing your best clothes. You confidently placed your hands on the door, pushing them open with ease. He spun around in his chair, looking over at you innocently. Damn, that innocent look.

“Y/N, Good morning.” Jimin smiled, revealing his alluring smile.

“Good morning, have you seen Yoongi?”

“Yoongi? Not since I left the dorm. You guys are still hanging out, huh?”

You nodded, fiddling with the end of your long sleeve, sheer shirt. 

“Did you dress up for him? You look so good today, darling.” 

Suddenly your sides were met with the warmth of Jimin’s hands, as he attempted to pull you down into his lap. With a giggle, you leaned in close to his face, cupping it with your hands delicately. As you come close enough to kiss his lips you stop.

“You’re so sweet.”  

 You softly pushed his hands away, taking a step back. 

“Sorry, I can’t stay. I left my phone in Yoongi’s studio last night so I came to pick it up, I have a date today.” You admitted, smiling brightly. 

Jimin’s smile instantly faded, causing him to stand up from his chair. His sudden change in expression was a surprise, knowing he doesn’t try to show off when he’s feeling negatively towards something. You wanted him to show the streak of random jealously he had been having towards you and you easily pried it from him only using a sentence to do so. Before he could even get out what he planned to say, his office door opened once more showing a girl around your age standing in the doorway. 

“Oh, i’m sorry, am I interrupting?” She asked, switching eye contact with the both of you. 

You didn’t dare respond, recognizing her face the instant you saw her standing there. Jimin gave her a warm smile as though he was going back to the way he was before, waving her over. 

“You can come in. What is it?”

She meekly stepped as close to him as possible, leaning in to his ear. You couldn’t hear the words she was whispering to him but it was easy to tell the topic with the giggling coming from him.

“You’re such a good girl for listening.” You heard him whisper back in a such a low voice it gave you shivers down your spine. 

The atmosphere on it’s own was making you sick, watching him flirt like he does when it’s just the two of you. You could see his fingers pulling her wrist closer, rubbing the back of her hand with his thumb. A few more seconds of it and you were bound to lose your composure. Yoongi had meant every word he had told you 2 weeks ago, only trying to warn you. 

“I guess i’ll see you around then, excuse me.” You moved past the two of them but not without Jimin taking notice of the shakiness in your tone. He looked past the girl, watching you leave the room in front of him. The girl turned his head towards her, pouting at his loss of attention.

“Who’s she?” 

“Someone you don’t need to know.” He sighed. 


“The plan was a complete failure, god, I’m so dumb Yoongi.” 

You sobbed, sitting on the sidewalk outside of the building, talking to him on the phone. It was absolutely freezing outside but you didn’t want any of the other members seeing you, telling Jimin anything about this. At least your hot tears gave off a warming comfort to your new pain. At least now you knew it was officially over with, there was no way you could just act like nothing didn’t happen. Sure, you knew he was seeing other girls occasionally but seeing it was a whole new feeling to wrap your head around. You almost wanted to use the memory to beat into your head for being so naive. 

“Yeah, she just walked in when I almost had him interested and when she was there it was like nothing else in the world mattered. The person I looked at like that was doing the same to someone else right in front of me. Why am I such an idiot?”

“Did I not tell you that already?” Yoongi joked on the other end.

You couldn’t help but crack a smile, trying to wipe your tears on your scarf. 

“I want to be one of those girls that really makes him want to pay for it but I can’t. I can’t help being weak around him and it’s pathetic. Even this morning I was still thinking about him. I kept wondering what it would have been like if we got to spend winter mornings like this together. It’s my fault for falling in love with someone I told I could be casual with.”

“Look, how about I talk to him? We usually avoid it because he gets mad at me for butting in but I don’t just want to sit around while you’re crying your eyes out.”


“I’m serious. I’ll kick his ass if I have to!”

You started chuckling, feeling slightly better than you were going to admit. There was no way he’d actually get in a fight with someone as close to him as Jimin so you knew he was joking around to make you laugh. At least it brightened your mood up for a few seconds. 

“Yeah, right. Calm down, honey boy. I don’t need you to hurt him. I just wish things didn’t turn out like this, but like I said, it’s my fault for falling for some fantasy. Look, I’m gonna go get coffee or something. I’ll bring you one later, okay?”

The reluctant sigh on the other end told you just how well your best friend knew you.

“Don’t do anything dumb Y/N.”

“yeah, yeah I won’t.” You groaned, hanging up on your end. 

Slowly, you rose from the concrete, pulling your scarf over your mouth to keep you warm. The vocal sigh you let out didn’t cover the footsteps you could hear behind you, causing you to quickly wipe away any remaining evidence of your tears. Your body was stricken with fear assuming Jimin had followed you out, hearing everything you had just spilled on the phone about him. You spun your body around but there was nobody there at all. Now you really felt as though you were losing it.  As you walked off to the nearest coffee shop, Jimin finally stepped out from the column in front of the building. He had only heard part of what you said but it was enough to get the jist of the situation. 


        Wednesday 12:47 A.M


          “Y/N, meet me in front of the dorms after you read this. I know it’s late but I can’t sleep. I can’t stop thinking about you.”

3 days after getting your heart ripped out of your chest a text message woke you up right before you were able to close your eyes for bed. The brightened light made you squint trying to look at it but you groaned, falling back on your bed as you read his name.


        “I’m not really in the mood.”


         “Please, I really need to talk to you?”

The words had you sitting up in an instant,it wasn’t usual for him to ever want to just talk with you anymore, let alone admit he was thinking about you in the middle of night without the strings of sexual desire tied to the end. You tried not to over think it, trying to tell your heart not to get too excited, and getting dressed with your warm winter jacket The only real reason you ran straight to him was to avoid sitting still with your own mind to interpret what any of this could mean for the two of you. 

Your high top shoes came to a halt as you were about to turn the corner and find him waiting for you outside the dorms. Your fists clenched and with a quick exhale to clear out your chest, you confidently faced him for the first time in days. Jimin grew a lighter, more tame smile, as he saw you approaching him. He sat down on the bench upfront, letting the dim lighting of the street light illuminate your favorite blond hair of his. It was painful to know he still looked just as good as he did that same morning, a whole new beauty of him could be found this late at night, and a dangerous one at that. 

“I’m here..” You sighed, looking down at him instead of sitting with him. 

“I’m glad. I didn’t think you’d show up.”

Jimin patted the seat next to him, offering you a drink from the plastic bag next to his side. You assumed it was from one of the convenience stores around the block and from the smell you could tell it wasn’t soda. Whatever he was about to tell you, it was something he wasn’t able to sober. 

“Just tell me what it is already…Please. I’m tired, Jimin.”

Slowly his hand lifted itself from his pocket, crawling over towards yours. Your hand was met with the comforting feeling of his, the feeling you never wanted to let go of before. His radiant brown eyes flickered up at you, giving you a distant look. 

“I’m sorry. I am so, so sorry. You’re not dumb, it’s me. I-..I used you, Y/N. I realized that when I heard you crying for the first time on those stairs alone. Those gazes you were giving me all this time were because you actually loved me and I  filled your head up with all these promises I couldn’t keep but you still trusted me. Why? “

Your eyes widened in embarrassment, growing completely silent. Your head moved away from him, trying to hide the growing blush of humiliation written all over your face. If you were to break it off, this wasn’t what you wanted. You didn’t want to hear the words he had to say but your body stayed seated on the cold wooden bench. 

“Because, it’s just like you said. I love you.” 

You could see the shock in his eyes when you finally lifted your head up to reveal the hot tears already streaming down your face. The disgusting look of pity smeared his gorgeous face. 

“Y/N….I want to make you happy. I really do but I was being an asshole back then. It may seem like I couldn’t care less about you but I seriously care about you so much, I just fucked everything up. I shouldn’t have suggested us doing anything more than being friends. I can’t say I love you either.” 

You shook your head, holding back the loud sobbing you were easily able to do. With only a whim, you gave him a light smile. 

“Thanks to that at least I got to be close to you. Even if you don’t like me that way, I still got to know what the feeling was like to have you kiss me or play with my hair when you got bored. I got to see sides of you I wouldn’t have other wise and even if you used me to relieve stress for just a second, I’m glad I could make you feel better.”

Jimin let go of your hand, cowering a bit further from you. His expression changed from pity to something different but indescribable.

“Please don’t say things like that.”

Mustering up the strength you stood up, still looking down at him lovingly. 

“You know, Yoongi tried to tell me all of this months ago but I kept going. It’s not your fault, I did this to myself. Thank you for at least telling me you don’t share the same feelings.”

Turning on your heel you felt the slap of Jimin’s hand on your wrist. He also stood up from the seat, looking at you more angrily. 

“Stop it! Stop deciding things for me! It’s true I can’t say i’m in love with you but you’re not the only one who notices everything! I still have the same memories of you laying by my side, comforting me even when I didn’t deserve you, or how peacefully you look when you’re sound asleep, grasping at my hand even after you’re no longer awake. That beautiful smile you gave me every time I gave you a compliment or even when I just gave you a smile. Those aren’t things I just toss aside. Dating someone like me wouldn’t do you any good, I don’t know anything about it. Why do you think I had to sleep around as much as I did? I care about you more than the other members do but I don’t know if that means I love you even if I want to!”

“Then what about the girl from a few days ago? Do you love her?” 

“No! I was only showing off because you said you had a date….I thought you had suddenly gotten over me.”

You mind would have been just as confused if you tried to figure all of this out on your own than talking to him yourself. It was hard not to think it wasn’t due to the cans of beer sitting next to his side before you had even showed up. 

“Why would you even care?”

“Because you’re irreplaceable.” Jimin let out. 

“You didn’t even message me when I wasn’t the one to type something first. How much could you have possible cared? I didn’t see it before but I promise you I can see it now. I’m not mad because you don’t love me, I’m mad because you keep saying shit like that! Things like I can still have hope that maybe you’d eventually fall for me.”

He took a glance around the area before cupping your face into his hands, leaning his forehead on yours. He could feel your arms shaking from your crying when he caressed them instead of your face. 

“I didn’t want you to get close to me.I guess a part of me knew how you felt but the other half pretended I didn’t. I’d only disappoint you. This is better for the both of us, Y/N.” 

“Yeah and who else do I have?” You sniffled.

“What about Yoongi-hyung? You two are really close…He takes way better care of you and he was the first person you called when you ran out of the building that day. Plus you’ve known him longer than any of us.” Jimin suggested, being completely serious.

“No, it’s not like that with the two of us. It’s more like a brother and sister thing, it’d be weird….but, this is it, isn’t it? No more casual hang outs with the rest of the boys, no more holding my hand when they weren’t looking, and no more sneaking out at night with each other. I don’t get to listen to you talk about your day or ask me about mine. You wanted this to be goodbye, didn’t you? That’s why you called me out here?”

Jimin only nodded before kissing your forehead more gently than he had before.

“I can’t say it enough but I’m sorry. We’ll still see each other around the company and maybe the dorms but overall I think we should stay away from each other. And maybe it’s not forever, who knows. I just think that’s what’s best for right now.”

There was no use fighting anymore, any further and you would have gone past the point of pathetic, begging on your knees for another chance. You were soon going to miss someone who was never yours in the first place but it would hurt just as bad as if you were. Doing the mature thing you decided it was best to respect his feelings, knowing it took alot for him to finally get out and say it considering he waited half a week to bring it up. He was caring in his own way but he was right, it wasn’t enough anymore. Irreplaceable was a funny word from someone who was talking about no longer speaking but it was a word that suited him as well. You still didn’t feel as though your first love was wasted on him because you probably wouldn’t end up forgetting the cold winter night he confessed everything to you or the expressions he showed when he did. It wouldn’t change that he’d probably never forget it either. 

‘No, I understand. I think so too.”