is it meee ur looking for

Honestly, all you wanted to do right now was to punt Riki into the damn ocean. Although, that would be an offense to the ocean.
Your boyfriend just had to get into a drinking contest because of his stubbornness. He just had to be whiny and clingy when drunk. Yet this time, he was being oddly…affectionate?
Riki was laying on your lap, spurring of nonsense. Yet with a couple more drinks, he started to gush over you nonstop.
“___, I luvv yuuu. Pleeese go out wit meeeee.” You smacked Riki lightly on the head, and sighed.
“We’re already dating you dummy.” You looked into his eyes.
“Ur a goddess. Please step on meee-” He continued to ramble on how great you were and how much he needed you in his life.
Riki suddenly paused from his silliness, and you sighed in relief. He then got off your lap, went on top of the table in front of you, and laid on his side, doing the lamest, most generic “seductive pose” you have ever seen.
“Shooo, u hav a boyfriendd?” He slurred his words.
You looked him straight in the eyes, and in the most serious voice you could muster, you said,
“Right now, I wish I didn’t.”
The other guys burst into laughter, and Hiro was holding a camera, recording the whole thing.
That damn idiot just had to get drunk.