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@bobthedoctor27 asked me

“I enjoyed the reasoning behind your 10 Ugliest Sets. Was a very enjoyable read. In contrast, what are the ten canister sets that you find most appealing and how would you rank them?”

For some unknown reason, Tumblr is refusing to allow me to add images to this answer, so here I am making a post instead. To answer your question, here is my top ten Bionicle canister sets.

10. Kurahk

To begin, we have one of the Sons of Makuta. I always loved the design of the rahkshi regardless the fact they are clone sets. With this stated, I chose Kurahk because of the nice contrast between the white and grey elements in the set, as well as, the consistency in design between the spine and staff- the defining features which differentiate each rahkshi from the other.

9. Thok

When I was younger, the marketing campaign for the Piraka did not resonate with me. I ultimately chose to skip these sets and await the release of the Toa Inika later that year. Boy, do I regret that decision. While I certainly don’t think the Piraka sets are all that great even today, I must admit that I adore Thok’s design. From his razor-sharp spines to his cryo gun and shit-eating grin, I can’t help but love this cool little backstabber.

8. Stronius

By the time of Stronius’ release, the inika build had been done to death. Regardless, the most impressive aspect of Stronius’ design is its consistency. The club, mask, chest plate, pauldrons, and thigh armor help convey a rock motif which really helps this set stand out. In addition, the black and metru-red color scheme looks fantastic. Unfortunately, some serious gappiness in the torso really holds this set back.

7. Carapar

Much like Stronius, an interesting visual motif conveyed through new armor molds helps this set stand above others which share the same tired inika build. The unique marbled plating on Carapar’s limbs, torso, and head give him the carapace look which is his namesake. That is, Carapar looks like a crab, and I like crabs.

6. Krika

I really like bionicle quadrupeds- particularly since they are rare among the main sets. Krika’s mantis-like design is both unorthodox and somewhat menacing. The black, white, and mata-red color scheme is nice- particularly with the marbling in Krika’s blades. The major pitfall of this set is that there is no mata-red in the torso, thus the color balance is off. In addition, the distinctly-organic design of the blades contrasts with the mechanical look of Krika’s body, thus creating the illusion that Krika has four tiny arms holding large blades rather than said blades being a part of his limbs. This issue is only exacerbated by the color imbalance.

5. Toa Iruini

The Toa Hagah, two marvelous sets Lego graced us with in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the “Lego system”- whatever that’s supposed to mean. Regardless, these sets are an extension of the metru body type- one of my favorite designs from Bionicle G1. Iruini’s metallic gold and metru-green color scheme is fantastic, and the added breastplate really balances out the gold distribution. The spear is also a nice touch, for the only other toa set to feature a polearm up to this point was Takanuva. If you could guess by my self-moc, I have a particular fondness of polearms. Oh, and did I forget to mention that mask? Glorious.

4. Toa Norik

Ditto, but replace “metallic gold” with “silver” and “metru-green” with “metru-red.” Norik is everything I love about Iruini but with a nicer color scheme, armor, and weapon.

3. Toa Jaller Mahri

Remember how I dislike the repetitive inika build? Well, here’s yet another one. Again unlike most other inika builds, Jaller Mahri, like Stronius and Carapar, is visually interesting regardless. He has fantastic aesthetic consistency due to the motif shared between his mask, breastplate, abdominal plate, hahnah crab, and power sword. The chest tubes and the tubes on his mask are also a nice touch. Finally, that crab is just too cute, and that power sword is perhaps the single-best weapon part to come from Bionicle G1.

2. Vamprah

I love this set. I love bats, and this set fits this motif to a T. The Mask of Hunger looks quite vampiric and bat-like, and the small hooks on the front of Vamprah’s wings is an excellent detail. Another aspect I love about this set is its absence of feet; he’s another quadruped. If I had to complain- nope, I have nothing. His construction may be similar to his comrades on a base level, but he does more than enough to stand out on his own.

1. Takadox

If any of the Barraki deserves the title “Creep from the Deep,” it’s Takadox. To begin, let’s examine his color scheme: metru-blue, black, trans-medium blue, marbled light blue, silver, mata-red, and trans-red. Sounds like it would be a mess, yes? Yet this set balances these colors impeccably. The marbled light-blue draws attention to Takadox’s face, which possesses an unsettling and almost alien quality- reminiscent of many real creatures of the deep. This quality is further exacerbated by Takadox’s red eyes which are far more striking when contrasted to the soft marbled blue of his skull. While this splash of red would typically throw the color balance off, this is prevented by the numerous mata-red spines which cover Takadox’s body- which contrast well with the metru-blue and trans-medium blue elements. Speaking of his body, it uses a custom construction which makes for a refreshing break from the ever-present inika build. While some may not like the spindly construction of Takadox, I feel it further lends to his creep factor. Finally, those serrated claws- menacing. Overall, Takadox is my absolute favorite Bionicle canister set.


EDIT 05/26/16: If the links to the fics don’t show up, please go to Some tumblr update apparently disabled all the links on this post. sorry for the inconvenience!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! This is late, but hey, here it is! I’ve been marathon-ing kakasaku fics recently since i NEEDED to satisfy my shipper heart before i drop everything and become serious for school next year.

Includes (*=contains some nsfw elements):

  • (20) (High) School AU
  • (25) Modern day AU (general)
  • (13) Fantasy/Sci-Fi AU (with sub-AUs indicated)
  • (04) Historical Romance AU
  • (19) Specific-book/movie AU/Crossover
  • (11) Time Travel AU
  • (11) Generation/Age Swap AU
  • (08) Co-Habitation AU
  • (07) Trapped in a Jutsu AU
  • (03) One of them is not Konoha Shinobi AU
  • (13+01) One of them has kids/Sakura gets pregnant AU
  • (18) One of them is Hokage AU
  • (07) Ghost and Living Person AU
  • (05) Amnesia Fics
  • (08) My Favorite kind of Sakura (where Sakura is a step ahead of Kakashi)
  • (22) In-Narutoverse, Mission Plots
  • (65) In-Narutoverse, Relationship-driven Multi-chapters
  • (46) NSFW (a large portion of the fic is NSFW)
  • (04) OT3
  • (93) Various Oneshots (Happy, Sad, Crack, etc.)
  • (27) Drabble and Oneshot Collections
  • (07) Unclassified Fics (I dont want to spoil them by classifying/i can’t classify them)
  • (04+(01)) NON-KAKASAKU FICS with platonicKakasaku <3
  • (11) Notable Naruto Fanfics


  1. I can’t guarantee consistent quality, characterizations and moral inclinations in all fanfics since i ’collect’ fics according to a mental checklist i have. For example, even if I do hold a Sakura as someone who can only have intimate relations with someone she’s emotionally invested in as my headcanonHarunoSakura, i can still cherish a Sakura who does one night stands (but not so much a Sakura that is reduced to an absolute mess just because a man is shirtless or someone says the word “penis.” she IS a medic, guys. she can’t possibly be THAT shy about it).
  2. There’s a LOT of NSFW fics floating around, which means there’s a lot of Fics that have made me go “NOPE! 8D” but i decided to include them since i liked some specific thing in it (plot, fluffy moment, characterization, etc) and i float different boats depending on the day. what i could probably HATE WITH A BURNING PASSION TODAY, i might be able to forgive tomorrow.
  3. I included the dates when it was last updated so that you can decide for yourself whether or not you’re going to be emotionally invested in something that was left hanging or was deliberately discontinued.

With that in mind, please enjoy!



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Making patches

I see a lot of people asking others how to make patches, and I see that most of the replies are usually to just use some acrylics and paint your own. This is a totally awesome method, and one that I have used myself, but I rarely see anyone talking about screenprinting as an option. I imagine that part of this is partly due to the material requirements making it seem cost prohibitive, and that it seems like a whole new art form to learn with a bunch of weird chemicals and processes. Because of this I’d just like to take a moment to let folk why screenprinting is both rad as fuck, super easy (if time consuming), and maybe a better fit for what you want.

I started making tshirts and patches in high school by drawing on rags with sharpie, but never really liked how that looked in the end, I was still broke as fuck though and wanted a cheaper alternative than buying from a shop. I also had moral issues with buying band merch not directly from the band, but that’s a different rant/conversation. Anyway, onward after the break!

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anonymous asked:

He used his brilliant mind, his superpower, >> to kill people. Tony is the biggest villain of the MCU. He is the Donald Trump of the MCU!!

You come into my inbox, you disrespect my man Tony Stark… and I could be angry with you but, to be honest, your message made me very happy. Guys! The day has come! I got an anon message telling me that Tony Stark is a villain and I am now officially a member of the Tony Stark Defense Squad! So, even though it may be wiser to ignore this message, I decided to celebrate by actually answering it.

“He used his brilliant mind, his superpower, >> to kill people.”
You quoted my post here but you changed the ending. The result is quite ridiculous, if I may say. (For those who don’t want to read the post I linked, we’re talking about Ultron here). Look, English is not my mother tongue so forgive me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that the grammatical construction “to do something” implies an intention behind the action. If I go to the shop to buy an apple, I go there in order to buy an apple, with the intention of doing so. I’m sorry, are you a native English speaker? If you’re not, that could be an excuse, but you can’t possibly think that Tony’s intention there was to kill people.
What was Tony’s intention when he decided to create Ultron? (I’m not going to say “when he created Ultron” because it would be a blatant Bruce Banner erasure and also Ultron kind of created himself, the AI was already in the stone and all. And we can’t forget about Wanda. Let’s not discuss it here). It’s very clear in the movie. He did that to protect the Earth and everybody on it. Wanda played with his mind and we could see his fears: his friends dead and the Earth invaded. He did what he did to prevent that from happening. He did it to protect people, not to kill them, anon, you can’t possibly fight me on that, you just can’t.

“Tony is the … villain of the MCU.”
Now the second part of your message. It’s not less ridiculous, but far more often believed in than the first. It’s really weird that some people think Tony is a villain. Let’s check what the word “villain” means, shall we?
villain - (in a film, novel, or play) a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot (source)
Now, I agree that Tony’s actions and motives are important to the plot but I’m afraid you missed the “evil” part of the definition.
Tony has made some mistakes, yes. But is a mistake an “evil action”? Isn’t an intention to harm necessary for an action to be considered truly evil? I think that the “evil action” and “evil motives” are connected. Creating Ultron was a mistake but it was not an evil action, for it was done with a pure motive. You can point out Tony’s mistakes all you want (he’d gladly do that himself), but you cannot question his motives. All this man does, he does to protect others.

Let’s take a look at the definition of the word “hero” now.
hero - a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities (source)
If you’ve seen any of the movies you’ll have to agree that Tony has courage and, in fact, lots of it. There are more proofs of that than I am in the mood to count right now. Just to name a few situations… escaping from that Afghanistan cave, saving civilians from terrorists while being a civilian without any training himself, stopping a crazy guy with electric whips without a suit, chatting with Loki, fighting aliens, flying a nuke into a portal, going to kill a terrorist with homemade weapons, being part of the Avengers who fight aliens and crazy robots on a daily basis… like okay I’m going to stop now but I hope you can see that Tony is no coward. A coward would never become Iron Man. Gosh, a coward would have built the Jericho Missile for the terrorists and died in that cave to begin with. Well, at least you wouldn’t be calling him a villain now.

But Tony’s courage is even deeper than doing those brave deeds. It’s about falling and rising. It’s about getting out of that cave and changing his whole life for the better. It’s about realising the harm caused by his weapons and shutting down the weapons division. It’s about being betrayed by people who were close to him but still choosing to trust others. It’s about being told he’s not fit to be a hero but being a hero nonetheless, every day. It’s about creating Ultron (yes, that) because he refused to stand back and let everyone die. It’s about not curling in a ball and crying out of the agony of remorse when Ultron went crazy, even though it would’ve been so much easier than doing everything in his power to clean up that mess. It’s about going on, every day, even though he blames himself for everything bad that happens. It’s about trying to make up for it, for all his mistakes, and for the mistakes of others.

On to the next part of the definition. I’ve already mentioned some “outstanding achievements” of his, like putting the nuke in that portal (which saved the Manhattan and finished the fight) but let’s add saving of the president and having his part in creating Vision to the list. Well, it’s not the whole list, obviously. But the point is proven, so let’s move on.

Now, noble qualities. Let’s take the list from this site. There are so many of them that I’m going to be very brief on each, but if you watched the movies, you’re going to know what I mean.

*sacrifice – taking the nuke through the wormhole
*determination – he! gotta! save!
*loyalty – coming back to the Avengers while not being on active duty when things got rough, wanting to arrest others instead of letting killing squads deal with them (yes, I’d call it loyalty, he could have just sit and watch you know?)
*courage – already discussed
*dedication – have you ever seen a more dedicated guy, like, have you seen him at work
*bravery – may I remind you about the nuke and aliens and stuff
*perseverance – get the image of him dragging his disabled suit in a forest through the snow
*focused – he literally doesn’t sleep when he has a goal he wants to achieve
*conviction – he believes in what he does, he wants to continue doing it
*selfless – fighting for others while risking one’s life is hardly egoistic, I think it’s quite the opposite
*gallantry – the definition on that site tells me it’s about fighting the danger “with high and cheerful spirit” and well, if it isn’t Tony Stark
*fortitude – does refusing to make a Jericho for the terrorists count? yes
I’m sorry but at the end of the list of qualities on that site was this: “Heroes are not born, they are made. Anyone of us can acquire these heroic qualities and can be a hero” and well if it isn’t Tony Stark.
Wouldn’t you agree that the word “hero” fits Tony far more accurately than the one you used to describe him? Surprise, surprise! Tony is actually a hero! Who would’ve thought, right?

But! You didn’t only call him a villain, did you. You said “the biggest villain of the MCU”. One, Tony is not a villain. Two, there are many villains in the MCU, why must you insist that a hero is a villain if you have plenty of them already. Three, all of the villains did bad things, why do you think that Tony, a hero, is worse than them? Four, have you heard of Thanos? Wait for Infinity War and then tell me Tony is the biggest villain of the MCU, please. Not that Tony couldn’t be the biggest villain. I mean, if he only wanted to, he could. Thanos would look pathetic next to him. The thing is, Tony is a good man with pure intentions. Luckily for everyone.

“He is the Donald Trump of the MCU!!”
Now this is something that bothers me a lot, and it’s not because of the reason you probably think. Just.. it’s clearly stated on my blog that I’m from Poland. Why do you come into my inbox and compare a character to the president of the USA that I have near to no interest in? Why would you assume I think he’s the biggest villain of our universe? It’s just… no? Why would you do this?
I do know some things about Donald Trump though, mostly from tumblr. I know that some of the things that people have against him are his attitude towards immigrants and the way he handles healthcare. Well, as far as I can tell, Tony has nothing against immigrants. Take one example: he has nothing against Wanda Maximoff. More than that, he’s trying to protect her from being deported. The girl is not a US citizen and she doesn’t have a visa. Not very Trump-y of Tony, right? As for the Trumpcare, I don’t know how it works. I guess that people have lower taxes but have to pay for their healthcare?? Tony has numerous foundations and funds everything always, so jot that down. I might be wrong about this whole Trump thing but, like I said, I don’t know that much about it. Maybe next time think before you send someone who’s not from the USA a message comparing someone to Donald Trump. As I see it: connections to Donald Trump? None. Oh yeah, he’s a white rich male but I had no idea that makes you a villain.

So that’s that. What you said in your message turned out to be untrue. Surprised? Did you think it wouldn’t? No but honestly, did you?

Did you expect me to agree with you? Did you expect me to be persuaded by your zero (0) arguments? Really, what was your purpose here?

I have no idea what you wanted to achieve with that message, but I’ll tell you what you did achieve. You got a long post about why Tony is not a villain and why he is a hero. You got a post which explains to you why you’re wrong. Anon, do you realise that? I’m talking to all the anti-Tony anons here. You are just giving us all an excuse to produce long detailed posts about how amazing Tony is. You are just giving us an excuse to write something other Tony fans, not you, will enjoy. Do you realise how unwise that move of yours is? You’re not going to persuade us into thinking that Tony is a bad guy. If anything, it’s you who’s going to be persuaded. If that’s the case, if you want to be persuaded, sure, send anti-Tony asks. We’ll all gladly explain to you why you’re wrong. Because we enjoy that. So, thank you, for giving us the opportunity. But you might want to think twice before sending an anti-Tony message again. This Isn’t Working.

And the last thing: Tony is not written as a villain. He is not supposed to be a villain. If you accept that, you’re going to enjoy the movies more, trust me.


[march study challenge] • 05/03/17

Day 5: studyblrs get real

I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while now, because I am nowhere near the picture-perfect accounts with clean uncluttered desks and white backgrounds and neat handwritten notes with every title written in flawless calligraphy. It’s a shame because the studyblr community sort of conditions you into thinking that you need to have an aesthetic or you won’t get notes, and then that means we have an unrealistic view of what studying should really be. This is something I wrote in my very first post:

“I realised I wasn’t cut out to be one of those cool minimalist bloggers that used mildliners to highlight every second line of their aesthetic study notes. So I reckon my posts will lean towards the study end of things, but this probably won’t be Scandinavian stationery and pastel-coloured calligraphy. If it does turn out like that, I’ll cry a little inside. This, for me, is an online journal to document how I go this year. I want a place to keep it real, to post things that I learn and to see how I’ve grown over my final year of school.”

I have to shamefully say that I’m not really upholding my aforementioned promise to keep it real on this blog, so I hope that the following list makes up for it:

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Get Out review:

So I just saw Jordan Peele’s breakout film (as a writer), Get Out. It was actually my second attempt to see it. I tried to go last night and it was sold out. Even today in the middle of a Sunday afternoon the theater was packed. And it’s been in theaters for a week so the fact that it’s still packing theaters says something. Anyway, I really loved it. I tried my best to avoid spoilers because I heard it was quite a thriller and I didn’t want to hear any extra information. I knew the basics of the plot line and I knew there were some concerns about whether it was going to be some racially tense film. I was prepared for that, but I was determined not to let The Discourse® ruin it for me if it truly was a worthwhile film.

Anyway I’m not going to spoil it too much for those who still want to see it, because I really recommend that you see it for yourself. Suffice it to say it is a very good thriller that keeps you guessing what’s going on. There are several interesting twists. I do understand what people are saying with the concern that it’s pushing a “white people are all evil” narrative, but I thought in the context of the film it wasn’t really that bad. It’s pretty absurdest and you really get the feeling that what’s going on is fairly isolated to this family and their friends rather than it being a picture of every white person. I think if you can remove yourself from that mentality you will enjoy the film a lot. It was exceptionally well shot and directed. Very nice to look at and visually exciting. The acting was about what you would expect for a horror film. Not fantastic but it fit with the atmosphere.

My main concern for movies that they tell a story. If this had been set up as a way to preach to white people about how racist they are (I’m looking at you “Dear White People”), it would have been a mess in my mind. It’s the same reason I don’t like a lot of “Christian Movies®” because they tend to be message driven rather than story driven. They start out telling you what you’re supposed to think and then everything that happens in the movie is just there to reinforce it. But Get Out really does have a compelling story and interesting characters. And its commentary on racial issues is pretty thought-provoking. There’s one scene the involves a bit of an… examination reminiscent of how slaves would be examined on the trading block. That’s all I’m going to say because again, it’s one of those subtle things that is better when you watch it. It’s also really worth noting that the prominent white people in the film are liberal and at least by appearances try very hard *not* to be racist, so it isn’t some big bashing of white southern conservatives. It actually points more of a finger at the liberal elite for using minorities rather than caring about them.

All in all I highly recommend it. I’ve seen some really annoying Discourse® on Tumblr of course, but try not to let that reflect on your enjoyment of the story. This movie doesn’t get any quality passes from me for being a story with racial implications. It still needs to be a good horror/suspense film, and I think it does it’s job.

mash a to flirt

Pairing: Ryan/Ray


crossposted on ao3

Summary: Ray wouldn’t quite say he fell in love with the dorky streamer at first sight, but, well…

He can’t deny that he’s glad he and Ryan (eventually) become friends. (He’s simultaniously not that glad, because one-sided crushes are horrible).

(and press b to fall in love)

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Paleyfest 2017: TWD Panel. A Retrospect.

OMG, I had so much fun tonight. I’m a little bummed that I didn’t get to ask Andy a question, but I’m super proud of myself for actually standing up (to try to get my question asked/making a sign for Andrew Lincoln). I usually don’t like to put myself out there. Yet, this whole week I kept thinking “I’ve got nothing to lose.”

I’ve always been conflicted about meeting celebrities.  I’ve always found something weird about the fact that I’m going to remember this moment for the rest of my life and them not so much. Also they’re just people. Also me: that’s Rick F’ing Grimes. 

Anyways some take aways from tonight. I’m 99% convinced that Rick and Michonne are going to have a kid together. I think there is going to be a time jump after this All Out War with Negan and BAM Richonne Jr.     

This cast is utterly amazing/beautiful. Honestly, I’ve never considered TWD my favorite tv show. For me there has never been a perfect season and certain storylines have dragged. Looking a you Hershel’s farm. However, I’ve always loved the characters. I think the show shines the brightest when it’s focusing on the characters. So Tom Payne “Jesus” talked about how Jesus is getting a back story and how he never felt part of a (post apocalyptic) family until Sasha and Maggie came along. Josh McDermitt “Eugene” talked about how the whole “I am utterly Negan” thing is just who Eugene is. He’s a survivor first. It not about being disloyal to the group. Anyways Christian “Rosita” has been getting a lot of hate for how she’s playing Rosita lately, but I kind of love the fact that she’s kind of being a bitch. Not everyone responds to loss the same way and I’m weirdly happy that her character is angry/selfish about it. Anyways, the whole cast gave really great commentary about their characters and I’m really excited to learn more of their backstories. 

Side notes: Season 8 episode 1 marks the 100th episode of TWD. At the start of the panel Scott Gimple mentioned something about how they are hoping to make it to another 100 episodes. Hmmm. I feel like I’m now so invested in this fandom that I couldn’t get out even if I wanted too.

I met a fellow tumblr (we follow each other) and some generally awesome people at Paleyfest. The lady I was sitting next to has been to Walker Stalker 16 times and just came back from the one in London. She’s raises money for Andrew Lincoln’s charity. I did not know Andy has a charity. I love this man. 

I thought Andrew Lincoln would be taller. 

It is impossible to try to get an autograph and take pictures at the same time. I was inches away from Andrew, Melissa, Josh, Tom, Gimple, and Austin, but i was too busy trying to get an autograph when I could of got some really good pictures. However, Melissa and Josh did sign my TWD issue 150 and Melissa asked me if I did reaction videos for Walking Dead because I look like a girl that does reaction videos. So apparently Melissa watches reaction videos Awesome.

Thanks tumblr TWD fandom. This is the first fandom that I’ve really been a part of and I love it. Anyways, here some pictures from last night. I’m poor, so these aren’t high quality photos. 

Next stop: WonderCon, then fingers crossed for SD Comic Con, and seriously considering Walker Stalker Georgia or New Jersey. 


So, Tumblr seems to have eaten the message, but re: my last post about the nature of the self, someone messaged me pointing out that I completely neglected to mention the Heart aspect, which basically represents the very thing I was talking about: the ur-Self! Which inspired some great reflections, so let’s touch on that before I drop eleven pages of Gnosticism on you later tonight. If that was you, please let me know so I can give you credit!

EDIT: Ah, I figured it out! It was homeschool-winner! Thank you for the terrific message! :)

So, in the past I wasn’t much for classpect analysis ‘cause I kinda saw people trying to use them predicatively, like “this will happen because Character X has Y classpect,” and there was always just such a wide range of interpretations available that any claim to certainty seemed a bit dubious. But now that Homestuck’s over, I find I’m fond of them, not as predictors but as tools for understanding all the weird symbols in Homestuck’s hyperflexible mythology.

I totally agree that Heart represents the Ur-Self. It clearly represents the soul, as Calliope tells us, and we see it on full display with Dirk’s ability to suck out souls (and put them in something else). He’s the Destroyer of Souls, and possibly also a destroyer by means of souls (by accidentally creating the Calsoul and thus Lord English? By duplicating his soul in the form of AR/Hal, whose soul is real enough to be part of a kernelsprite and the Calsoul?) Dirk fucks things up with/for souls. That’s pretty clear.

But these souls also seem to carry enough of their person’s qualities to represent their Ur-Self. LE certainly has qualities of all the people in the Calsoul. It seems pretty reasonable to interpret Heart as relating to people’s Self. That would make Dirk someone who destroys or suppresses Selfhood. Makes sense; Bro was certainly able to suppress Dave’s self, as we see it emerging by the ending. And LE’s Hal definitely comes out in Doc Scratch’s manipulations, which serve to rob others of their agency. So it checks out.

I really love the way souls are represented in the SBURB Glitch FAQ/Replay Value AU (which is an awesome AU, btw, y’all should check it out), where they’re nicknamed shinies, and basically everything has one. They’re the code for rocks or grass or game objects or people, and Heart Players can mess with them as one of their means of exploiting the game engine to compensate for bugs like the debug menu in a Bethesda Game. It’s awesome.

Imagine a game engine that calls up individual manifestations of you, which behave like different entities but they’re all called from one base file that’s copied and modified for different circumstances. That might be the kind of game we’re working with here.

But no classpect is ever just one thing, right? That’s what’s fascinating about them, they’re often multiple meanings fused fluidly together. Light is Luck, but also Information, Knowledge. Even Time and Space have subtler qualities. So I think we need to look at the Leijons as well.

When we first hear about Heart, it seems like it might be a silly, power of heart aspect, right? Because we (all too easily) dismiss Nepeta, and see Heart as just meaning love, meaning Nepeta’s shipping.

But I’m gonna say that Shipping, Self, and Agency all roll together into one concept called Heart. By pairing people up, Nepeta is exploring compatibilities among archetypal versions of people. Terezi fits with Dave in some ways, and Vriska in others. A Rogue of Heart might be able to move people around to their benefit to find better combinations. (A Thief of Heart would of course ship people for her own benefit rather than theirs, a classic seducer and heartbreaker…but maybe she’d also be someone who could steal a literal soul.) Meulin does this too, but more directly, as matchmaker more than shipper (the Mage at work). Heck, I think Davepeta’s very existence is a strong argument for this, right? The fusion of Nepeta and Davesprite’s souls created one hell of a positive, affirming combination. Like a bird and cat-themed Garnet. Meanwhile LE’s souls amplify a monster.

So yeah, in Homestuck Heart means: Soul + Self + Agency over Events+ Compatibility + Love.

Thinking about Heart also got me thinking, interestingly, about Mind. They’re an obvious aspect pair, right? One is the soul and one is the brain, duh. But I was never able to explain them on a larger level than that.

And then just now I got it. Because Mind in Homestuck means Choice. We see this everywhere in Homestuck. Terezi’s Mind abilities allow her to see what choices people will make and how to get the best results from them, to the point where she can use people’s choices to defy luck. Her retcon arc (which I will talk about in so, so much depth later) is about rewriting her own choices, or really giving herself the freedom to make new ones. Meanwhile, Latula uses her own choices as a shield but can easily interpret the choices her peers made as the Ancestors.

So, like Time and Space, Light and Void, and so on, Heart and Mind are a balanced pair where the further you go from one, the closer you move into the other. Heart is your Self and your role in the cosmos altogether. Mind is the individual choices you make to differentiate yourself from all your other selves! Heart is what’s consistent across all timelines, Mind is what makes individual timelines exist! Heart is Dave-ness; Mind is the difference between Doomed Dave, Dave, and Davesprite. Heart is what’s unchangable about you; Mind is what’s changing. Every self matters, but so, too, does the eternal Self

You could almost think of it as if Heart’s your base stats in a video game, and Mind’s the stat boosts you gain a long the way. Say, Pokemon. I bet Terezi would be really good at EV training. >:)

Hell, this even gets spelled out for us! Remember how Karkat introduced the concept of different game sessions to us?

EB: ummmm…
EB: crash bandicoot?

Think of all the Dersites and Prospitians, and all the different roles they take on. Jack and all his gang and even WV and PM at different points in their history. Funnily enough, in many ways the players of the Game have a lot in common with its NPCs.

We are all our own individual Bandicoot, yet still part of the much larger Bandicoot that makes us who we are.

Which means that Heart and Mind aren’t just any other aspects. They tie very directly into one of the biggest thematic concerns of Homestuck itself!

That’s so freaking cool!

So yeah, thanks so much for this insight! :D

(PS: Also, I really dug the point that the ur-Self could be described as the Platonic Self, that the “archetypes” I keep talking about really resemble Plato’s theory of Forms. A connection that’s worth checking out, especially when Dirk, Prince of Heart  has the username timaeustestified, a reference to a major Platonic Dialogue. Dirk is the Platonic Form. It’s him. Thanks for that insight, too!)

Discussing the intersection of expectations, culture, and narrative structure when it comes to suspension of disbelief and perceived narrative quality (using Kuroshitsuji and Sherlock season 4 as examples)

The title makes this sound kind of smart but in reality this is another really really long and totally incoherent ramble that accomplishes nothing it’s just something I thought was interesting and wanted to rant about. I’m sorry. One day I’ll go back to writing clever text posts I just don’t know when that day will come.

TL;DR: I thought of what it would be like to describe the 2ct becoming canon to someone who’s never heard of it and it sent me on this long spiral of thought where I concluded that the cleverness of a plot twist can be weighted on toooootally different criteria depending on who you ask.

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Do networks treat their shows and creators  with Respect?

You know animation is in amazing place right now. Both now and in recent years we have gotten so many amazing cartoons that have pushed the bounds of imagination while being enjoyable for people of all ages.  Gravity Falls challenged the fans to observe their show closely and try to discover a mystery before it was revealed in the show.  Wander over Yonder shared an amazing message that no matter how bad things may be you should never give up hope. Even Adventure Time, a show that started off goofy, have evolved over the years and showed the trials of growing up by following Finn life.  I mean sure, we still have plenty of shows that suck:

Originally posted by pickleandpeanutgifs

but the good outweighs the bad in my opinion. With all these amazing shows it makes me think of one question though. “Do networks really treat their shows with respect?

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anonymous asked:

hi, im really sorry to bother you, but how do you make your art into gifs while keeping such a high quality? i've been wanting to try it for a long time but i don't know where to go

so lets say we got this cool animation you did. 

If you have access to it, use PS. online animation programs will stub the quality of your work and compromise it.

(tutorial on animating / tips)

make sure:

  • you’ve limited your colors already
  • it isn’t too long (I shoot for 1-2 seconds as a safety net)
  • you’ve sized to your site:

Image -> Image Size

look up what site you’re posting on has! there tends to be limits on size of uploads so to not compromise on the later parts, just size it to the max display for the site. there’s going to be someone on the site who knows the dimensions (btw, tumblr is 540 width. once it gets above a 3:4 ratio width:height expect your quality to drop significantly)

besides, having the dimensions match the display is actually pretty ideal. you want to keep higher quality stuff on you but if you post something larger than the site displays, it’ll trying sizing it down itself. it usually does a pretty crappy job of it too

also if you got a huge image it will take a long time for photoshop to even render the previews and it will be a huge file. don’t do that to yourself

then! go to File -> Export -> Save for Web (Legacy)

from the menu in the top right select GIF (it may be PNG/JPEG)

this is where it gets a little convoluted, you’ve got a few different options here:

  • how the colors are selected to be broken down to a 256 or less palette (selective, adaptive, ect.)
  • how ps will handle placing these colors (pattern, dither, ect.)
  • how many colors/transparency
  • and some other things that really I don’t know much about/are already taken care of in your document/special cases

the preview boxes are there so you can see what you’re changing, so mess around, they even tell you the file size! (tumblr limits to 2MB! be mindful of that. gifs will stop working past that)

you have to compromise sometimes at this point, your image may be too big so here are some things:

  • lower the colors (going to 128 usually doesn’t change much if you play with the dithering)
  • reduce the dithering
  • reduce your animation frames (the timing of each frame doesn’t matter, it’s how many! drop some inbetween frames if you need to)
  • and when all else fails, cut it into pieces and export the parts

if none of this works, consider uploading an MP4, part of this stuff is just planning and problem solving.

also there’s a preview box down in the the bottom left so test!

basically guess and check, compromise on a bit and prioritize what you need. 

and you’re done!

If you have more questions let me know! I also recommend looking at gfx makers, they know this side of Photoshop a bit better than me I think.

good luck!!

Guess Who’s Back? Back Again. Protecting Robert! Tell a Friend!

Ah. Every time I write something the show likes to mess with me and my thoughts. So, the spoilers were fast and furious today.  Bring about a fandom meltdown that happens every other day.  Mostly on Twitter. Sure. It is confusing. This storyline is confusing. People are confused and angry. I’m getting bored writing this every other day just as you all are bored having to read it (not that I don’t appreciate the people who do!).

Just like I explained how the story is structured to not have Rebecca be a  factor now I will explain how the Robert and Aaron both got themselves into this mess, Robert being pushed around in the story, what is missing from Robrons story structure, and what could be happening in the future.  If you are interested in learning more continue reading.

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JK ROOMMATE AU IMAGINE (reversed Version)

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Here is a reversed Version of The Roommate au where the characters are reversed. Basically, jungkook is the one who’s making you frustarted and you’re the one who’s struggling to keep it together.

I wanted to make justice to jungkook.Tbh he’s been suffering too much and he deserves some payback too *smirks*  I’ll be publishing pt.1 of the roommate au on tumblr and on wattpad as soon as I can!!!

Don’t forget to tell me your thoughts  in the comments/Request box ;)

Links to the original story :


Genre: romance/fluff/love
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length:  2251 words
Summary: This is a reversed version of the initial story where Jungkook is your campus roommate who has a huge crush on you. This time the tables have turned and you’re the one who’s crushing on him.

Imagine your Roommate Jungkook coming back from the gym out of breath and worn out as hell. His bangs are all wet and sticking to his forehead. His arms are glistering and all shiny from the sweat of his work out. The collar of his shirt is drenched too and it’s slowly turning into a see through. His manly forearms are toned and you can notice from his bulging veins how much work his body has been going through for the past 2 hours.

Something about this is unconsciously making you bite your bottom lip.Jungkook is making you feel some sort of way he usually does when both of you are in the bedroom. He may have been your roommate but this guy knew his ways to make you feel things you shouldn’t feel. He would make you want him without even moving from his personal space.

Jungkook leans his head back and to the sides while letting a growl of exhaustion.The guy is tired and he’s happy to be back at home where he can finally have some quality time with his roommate. He was ready to mess with you once again.He was savage since day one and you knew he’s one and only purpose was to make your life difficult.

Jungkook Didn’t tease girls, but you were an exception to his rule. He would find the thrill in playing around with you. He knew how nervous you were around him and he’d enjoy watching you suffer of frustration everytime he’d do something and leave you pending there.

You were a girl who was still innocent with no past boyfriend records or whatsoever. Jungkook knew that information and it made him like you ten times more. How better could it get? His roommate was a pure girl who was untouched and untained. A perfect prey. Something about this made him want you even more and this why he started messing with you.

“What’s up?” Jungkook runs his hand through his wet hair as he goes straight to the kitchen to get a drink

Whoah, look at him showing up like this as if it was no one’s business. WHY IS THAT HE STILL MANAGES TO LOOK SMOKIN’ HOT WHILE BEING SWEATY. THIS IS NOT FAIR, you’d pout

“Nothing much apart the fact that I feel very attacked right now” you whisper to yourself

F*ck, did I really say this out loud?!!

“Attacked? Did my hyungs drop by while I was away?” Jungkook chuckled

“No” you shake your head in denial

“Oh Really?” He makes his way to your side as he tilts his head cockily “Then what’s making you so flustered?”

“I’m not feeling flustered!! WHO’S FEELING FLUSTERED!” you defend yourself

“You’re so cute” jungkok lets out his breathy laugh as he ruffles your hair at the same time

“D-Don’t touch m-my hair!” you blink

“Is it true that you never kissed a guy, Y/N?” jungkok raises a playful brow

I wished I could kiss you, but I REFUSE TO ADMIT THIS CAUSE’ YOU’LL MAKE FUN OF ME.

“W-Why would you ask SUCH A WEIRD THING?!” you cover your chest with your hands in protection “You’re going to pull another skank on me, aren’t you? NO WAY. I’M NOT LETTING YOU THIS TIME” you warn

“What skank? What did I even do?” he scoffs “You’re the one getting all frustrated for nothing” he replies in satisfaction

He knew how much you yearned for him. He didn’t had to touch you to make you erupt in sorts of feels. His sinful words and facial expressions were enough for him to make you all hot and bothered with no tomorrow. You knew his game too well and you always tried avoiding him at all costs. Jungkook enjoyed playing so much, but you hated giving in to him. You were a girl who was going to keep her purity no matter what. Jungkook may be tempting you into the dirtiest fantasies but you still had a pride and you still had that prince charming fantasy you wished to make come true.

“Excuse me SIR. You’ve been pushing me in corners way too much nowadays and stop finding excuses. Your pretty face won’t save you from the things you did!” you point at him accusingly

“I think you misunderstood something–” he’s about to retort as he sighs

“What about that time you showed up shirtless!!! WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT!!” you whine

Yeah, you looked so perfect, I almost cried over how much these abs were porptionnal. HOW IN THE WORLD CAN ABS BE PROPORTIONAL THOUGH?

“Oh, I had that much effect on you?” he’d smirk “You haven’t even seen anything, yet you’re freaking out” jungkook drinks his water while snickering “So cute, I’d bite you” he’d pinch your cheek

“NOT CUTE.” you cross your arms on your chest “Sir, is it your specialty to play around with me?” you raise a brow

“I don’t see it as a play. It’s just called entertainment.” he replies “But we can take it one step further if you want it to be serious” his dark orbs stare back in yours


“W-who said I wanted this to get serious?! Who are you taking me for” you fan yourself in disbelief

“Your cheeks say so” he steps closer to you “So red. Almost as red as that black and red lacy bra from last time” he smirks

You feel yourself cringe as you remember how he found your bra mixed up with his shirts a few months earlier. He had no shame and he would rub it in your face every time he wanted to get a reaction. That black and red lacy bra that marked history. You turned ten times more defenseless ever since he saw your underwear that one night. He had no shame at all. He just came to you with your bra his shameless sinful fingers while staring at the lacy fabric with a smirk. He was so sneaky. Who’d ever thought he’d bring up your bra size everytime from that time on.

“I still can remember how shocked I was when I saw the size” he comments

“DON’T BRING IT UP” you turn three shades redder

“You don’t have to feel ashamed Y/N. I was impressed by how much you can hide under that oversized sweatshirt” he’d wink at you “You’re quite the girl aren’t you” he chuckles

“CAN YOU NOT” your eyes rounded

“Why? Is that much of a bad thing to be curious about you” He tilts his head

“YEAH. Take off your interest from me” you glare at him

“Unfortunately, I can’t do that” he replies

“THEN DO IT. I BEG YOU” you ruffle your hair while faking a sob “Stop driving an innocent girl wild and go bother someone else” you avoid his eyes

Jungkook feels his lip curve up. He was going to make a move this time and watch your priceless reactions once again. It was like a routine for him. He even grew attached to it. He may have been shy and awkward with other girls but he found himself so comfortable around you. His inner beast and savage side could be showcased in your presence for some foreign reason.

“Your cheeks are so red” he hovers his index over your cheek and you feel goosebumps forming on your skin “Is it me or perhaps it’s just very hot in here?” he comments

“Yeah, it’s just very hot in here” you fan yourself as you step back

You can tell that jungkok already has a plan to corner you and you don’t even bother to fight against him because it’s no use. You’re at his mercy and you can’t even look at him.The tone of his husky voice is already making you feel all types of way.His sinful finger on your soft cheek already made you weak. He just has to make a move and it’d driveyou wild.

“The AC is turned on though” he smirks as he’s stepping closer to you once again.

He leans his face close to yours and you can feel his hot breathing on the side of your ear. You feel heat all over your skin and jungkook can tell from the shade of your cheeks and ears that his mission to make you flustered worked.He just had to add one last thing to drive you over the edge

“Or is it that you’re getting turned on too?” he bites on his bottom lip

“EXCUSE ME??!!!” your eyes widen as you stare back at him before feeling your heart racing at an impossible pace

“You heard me, Y/N” he hovers his fingers over your bare arm “You can tell me and I’ll make all of your wishes come true.“ his hot breath would whisper in your sensitive ears

MAKE WHAT REAL?!?! WHICH WISHES??!! *panics * GO AWAY FROM ME!!! DON’T MAKE IT REAL!!! LET ME BREATHE PLEASE!!! But I always fantasized about—f*ck no SHUT IT Y/N!!!

Jungkook makes his way to you. Two steps and his forehead is already pressed on yours while his face is a few centimeters away from you. You feel his warm breath on your face and his closeness is making you nervous and all shaky. His effect on you was not explainable. You knew that staring back into his eyes would only mean defeat. You chose to push his chest away with your palm to distance yourself from him

“Don’t do it” you mutter as you push him away

He knew that confidence was the one thing you lacked the most. The reason why he was even trying to tease you was to make that confidence grow and he fell for you in the process. Jungkook didn’t liked how you’d avoid him whenever he would show up or try to get close to you. Of course the way he’d try getting close to you was quite sneaky, but he didn’t want to let his chance slip. Making you flustered was his strength and he’d keep doing it till you’d respond to him. Till you’d stare back at him and face him. He knew that behind that innocence something was hiding.

As he feels your palm on his chest trying to push him away, jungkook’s fingers automatically makes their way to your waist to pull you closer. He closes the gap between you and he can already feel you weakening under his touch. He hasn’t even done anything yet you’re already blinking and nervously looking anywhere but back at him. Something about this is driving him insane. How much he wished you could stare back onto his eyes with your gorgeous eyes yet you never bothered to keep eye contact with him for more than three seconds.

“Why are you so nervous around me? Am I that intimidating?” He’d stare straight into your eyes as he’d tilt your chin to meet eyes with you

“I-I just can’t “you blink nervously

“I won’t bite Y/N. I promise” he strokes your arm with his other hand “Don’t you trust me?”


“Why are you acting like this, seriously…” you reply in a shaky voice

“I do it for you” his soft voice replies “I do it for you and no one else, because I care about you”


“You tease me because you care?” you scoff

“Y/N, I know that you’re hiding something” he replies “You’re probably just stopping yourself from telling me what you want because you want to keep the innocence mark stamped on your forehead”

“W-Which innocent mark?! You’re saying all sorts of things!” you furrow your brows trying to push him off

“You want me, don’t you? Just say it.” He holds you back

“N-NO” you blink while turning your head to the side

“Yeah, you do” he chuckles “Oh gosh, I love that face you make” he pinches your nose “So classy yet silly.”

OH well, you just gave him the chance to f*ck around with you once again. Bravo Y/N! You’re doing all sorts of things…

“STOP PLAYING WITH ME” you slap his arm

“I’d stop playing if you were being fair with me” he’d tilt his head


“I knew it. You wanted me at a 100%” he nods


Jungkook takes his cup of water, ready to leave the kitchen and go in his respective room. As he reached the exit he turned around to stare at you and tell you something that you never expected hearing in a thousand years.

“Your innocence may be attractive, but I believe that something more thrilling is hiding behind that cute face of yours.” He smiles at you before ending it with a sneaky wink

He was spontaneous and this time he left you with your jaw dropping on the floor with his comment.Did he knew about your inner bad girl?! Perhaps he did or maybe it may have been his fantasy for something like this to happen? Either ways, jungkook was willing to know that hidden side of you no matter what it would take.

I hope you guys enjoyed~

If you really liked it , I’ll probably make more of these in the future for fun whenever you guys crave for it.  ;)


Fans Destroy Fandoms

What do you think when you heard the following names: Brony, Twilight, Naruto, Proxies, Hetalia? Chances are, you have a negative thought of them almost immediately. These are just four of the fandoms that all started off as harmless until well, the fans. Granted, there is NOTHING wrong with being a fan of anything whether it’s MLP, anime, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, anything really but sadly, the main thing that ruins ALL fandoms are the FANS themselves. And before you say “My fandom is good! There are no crazy fans! We’re all normal! We’re awesome people!” Nope, it isn’t. Every fandom has those fans who not only ruin it for others but the fandom itself. So far, anime fans, furry fans, Twilight and all their subcategories have been known to have crazy/ annoying however recently, we added Creepypasta fans and now, quite sadly, Steven Universe is slowly making their mark into this and this is where for the first time, we’re seeing some regular fans trying to help the fandom but also inadvertently hurting it. I’ll explain this later.

First off, being a fan of anything is okay. You can be a fan of trains, you can be a fan of Dr. Who, you can be a fan of chocolate however, there’s a type of fan that goes above and beyond on what it means to be a fan. There are different names for it: obsessed fan, weeaboo, hetaboo, but the Japanese has created the best word for it: Otaku. Otaku has been coined for anime fans and many wear it as a badge of honor but the term expands to different things. In Japan, you can be a train otaku, a mecha otaku, an anime otaku, an computer otaku. The term otaku in reality mean: Obsessive Interest,  it means that you are literately so obsessed that you can no longer tell the difference between reality and your obsession. Sadly, this is the type that has been popping up in every genre and they’re becoming worse and worse by the day. Today I’m going to talk about exactly what’s been going on in the Steven Universe fandom, how one fandom was killed, and why more and more people are shying away or closeting themselves from genres.

Just recently in the Steven Universe fandom, there was an incident with Keystone Motels in Pennsylvania, California, and Florida. For those of you who don’t know, there was a mention of the motel in the episode. The episode was cute and had many feels and character development however it was the morning after. Some fans thought it would be funny to leave low ratings and complained about something the happenings in the episode, like “My room was freezing and I went to see and saw a blue girl on the other side of the wall” and “I wanted to take a swim but the water was completely evaporated with a red girl pacing and ranting inside it”. Okay, seriously if it was one review, it could have gotten a chuckle but twenty plus fans doing it to every Keystone Motel? Ridiculous! Then the other fans, decided to plead their case but apologizing ON the reviews, leaving good ones and defending the fandom only creating an even bigger mess. Only listen, if you’re going to defend a fandom, there’s other ways of doing it. First, post reminders on blogs saying “Okay, it was cute now stop” or rising above the need to rant and just ignoring it.

Another thing with the Steven Universe is harassing certain ships and character hate. Not agreeing with a ship in fandoms is nothing new. Even confirms ships still get some backlash in the fandoms, an example of this would be the recent Naruto and Hinata ship. For SU, there are plenty and many ships. The one that many seem to have a backlash over is Jasper/ Lapis or “Japis”. I’m meh on the ship, I can take it or leave it but I won’t harass another person because they like it. A tumblr artist had to delete her blog because of the harassment she was receiving. In fact, many artists are threatening to delete their SU blogs because of the harassment and pressure some fans are putting on them because of certain ships. Also, no artists has owes you anything. If you want them to draw your ship, ask, if they refuse guess what, that’s okay too. If you really want to support the ship ask for a commission. Don’t harass an artist or blog for anything. Let’s talk about the forbidden ship: Dewey/ Pearl. Once again, not everyone’s thing, if you don’t like it, fine, if you do, that’s fine but don’t harass other fans over it. Just because someone likes it, doesn’t mean that they’re homophobes, pedophiles, or ANYTHING like that. It just means they think it would cute to see or it would be awesome to be canon, that’s it. This also leads me into another pet peeve, character bashing. It’s perfectly FINE to not like a character, especially if that character has no redeeming qualities, annoying, whatever, but remember, there’s other people who like that character. This doesn’t give you the right to bash a person for liking it or just outright bashing the character for literately no reason.

Here are three prime examples of characters that have been under fire in the SU fandom: Greg, Peridot, and Pearl. Before A Story for Steven, many people bashed Greg for being worthless, old and a deadbeat father because he wasn’t living with Steven. He was bashed for living in a van, just seemed skittish all the time, didn’t care much for his appearance and even when he helped out in the fight against Lapis, there was STILL a lot of Greg hate, until fans saw how young, charismatic, and sweet he was when he was younger. Now it’s “okay” to like Greg because he’s “So hot and wonderful and just so perfect!” Just because a character is now attractive, shouldn’t be a reason to automatically recant every single thing you didn’t like about the character because if a level of attractiveness.

The next character: Peridot. Personally I LOVE that little nerd. Yes she’s a bad guy, yes, she’s ruthless, yes but she’s also likeable and funny. She reminds me of the old school bumbling villains back in the day like Dr. Drakken and Zim. Yes, they’re threats but they’re funny while doing it and she provides some comic relief from the show’s seriousness. She just wants to do her job and LEAVE. Yes she’s responsible for the Cluster, yes she was about to blast the gems, yes she tried to kill the gems, and yes she even stepped on one of her own robots but she’s very comical. She’s hard to not like. She does have redeeming qualities, like she had all opportunity to harm Steven when they were alone, instead she just stared and decided to leave before the others came and she didn’t blast Pearl to kingdom come when she went after her, just did a nonviolent attack to throw her to the side before going away. Many have constant rants about how no one should like her because she’s “evil” but can’t think pass that she does have a personality. And speaking of personality, let’s talk about Pearl.

Pearl is a difficult character. Personally, I don’t like certain things she’s done or how she acts especially after the Rose’s Scabbard episode. Pearl’s personality in reality is very real and that’s why she’s very irritating. We all have met a person like Pearl once or twice in our lives and that’s why the majority of people don’t really like her. And you know what, that’s okay. However what’s NOT okay is trying to bully a person or a group of people into sharing your view as to why you don’t like or why you like Pearl. What’s also not okay is painting her in an over the top way just to make her even MORE unlikable. It’s true in the recent episodes, Pearl has been a psychologist’s dream and it’s getting worst. To any rational person, she is annoying with her condescending attitude about everything, her unhealthy relationship with Rose, and how she’s trying to latch onto Garnet as a pseudo replacement for Rose. However, it’s not okay to bash anyone who things differently, especially on blogs or at conventions. There was an entire episode based on not agreeing with someone’s view on the show and ironically about the book Connie and Steven were reading.

Please remember that fandoms can be destroyed. Sadly, there had been one truly horrific that caused a fandom to die and that happened on June 5, 2014 when two girls attempted to murder their friend to live with a fictional character and live as his proxies or followers. I’ll admit, the fandom was fun, it was dark, and it was creepy. Narrators like Mr. Creepypasta, CreepsMcPasta, and DeadJosey all had awesome narrations about the stories. Then the proxies showed up. Once again, light hearted fantasies about being Slenderman’s proxies, in a pseudo-family where everyone argued, killed, by had everyone’s back later on. Then the fangirls came, turned Masky and Hoodie into timid little fuck boys, Jeff into a handsome lover, Ticci Toby into their boyfriend, and then the rest followed. Then fans tried defending the fandom and that in fact, made things worst. It brought the entire community together but then a few fans, instead of something a little more tasteful to show that they are in mourning of the incident; they used the operator symbol, the VERY thing that prompted the attack. So the community had to band together and agree on the yellow rose. But after that incident, even with the donations, apologies, and everything in-between, it took a big fall and so much that people just gravitated away from it not because the fandom was bad but because of two mentally unstable “fans” that took things too far.

Hayao Miyazaki, one of the most, well respected, and best directors/ creators in the anime world even said that the industry and the fandom suffered because the otakus in the fandom. What he said was true. Of course many tried to paint him as an anime hater and turning his back on his fans but that’s not the case. In the early years of anime, many very good titles were being produced and of course brought on some cult classics with excellent plots, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Ranma ½ , Rurouni Kenshin, Pokemon, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Gundam Wing all relied on plot, swearing, and character development to create good anime. Sure there were few scenes for fanservice but it was enough to grab attention and nothing else. Now there isn’t many anime without a fanservice wink or geared towards male otaku. Some titles managed to slip through the cracks such as Black Butler, Attack on Titan, Hetalia, where the plot was more important little fanservice but there are countless of manga titles that had potential to be great anime if it wasn’t for the overwhelming voices of the otakus.

However, female fans are not innocent either, case in point, Hetalia and their fans or what they have been known as hetaboos. I love Hetalia, write 2P Hetalia fanfics, and make Hetalia themed things but I also have a healthy relationship with the fandom. I don’t make fun or bastardize or romanticize events in history the countries represent. It’s one thing to watch the series, laugh, learn something new, and use it to understand actual events, but it’s another thing to say a country deserved something just because you like a character in the series. For example, it’s okay to like the Axis because they’re funny, you like their relationship, and how they’re so close and using it to understand their alliance in WWII however, it is NOT okay to say that the Axis should have won WWII, Germany should have won then Austria, Prussia, and half of Europe would have been German. Why? Because WWII is STILL a very sensitive subject that the entire world is trying to forget and Germany especially is trying to be seen for something else other than Nazis.

Meetups and cons are great places to meet new people and a great chance to dive head first into a fandom. It’s also a place where you can meet people that will give you a poor idea of what the fandom is. Just recently, I went to my first meetup as Rose from Steven Universe. Not only I was scared to death but I didn’t know what to expect. I actually enjoyed myself. Everyone was friendly, easygoing, and hilarious. I only met on SU fan who was talking out of his ass at my table but that was meh compared to the rest of the people I met. However, I have been to anime clubs where the fans were literately a collection of standoffish basement nerds, the over forty year old man or woman who is like an older “senpai” figure and if you’re an outsider, you get no contact whatsoever unless you’re an Asian or decked out swag girl. Which is sad because not only do they give all anime fans a bad name, they’re spreading this to other budding fans to create more nerd ate. This is why MANY budding fans drop out of anime. Granted, there are a few clubs and meetups that aren’t like that but when it’s your first one, then it creates a bad experience. So please fans of fandoms please take into consideration that the only way for people to enjoy a fandom, prompting more episodes and things in it is by being a normal regular fan. Just keep that in mind when you interact with people of the same fandom.

staos, ch2: congrats, you played yourself

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i’m having fun with this. i’m genuinely enjoying myself. this is ridiculous on like 42 different levels, but you know what? it’s fun.

i’m still not sure when updates will be, i just don’t know they won’t be all that regular. you know, considering i wrote 3.5k of this last night in one sitting and am uploading it less than 12 hours later. but anyway

enjoy the madness~

Adrien can’t stop his mind from whirling on the way to school. There’s a slight anxiety building up in his stomach, making him bounce his leg nonstop, no doubt irritating the hell out of Plagg. He just has so much to think about.

Like Ladybug. And when she’ll come back and what they’ll talk about and the fact that he’s fake dating Ladybug. Marinette. What he’s going to say to her. The fact that he’s also fake dating Marinette. He’s fake dating both of them.

He still can’t figure out why Ladybug would lie about dating someone. He can’t figure out why she would name him either. All of the questions he has are slowly taking over his brain.

But he can’t let them. He has to focus. One step at a time, and step one is getting through the school day without acting any different around Marinette. Which will undoubtedly be a little awkward. Hopefully only for him. Hopefully no one else notices any possible awkwardness.

Any chance of that goes out the window when he opens the car door and realizes everyone is staring at him. Everyone outside of the school has stopped talking to just look at him. Chloé raises her eyebrows when he meets her eyes like he’s supposed to know what that means. And he doesn’t? Have any clue what’s going on?

Nino and Alya come up behind him and grab his arms, dragging him off behind the bushes. The bushes that he’s associated with Marinette and Alya, because for some reason, they’re always hiding behind them.

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