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The last image of Andrew McAuley, an avid sea kayaker who remains missing at sea. In January of 2007, Andrew attempted to cross the Tasman Sea in a one man kayak. The following month, his partially capsized kayak was found 56km short of his destination at Milford Sound. A tape was recovered from his kayak in which he says he has “bitten off more than I can chew.” The video was played at his memorial.

Lmao jungkook’s known for his manner hands but not with jimin, NEVER with jimin. I mean!!!! Jungkook wtf you’re doing, feelin him up in the middle of the interview like that??!!!!!!! Holding his waist??? Playing with the sequins on his jacket??? While being interviewed??? I AM SO DONE.


Pashplush! Published a report/pictures regarding today’s Yuri on Concert event. And here’s the picture of the stage when they are playing Otabek’s FS music. Otabek’s FS music was too instense and so amazing. There’s even a pyrotechnic effect in the stage during the performance.🔥🔥


In the famous scene in Jurassic Park where Alan Grant calls out a young boy who mocks Raptors, Spielberg stages their confrontation in the same way he stages Indy’s showdown with the Swordsman in Raiders of the Lost Ark

Note here the similar shots as the crowd disperses around Grant and Indy to reveal their adversaries. Then note how Spielberg cuts to another shot showing the hero in the foreground and the villain in the background.

Why do this? For Grant, the boy is as big a threat to his way of life as the Swordsman is to Indy. But unlike Indy, Grant can’t simply kill him off: he needs to learn to understand children and live with them as part of his life.