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Imagine Paschal and Laurent’s relationship though. Paschal was the Queen’s physician so probably delivered him and Auguste and saw them through the illnesses of their childhood. He saw how he grew into a sweet little boy who doted on his brother and ran around the palace, laces trailing behind him BECAUSE HE REFUSED TO WEAR ANYTHING SENSIBLE and he was so happy. Even when he’d fallen off his pony yet again he’d babble on about where he and Auguste would be going tomorrow and did Paschal think unicorns were real and why wasn’t he allowed to ride one of the big grey mares like Auguste was, whilst Paschal tried and mainly failed to get him to sit still so he could check whether the large bruises on his side were anything serious. 

Paschal would have seen how that changed almost overnight with the deaths of his family. How Laurent was completely silent and closed off if he ever had to come to him with an injury from his sword training. He’d sit silently whilst Paschal stitched him up and then would leave with a curt ‘don’t tell my uncle.’

But now he gets to see him blossom into a competent king in a stable and loving relationship with someone who adores him and whom he adores in return. He sees it in how Laurent cares for Damen following his stabbing, working tirelessly to secure both their kingdoms. He is invited onto their joint Council to advise and participate in government. He sees how Laurent and Damen work seamlessly together. How in later years, Laurent starts to talk to him again. Make quips and jokes whenever he has to see him. Gets to see his and Damen’s relationship first hand during Damen’s first Veretian winter where he catches pneumonia. He’d described as a ‘slight cold.’ It wasn’t until he’d almost stopped breathing one night and Paschal had been sent for, that it turned out to be very much not a ‘slight cold.’ And every day, Paschal is grateful that he got to see how Laurent’ story turned out. 


I FINALLY started reading futagogo’s The Citadel Of Lost Children and I’m loving it so far :D so I drew some fanart of Mouse, idk why but I always picture him in my mind with bangs XD anyway, I hope you like it, I think the digital one could’ve turned out better, his face is kinda weird to me idk.

PS: I am having way too much fun drawing his hair XP

someone : Gardienne cried too much in episode 15

me : while i disagree with this statement, i respect your opinion and acknowledge that not everyone would react the same way if they were in place of Gardy

also me :

McHanzo Week: Day 5 (Traditional || Unorthodox)

Nightmares always keep them up, so making hot chocolate at 3am has become tradition at this point. Even when they don’t jolt awake, the familiarity of drinking something at ungodly hours in their pj’s means they’re safe.

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Hey, I'm trying to write a short story with French characters in it? Any tips or tricks I should know to make them seem more real? Like little expressions or things that are pretty common place in France but I might not know about?

  • “Euh” is the universal gap filler in French and it basically goes everywhere
  • “Hein” means “what” if you’ve not undertood something
  • “Tain” is the abbreviation of “putain” (fuck) and is often found at the beginning of a sentence if the context is right (anger, astonishment…)
  • “Ouais” is the equivalent of “yeah” and is most common around friends
  • You use “vous” if: you don’t know the person; you are in a professional setting and you’re not friends, you’re talking to your superior, strangers
  • You use “tu” if the character is talking to: friends, family, significant other, children up to 12 year old if you’re older than them, you can use “tu” with pretty much until you’re in college with anyone your age and under

Erwin works as a volunteer at an animal shelter in his free time. He only has one arm and that’s why he started to adopt disabled animals. He has a one-eyed black cat he named Captain Blackbeard and a three-legged dog called Tripod. The cat follows them always a bit when Tripod and Erwin take a walk together.

The animals at the shelter love him dearly and everytime he enters a room to feed them, he gets swarmed by kittens, dogs, bunnies or whatevers in there.

One day a small scowling man comes to the shelter because he is searching his mom’s chihuahua Ravioli that escaped. He’s lucky and he got found and has been brought to the shelter just this morning. He already took a liking to Erwin while Levi holds him in his arms and is just starstruck bc of Erwin.
He meets Erwin again on one of his walks and after he makes a snarky comment about what a strange trio they make, Erwin just smiles at him and invited him to join and have a coffee with him.

Kuchel gets suspicious when Levi borrows her dog for a walk quite frequently because they tolerate each other but nothing more. She always says that it is because they are too similar: small, grumpy and soft inside.

Levi takes the lil dog on walks as an excuse to spend more time with Erwin. Ravioli goes on more walks than he can actually stomach so they carry him around once he is too exhausted. The weird pack earns quite some reputation at the park they always frequent and when Erwin FINALLY asks Levi out there are people actually cheering.

I really wish I could write because I desperately want a fic about this.

I came up with the HC today and @survey-corps-rookie was kind enough to help me making it a bit better by adding tripod and one-arm-win :* :*

i’m not really sure why I’m feeling so shy to post this >///< anyway i wanted to see if i could do an OC Morty in the Pocket Morty style, and I also wanted to thank @futagogo for being so supportive and helpful to me in getting into this fandom and helping me sort of get situated here, so i did their adorable Mouse from their fanfiction Citadel Of Lost Children as a thank-you gift!!! i really hope he looks ok (and futagogo, i hope you guys don’t mind that i drew your little guy!!!) he is very cute and i hope you like him!!!