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I’ve been seeing the same POT for a month now. Yesterday was our fourth meet and I was going to mentally declare him an SD from now on. You’d better believe that was C A N C E L L E D.

After spending two hours getting ready, I drove another two hours in the snow in Toronto traffic to meet this man at a restaurant for our date. I got there, grabbed a table and sat down when he texted me saying he fell asleep and to order for him because he would be there soon. This really pissed me off because the last time we met up he was an hour late, and the time before that he was off by 20 minutes. Now, I had already spent money and time driving to the restaurant so my ass was NOT about to turn around and leave. No, I knew he would come, even if it took 2 hours. And it did. Straight up, two hours.

Luckily my boyfriend came and saved the day by covering my tab and letting me use his laptop to charge my phone in the restaurant. He stayed with me until this man arrived.

I walked out to his car, smiling and pretending everything was okay, because my ass already had a plan.

There was no way I’d be fucking and sucking this dude tonight. No way in hell! Had it been a vanilla man I would’ve already blocked his number and forgot his name but I was going to suck this man dry of every hour of my time that he wasted.

I turned to him, smiling and said, “babe, do you want to go to the mall?”

You’d better believe his ass took me to the Eaton Center, scrambling to make up for tonight. I had him withdraw $2,000 cash and buy me $400 worth of Steve Madden and Aritzia gear. Then, before it was time to leave, “I have to go to the bathroom,” I said, “I’ll meet you outside once you grab the car from the parking garage.”

And what the fuck did I do? I grabbed an Uber and hauled my ass back home. If anyone saw a young woman running down the street in Louboutins and an arm full of shopping bags last night, that was me.

After two hours of texting him and pretending I couldn’t find him outside, he got the hint.

Whatever you do, DON’T think about Viktor giving Yuuri a massage after a grueling training/practice session.

Don’t think about Viktor using a scented ~sensual~ massage oil that he secretly bought after he caught Yuuri inhaling it in the mall (the flush of his cheeks before he even realized Viktor had seen him told the man all he needed to know).

Don’t picture them in front of a glowing fireplace, Viktor starting with Yuuri’s aching, bruised feet; working up each calf, thigh, getting a lit t l e b i t too close– and then switching to hands, arms.

Don’t imagine him really kneading his fingers into Yuuri’s back and shoulders because that’s where he carries all his tension. Don’t imagine Yuuri throwing his head back and keening at how *good* it feels.

Viktor certainly doesn’t take his gentlest, most loving approach to Yuuri’s tummy (it’s not that Yuuri’s self-conscious about it or anything).

And he definitely never tickles his hands up Yuuri’s neck, scritching lightly at his hairline, firmly dragging the pads of his fingers along Yuuri’s scalp, secretly enjoying the little relieved moans as stress flows out of him.

There’s no way Viktor ever gives Yuuri a massage.

And even if he did, there isn’t the slightest chance that Yuuri completely turns to Jell-O by the end of it.


Hawkeye is sent by S.H.I.E.L.D. to eliminate the infamous Black Widow. This sets in motion a series of run-ins and fights between the two highly skilled agents, each unable to get the upper hand on the other. Their game of cat-and-mouse eventually develops into a grudging mutual respect and soon, Hawkeye is having doubts about the orders of his mission as he finds himself unable to take the shot when presented with the opportunity.

// they were!! But you sent this very soon after they closed and I promised i’d write V and Saeran for that post regardless so here it is!! Saerans is a little NSFW, nothing too bad. Just some rough kissing and implied succ

READ THIS POST before reading this! It has the plot in it! However that plot takes place while in a route so it’s a little confusing, just take out some of the bits and pieces but you still get the basic storyline.


This would be “ after route ” technically, So Saeran is living with Saeyoung and all that,  I didn’t really know what to do with V so let’s just pretend he has a route here for a second and his good ending would be him getting the eye surgery and being with MC! So this “ takes place ” after that!


It had been a long day for him. First his car wouldn’t turn on, leaving him trapped cold out in a snow storm. Second he had dropped his camera into the wet snow, it was new, expensive, and definitely not waterproof. He just hoped it would be okay by the time he made it home, leg bouncing a bit from anxiety.
As soon as he unlocked the door of his house and exhale out of pure exhaustion exits his lips, running a gloved hand through his hair to shake out the small snowflakes that had gotten buried inside. Winter was such a beautiful time, but him and his car didn’t seem to think alike.

A hot and much needed bath calmed his nerves by a mile, It was still fairly early— About seven pm, so he didn’t know what he should do with his spare time for the rest of the night.
Suddenly an image of you flashed in his mind, his heart skipping a beat at the pretty picture. As much as he’d love to drive over to your home and see you, hold you and touch you– his car still wasn’t working right, and visibility was pretty low due to the heavy snow.
He sighed softly, God he missed you. It’s only been a few days since he’d seen you last but even that seemed like years ago to him. Your scent, smile, the way your eyes light up when you laugh. He hated missing things like those when he wasn’t with you. In all honesty he was so desperate to question if you’d like to move in with him so he could be with you all the time, but yet so terrified of making you feel as if things were going to fast. The last thing in this world he wanted to do was make you feel uncomfortable.
He sank down into the grey couch, goosebumps spreading over at the sensation of cold leather against himself. Pushing the still wet blue strands of hair away from his face before grabbing for his phone off of the glass coffee table it rested on, he slide across the screen to unlock it.
The battery was a little low, but still enough for a phone call. His heart always skipped a beat whenever he was about to call you, his fingers moving fast to dial the digits he needed to reach. He cleared his throat before swallowing thickly, he’d hoped you’ve eaten something already by this time.

As soon as you picked up he was nervous, he heard you sigh quite heavily out of what– disdain maybe?  It took him aback for a second, was that for him?

“ I’m not going to tell you again, stop calling this number. ”
He felt his blood run cold, you spoke up once more with a harsh and demanding tone before he had the chance to question what he had done wrong.
“ I don’t have feelings for you and I never will. ”
He takes a few seconds to take in what you said before he hears the dial tone, his brows furrowed in confusion as he started down at his phone in pure disbelief. Was it something he had done or said? Were you upset at him? Instantly he feels like crying, stinging tears piling in the corners of his eyes as he vision becomes slightly blurred, God he didn’t want to loose you like he’s lost everything else. You were the best thing that’s happened to him in a very long time, and he just blew it. Was he too pushy when he visited you? He feels like the room is closing in on him and his chest is tight, stomach heavy.

He tries to sleep but he can’t, his body was exhausted but his brain was wide awake, struck with panic and the nagging fear of being alone again,  it was a little past three in the morning before he finally decides to send you a text you and ask what he did wrong and how he could fix it, he couldn’t bare to let you go that easily.

* “ MC, whatever i’ve done to upset you i’m so so incredibly sorry.. Please, tell me what i’ve done so I can fix this. Please.. I don’t want to loose you.

Sleep was not on his mind that night. He stared at the screen for hours as his heart raced, silently praying for your reply to come fast yet still dreaded it at the same time. He sent a few much longer texts after that about how much he loved you and how terrible he was, and a string of apologies. It was around 7 pm before you finally responded to him, he felt his stomach turn when his phone lit up.

* “ V What are you talking about?? ”

Before he could reply his phone buzzed, making him jump a little. He was so tired, but he answered right away.

“ Hello MC.. ”
He greeted you warily, throat dry with anticipation.
“ Hi V.. What were your texts about last night? I never said any of that stuff. ”
You murmur in confusion, your voice was a little croaky from just waking up.
“ .. I called you.. Late last night, and you said that you didn’t have feelings for me anymore. ”
His eyes were half lidded but his mind was still wide awake, his hand clenched the sheets tightly.
“ No no.. V, that wasn’t for you.. ”
You go on to explain the situation to him, he audibly sighs out of sheer relief at your reasonings. He was so scared the entire night and now that all just melted away at your words.

He sinks back into his bed as he chuckles softly, his chest rising and lowering as his breath becomes slower, eyes focusing on the ceiling.  Still in disbelief he runs his fingers through his hair, questioning if you would like to talk to him about your day yesterday. All he wanted was to hear your voice after all that happened the night before. Now more than ever he was so grateful for you, the feeling of loosing you was something he never wanted to experience again.


It had been three weeks since he had forgiven his brother Saeyoung. Three weeks that he never thought he would be able to live to see in his lifetime. It had been hard, learning to cope with all this. He still had a lot of pent up emotion deep inside, Most nights he’d just stare up at the ceiling in thought and doubt. Usually when he was feeling upset at something you would text him as if you knew, if you felt what he was feeling. The others didn’t think MC was making a smart move being with him, even if they didn’t say it he could tell. He could feel it, most were upset at him. But the way he felt when he was around you was alien to him, never in his life had he wanted to make someone as proud, make someone as happy as he did you. How could a person be so kind– so amazing? He’d always dreamed someone like you would come take him away from this awful life, but never thought it would actually happen. So their thoughts and words meant nothing to him.

It had been another tough night, he just felt on edge constantly. Everything Saeyoung said or did annoyed him and he couldn’t figure out why. He’d been trying to  teach himself self control, controlling anger, he just still had a lot of pent up frustrations at his brother that it was hard sometimes. After a quiet dinner he excused himself, ignoring Seven’s desperate pleas to ’ hang out ’ with him. Tonight he just wasn’t in the mood for socialization. However his mind wandered straight to you behind closed doors, he couldn’t help but wonder what you were doing this late. Were you thinking of him too? Everything was so new and foreign to him he wasn’t sure if he was doing this whole relationship thing right but he really was trying. He sank down into his bed with a long exhausted sigh, rubbing his eyes and groaning softly as the bright light of his phone screen lit up the room. It was a text from Saeyoung, he considered ignoring it, but it was caption less and a picture file so he was curious.
As soon as he opened it he cringed at the longcat meme his brother had sent, couldn’t he have sent one that was more.. new? But still, he couldn’t help but smirk at how stupid it was. Damnit.
He didn’t reply, instead returning back into his messages app. A conversation with you caught his eye, he’d talked to you a few hours ago but you still haven’t replied. A small pout grew prominent on his lips, he hated it when you took so long to text him back.
He debated back and forth for a second, but he made up his mind and clicked on your contact– The picture of you causing him to smile softly. He pressed the call button and put it on speaker, staring at the picture in front of him. Finally he jumped a little when you picked up, He was about to ask why you were taking so damn long to reply to him but you spoke up before hand.
“ I’m not going to tell you again, stop calling this number. ”
He felt his heart sink instantly and his brows furrow in anger and confusion, The fuck? You had to be drunk. Or joking.
“ I don’t have feelings for you and I never will. ”
He started blankly at the screen in front of him, processing your cruel words for a few moments before clenching his phone tightly enough it could shatter.
There’s no way in hell you get to say something like that to him. You’re everything to him, what was he supposed to do without you? We’re all those ’ i love yous ’ not real? No, you had feelings for him wether you wanted to admit that or not. He could see it, hell— he could feel it.

It was around one in the morning before you switch into night mode, making yourself some chamomile tea and dressing in some loose sweatpants and a white tee-shirt. Your ex hadn’t called back, that was a relief. Hopefully they got the message loud and clear by now.
Settling into the bed you sigh softly seeing no one was in the messenger at the moment. Usually Saeran was on every night at this time, that was odd for him to break schedule like that. A harsh knock at your door pulls you from your thoughts, also causing you to jump slightly. It was late, why anyone would be here at this time was above you. You swallow thickly, setting the cup down on the nightstand before cautiously making your way towards the door, fists clenched as your nails dig into the palms of your hands.
You reach towards the door handle, before the doors even fully opened its pushed open, causing you to squeal loudly. You don’t even have time to process what’s going on when you feel a familiar pair of lips locked tightly onto yours, it was rough and passionate– His teeth grinding against yours painfully but yet it felt so good. You open your eyes half way to confirm who you think this is, Yes– thank god it was actually your boyfriend. A large hand cups the side of your face, deepening the kiss even more than it already was. You had no idea what had gotten into him but at the moment you didn’t care– Too focused on the sudden advance that had been thrown at you. His fingers roughly traced your face, then down your neck, slowly traveling towards your waist until reaching your hips, gripping tightly as he pulled your body tight against his own. After what seemed like years both of you pull away, breathless but your faces still inches apart. His usual blueish yellow eyes were so dark and menacing, Unknown traits showing through.
“ If you truly didn’t have feelings for me, Would you really melt the way you just did? ”
And devilish smirk apparent on his lips as he caught his breath, hand giving your hip a tight squeeze before his eyes scanned your own confused ones, trying to figure out what you were thinking.
But actions speak louder than words, right? You didn’t know what he was talking about and frankly didn’t care, practically throwing yourself onto him as your nails hungrily run up and down his back, looking for something to grab onto and you kiss him back equally as passionate and hungry.
He couldn’t feel the full effect of yours hands through his thick jacket but he didn’t care, all he knew is that you were his and he was yours.
The rest of the night is filled with pure passion and lust, actions do truly speak louder than words.

Anybody notice where Jess is standing in this picture?

I’ve commented tangentially on this before, but I want to point it out very directly. First, think about the home in which Jess grew up…the one in which he “[didn’t] like any of the guys” his mom dated, but, as he put it, “She r e a l l y doesn’t care what I think. I’ve got 19 years of proof to back me up.” Want a glimpse of those years?

He watches her in his peripheral vision. She’s on the telephone, anxiety mounting. He knows before asking who was on the phone, and even if she doesn’t say so, he can tell that HE is on his way, and she’s scared, even though she doesn’t want to show it.


But there’s no way he’s leaving her to face him alone. When h e gets there, keep things light and casual. …Nope… H E ’ S MAD. Change of tactic. Just keep talking–keep h i s eyes on YOU–draw h i s fire while you casually step in front of her…between them– …That’s right, buddy, I’m your target, over here, if you’re gonna hit somebody it’s me, if you’re going to yell and scream at somebody, I’m right here, I caused all of this trouble, anything you don’t like about this situation? ALL ME.

Give me cliche high school romance movies with LGBT+ people please.

Give me a girl who’s never played an instrument in her life learning how to play the saxophone and bribing people before a school assembly on Valentine’s Day so she can serenade her band geek GF with “careless whisper”.

Give me the two rival star quarterbacks who secretly train together after school (and maybe make out a little).

Give me the genderqueer head of the cheerleading squad and the smartest student in the school going out.

Give me a trans guy cast as Romeo in the school play who falls in love with his co-star, Juliet.

Give me an ace person who’s the editor of the school paper and has a perfectly good and valid relationship with the student who volunteers as the library aide.

Give me the r e a l l y cute foreign exchange student and the student showing her around the school falling in love.

Give me the prom kings who are so in love you can see it in their eyes when the look at each other.

Give me the trans girl dancer and her childhood friend who’s been with her through it all.

Give me the super cool nonbinary basketball player who constantly flirts with the towel/water boy.

Give me the person who’s in a love triangle but turns out to be aro/ace, and the two people chasing after them realize they’ve got a lot in common.

Give me the questioning guy who ends up in a healthy poly relationship with his two closest friends.

Give me the “asshole player” who takes a bet to seduce the “good girl”, but ends up falling for her “badboy brother”.

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ROMILDA X PANSY *grease voice* tell me more, tell me more


  • Anyway.
  • After that debacle with Harry and the chocolates, Romilda acquires a…reputation.
  • Like. Parvati Patil will read your palm at lunch for ten sickles and some juicy gossip, but Romilda Vane–she conducts her business in the shadowy alcoves around classroom doors, in dusty passageways behind portraits that know how to keep secrets, after curfew and before the witching hour and always, always, always with a sharp, scarlet smile.
  • She has a talent, see.
  • A gift.
  • “Sure,” she slyly tells her customers, “you can buy one of those thirty minute tame-your-crush elixirs at that joke shop in Hogsmeade. You can brew your own, even, if you think you’re patient enough. But my spells–my potions–they’re special. They work so well you’ll only need them once.”
  • It’s an outrageous guarantee to make. She offers a molasses-slow, molasses-sweet explanation for the tendrils of her magic only latching onto preexisting emotions–because love and lust and everything in between can’t be manufactured, not truly. She absolves you of your guilt while fulfilling your wildest dreams. 
  • It’s only a matter of time before Pansy hears about her.
  • About what she can do.
  • Because, see, Draco’s been busy this year. Distant. Thinner, and paler, and twitchier, and he’d forgotten her birthday in January and he’d snapped at her when she’d given him a card on Valentine’s Day and it’s just that she’s a bit desperate now, isn’t she?
  • It’s half past midnight when Pansy ducks behind a painting depicting a Puritan woman biting into a glistening red apple. 
  • And Romilda Vane–short, curvy, dark haired and bronze skinned and electric, almost, in that vaguely reckless, noticeably dangerous way that most Gryffindors are–she greets Pansy with a thoughtful smirk and a leisurely once-over. Pansy feels the weight of that gaze–the low, scorching heat of it–like a velvet-lined cloak in the dead of summer. 
  • Perhaps, she thinks, this was a mistake.
  • “What’s your poison, Parkinson?” Romilda asks, cocking a brow. “Don’t you have a boyfriend already? Or…” 
  • “Or?” Pansy drawls, accent crisp.
  • Romilda tosses her hair and shrugs. “Or…maybe you’re here for a girl.”
  • Pansy doesn’t grit her teeth–its much too quiet for that in this forgotten corridor, in this narrow winding space with the flickering candles and the atmosphere that swirls rather than settles–but she does moisten her lips with a quick flick of her tongue.
  • And Romilda tracks the movement with an interest that might register as lazy to someone else. Someone who isn’t intimately familiar with power plays that don’t involve male posturing and the subtle draw of a wand. Someone who isn’t Pansy.
  • “It’s for Draco Malfoy,” Pansy eventually says, lifting her chin. “He’s been–distracted. I just need him to…not be. For a bit. Nothing extraordinary.”
  • Romilda snorts, and then reaches up to loosen her tie. “If you didn’t need extraordinary, you wouldn’t be here.”
  • Pansy huffs. “Will you do it or not?”
  • “Not.”
  • “What?” Pansy bleats. “Why?”
  • Romilda yanks at her tie, exposing the wings if her collarbones as well as several inches of silky brown skin. The scalloped lace edge of a burgundy bra. Pansy presses her thighs together.
  • “Because he’s obviously not into you anymore, and I have a success rate to maintain,” Romilda answers, somewhat snidely. 
  • “Well, what if–” Pansy starts, and then breaks off.
  • There’s a pause. “What if…”
  • Pansy swallows. Toys with the locket at her throat, slip-sliding her fingers around the smooth silver hinges. Romilda stares, unabashed. Being watched like this–devoured, really–it’s intoxicating. Gryffindors aren’t shy, apparently. And, oh, could they focus when they wanted to.
  • “What if…I was?” Pansy asks, dragging her hand down from her locket, to the ivory pearl buttons on her blouse. “Here for a girl. What would you say?”
  • Romilda smiles, then, and it’s as liquid as it is aggressive. Sultry. Pleased. “I’d say,” she murmurs, stepping towards Pansy, “that you don’t need a potion for that.”
While You Were Away (Steve Rogers x Reader)

yall are requesting so much steve angst rn it’s great


Prompt /song; ‘Maybe a thief stole your heart, or maybe we just drifted apart’ - The Way It Was, The Killers 


Other characters featured; Maybe a thief stole your heart, or maybe we just drifted apart’ - The Way It Was, The Killer. An angsty readerXCaptain America set after Civil War. The reader was obviously in love with Steve, but he’s into Sharon Carter. They can either get together or the reader is left heartbroken. (I’m sorry, I just haven’t seen this before).


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; language 

Word count; 1339

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don’t fucking remove my captions

ryan’s kinks/sex would include

-breath play
-pinning you down
-lip biting
-bruises from where he grabs your thighs and hips
-“you want me to fuck you? is that what youre asking? beg for it.”
-angry sex when you get home after he sees another guy flirting with you
-wearing his old shirts afterwards
-no matter how hard he fucks you, he always makes sure you’re okay and knows your limits
-punishments for finishing before he said you could.
-h o l y  f u c k  t h e  m o a n s
-his orgasm face might be prettier than his normal face
-loves using his hands, but is amazing with his mouth.
-grabbing you by the throat and all he says is “prince(ss).” in that tone of voice and you just know.
-kissing every inch of you when you’re done and telling you how amazing you did.

Before HPCC:
Scorpius Malfoy?Yeah Idk we don’t know much about him.he’s ok I guess…

After HPCC:
》》F A N C L U B 👌👌💦💦💯💯OVER HE R E《《🔝🔝🔝🔝
👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit


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Summary: Being one of the world’s mightiest heroes is a big job. Family faded far into the background. Fun faded with family. There was nearly no time for anything or anyone other than mission after mission. But when Y/N receives a devastating phone call, she realizes the importance of the people she loves.

A/N: I got a tad carried away. Enjoy!

Deciding to be an Avenger was no small choice. The job became your life. Family faded far into the background. Fun faded with family. There was nearly no time for anything or anyone other than mission after mission.

So one might have expected Y/N L/N to take at least a day before agreeing to join the famous team. She, however, gave an affirmative answer mere moments after the job was offered. Having been an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D for a long while already, Y/N knew the strings attached.

Within the week she was moved into the Avengers compound and starting the intense training with the team. Well, the part of the team that trained; meaning Nat, Steve, Bucky, and Sam. When the time came for her first mission with the team she was more than ready.

That was the beginning of Y/N and the star spangled man with a plan’s friendship. They started running together in the mornings. Well, Y/N would run, and Steve would still outpace her at a jog. They moved on to weekly movie nights, catching him up on the pop culture he’d missed. Other feelings began to develop as they grew closer. Y/N was falling down a steadily steeper slope in love with the captain.

Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. The rest of the Avengers became like a family to Y/N. So much that it almost made up for all the missed birthdays and holidays. Almost.

Tony had decided to institute a monthly group bonding activity. When the call came, the whole team was playing laser tag. The round was powered people versus agents and Tony. The score was tied. Y/N was determined to win, and right then, that meant taking down her crush.

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Tessa: “Cosa vuoi che faccia?”
Hardin: “Voglio che tu stia con me. Che mi perdoni, e che mi dia un'altra possibilità. Lo so che te l'ho chiesto tantissime volte, ma te ne chiedo un'altra ancora. Non posso stare senza di te. Ci ho provato, e anche tu, lo so. Non c'è nessun'altro per noi due, se non noi due. Non è niente. E so che tu lo sai.”
Tessa: “Mi hai fatto terribilmente male, Hardin.”
Hardin: “Lo so, piccola, so di averlo fatto. Darei qualsiasi cosa per tornare indietro”
—  After

OK but there was definitely a little while after they got to the cabin and before the goons showed up, right? - before Sam went through the trap door and Dean went outside, ten minutes where Sam put the first aid box down on the table and crossed the room in two steps and they’ve gotten into such bone-deep sync, dead together and then suddenly alive, moving almost wordless through the forest, they’re fighting as far into the fucking drift as you can go 

and so when Sam crosses the room Dean just turns into him and runs a hand up the back of his neck and pulls him down so they’re breathing against each other’s mouths, pressed up close and shifting against each other’s bodies, centres of gravity falling in endless imbalance, and then Sam wrinkles his nose up and shifts back on his heels and Dean pulls a wry kind of smile, hitches his head to the side, says ‘later’ and Sam breathes ‘yeah’ and they get into position 

How Newt kept his wand--SOLVED

It’s very easy to draw a comparison between Newt and Hagrid, as both got expelled under similar circumstances. However, just because Hagrid’s wand got snapped doesn’t mean Newt should have lost his wand privileges as well. I think we may have made an incorrect assumption, based on Hagrid’s story, that expulsion always, every time, leads to a loss of wand privileges. I think Hagrid’s wand loss had less to do with the fact that he was expelled, and more to do with when he was expelled. Remember, Hagrid was expelled in his third year–meaning he wouldn’t have had the chance to take any of his wizarding exams. 

For some clues on how passing the O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s relates to wand privileges in the Wizarding World, we can look to some other characters who didn’t follow the ordinary Hogwarts-wizarding-degree-pipeline: The Weasley Twins.

Fred and George left Hogwarts on their own accord–after taking their O.W.L.s, but before completing their N.E.W.T.s. And remember–there was never any question about whether they could keep their wands, even though they skipped out on N.E.W.T.s

Newt must have been expelled AFTER passing his O.W.L.s, meaning he was “qualified enough” according to wizarding regulations to be trusted with a wand. He also had minimal qualifications (O.W.L.s do count for something), explaining how he got an entry-level Ministry job, despite being expelled. 

Here’s some further evidence for the timing of Newt’s expulsion: Judging by what we know about the timeline (Leta and Newt were friends “for years”), and the fact that there had been quite a bit of romantic tension between the pair (making me believe some of their time together at school must have been in latter teen years) puts Newt, in my mind at 16-17 when he got expelled. Right in his sixth or seventh year. 

That being said, I do rather enjoy the theory that Newt “cut a deal” with the Ministry to be allowed to keep his wand after expulsion in exchange for some clandestine, magical beast related service in the War. 

What do you think?


i’ll give you the sun; jandy nelson   

         The right-handed twin tells the truth, the left-handed twin tells lies 

                               (Noah and I are both left-handed)

The Powers That Be

TITLE: The Powers That Be


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki discovering a hidden mutant, when he realises they are at risk of being found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who experiments on mutants, he is the one to help them. 

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTES/WARNINGS: Something I have been working on off Tumblr, let me know what you think to see if I will continue to post it here. 

Loki flicked the channel again, after barely a moment, another channel, and another, and another, before throwing the remote to the side of the couch in irritation. Midgardians were obsessed about the amount of television they were watching each day but rarely was there anything worth watching. How could any being care about what some vapid women stated about the everyday going-ons in their shallow meaningless lives, or how Midgardian tools were made, it was utterly uninteresting.

He had been banished to Midgard for almost two years by this point, and his seidr remained contained within a special stone, similar to those used to case the infinity powers around Thor’s neck for safe keeping, and could only be accessed in times of great need with the assistance of Mjolnir so to ensure that Loki did not attempt any harm to Thor.

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