is it kyu's tho


She makes me laugh, she draws me in. Not just a boy friend, but a boyfriend. How about it, what about me?

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Pardon? Are you worried about me, by chance?

reconnedkyu  asked:

"If I got arrested would you bust me out of jail?"

        “Y’know…I should be more concerned about that, 
         but I’ve honestly been prepared for you to get
         arrested sooner or later. I’m just surprised you
         haven’t already.”


Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim trailer 

meadowofstars  asked:

Hey! Could you do a Klance/ other characters thing? (I assume you've watched Voltron since it's on your blog) Something uber fluffy like really bad puns or a food fight maybe :P

I don’t know about bad puns, but I rock at terrible pick-up lines.