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hi chu! do you have any advice on how to draw plus sized inklings? i never see any and always get discouraged. love your art btw~!

Aw man, don’t get discouraged, I’ve seen them out there! I don’t know if I’m the best person to give advice on this because I’m still learning to have more diversity to my body types myself! But in general, when i’m designing a character, plus sized or not, i always focus on basic shapes!

*disclaimer: these are just two examples of my own ocs and are in no way shape or form the only way plus sized people can be drawn!

Here are a couple general tips I follow when I’m drawing/designing plus sized characters/ people. My style tends to simplify the body a bit, so I usually focus on softer round shapes when building up bodies, and thinking about how things squish or hang on the body.

While I have some base line tips that can hopefully help you out, there are plenty of amazing resources on the net that have a much wider variety of tips and body types to offer!
This post has a good list of resources and references of fat people.
Some of which include fuck yeah chubby fashion, fatgrrrlselfies, and chubbyguyswag, all of which include great looks for plus sized cuties, as well as an assortment of plus sized body types to see and reference!

I hope this helps you out!

I. Light.

That’s the first thing she gave you. It shined like a thousand suns, so bright it chased away the shadows that had always haunted you. And for the first time in your life, you felt happiness bloom in your heart.

II. Fire.

Her second gift to you. No pain seized you when you touched the flames, only a warmth that seemed to touch your very soul. It became the fuel of your heart, giving you something worth fighting for.

III. Home.

The gift you’d never thought you’d have. But you found it wasn’t a place, it was her. It was the feeling of her lips against yours, the way her smile made all of your fears disappear, and the genuine love she promised to never stop giving.
—  And in return, you gave her the only thing you had—your heart // k.s.

This is it, the apocalypse. 

Back from my dry spell of edits with an action packed Castlevania AMV/edit!

 I really enjoyed just about everything about the four short episodes we’ve gotten and it finally got me moving again. Maybe I’ll do a few more? But god it’s nice to edit something and actually finish AND like it.

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For @conduitstr. 💗 Based on x.

“Does he have a nickname for you?” Uhura asks one evening. They’re in the bar together while Spock and Bones take on a late shift. Jim’s gaze turns from the many stars outside the window to his friend sitting next to him, and he raises a questioning brow. “You’ve got that whole ‘Bones’ thing for doctor McCoy,” Uhura explains, “and I’ve heard the occasional ‘babe’, don’t deny it. What does he call you?”

With a soft scoff, Jim answers: “Jim,”and he takes a swig of his whiskey. 

But it’s more than that. It’s Jim said like a happy greeting after returning home from work. Said tiredly late at night, or stifled by a yawn during early mornings. Said worriedly after Jim’s gotten himself hurt on an away mission. Shouted at him angrily in med bay or storming onto the Bridge because he cares so much and his Captain’s been reckless. Jim, said pleadingly and drawn out in a moan in bed. Said with a drunken laugh, or a quiet whisper during countless formal events. Said with such selfless and undeniable love. He’s heard his name said before, but never quite so unnecessarily complicated and yet so good.

He pauses, and thinks. “Oh, and ‘fucking idiot,’ once or twice.”