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Why Kevin Price Is Not Straight™

ok so i think about this on like a daily basis??? so here are the completely valid reasons that Kevin Price Is Not A Heterosexual

-“nono i’m not having gay thoughts” “alright! it worked!”

-in the workshop you could basically feel the sexual tension between kev and connor during smhd?? there is no Heterosexual Explanation

-idk if it’s canon but there are people talking about the subtext of kevin being gay on the bom tour etc and things like him pretending to make out with connor/getting a boner during smhd give me life tbh

-mcpriceley is basically canon at this point so,,,

-so you know how kev’s hell dream is basically supposed to be a manifestation of everything he feels guilty about?? like there’s coffee, maple donuts, giant arbold heads,, and then there’s connor in a sexy red outfit and giant boa dancing around flirtatiously??? ((and then giving hitler a blowjob uhh)) does kevin feel guilty about having gay thoughts for connor?? yes

-during tomorrow is a latter day kevin and connor keep glancing, smiling, and waving at each other in a very non heterosexual way

-connor grabs only kevin’s hand when leading him and arnold to the room,,

-when kevin is singing about orlando, the stage’s lighting turns pink((another post covered the topic discussing how the color pink in bom represents homosexuality,, hence the pink vests/con’s suitcase etc etc))

-it may just be me looking too much into it but you know after they finish tap dancing for the first time and all the other elders walk off but kevin stands there still standing in a pose but he looks down and is suddenly kinda aware/shocked for some reason?? was it because he didn’t remember putting it on or was it an “oh shit im gay” moment?? ((probably the first one but shhh))

-when connor says “being gay is bad but lying is worse” he turns to kevin on the first one and arnold on the second uhh coincidence i think n o t

-this goes along with one of my earlier points but during the tap scene in turn it off, the lights go very very pink and that seems,, very familiar,,,, cough orlaaandooooo

-you know when kevin goes to sit down next to arnold while the other elders are still tap dancing and arnold puts a pillow in his lap?? yea h…..

-the elder that says “you’re like the smartest best most deserving elder the center’s ever seen” leans in really close to kevin’s face, and my boy kev just looks so unfazed by it???

-just.. the entire workshop tbh…’s not even subtext anymore

-during the entirety of joseph smith american moses kevin and connor are talking to each other and making these faces at each other,,, while standing rly close,,, this is Not Straight

in summary kevin price is a gay icon,, this has been a PSA

the 99 squad as john mulaney quotes
  • Jake Peralta: I have had a very long day. I am very small... and I have no money... so you can imagine the kind of stress I am under.
  • Amy Santiago: Occasionally you get that one person that says "I really like that one part of this joke" and you go, "Oh thank you that's my favorite part too." But no, in order for it to be authentic hopefully you have jokes that everyone can just get on board with and then you have a few things for yourself.
  • Charles Boyle: The more you do stuff, the better you get at dealing with how you still fail at it a lot of the time.
  • Rosa Diaz: Some babies will point at me, and I don't care for that shit at all.
  • Raymond Holt: When I was a little boy, I was more like a 67-year-old gay man that's kind of over it sexually.
  • Terry Jeffords: Everyone get out of my way! I just want to sit here and feed my birds.
  • Gina Linetti: I look like I was just sitting in a room in a chair eating saltines for like, 28 years, and then I walked right out here.
  • Kevin Cozner: I'll keep my emotions right here, and then one day, I'll die.
  • Cheddar: Why do people shush animals? They've never spoken.