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no matter how long i’ve been playing or how high level i am or how rad my gear or how many healing potions i made in advance, it always comes down to frantically shoving apples into my gaping maw mid-battle

Chapter 26: Boyfriend Shirt?

It’s spoilertime again folks and I have been ready for this chapter since the last one came out. *kermitflail*

I’m putting a cut here because this has a bunch of spoiler pages and ya’ll don’t need to scroll that much. ANALYSIS BELOW.

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Thank you

When frustration comes over her she usually begins to cry, thank god her teacher is there to give her an excuse to get out of the room and just breath. 


Madi x Silver | Black Sails 03.04 

“[The Queen’s] daughter, I believe. From the deference she’s shown, I imagine she’s next in line.”

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I follow you on twitter and sometimes you retweet 2 dudes that kinda remind me of Dazai and Chuuya. The small dude is blond and the tall one has red hair I think. Where are they from?

They’re actually…also Dazai and Chuuya! Tho in name only and they’re from a web browser game called Bungou to Alchemist. It’s pretty similar to Touken Ranbu if you’ve played it before.

This one is Nakahara Chuuya, Booze Fucker Extraordinaire, is very persistent on dragging Dazai out to drink with him, generally he bullies Dazai likes no tomorrow (the irony).

This one is Dazai Osamu, No 1 Akutagawa Fanboy, is bullied by Chuuya on a daily basis but oddly enough writes love letters to Chuuya and Chuuya only in the game.

Do you think Jaal would be at all concerned about the menstrual cycle


Jaal: So you bleed for a week every month, for no reason????

Ryder: Oh there’s a reason, our bodies prepare for the stress of carrying a child and then when one isn’t made it sheds everything and starts over, eventually until you have a kid, or die.

Jaal: *concerned silent staring*


└ Cutie cinnamon roll masquerade~

Cr: VS Arashi 23.03.2017

i don’t ever wanna feel like i should hide what i do for work or have to ask a man to be supportive of my work/lifestyle. i shouldn’t have to feel ashamed. my last s/o took forever to come around and when he finally did, it felt great to feel accepted and loved regardless when so many girls at my job feel like they have to resort to pimps because no man will respect them for what they do, that’s the saddest thing for me to hear. sex workers are deserving of love and trust and support and healthy relationships. even after i got “acceptance” from my man he still used it against me in fights or when he got angry with me, lil comments like “dumb stripper” and telling me my family would be ashamed of me, i’m not dealing with that anymore but just thinking about how difficult it was sucks, if you are not truly 100% accepting and understanding and feel like you can’t be loyal to or trust your girl bc of the work she does, then don’t date a stripper? stay far the fuck away. the end

I remember I made these posts during the hype of Season 2. I got some comments that weren’t friendly. I guess I’m gonna have to explain myself.

I have a dark sense of humor. I like to joke around about things I’ve experienced. When it comes to racism. I make jokes about it. That’s how I cope. I laugh it off and not mope about it. Again. I’ve experienced racism countless times in my life. More so, to the point I experienced it more than my Mom and she grew up in the 60’s. I was put down for being black, I was called a slave when I wanted to play pretend, I was put in the back of the class. Behind all white students, I was failed because I was the only black kid in the class. You don’t know how much my kid self wanted to be pale. Wanted to fit in with the other girls. It took me years to love myself. It took me years to not yearn for the impossible.

So when I look back on those experiences. I joke about them. Because its better to have a laugh then mope.

But apparently, people take it too seriously.

ok, but why do I feel like they’re going to announce something in their joint liveshow. like, I feel like they’re doing the joint liveshow for a specific reason. maybe to announce something or talk about something important. dan gave no reason for why he skipped today’s liveshow or why they’re doing a joint liveshow. it’s all very sus