is it just me or~


finally watermarked my discord server secret santa gift to @matchaball… page o ninette doodles. 

pls consider this an alternate animan scenario, in which an akuma did not attack, and thus nino and marinette get to spend the day together. i like to think maybe marinette fesses up about her adrien crush at some point, and nino is a chill dude about it, and for her sake, continues to put up the excuse of liking alya. 

but after spending more time with him, marinette starts to really notice nino… meanwhile, nino has no idea, cos there’s no way all that blushing has anything to do with him, right? ;0;

anonymous asked:

do you know that benjamin steven guy who used to maybe be friends with phil in the early days of youtube and stuff? don't know much about him but i just found a tweet from him to phil talking about dan and he said "fuck you making him popular! he already got 400 subs in a day >.<" and idk why but i'm laughing so much

one last thing: and benjamin tried so hard to get phil’s attention but he failed so miserably, i kinda feel bad lmao BenAndPhilGames is a thing at some alternate universe

I honestly had no idea who this guy was before you mentioned this, so I typed in his name & AmazingPhil in Twitter’s search bar and all these old tweets popped up:

This dude was more thirsty for Phil than Dan was and Phil rarely ever replied

I feel bad for him LOL

some camie and bakugou headcanons that make me smile

  • Camie sending Bakugou vine compilations and Bakugou being confused by the whole concept of them but still finding them funny
  • “Wanna hang out fam?” “Try again” “Wanna hang out bakubrofam?” “TRY AGAIN”
  • They have an incredibly high snapchat streak (get on their level nerds)
  • Bakugou only sends a picture of his crotch with a very basic “streak” caption at the end of the day though
  • Bakugou had a tab open when he first started texting Camie
  • Camie wants to facetime every time she’s bored
  • “ARE YOU ON THE FUCKING TOILET?” “…Yeah?” call ended
  • They have one of the most impressive and well choreographed handshakes ever
  • “Can I use your eyeliner? I forgot mine.” “Sure Bakubabe”
  • “Another classmate wants your number.” “Tell them to fuck off.” “I already gotchu fam” 
  • When Camie first visits the UA dorm they think she’s Bakugou’s elder sister he forgot to mention 
  • “If she isn’t your sister then why does she keep calling you ‘bro’?” “She also calls me ‘babe’ so does that mean she’s my fucking girlfriend?” “…I don’t know what’s going on but I don’t like where this conversation is headed.”
  • Guess what, they have matching sneakers y’all!!!
  • Camie and Bakugou both like anti social social club but always miss the drops
  • Camie knows the password to Bakugou’s spotify account and changes the album covers of his playlists to selfies of hers

personal favourite ss moments ♡

Things that 5sos didn’t get the chance to have and are making up for now instead of releasing an album:

Ashton: An edgy, rebellious, teen stage which involves indirect instagram captions, leather jackets, a lot of candles and weird abstract art

Calum: A cute, hairy friend who’s not one of his band members - a d o g .

Michael: A public relationship consisting of a large amount of PDA

Luke: The chance to be a reckless fratboy and post about the fact that he’s a major socialite every weekend