is it just me or~

Keith is heartbroken and upset Shiro’s gone, and he can’t just move on. When the team says that they need a new leader, Keith keeps reminding them that Shiro is gone. It hurts him more that Shiro is gone rather than Voltron not being able to form. 

So when he says  “You wanted me to lead Voltron? This is how I do it”, he’s bitter and pissed that the team has made him become the leader even though he’s mentioned time and time again that he doesn’t want to lead the group to Shiro because Shiro is the leader and he never thought that he would actually pilot Black because he never thought he’d lose Shiro again.

if you only knew

“You were a cute kid.”

Bitty turns, startled out of his silent reverie by Jack, hair freshly damp from the shower. “Oh, hey, darlin’. Didn’t realize you were up yet.”

“Just a little while ago.” Jack wraps himself around Bitty from behind and presses a kiss to his temple. Before long, the Georgia heat will make any prolonged contact near-unbearable, so Bitty closes his eyes and enjoys it while he can.

He opens his eyes and looks back at the photo on the wall of the hallway: Eric Bittle, age 12. A school photo, his smile exposing silver braces, freckles dashed across his cheekbones.

“You’re thinking pretty loud, there, bud,” murmurs Jack into Bitty’s hair. “What about?”

“Oh, nothing in particular,” sighs Bitty, resting his hands on top of Jack’s where they’ve settled around his waist. “Just…I wish that kid could see me now, you know?”

Jack makes some little noise of agreement, or maybe encouragement, so Bitty continues.

“I mean…I didn’t know back then if it would all work out. If I could ever, well, be happy. If I’d ever get out of Georgia. If I could ever really even be myself, or I’d have to…fake it. For always. And, y'know, I just spent so much time being so darned miserable over it all, and it’s not like it changed the outcome either way, my being miserable or not. And I wish…I wish I could tell myself that, that it would get better, cheesy as it sounds, you know, hon?”

Jack squeezes tighter. “I’m glad you’re not so sad anymore, Bits. I wish you didn’t have to go through all that. But I’m glad you’re here with me now.”

“Thanks, love,” says Bitty softly, turning his head to kiss Jack properly. “Glad you’re here, too.”

i bet you my gay ass at some point during tartarus trip yukari got jumpscared by shadows she clung into mitsuru without realizing it (wow how gay)

I just get really tired of people hyperfeminizing Eleven in every single fic. Like, I get it, Millie is super cute and everyone loves the ‘still pretty?’ line but sometimes I just wish people would dig a little deeper

why does jongup in the unlimited photoshoot look like a rich aunt

like look at this

like,,,is that jongup or a rich aunt named vicky who owns a toyoto prius and loves being spoiled….the world just doesn’t know

I can’t believe I’m about to say this but…

I think I’m changing fursonas.

Like, Splat is a little dear and she’s been my fursona for ages, she used to be a husky and then a tiger and then the colors changed I’ve changed her a lot in general.

I don’t think I’m like… comfy with her anymore as my main fursona, and I feel like redesigning her would be a little… well… dumb, after all the design changes I’ve done to her…

Just a few hours left until the release of Splatoon 2!
Who else is excited??

God… I’m eyeing that V route… So bad… does that mean that whatever happened during the Secret Ending is being scrapped… because if that’s the case, I would be so happy. Like V’s secret ending killed me, that was the only time I cried while playing the game LMAO. Like I was so sad– I wanted to save him!!! Cheritz please this is such a blessing, wow I was having such a crappy day, but this wow. My mood instantly switched. I will give my life to Cheritz bye.