is it just me or that moment is kind of similar to moment from pirates of the caribbean


SO as some you know I recently went to Disneyland and to be honest I was blown away by the resort! I won’t post an entire play by play of my time there but Disneyland truly captured my heart during my short stay. I think one of the things they get the most right is just the sheer volume of attraction and entertainment options you have in just this one park! I barely had a wait time over 60 and thanks to the new instant return time FP’s me and my party never had to wait over 20 minutes for anything at DL! I don’t think I can ever say the same for the Magic Kingdom in the middle of July! So as for my favorite things there that I HIGHLY recommend for first time visitors? 

  • All of their Fantasyland. no seriously it’s the best Fantasyland around with 5 Dark rides and even more attractions that have AMAZING scenic value! Not to mention an actual eticket with the Matterhorn Bobsleds! Plus it’s the only Fantasyland out of ANY castle park that has an ALICE IN WONDERLAND DARK RIDE! And man does that ride not disappoint! THIS should be the defining standard when it comes to Fantasyland’s around the world. I’m looking at you Magic Kingdom step ya dark ride game up because I miss snow white’s scary adventures :( Also be sure to check the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough! 
  • New Orleans Square. This is an area you can literally just walk around and enjoy the sights and to me felt like a little slice of Epcot. Unlike Epcot’s countries New Orleans square is home to 2 of the world’s greatest etickets Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Haunted Mansion.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean. But Eduardo you already listed this kinda, yeah I know but again this is the DEFINITIVE version of the classic Pirates ride. Trust me when I say the Magic Kingdom version is a cliff notes edition of the ride and the Disneyland one is better in every single category aside from the queue. 
  • Indiana Jones Adventure. Quite possibly one of the best things about Adventureland at Disneyland was that it had arguably one of the best etickets nestled away inside! This ride made my actual Jaw drop when I got into the large room with the bridge very few moments on rides give me that feeling but Indy did it with ease! MAKE SURE to secure a FP for this one as the wait times were on the higher side for the day! 
  • Main Street USA. While similar the two Main Streets are indeed very different! One of the cooler reasons is while the WDW variant has sadly turned most of it’s own Main Street into gift shops Disneyland has kept a lot of what made Main Street originally work! There is still a Magic shop, both west and east main street are present here, and to top it all off there is great moments with Mr. Lincoln! 
  • Nemo Subs. Now while it doesn’t come to the great heights of 20,000 leagues or the ride it replaced Nemo’s Submarine voyage is sadly the last attraction of it’s kind that places you underwater in an actual lagoon at a Disney park! A piece of Disney History that I recommend everyone ride! 
  • Lastly Fantasmic. Fantasmic recently got a bit of a 2.0 version over at Disneyland and I was one of the lucky few who got to see it in soft opening on Sunday! The show is the best version of Fantasmic in the United states and really does bring a tear to my eye! 

SO that’s my list if you guys liked this please hit that heart and or reblog button and if you are interested in me doing a similar post on DCA be sure to let me know! Thanks again until next time!