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Top 5 things you'd change in Merlin?

1. Acknowledge that Uther and the Great Dragon are the series villains that make the most sense. I mean, on the one side we have a king who committed genocide and continues to perpetuate it to this day (in his wife’s name, cool motive still murder) and a dragon who has a reason to have a revenge vendetta against that king, immediately starts killing people when freed, and makes a bunch of prophecies that are completely self-fulfilling. On the other side, we have a series of women who had their friends and family and way of life ripped away from them and want to take revenge on the person who caused all their heartache while stopping that genocide, and a focus on a woman who tried to protest that king’s unjust laws even before she found out they would apply to her and was drugged by someone she trusted instead of trained the way he trained some kid he’d just barely met. Like, tell me again that it makes sense for Morgana to be a villain given this set-up?

But a story where Merlin and Arthur and Morgana and Gwen are pawns caught between Uther and the Dragon’s revenges and wrest control of the story away and make a true golden age? That’s far more interesting.

2. Speaking of which, GIVE US A DAMN GOLDEN AGE. If destiny was destiny (see the next number on this list) and Arthur was always supposed to bring us a golden age, where the fuck was it before he died? Magic never came back to Camelot. The wrongs were never righted. Camelot is going to be a mess after that last huge battle against Morgana. Where’s the Golden Age? If they weren’t going to give it to us, the show should have ended with Arthur alive and making a commitment to that golden age, rather than with his death.

3. Destiny. Look, I’m going to make this easy. Give us one episode where there’s a prophecy made about something bad where Merlin and company say “nope, we’re not letting that happen,” and it doesn’t happen. Let people’s choices matter. What’s the point of acting out a story that’s already been written out ahead of you? It was lazy writing and it was fucked-up worldbuilding that was never acknowledged to be fucked-up and by the end of my time in the fandom I was eyetwitching a little whenever anyone in the show or the fandom mentioned destiny as a positive thing. It was a mess of self-fulfilling prophecies and the only one that didn’t come true was the good one where Arthur would bring about a golden age and return magic to Camelot.

4. MAGIC REVEAL FFS. After a while it was lazy writing, and they thought the secret was the mechanism the show ran on when it really wasn’t. Merlin should have told Morgana the second she showed signs of being magical and he should have told Arthur … oh, I would have picked the end of s2, cliffhung, and picked up s3 with a full season of Arthur yelling at Merlin and slowly coming around to realize that magic wasn’t evil, so when he took the throne in s4 he would be able to start slowly grappling with what he wants to change and how much. I know this is Merlin’s story and not Arthur’s, but Merlin stops looking like a hero the longer he keeps the secret and lets Arthur continue to persecute people like him, and it makes Arthur less of the legendary king we’re meant to be seeing.

5. Consistent tone. We went from “silly family show” to “in the game of thrones you win or you die” and it was a mess. Also the cringey Comedy Episodes. Can we be light with less fart jokes?

Bonus List Of More Achievable Goals

1. Instead of Gwen’s s5 plot being her being mind controlled, instead she recruits Sefa as a double agent so a. we get two non-evil recurring ladies and b. Gwen gets to be badass and queenly instead of losing her agency.

2. Loathly Lady episode. This episode replaces the Gwen/Lancelot zombie mind control mess.

3. At least twice a season, we briefly see a magic user who is friendly, not a tool of the villain, and not planning to kill anyone. It can be brief, but it has to happen and at least one of those people has to live.

4. Less fart jokes. I think we can manage that, I think that’s acheivable.

5. Tristan dies instead of Isolde and she becomes a lady knight.

Tension Relief

Summary: After a Winchester had messed up Ketch’s hunt, he felt the need to release some tension. 

Words: 1473

Pairing: Arthur (Mr.) Ketch x Reader

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, slight bondage, hair pulling, breath play, lots of teasing, dirty talk, rough sex

A/N: gotta thank @lokis-quinn for giving me the inspiration for this… such a tease. Thanks to @holywaterbucketchallenge for reading over this for me!

Remember to write yourself down on my taglist or sent me an ask if you want to be tagged in future BMOL stuff!

You heard the heavy footsteps in the hallway and knew he was coming. Arthur had sent you a message before, telling you a hunt didn’t go as he wanted. The Winchester guy he had been trying to recruit messed up his way of hunting and now he was mad and needed to release some tension.

And you were his tension release. Now, don’t get this wrong. You loved it. You loved it every time. It was always something different and certainly never boring.

You were just sitting on his bed in nothing more but your panties as the door swung open and slammed shut again. When you looked up at him you saw nothing but stuffed up tension and anger as he took off his tie and walked over to you.

“Turn around and have your hands behind your back,” Ketch ordered and you happily obliged before he tied your hands together tightly.

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Sunny Days in Camelot

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Request: HI! can i please request a ArthurxReader (bbc Merlin) fic canon Era. Where Arthur is in denial about liking her and goes out of his way to annoy her at any chance he gets. Arthur comes up with a plan of some sort along with Merlin to trick her but the plan all goes wrong and she gets hurt, so the truth is revealed of how Arthur and reader feels about each other. Pleeasse and thankk you.

Authors Note: Hey, so here is the requested ArthurxReader one, for @imtakingthemikkieoutofyou 😊 I hope you like it, and please tell me honestly if it’s good or bad and if it’s what you expected and wanted ^^

Living in Camelot wasn’t always sunny. Honestly no day was very sunny for you, having to deal with Arthur annoying you the whole day. It was just nice and relaxing, when he was out and about with his servant Merlin, doing god knows what.

But when he wasn’t, he took any chance he got to play tricks on you, embarrass you in front of the knights and would just not leave you alone when you were near each other. But somehow, even after everything he has done to you, you kind of like him. He is smart, he is handsome and very brave after all. And his smile… But a prat none the less. Which is funny cause Merlin and you have the same point of view concerning that.

By now you spend most of the time in your dorms or outside of Camelot. Sometimes even with Uther. Uther was always very fond of you, so taking you in after your parents kingdom was run and taken over, with your parents dying in the process, was the least he could have done. Uther was very close with your parents and immediately took you in when you were brought to Camelot.

But somehow your day was always ruined when you met Arthur during the day. Today was not different.

“Hey (Y/N)!” he screamed down the hall. You rolled your eyes and just ignored him, knowing very well what was about to happen. He was with the knights so whatever he would do, it would embarrass you.

You heard him running up to you and prepared yourself for the worst.

“Didn’t you hear me? I called you, (Y/N).”

“I’m sorry sire, I must have overheard it.” You said as respectfully as you could, with be best smile you could master.

“Have you had a good day so far, my lady ?” he asked and thats when you knew, he was up to something.

“Yes I had, sire. Thank you for asking. How has your day been so far?”

“Well so far so good. Nothing entertaining yet though.” He said and while saying that, he made the maid, which was on the way to the great hall with a jar of wine, trip causing the wine to be spilled all over you. Arthur and the knights bellowed out into laughter, while the maid apologized over and over again and you just standing there completely shocked. You were dripping red wine, your favorite white dress being ruined and being the entertainment for 10 men. Tears stung in your eyes as you tried to keep your composure. You mumbled a “It’s fine, it wasn’t your fault.” to the maid and glared at Arthur. You turned around without saying another word and made your way towards your dorm.

On your way there you met Merlin who gave you a look of concern.

“What happened?” he asked, trying to stop you from walking away.

“Not now, Merlin. And you shouldn’t ask what happened, but who.” You said, still trying to control yourself and swallowing the lump in your throat. You just walked past him and nearly ran the rest of the way to your dorm.

Arriving there you stormed in and threw the door shut, startling Guinevere.

“My lady, what happened?” she asked full of worry. You looked at her, lip trembling.

“I don’t want to talk about it. Can you prepare a bath for me and try to safe my dress?” you asked, loosening your voice, the tears threatening to fall.

“Yes of course. I will prepare everything immediately.” She said hurrying around already.

You nodded already stepping behind the folding-screen undressing yourself. Soon enough Guinevere was ready and you took the bath, washing off the, by now, dried up wine. Soon you realized that the tears were freely rolling down your cheeks and your breathing turned into sobs. What did you do to deserve all this ? And be not liked by him ?

“My lady, the King had delivered a message, that he would like you to join him for dinner.” Guinevere said, interrupting your thoughts. You weren’t in the mood for it but you couldn’t deny the Kings wishes. So you nodded and got out of the bathtub to prepare yourself. Besides you knew very well, that Arthur would be there, too and you wouldn’t want to give him this satisfaction.

You got ready and put on your most beautiful dress you had and Guinevere helped you with the dress. Soon you were ready and took a last glance in your mirror.

“You look stunning, my lady.” She said smiling at you. You turned around to her and gave her a small smile back, hugging her.

“Thank you, Guinevere.”

She hugged you back and smiled.

“You can go home now, if you want to. I can take care of myself for the rest of the evening.” You said.

She smiled and bowed and left the room with you. You made your way towards the great hall, where dinner would take place. Arriving there you saw Uther standing up coming to you to escort you to your seat. Arthur wasn’t there yet, so you had a few minutes with Uther for yourself.

“How was your day, dear? I heard about an accident in the hall?” he said concerned.

“Yes, Sire. A maid fell and unfortunately the wine she had been carrying spilled all over me and my favorite white dress.”

“That’s horrible, I will have the maid punished. Can your dress be saved?” he asks.

“No, Sire. It’s fine it really wasn’t the Maids fault, she tripped because of someone… And Guinevere is trying her best.”

“But who did it ?”

“I-…” you started, but the doors opened and Arthur came in, accompanied by Merlin.

“I’m sorry for the delay Father. (Y/N), nice to see you.” he said, surprised to see you.

“Nice to see you, too my majesty.” You bowed your head to him as he took his seat opposite of you.

“Arthur I want you to find the person, who made the Maid trip, causing the wine to be dumped all over Lady (Y/N).” Uther instructed. Arthur stifled a laugh but nodded, not wanting to admit, that it was him.

The dinner was spent with you talking to Uther and ignoring Arthur as much as you could. But you couldn’t help but notice him starring at you the whole time.

You left after dinner, excusing yourself and retreated back to you dorms. You got into bed and prayed that Arthur will leave you alone the next day.

Meanwhile Arthur arrived back in his dorm and go ready for bed himself, talking to Merlin.

“I think that I have the most brilliant idea to mess with (Y/N).” he exclaimed.

“You and a brilliant idea? I don’t think so. “ Merlin murmured.

“What did you say, Merlin?” he asked.

“And what kind of a brilliant idea do you have sire?” he asked all innocently.

“You will see tomorrow, but I need you to get me some stuff.” He answered and wrote some things down.

The next day you made your way down the hall to get out of the Castle, when Arthur caught up with you near the steps.

“Lady (Y/N)? May I have a second of your time.” He asked.

“Sure Sire.” You answered fearing the worst.

“I wanted to talk to you about something for some time now.”

“Is that so, your majesty ? And what would that be.”

“I would like you to accompany me for some political tasks, that I have to do soon.”

“Oh, what kind of tasks?” you asked.

“Nothing big, but I need a jester by my side and you will do marvelous.” he said laughing out loud.

You were fuming and turned around and wanting to walk down the stairs but slipped, because you haven’t notice, that Merlin spread some oil on the floor while Arthur distracted you. You stumbled and in the next moment you were falling down the stairs, hitting your head and blacking out.

Arthur and Merlin watched in horror and carefully went down the stairs as you landed there unconscious.

“Merlin check her.” Arthur yelled, his heartbeat ringing in his head and panic taking over.

“Her head is severely bleeding. We need to get her to Gaius.” Merlin said, his voice full of panic, too.

Arthur didn’t hesitate a second and picked you up bridal style and run towards the chambers of the court physician.

Arriving there he gently placed you on the bed as Gaius headed over towards you.

“What happened?” he asked already examining your wound.

“She fell down the stairs.” Merlin said.

“Why?” Gaius asked, already having a dreading feeling about this whole situation.

“It was an accident, we just saw that she fell and hurried her here.” Merlin said, trying to cover Arthur. He was surprised when Arthur answered instead.

“No it wasn’t.. Well kind of was… How bad is it?”

“What do you mean? Was it an Accident or not?” Gaius urged.

“It was a trick I wanted to play. She wasn’t supposed to fall down the stairs. We spread oil on the floor. She was supposed to stumble and land on her butt not fall down the stairs.” Arthur said as Uther entered the room, having been noticed of the terrible accident.

“YOU DID WHAT?” Uther bellowed, making Arthur jump and turn around.

“Father, I-..” he started

“No, so it was you yesterday with the wine, too? And all those other times ?”

Arthur nodded, not being able to look at anything or anyone but the floor.

“Get out!” Uther said you gritted teeth.

“I will deal with you later.”

Arthur nodded and got out of the room.

“How is she Gaius?” Uther asked.

“It’s pretty bad, the head wound is deep and she doesn’t respond to anything. I have to stop the bleeding. I will keep you informed, Sire.” Gaius said, making it noticeable that he need time and space. Uther nodded and left hesitantly. Gaius started to work and stopped the bleeding.

A few hours later, you were brought to your dorm and Guinevere and Merlin looked after you. Later in the evening Arthur was called to the throne room by his father. He was sitting on the throne with an angry face, immediately glaring at his son.

Arthur came to a stop a few feet away from his father, staring at the ground, knowing very well what was about to happen.

“Do you even understand what you did?” Uther said.

Arthur just nodded not being able to talk, knowing that anything he will say, won’t make it better.

“She is in a very bad shape, Arthur. She can die!” Uther yelled making Arthur flinch.

“Father, I never..” he started.

“No, you will not speak now. You will not apologize to me! Pray that she will wake up, so that you will be able to apologize. I thought you would be more responsible and grown up than play a trick on her. Not even one but many. Leave now.” Uther said, turning around and leaving. Arthur stood there blinking, trying to stop the tears and breathing heavily.

Instead of going to his room, he went to yours. He held your hand the whole night and the next day and the day after that. Praying every hour that you will finally wake up.

After 3 days your hand finally twitched. Arthur immediately sat up straight and put a strand of hair behind your ear.

“(Y/N)?” he asked carefully, his voice raw from crying. Yours eyes fluttered open and you blinked a few times to get adjusted to the light in your room.

“(Y/N/N)?” he asked again, caressing your cheek.

You looked at him and what you saw, shocked you. The red eyes and nose, his worried look, his messed up hair. He definitely have been at your side for a while.

“Arthur.” You said, barely a whisper because of your horse voice.

“Thank god, you’re okay. I am so sorry, that was not supposed to happen, and I will make it up to you as long as I live. I am so sorry.” He started to ramble.

“Arthur-“ you tried, but he kept apologizing and rambling on.

“Arthur” you said a little louder making him look at you. You put your hand on his cheek and wiped a leftover tear away.

He touched your hand and closed his eyes, leaning into your touch. He kissed your hand and mumbled a last “I’m so sorry”.

“Arthur, it’s fine, I know you would never want something like this to happen. But tell me, what did I ever do to you, that you always act like that around me?” you said, all serious, taking your hand away and looked at him with a mixed expression of sadness and disappointment.

“I… You… Well…” he started.

“Spit it out, Arthur.” You said.

“You didn’t do anything. I just.. well.. We’ve known each other for so long and I somehow got this idea, that by making fun of you, I’ll be getting your attention. You know I… I like you.” He stuttered.

“You like me ? That’s a weird way of showing it.” You answered.

“I know, but I was in too deep to get out. It ‘s more than just liking you…” he said and started to caress your cheek again.

“I love you and I have been for a while.” He said and you couldn’t believe it. He said those three words, you longed to hear for so long.

“I love you, too. “ you said smiling at him.

“You do ?” he asked, a smile appearing on your face. He leaned in a gave you a mesmerizing kiss, that you would never forget.

You heard someone clear their throat and you two broke apart, turning to the cause of the noise. But it was just Merlin.

“Your majesty the king would like to know about Lady (Y/N)’s wellbeing.” He said, trying to hide his smile.

“Tell him, she is fine and tell him, that she forgave me.” Arthur replied, smiling at you.

You smiled back, knowing that now everything will change and the days in Camelot will be sunny from now on.

Arthur’s your single dad with PTSD

You love your father. You always had and always would, but it was hard when you sometimes had to be the strong one. Your mother had died when you were four, whilst your father was going through a rough spot. He was drinking a lot and she got drunk one night with him, she fell into the cut and never came home. You didn’t remember her, it was unfortunate really, but you had a terrible memory. When she died, your father went mad, insane even. He couldn’t look after you and he scared you more than anything. As a four year old, you didn’t understand what was going on. He would be yelling and crying all the time and you couldn’t do anything.

He never got violent with you, but he got violent with random people. You would just be walking hand and hand with him down the road as you laughed and he smiled down at you. But then someone would accidentally bump into him and he would turn into a vicious animal. Your father would let go of your hand and start yelling at the person who was either apologising or (very rarely) fighting back. If it turned into a full on fight you’d go and hide somewhere, crying. Eventually, your Great Aunt Polly took you away from your father. You lived with your Aunt Ada in London with and her nine year old son, Carl.

Your father didn’t seem to understand that you needed stability from him. You loved him, but whenever you saw him, every other weekend or whatever, hello was the same as goodbye. He couldn’t take care of anyone and he didn’t want to tell you how he felt. You didn’t know what it was like for the ‘Great Arthur Shelby’ to practically lose his only child because he never talked to you. He scared you. You weren’t ashamed to say it. He was a scary man, a violent man and you didn’t want to be like him.

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'Tomoaki' and 'KENN'
Maeno Tomoaki, KENN, Arthur Lounsbery
'Tomoaki' and 'KENN'

Arthur: (Reading out listener’s message) With the childhood friends pair Kuga and Toraishi and how they call each other, Kuga calls Toraishi by his last name, but Toraishi calls him by his first name ’Shuu’, doesn’t he. Maeno-san, KENN-san, normally in your private lives how do you call each other? Like would KENN-san call you by ‘Tomoaki~!’?

Maeno: He doesn’t, he doesn’t!

KENN: Name, huh? I have to admit, it’d be pretty embarrassing.

Maeno: Eh? You don’t want to call me [by my first name]? (´;ω;’)

KENN: …That- no, wait-!

*All burst out laughing*

KENN: YOU! You- I didn’t mean anything like that!

Maeno: But it seemed like it had that kind of undertone to it!

KENN: N- No, wait, umm, it’s not quite like that… It’s not like that, I mean I’d be okay with calling you 'Tomoaki’…

Arthur: Pft!

KENN: But! Like, it’d be-

Maeno: But it’d be kinda weird, it’d be weird. 

KENN: It’d be weird…

Maeno: It’d be creepy.

KENN: In the beginning, at the beginning, I called you by either 'Maeno-kun’ or 'Maeno-san’…

Maeno: That’s right.

KENN: And then, in our private lives I gradually left behind ’-kun’ and ’-san’ and just call you 'Maeno, Maeno’ without them… 

Arthur: You just call him by his last name with no honorifics.

KENN: Yes.

Maeno: I call you in a pretty normal way with just 'KENN’.

KENN: That’s why if I were to call you 'Tomoaki’ starting from now, it’d be super embarrassing…! Definitely.

Maeno: Ah, but I call [Matsuoka Yoshitsugu] just by 'Yoshitsugu, Yoshitsugu’.

KENN/Arthur: Ahhh.

KENN: But we’ve known each other for so long now, and I’ve always called you by 'Maeno’, and so to start from now… Like, for instance, if I was to suddenly go one day, “Yo! T- Tomoaki…”, you’d probably go, “What’s wrong with you, KENN?! It’s creepy!”

Maeno: I’d be like, “What happened to you?”

KENN: You’d probably be like, “What happened to you?” That’s why it feels like I can’t change it now.

Maeno: It’s natural this way.

KENN: I like it when people call me 'KENN’ (without any honorifics).

Arthur: Your senpais?

KENN: Anyone. Well, I have the nickname 'Kennu’, and so when people call me 'Kennu’ of course that makes me happy since it’s my nickname, but when I get called 'KENN’ every now and then it makes me go “( 。• ω • 。) …!!”

Maeno: Kenn. Kenn. …KENNNNN!!!!

*All burst out laughing*

KENN: You’re so noisy!

Maeno: KENNNN!!


Its when you realize that everything has changed from what you used to know back when you thought everything was perfect, that you know you’re alone in your own mind. Or at least it was for me. I lived my whole life under the reign of Uther Pendragon but now he is gone and Arthur has taken over. It’s a lot different now. Don’t get me wrong, I love Arthur as king, he’s my best friend and I’m proud of all the things he’s done as king. It’s just I haven’t yet gotten used to it.

Since Morgana left to be some wicked, magical being it’s hard to trust people even if they show you they’re worth your trust. I’ve found it often hard to trust Merlin or even Arthur but then again they have always have played jokes on me a lot, even when Uther was alive, so that’s nothing new. But seeing as I trusted Morgana and thought of her as more along the lines of my sister rather than my friend, I’m cautious when it comes to trusting someone.

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Mini Merlin

Day Two of B’s Twelve Days of Christmas!

For day two, reply to this post with your favorite family memory from this time of year!

Requested by Anon

Merlin x Sister!reader dynamics

Warnings: none

Summary: Imagine growing up with Merlin in Ealdor, then many years later coming to Camelot after finding out you have magic; Arthur and Morgana mistake you for Merlin’s sister!

A/N: I got to write Morgana into this and for that I am eternally grateful! Also, I’m an only child, so I have no idea how siblings actually behave 😂. Sorry!

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Ah... Proposing Allies~? Gender neutral S/O if possible? Merci beaucoup, mon cheríe. <3 ~ Space Anon

I’m so sorry for being so late!!

Mod note: I think I’ll break this up into a series. The engagement, the planning and then the wedding. I researched about different types of wedding traditions and was just enchanted with them! But, onto the ask!

America/Alfred F. Jones:

Alfred was peacefully relaxing on the couch, when he got this sudden idea. “____ says that they’re fine with marriage, and marriage is this whole romantic type of thing and then ____’d be mine forever and I will be theirs and if I propose then—!!”

With that said, he excitedly ran to find his (s/o). They were peacefully sleeping in their shared bed with Alfred. How cute… It got disrupted as soon as Alfred made his way into the room. He jumped on the bed, thinking to himself that he already has their peaceful face burned in his mind, and hugged them tightly.

“_____,” Alfred called quietly, kissing their lips. “_____.”

____ woke up with a slight grumble, “Alfieeee, I was taking a n-”

“Marry me, _____.”

Russia/Ivan Braginsky:

_____ had gone on a business trip. For obvious reasons, Ivan couldn’t go along. This left him feeling incredibly lonely. He was worried, terribly lonely. What if ____ got attacked while they were gone? While Ivan wasn’t by their side? What if they willingly left him for someone else?

нет, I should have more faith. ____ loves me, and I love her… Ivan’s face flushed. He had complete faith in his (s/o), and he knew that ____ had complete faith in him.

“да, I shall buy ___ flowers and propose to them,” Ivan said with a smile, thinking over the type of bouquet that he should buy. Although buying flowers wasn’t a mandatory thing to do for engagements in Russia, he just knew that ____ would appreciate them.

Once ____ arrived back on the plane, Ivan was waiting for them at the airport. The duo met up at suitcase pick-up, and that’s where Ivan handed the flowers over.

“Will you marry me?”

France/Francis Bonnefoy:

Francis would be just as blunt as Alfred. Marriage is a union of two people, and though it should be more serious, he was just too anxious! He had his fears on uniting as one and being so open to another person and so vulnerable. But, ____ was worth it. He even had the marriage contract ready!

That’s just what this is. A contract between two people. Francis tried calming himself down as he sat at the table with food and wine. You’ve done plenty of those.

With newfound confidence, he perked up as the door to his shared house with ____ opened.

Mon amour,” Francis smiled. “Please, sit.”

A small giggle escaped his (s/o)’s lips, and they sat across from him and noticed the piece of paper on their plate. “Oh, my.”

Francis’s palms grew slightly sweaty, “Mais, oui.” Then, looking them straight in their (e/c) eyes, Francis smiled. “Erm, ____. Would you be willing to stay with me?”

China/Yao Wang:

Yao was terribly old-fashioned. Although him and (s/o) had already moved in together, Yao still took the time to consult their family, even before he consulted ____! He was ready to send presents after presents, but was stopped after only 2. The first present left both _____ and ____’s family floored with confusion. Rather sudden, isn’t it? But, after some explanation, _____ would hopefully react in a positive way, and as would their family. They would then start wedding preparations together.

If ____ didn’t want to consult their family, Yao would happily go through all the traditions with them alone. It “makes the process quicker anyway, ___!”

Yao would have a rather surprising proposal, but his timing is impeccable.

England/Arthur Kirkland:

Arthur was nervous, no doubt about it. He’d been irritable at the meeting, and was just plain irritable all day. But, he was also full of a strange excitement. He was on cloud 9, and couldn’t wait to meet his (s/o) at the restaurant he’d reserved seats for.

Finally there, he sat at the table waiting for ____ to walk in. He glanced at the box he’d stuffed into the chest of his tux and then glanced back at the door. In walked ____, looking amazing as always. This is it.

The meal went by great, but at one point in time, ____ just had to ask. “Arthur, you… Don’t seem yourself. Is something wrong?”

Perceptive as always. Arthur smiled, making it awkward as he gazed into their eyes and didn’t answer the questions. “Hello?”

“Ah!” Arthur stood up quickly, that would’ve been the perfect time to propose! He stumbled over himself, and the box on his tux made its inevitable descent to the ground. “Oh!” Arthur’s palms immediately began to sweat, he got down on one knee, scooped up the box and cleared his throat.

“Well, something is wrong, ____. I was just curious… Would you do me the honor of your hand?”

Canada/Matthew Williams:

Matt had had the perfect day with _____. Perfect is an overstatement, many things had gone wrong. But, he knew exactly how to make the day end on a nice note.

The duo had been walking home, when they made a detour in a park. Normally quiet Matthew walked over to the fountain in the center of the park and started directly at his (s/o) as he opened his mouth.

“I’ve had the honor to get to meet and get to know _____. No one is perfect, and nothing can ever be such… But, _____, you always seem to make any day brighter. Your smile, your voice, everything about you. You fill me up with glee… That’s why, I’d like for you to stay by my side for eternity.” Matthew walked down from his spot and bent down on one knee. He took out the box he’d been hiding all day and blushed. “Will you?”

Mirror’s Gaze Part 13

 Previously on Mirror’s Gaze


Arthur was right, none of them were listening. Resigned, he followed behind them, Scooby by his side. They made their way to the stage, the direction everyone was fleeing from. There was still small bits of debris falling from the ceiling, where the Professor had disappeared with the Robot

“Professor Mansfield!” Dr. Gardner ran on the stage, getting there slightly before the gang. “No no no! This can’t be happening.” She stared at the hole in the ceiling in dismay.

“Jeepers, I hope Professor Mansfield is okay,” Daphne fretted as she looked through the hole torn through the roof - including steel beams.

“Hmm,” Velma seemed very interested in something she found on the floor. She reached down and quickly took a sample. It was just in time, too.

“Okay, all of you, clear out.” Mr. Jorkin stomped onto the stage. “This is a crime scene, now. Authorized Personnel only!”

“Authorized by who?” Dr Gardener snapped. “You’re campus security. You don’t have any authority in a criminal case.”

“And you don’t have any authority at all.” Jorkin smirked. “You’re just Mansfield’s pet, and with him gone, you’re nothing.”

As Dr. Gardener looked like she was ready to explode, Mystery Inc. beat a hasty retreat off the stage.


“We need to learn more about Professor Mansfield and who might want to hurt him.” Fred declared once they were out of the way of the argument. “Let’s split up.”

Only Scooby noticed how Arthur twitched.

“I found some residue, I think it was from the Robot’s jet pack,” Velma announced. “I want to run a chemical analysis on it to see what it’s made from.”

“Sounds good. Shaggy, you and-”


Fred stopped short.

“I’m Arthur, remember?” the mechanic reminded him.

“Oh, right…” Freddy looked uncomfortable as his train of thought completely derailed.

“I got a pretty good look at the Robot. I can check with some contacts of mine, see if the design is copyrighted. If you don’t mind, I’d like Scooby to go with me.”

“No, I was going to suggest Scooby go with you.” He always did. But this wasn’t Shaggy. This was a complete unknown.

“Okay, then.” Arthur looked confused by that, but let it go. He took off to do his research.

“Freddy?” Daphne asked, laying a hand on his shoulder.

“Oh! That leaves you and me. I think we should look into Mansfield’s past. See if we can find anything that might provide a clue.”

Daphne sighed. “It’s okay for you to miss Shaggy.” she reassured.

“I’m that obvious, huh?’ he wilted, “We’ve just done this so long, we have a rhythm. And now it’s all messed up. Don’t get me wrong, Arthur’s a great guy, but he’s not…Shaggy.”

“I know,” Velma agreed. “I love having someone I can talk to about science, but it feels like something’s been missing ever since Shaggy and Arthur switched.”

“Just remember, this isn’t permanent.” Daphne reminded them. “We’ll see Shaggy in another week at the latest. Then everything will go back to normal.” She hoped. She really really hoped.

“Will it?” Fred asked. “We still don’t know how to switch them back.”

“We’ll think of something. And even if we don’t…I think we all know it’s not the body that matters. Shaggy’s going home with us, no matter what body he’s in.” Daphne stated firmly.

“That’s fine for you to say Daph, but neither of bodies in question are yours.” Velma pointed out. “I can’t imagine Shaggy or Arthur being okay with leaving their bodies behind. Not to mention how would we explain it to Shaggy’s parents?” At least the Skulls didn’t have to worry too much on their end. Apparently this was somewhat par for the course for Arthur.

“I’m not leaving Shaggy behind.” The redhead was stubborn,

“No one’s leaving anyone behind.” Fred insisted. “None of us, and I imagine none of the Skulls either. If all nine of us are stuck together for a while, so be it. We’ll figure out this mirror thing one way or another.”

“Magic,” the word left a bad taste in Velma’s mouth. She couldn’t deny that was what was happening, but she hated to admit it. “We need to figure out the magic.” She sighed. “And we all need to look into it.” Vivi had confirmed that the more rational a person was, the harder a time they had understanding spellcraft. Which meant Fred, Daphne, even Shaggy was more likely to figure out a solution than she was. And it grated.

Fred sighed. “Let’s focus on the case for now. We’ll find Professor Mansfield and go from there.” He honestly didn’t like magic being real anymore than Velma did. At least not when it kept him separated from his friends.


Scooby watched as Arthur’s fingers flew over the keyboard, inputting every detail of the Robot he could remember. Sometimes he understood the terminology Arthur was using, but most of the time it went right over the dog’s head. Arthur had far more than a passing interest in robotics, it seemed. And he was way smarter than any mechanic Scooby had met. He was more like Velma in intelligence.

The conversation Arthur and Velma had about colleges worried him. If Arthur was so smart, he probably could have been much more than a mechanic, but he’d opted not to go to college because it would separate him from his friends. Would Velma do the same? The thought of the gang splitting up, even temporarily, was painful. But the thought of Velma never living up to her potential, ending up in a menial job, was worse.

And it’s not like they would lose contact. The past week showed that without a doubt. Not a day went by without at least one, often more, calls to check in with Shaggy. Even if his absence was like a physical pain in Scooby’s heart, Shaggy was still connected to them.

“Done.” Arthur hit send, the email going to multiple recipients. “Most of the guys should get back to me by later tonight, tomorrow at the latest.” His phone rang, and he checked the number. “And one right now.” he gulped and answered. “Hey, Uncle Lance.”

“Arthur, why did you send out an email asking about robots?” his Uncle asked with fake calm.

Maybe he shouldn’t have included his Uncle in the contacts. But he heard a lot through the grapevine. “Well, we stopped at this robotics festival-”

“Arthur, are you working a case?”

He flinched. “Yes, Uncle Lance.”

“Without Lewis or Vivi there as back up? Not to mention whatever that ‘dog’ is?”

“It’s fine. There are no evil cults, no supernatural monsters. Just a robot that someone programmed to make trouble. We find the creator and case solved.”

“Or you get shoved in a robot’s endoskeleton.”

“Endo….Have you been playing Five Nights at Freddy’s?”

“That’s besides the point,” Lance sighed. “I love you Arthur. But you always seem to run into the worst possible things. Can you blame me for being worried?”

“No, Uncle Lance.” It was true, after all. “But this isn’t like one of our cases. We’re not putting ourselves at risk, we’re just gathering information we can turn over to the police. And since we’re not officially involved, we have the option to just leave if things get too dangerous.”

Lance was silent. “I’ll contact some people I know that weren’t on your mailing list. Take care of this quickly and please be careful.” He pleaded.

“I will, Uncle Lance. You stay safe too.”

“Hmph,” But he could hear the smile in his uncle’s tone. “Anything tries to mess with me is gonna regret it.”

“Don’t I know it.” Arthur couldn’t wait till this was over and they were visiting home.

“Ro riss rim,”

“Yeah, I do. Uncle Lance has always been there for me, even when…” he clutched his arm. “Even when things were at their absolute worst.”

“Rood.” Scooby nodded. He was glad Arthur had someone to watch over him. “Rarthur? Rhy rid roo rick re?” Scooby had made it a point to stay by Arthur’s side, but at the same time, Arthur hadn’t seemed anymore attached to him than any other member of Mystery Inc. Perhaps even less so if you took into account his distrust of ‘talking dogs’.

One day he’d convince him he was a real dog.

Arthur was silent for a moment. “Part of it is the fact that your remind me a bit of Mystery.Which is silly, because you’re nothing like him, really.”

“Rystery rade rou reel rafe?” Scooby asked.

“Not really, at least not most of the time. But there was one thing I knew I could count on him for.” He bit his lip. “Scooby, you believe in ghost and stuff, right?”

“Ruh-huh.” Scooby agree. “Rhey’re rary.”

“They can be,” Arthur agreed. “What about possession?”

“Roression?” Scooby’s ears and tail lowered. “Really rary.”

“No argument there.” Arthur’s tone was calm, but his grip on his arm was white knuckled. “So if something was controlling me and tried to make me hurt the others, would you stop me?”

Scooby nodded. 

“No matter what? Even if it meant hurting or crippling me? Or worse”

“Rorse?” What had happened to Arthur?

“Please, Scooby. I need to be sure. I need to know I’m never going to hurt anyone ever again.” Arthur looked at the dog desperately.

Scooby nodded again, not trusting his voice. He might hear the lie. He needed Arthur to feel safe, but there was no way he could cripple Shaggy, or anyone for that matter. Much less ‘worse’.

Arthur seemed to have bought it, at least he relaxed significantly. “Thanks. I needed to know.”

At that point the computer dinged and Arthur turned his attention to it and though the whole disturbing conversation hadn’t just happened. Or worse, as though it were normal.

Scooby shook his head. Something bad had happened to Arthur, he’d known that for a while. Now he knew it involved possession and Arthur hurting someone unwillingly. He leaned against Arthur, making sure his mood didn’t take a dangerous dip again.

But the mechanic was fine, now. He simply tapped away on the computer, getting responses and cross referencing them. There couldn’t be too many places capable of not only building, but programming a construct like that.


“Whatcha working on?” Velma asked, looking over Arthur’s shoulder. They had decided to meet at a local diner to compare notes. Arthur had flipped his paper place mat over and had begun a series of drawing that looked like a robotic joint. “Is it for the case?”

Arthur started, “No, this is a project I’m working on. These are for the case.” He handed her a few sheets of paper, on which he had sketched the Robot in various stages of motion, complete with notes on how certain joints might work. “This is definitely not a guy in a mask unless he’s quadriplegic. The joints are too slim to fit a limb through.”

“An actual robot then, one remote controlled to kidnap the professor.” Velma sat down next to him and looked at the sketches.

“That’s what I’m thinking.” Arthur agreed. “Building a robot is one thing, though. Programming it is another. We’re looking for a team, or someone capable of doing both.”

“Are you two starting without us?” Daphne mock-chided.

“Sorry couldn’t help it.” Arthur gestured to his order of mozzarella sticks. “I’ve heard of having a black hole for a stomach, but this is patently ridiculous.”

“She meant the case,” Velma explained, sounding exasperated, though her grin gave her away. “What did you guys find?”

“Turns out Professor Mansfield doesn’t completely own the patents for most of his inventions and developments. They’re co-owned through a group called CLA Limited.” Fred explained. “Also, Mansfield isn’t just a teacher, the whole school was his idea. He spent every cent he had financing it and runs almost the whole thing.”

“So the target might be the school itself,” Velma surmised. “Removing Mansfield might see it collapse. On the other hand, causing the school to fail would put Mansfield in some desperate straights, which someone could take advantage of.”

“So what was the residue?” Arthur asked.

“It was from the ‘jetpack’ taking off, alright. But this compound hasn’t been used in years. In fact, I don’t think it could have gotten the robot off the ground, much less through the roof. It was for show. The robot must have had another way to fly. What about you, Arthur?”

“Well, like I said before, not a guy in a mask. Also, not a single design matches, but several seem to have partial similarities. And all of them originate from one company Fezness Animatronics. They did stuff for kids parties and even some Hollywood, but they went out of business a while back. We might be looking for an ex-employee with ties to Mansfield.” He finished his fourth appetizer. “So when are we turning this information over to the police?” 

“When we solve the case, of course.” Fred answered, as though it were obvious.

Arthur shrugged. He supposed he could understand their arguments being more persuasive if they handed in an idea for a suspect as well. He ordered his meal, content in that at least this time they wouldn’t be chasing after the bad guy themselves.


Sorry this took so long. Even after getting a new compy it took a while to get back in the swing of writing full chapters.

And special thanks to Idigihearts1x3 who helped me when I wrote myself into a corner.

Next time on Mirror’s Gaze

Everyone knew how dangerous America could become, how easy it would be for the current World’s Superpower to crack and turn into something new and terrible. What they didn’t know is what the breaking point would be and if it would be one of them to blame.

(I decided to go with a Crazy/Obsessed!America for the AU added onto canon. Hopefully it doesn’t seem too….weird.  Warning; there is blackmail and implied sex involved, do not read if those two put together makes you uncomfortable.)

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You’re okay, it was just a bad dream

Arthur was never one to have regular sleeping habits. He would often fall asleep at his workbench, his desk, or on top of one of his many projects. While he could be faulted for not paying attention to the time, his passion for his work was adorable.

Arthur’s half-there grogginess and occasional piece stuck to his half-awake face made Vivi’s mornings. That was one of the worst parts about hospital stays for Arthur, she wouldn’t be able to see him. Usually Arthur would want nothing to do with hospitals. He couldn’t bring himself to trust doctors. Not after his parents’ car accident.

This time was different though, he didn’t want to leave the hospital. He didn’t even want to see Vivi while there. He always wanted company before, myself and, and was there someone else? Uncle Lance, of course.

She couldn’t blame him, it was her fault that they had split up in the cave. She shouldn’t have sent Arthur alone. He didn’t want to be there, but she had insisted. How many times have I pushed Arthur too far?

“How could I have been so stupid Mystery?” Vivi asked her fuzzy little friend, patting him on his head and ruffling his hair. Mystery shook out his red and black spiky hair, whimpering slightly.

The sun beat down on the two of them as they waited outside of the discharge office. The receptionist has staunchly refused to let Vivi enter with Mystery and she couldn’t just leave him in the van. The slight breeze made the heat only a little bearable. Though, Vivi shoved away any thought of discomfort, Arthur was the one hurting.

The door to the hospital opened, the metallic whirl of the door opening bringing over Vivi’s attention.

“But I told you I can walk just fine, I don’t need the wheelchair.” Arthur’s crisp voice carried over the entrance.

“Yes, but this is hospital procedure. For all amputee discharges.” The stern glower from the nurse a sour contrast to Arthur’s warm voice and shimmering hair. His hair hung behind him, tied into a ponytail, his two steaks of brown sticking up in the front. He wasn’t permitted his hair gel in the hospital. Even then, he wouldn’t be able to style it with only one hand.

“I can leave on my feet just fine!” Arthur was displaying a rare independence streak this morning. He seemed more annoyed that he couldn’t leave on his own.

“You could leave in the wheelchair Mr. Kingsmen, but you can’t wheel it out one handed.” The nurse curtly responded. A clear ring of annoyance in her voice.

Have they been having this conversation since the fifth floor? “Hey Artie!” Vivi cut off the rather unprofessional nurse. “I can take you from here.”

Arthur jumped from his wheelchair and hugged Vivi, wrapping his right arm around her shoulders. “It’s good to see you,” he looked down to Mystery who hadn’t moved from his spot his eyes averted from his lady and her boy, “both of you.” At that Mystery turned his head to look at Arthur. Mystery’s eyes told the story of a sad puppy, one that had lost its friend.

“Well come here ‘Stree.” Mystery smiled, the best a dog could do for a smile really, at his old nickname. “I haven’t seen you in three months buddy.” Arthur knelt down to ruffle Mystery’s fur. This time though, Mystery didn’t try to fix his hair.


“Vivi, I know I haven’t been out for pizza for months. But I don’t think it’s a good idea to go out the same day I get out of the hospital.” Arthur pushed back from the passenger’s seat of the van, his hand resting on Mystery’s back. Mystery was sprawled between Vivi and Arthur, his front legs over Arthur’s lap.

Vivi winced, with just the left side of her face, so that Arthur wouldn’t see. “We don’t have to go if you don’t want to. I just thought since you hadn’t been able to, that we’d do your favorite things today.” She turned slightly towards Arthur, smiling while keeping her eyes on the road.

“Weeeeeeeeeell, I suppose one slice wouldn’t hurt.” Arthur shot back cheekily, sticking his tongue out a little. Mystery gave a quiet approving yip, earning himself a few pats from Arthur.

“The nurse gave me a list of prescriptions I need to pick up. We can do that after lunch, I haven’t had any of …” Arthur cut out mid-sentence. Vivi slammed on the breaks, jolting Mystery out of Arthur’s lap.

“Arthur, are you ok!?” Vivi looked over to Arthur. His face had paled, no longer the glow he had leaving the hospital.

“I, uh, yes. I just. I hadn’t thought of that night for a week now, and the thought of cooking, of food took me back to the cave. Can we not take this road? I just need a moment longer.” 

Mystery lapped at Arthur’s face. The twisted smile from Arthur cut him short though. Stopping, he chose to nuzzle into his chest instead.

Satisfied that Mystery could take care of Arthur, she had started training him as a service dog, Vivi returned her attention to the road. He wasn’t ready to take on that yet, but he could at least do a little to comfort him.

Outside the car window Mystery could see Pepper Paradiso down the street. They had been about to turn down that road. Looking back and forth between the window and Arthur’s face, Arthur caught onto Mystery’s actions.

Leaning down, Arthur whispered into Mystery’s ear, “I miss him a lot buddy.” 


Arthur had insisted on going into the pharmacy on his own. He had asked Vivi and Mystery to wait for him while he picked up his medications.

Maybe he really doesn’t want me around anymore? At the least Arthur could at least let me help out. No sooner had Vivi made a mental note to let Arthur know he could ask her for anything he needed, Arthur pushed the door of the pharmacy open using his right foot. In his arm, he was carrying a large box and several bags.

“Arthur, that can’t all be medicine, right?” Vivi gasped.

Arthur chuckled, “No, no. The bags are the medication. This,” he shifted his arm to wiggle the box around, “is a prosthetic. I told them I didn’t need it, but they insisted that I take it or they would call Uncle Lance. And right now I would rather carry the box.”

“But Uncle Lance is so sweet,” Vivi chirped, she really did like Arthur’s uncle. She had a crush on him when she was little.

“Heh, yeah.” Arthur mumbled. “It’s not me that I’m worried about. He’d probably tell them to fudge off and insist that I could build something better …” Arthur trailed off, again.


*Snap, snap*

“Earth to Arthur, come in Arthur.” Vivi’s voice rang out.

“What?” Arthur asked, confused.

“You’ve been standing there for five minutes. You haven’t heard a word I, or the pharmacy tech have been saying. You didn’t even look at Mystery when he barked!” 

“Oh.” The singular response seemed to satisfy Arthur. Vivi’s look however, told him otherwise.

“I just got caught up in thinking about that. I could build a new arm. I’ll have to get Uncle Lance’s help, but I could do it!” Arthur’s mind was racing at what he could do with his skill in mechanics, engineering and robotics. His uncle hadn’t sent him to college for engineering to just work on cars all his life.

Smiling at Arthur’s energy, Vivi waved down the pharmacy’s employee. “He’s going to be just fine.” Vivi grinned up at the woman. “Arthur gets like this when he works on a project. He’s really passionate for engineering.” Vivi’s words seemed to placate the concern on the woman, at least enough to let them leave without too much more trouble.


Arthur jumped up in bed. He had a nightmare again. Running his hand through his hair, his sweat slicking his hair down. “Dammit.” His sleeping medication wasn’t helping tonight. Neither was his pain medication, judging by the throbbing in his left shoulder.

Before he could move from the bed, his bedroom door flew open. Vivi was in the opening, worry in her eyes. “Artie! Are you ok, did you have the nightmare again?” 

Mystery squeezed past Vivi, pushing his way into the room. Arthur shouldn’t close his door, the sounds from his tools didn’t carry in the apartment like he worried. God forbid if he ever locked the door.

Mystyer trotted over to Arthur’s bed and jumped up. Arthur gave a large oomph at the sudden weight on his lower body. Almost automatically, Arthur brought his right arm up to embrace Mystery.

“Yeah. I’m fine, it was just the cave again. Everything was so green, so red. It was awful. I couldn’t get away. There was no way to turn back once we went in. There was nothing I could do to stop it.”

“I’m so sorry Artie.” Vivi was in tears, even though Arthur wasn’t. “I won’t let us get into that kind of danger again. I won’t let that happen to you or anyone else ever again.”

“Anyone else.” Arthur parroted. His rich golden voice absent from the words. They sounded mechanical, forced.

“That would be great.” He smiled weakly over at Vivi. “I hope you get that wish.”

“Th-thank you Artie.” Vivi sat down at his workbench and wiped her eyes from under her glasses. Blueprints and scattered parts were everywhere at his worktable. There was a system there but she couldn’t understand it.

“Your arm is coming along nicely?” The statement came off more as a question.

Arthur looked over to the bench, and nodded. “It will still be a while. I still haven’t finished the wiring and coding.” 

Vivi smiled and wiped her eyes again. “If you need anything from me, just let me know. You don’t have to go alone.” 

“I know Vivi, I’m not always alone.” His voice was hoarse.


Mystery woke with a start at the scream that tore through the apartment. It was only ten or so. It was still early. He needed help.

Mystery scratched at Arthur’s door, whining desperately. Of all the nights for the boy to be asleep already. Inside the room there was shuffling, and then the distinct clang of metal against wood.

Opening the door dazedly, Arthur looked down to dog, “What’s wrong ‘Stree?”

Mystery bit into Arthur’s pant-leg and pulled him in the direction of Vivi’s bedroom.

“Something wrong with Vivi?”

Mystery nodded, whimpering sadly. His eyes were tired. They held a strong concern for his little lady. Arthur knew they were knowing eyes, what he’d seen Mystery capable of, they were knowing eyes. The eyes of someone who had seen horrible, unspeakable things. If Arthur looked in a mirror, he’d know he had the same.

Arthur shuffled down the hall, his vision still bleary from having woken up so soon after falling asleep. He passed Lewis’ door, pausing a moment as a sharp pain shot through his left shoulder. Gripping his shoulder, and fighting back the tears, he continued on.

Further down, he could hear screaming. The screaming was familiar, it was the scream of someone in emotional pain. He’d woken up to that before, though it had always been to his own. Vivi was having a nightmare.

Knocking on the door, he called out. “Vivi! VIVI! I’m coming!”

Opening the door, he found Vivi on the floor wrapped in her blankets. Her breathing was rough, ragged. Her chest heaving, gasping for breath. She looked up to Arthur from her spot on the ground tears streaming down her face, mouth moving but making no words.

Spanning the gap between them Arthur, brought himself to Vivi. Sitting down on her left, Arthur pulled himself closer.

“Artie! You’re here!” She wailed out. Tears were beginning to stream down her face.

“Of course I’m here,” Arthur smiled sleepily and pointed his thumb to his chest. “See.”

Vivi shook her head. “I can see that dummy. But I, I dreamt that I lost you in the cave. I didn’t make it to the hospital in time.” Vivi’s crying worsened, the reality of the dream sinking in. It was bad enough to think about the ‘what if I didn’t make it in time,’ but to dream it and feel the emotions and remember them when you woke up tore at her mind.

“Vivi,” Arthur cradled Vivi with his one good arm. “You’re ok, it was just a bad dream.”

“No Arthur I’m not.” Vivi leaned into his left shoulder, sobbing. “I pushed you too far. I should have listened to you. We shouldn’t have gone in there. Look at you. You’ve lost your arm, you’ve been through so much pain. How can I forgive myself for doing that to you?”

Arthur wilted under Vivi’s words. “It’s ok Vivi, I wasn’t pushed.”

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Augsut 4th, 2014 - Otome Arthur

ARTIST: stephyhime

AUTHOR: animeXalchemist

August 4th, 2014 - Otome Arthur

A young man with messy blonde hair and striking emerald eyes looks up at you. “Oi! Watch where you’re going you bloody idiot!” he says, voice full of annoyance but there’s an adorable pout on his lips even so. You feel more amused than apologetic.

>Apologise and help him up

>Chuckle softly and tell him he’s cute when he’s angry [select]

>Ignore him

A blush rises in the young man’s cheeks. “I-Idiot! What the hell is wrong with you?!” The young man picks himself up and stalks off, ignoring your existence.


“GAH!” Alfred yelled, practically pulling his hair out, “Kiku, this game is kicking my ass! Arthur hates me no matter what I do!”

“Alfred-san, calm down. I’m sure you’ll do better next time.”

“But this is the fifth time I’ve attempted this,” he groaned, letting his head hit the desk.

“Well… you could always try asking him out in real life,” Kiku suggested, shrinking back at the incredulous look his friend shot him.

“Kiku, bro, he’s in the year above me! And he’s the Student Council President! And he’s cool and sophisticated and—” he cut himself off, sighing. “If I can’t get him to like me in a video game, my speciality, then how can I possibly get him to like me in real life? This simulator is like a trail-and-error, yanno?”

“I still think asking him out would be a lot less trouble than creating an entire video game about him,” Kiku said bluntly, looking at the ‘Game Over’ screen. “How do we even know his reactions are accurate?”

“I asked his friends and people he hangs out with and, well, anyone I could think of. This is totally legit dude. I just need to get the True End on here, and then I’ll know how to sweep him off his feet!” he said enthusiastically, restarting the game.

The Brit looks out over the cliff with a dream-like look on his face. “Sometimes,” he says quietly, “I think it would be nice to get away for a while. I just want to be myself and not have to live up to anyone’s expectations.” He gazes up at you, clearly a little embarrassed with this admission.

>“Then let’s go, just the two of us. We’ll go wherever you want”

>“You can always be yourself around me. You’re wonderful”

>Push him off the cliff [select]



“Shit my hand slipped, I meant to select number two!” Alfred yelled frantically. Kiku just shook his head, thinking that this couldn’t possibly get any worse. “Seriously dude, why the hell was that even an option?! Who pushes someone off a cliff?!”

“You, apparently,” Kiku said under his breath.

“I CLICKED THAT BY MISTAKE! I wanna date the guy, not murder him!” He scrambled to restart the game, horrified that he’d killed Arthur (even if it was just in a game and a total accident).

The credits of the film lazily roll, Arthur leaning against your shoulder. “I had fun tonight,” he murmurs gently, closing his eyes in bliss for a moment before leaning up and carefully bringing your lips together. You kiss back passionately, desire suddenly ignited, and Arthur moans softly. You eventually break the kiss to get some air, gazing at the beautiful Brit.

>“Arthur… you’re amazing, but we should take this slow” [select]


>Serenade him with Careless Whisper

Arthur looks away, clearly annoyed. “So what you’re saying is that you don’t find me attractive? Lovely.” He stands up abruptly and quickly exists your house, leaving you sat on the sofa forever alone and still a virgin. You loser.


“Fuck. This. Game.” Alfred growled, savagely hitting the 'off’ button. “Arthur will never agree to go out with me, I get it. My life sucks!” Kiku just silently watched as his friend descended into stereotypical teenage angst. Hopefully he’d be over it in time for school tomorrow.


The next morning found Alfred at his locker, sighing the sigh of a man who was in love with an impossibility. He’d tried everything on that game, and each time Otome Arthur ended up hating him. Perhaps he should have programmed the game to be easier.

“Hey, Alfred Jones, right?” a voice said behind him, causing Alfred to jump and spin around looking guilty. His eyes widened when he saw none other than Arthur Kirkland stood there looking wonderful as always.

“Y-Yeah, that’s me!” he said, even more excitable than he usually was. “D'ya need something?”

Arthur looked at him steadily for a moment before shrugging. “I heard you’re good with computers, and mine seems to have died on me. Could you stop by the Student Council Office at some point today and take a look at it?”

Alfred stared for a moment. If this was Otome Arthur, then that was a secret code! There was nothing wrong with Arthur’s computer at all; he just wanted to spend time with Alfred! The second he’d enter that office, Arthur would look up shyly and blush, thanking him for coming to have a look at the computer but admitting there was no problem at all. And then Alfred would have to make a move and they’d live happily ever after! He wouldn’t mess up this time!

“S-Sure! I’d love to!” he said enthusiastically, grabbing both of Arthur’s hands, “And I promise I won’t push you off a cliff! Or take it slow! And even though you’re cute when you’re angry, I won’t tell you that!”

“O… kay…” Arthur said unsurely, taking a big step back from the American and looking at him strangely. “Cheers? I'll… see you later then, Jones.”


Looks like that True End was closer than Alfred originally thought~

(Or perhaps he should have spent less time working on an Otome Arthur game and more time working on his actual game).



Reincarnation AU:  While on route, a delivery boy named Merlin hits a young man, Arthur Pendragon, who is the son of the richest man in town. The two men feel an instant connection, and can’t shake the feeling that they’ve met before. A friendship quickly forms, and before too long, Merlin admits his true feelings for Arthur, who must make the decision of pleasing his father or choosing his own happiness.

“Merlin, listen, I-”

“Arthur, we don’t have to do this, honestly. I get it. You have your duty to your family, and I understand that. I’ll just make this easier for the both of us and go.”

“What are you going on about?”

“What? Well I mean, I just figured that-”

“Do you know what I liked about my life before I met you? Nothing. It was routine, it was boring. I didn’t care about anything I was doing. Now, don’t get me wrong, you’re an absolute pain, but a pain I’m willing to deal with. So, what do you say?”

What do I say? You’re a prat, a royal one. But I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.“

"Charming as always, Merlin.

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For the sentence thing: "don't leave a mark there!"

Set post 5x01, but before the return to Storybrooke/memory loss. I’m choosing to blame the two glasses of wine I’ve had tonight for this…


Her voice is a breathy whisper as he presses her up against the door of their chamber in Camelot, her arms encircling his neck to pull him close. One of Robin’s legs slides between her own as he skims his mouth over her jaw and neck, leaving a trail of open-mouthed kisses in his wake. A low moan escapes her lips as he sucks lightly at her pulse point, skimming his teeth across delicate skin that is far too sensitive for her liking. He bites down gently once, making her gasp. This seems to spur him on, and he sinks his teeth in harder.

“Don’t leave a mark there!” she suddenly hisses, causing him to pull away from her in surprise.

“What’s the matter?” he asks, bewildered. Her eyes meet his guiltily, and she watches his face fall.

“Robin, don’t look at me like that. It’s just…we’ve only been here for a few weeks. Arthur and his court are still getting to know us, and I’m still not sure if they can really be trusted. Between Emma and this Excalibur nonsense, plus trying to keep my sister out of trouble, the last thing we need right now is for someone to see my neck and make us the hot topic of court gossip.”

“Since when do you care what people think?”

Since always, she wants to say, but she bites her tongue.

“Regina…” he whispers, and she knows immediately what’s wrong, why he is pleading with her like that with his eyes. This is the first time that Robin has felt ready, really ready, to be truly intimate with her since the debacle with Zelena. She knows what a big step this is for him, and she hates to have to stop him like that. But this isn’t Storybrooke, where their indiscretions can be easily hidden with a well-placed scarf or peacoat. This is Camelot, where the newcomers moves are heavily scrutinized, where their sons spend more time with them than they would otherwise. Where one wrong move can mean that Emma might be stuck as the Dark One forever.

“I need you, Regina.” She sees the look in his eyes, understands the words that he cannot bring himself to speak. This is, somehow, part of his healing process. He needs her, wants her, to help him move on, to replace those horrible memories with better ones. And she so desperately wants to be able to do that for him. He deserves that, at least, after what her witch of a sister put him through.

“I know. I’m sorry,” she says softly, cradling his cheek in the palm of her hand. He turns and softly kisses her palm. “I didn’t mean you had to stop. Just maybe ease up a little. Let them talk about something else.” She suddenly grimaces. “Like how horrible my dancing will be at the ball on Saturday.”

“You’re going to be just fine.”

She gives an unladylike snort that would make Cora spin in her grave. “You say that now. Just wait til I step on your toes.”

“It would be the greatest honor to be trampled by you.”

“Robin?” she asks softly, her arms resting naturally around his neck. “We’re okay, right?”

He thinks for just a second, then nods. “We’re perfect.”


Something mischievous flashes through those infuriating blue eyes of his. “So if I’m understanding you correctly, it’s just me leaving visible marks on you that you’re concerned about?”

“Yes. I’d prefer not to have the entire kingdom know where I like to be kissed.”

“Well, then we don’t have anything to worry about. There’s plenty of other places I can mark you–” He pulls her flush against him again–”that they won’t ever know about.”

The two of them are noticeably late for dinner.


There’s people complaining Sherlock didn’t wink to John in TAB. But I think this means something!
The episode is set in 1895. A man couldn’t wink to other man. C'mon. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle couldn’t have written a story about a explicitly gay Holmes and Watson. (don’t get me wrong, I think they are pretty gay in the Canon too, but that just couldn’t have been)
But dude.
We are in the XXI century.
And Moftiss can write a show about the true Sherlock and John. There is no problem with a man winking to other man. There is no problem revealing who they always have been.
Is no longer 1895.
BBC Sherlock can do it. And will.

I THINK THIS IS VERY TELLING DUDE. I don’t know if somebody pointed this out before, but man it’s important.

Excuse my english I suck, bye

July 20th, 2014 - A Magical Surprise

AUTHOR: atlas-workbench

July 20th, 2014 - A Magical Surprise

“I’ve got a surprise for you Arthur,” was all the American had said before the duo were whisked away into a car bound for goodness-knows-where Florida.

England had groused and complained but even he enjoyed the simple pleasures of driving endlessly with America. They talked idly the whole time about this and that, listening to mostly good music. Yet every time England tried to steer the conversation toward the surprise, America would absolutely clam up and say nothing.

They passed the many exits for Disney World – for which England was silently relieved – he could only take so much of “It’s A Small World” in a day and although his pavilion at EPCOT was shaping up quite well he was unbearably close to France there.

It was only when they pulled up to the Universal Studios Orlando theme park that England let himself be disappointed. It was probably just some new technology that America was really excited about that he was being drug along to see.

Despite his thick-headedness at times, America caught the downturn in emotions almost immediately.

“Hey sour puss, don’t be like that,” he said. “This is going to be awesome!”  Quickly America rifled through his pockets before triumphantly presenting England with a blindfold.

“Do you trust me?” said America. They both knew it was a bad choice of words the minute they were said given the proffered blindfold.

Quickly backpedaling over England’s hesitation and situation in general America said, “It’ll be better for the surprise – no peaking and all that … or you could just look at the ground the whole time – but you’ve got to promise not to peek!”

“I promise Alfred. I truly do,” said England. He plucked the blindfold out of the other’s hand and stuffed it into his pocket.

“Righto!” said America with a sigh of relief. “Let’s go!”

So England dutifully followed behind America as they made their way from the far edges of the parking lot to the front entrance. He didn’t look up as America somehow got out of paying for their tickets nor did he peek at anything at all. He focused exclusively on the pavement as it changed from area to area as they walked slowly along in the nearly evening light. At least there were many different types of shoes to look at. England never understood how some women wore heels to waking intensive places like this.

In a remarkably short period of time the number of shoes England could see were clearing out exponentially.

Before long they were stopped just in front of a gate. America was positively thrumming with excitement now.

“Ok Arthur,” said America. “Look up.”

He did and he couldn’t believe it.

There, in picture perfect fashion, was his own little Harry Potter Land. The gates divided them but he could distinctly see the makings of Diagon Ally and Hogsmeade and the train station and the looming castle in the background.

When the shock finally wore off he realized America had been babbling to him the whole time.

“I’ve been trying really hard to keep the whole thing hush-hush from you so you’d be surprised,” said America. “It’s just going to keep getting better and better you know. I’m expecting you to help me out too…I might have read the books a thousand times over to try and get the details but there’s no denying that this is so much a part of you that you’ll probably always know it better then I do.”

“I wouldn’t say that,” said England.

“I’m serious Arthur – you say there’s one thing wrong with the place and I’ll fix it myself if I have to.”

As touching as the thought was England needed to get beyond the gates.

“Let’s go inside,” said England. He snatched America’s hand right after the gates were carefully unlocked and shut behind them.

By the time they had toured the place, England couldn’t be more gleeful – it was even better then being on set really … on a set you could see where the set ended, where the magic stopped. Here … even though things weren’t quite done, it was an all-encompassing experience.

“Can we ride any of the rides?” said England. “Surely there must be rides. It is not enough for people to just bask in the glory of storybook architecture come to life anymore.”

America deflated a lot at that.

“They aren’t done yet,” said America. “I just got too excited and had to show you early so no one ruined the surprise. There’s going to be so many people here when it opens I figured I’d show it to you now so you can get a good look at it – and change anything if you wanted to … just say the word and it will be done.”

“Alfred this is brilliant,” said England. “I only wish that it were in my home and not yours. I guess that means I will just have to visit you more often now.”

“I was waiting for you to build one,” said America. “I figured … with each new movie someone would come out and say they were building something. But I got sick of waiting. Originally I wanted to have a full-on theme park just for this – everyone kind of talked me out of it though. I have to save something for you after all. So this will be the mock up and you can do it right.”

“Don’t hold your breath on that Alfred,” said England. “Keep improving this one – relish in what we have in the here and now.”

As soon as the sun went behind the castle darkness started to fall quickly.

“The park is closing soon and we can’t stay long but I want to show you the inside of Three Broomsticks,” said America. “The cooks are working on the food still but the butterbeer is done. We have to try it before we leave.”

England dallied in the entryway as America bustled off to the kitchens. The place wasn’t done yet but he could see the makings of more fun inside to help complete the magic in the area.

“Here,” said America passing over an etched glass stein brimming with frothy amber liquid. “I figured you’d chew me out if I went with the plastic cups so I borrowed some mockups from the gift shop, er … Dervish and Bangles.”

“Cheers,” said England. “Thank you for the wonderful surprise.”

The sentiment only increased soon after when America smiled back at England, foam mustache and all.


Author’s Notes: Curse you sadisticbrit for bemoaning that Harry Potter World isn’t in England. Why must you give me ideas when I don’t have time for them? It also doesn’t help that I’ve been thinking about the new additions to the Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter that are in process/done (depending on when this gets published). Lastly, sorry about the blindfold thing – Alfred picked the wrong time to channel his inner Aladdin and I’m sure for many nations the blindfold + “surprise” scenario has probably ended poorly more often then not.