is it june already


Organizer plans LGBTQ march in Washington, DC, during June’s pride celebration

  • The historic Women’s March on Washington has already inspired more people to lace up their shoes and hit the streets of our nation’s capital.
  • After news broke that scientists have decided to storm Washington, D.C., in the name of science, the Washington Blade reported gay activist David Bruinooge has put plans in motion to have members of the LGBTQ community storm D.C. during the city’s pride celebration in June.
  • Coined the “National Pride March,” the Facebook page for the event already has around 13,000 “going” responses on Facebook with over 50,000 interested — after less than a week. Read more

Happy  25th Anniversary !!

^_^  hope u like it!!


  • First off, International Ouma Day is on June 21st, as you might already know, that is his birthday 
  • Wear all purple
  • Laugh with ‘Nishishi’ if you don’t already
  • DRINK PANTA (Fanta) THE ENTIRE DAY (preferably grape flavored, strawberry for the color of blood if you hate grape-flavored Fanta like me…sadly) 
  • Lie the entire day
  • Make some scary as sh*t faces
  • Pray to Ouma
  • Worship Ouma like you probably already do if you’re actually gonna do this entire thing
  • Do everything in the name of Ouma (OvO)

Add more if needed

so last night I finally wrote the sex scene for my fic and I don’t actually like writing sex scenes but goddamn that was the best sex scene I’ve everrrrrr written and I’m so in love

also it was the first time I wrote Jensen as the bottom (pssssss they switch on the same scene yay) and what makes it more special is like I said, one of them has a special condition, which made the scene waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more challenging and I had to think every detail… god I love it so much!


A note about Johnny Depp and Fantastic Beasts, do with it what you will. He’s in the movie and it’s clearly not a scene tacked on at the last minute. Fantastic Beasts finished shooting in January. The Amber Heard stuff happened in June. Meaning Johnny Depp was already cast and shot in the film. So there’s no way JKR or anyone else could have recast that role once the news articles about domestic abuse started coming out.


The No Pants Dance feat. The Boots!

TG Movie

So there’s a lot of concern and worry going around about the film, in light of Touka’s actress suddenly retiring and…..going off the rails, it seems.

I went back to our wiki page on the film, to see what information we already had about it. Principal Photography wrapped in June of last year, so it seems filming has been completed. So the film is currently in post-production, and will probably be fine without the actress. 

The major issue, of course, will be the controversy of her behavior. And from what I’m gathering, she’s saying nasty things about the film or something? :/ 

The Goldfish of The Great Pirate Captain

Merman John for the last day of Mermay! Special thanks to @japan-tiger for saved me from anatomy suffering!

Inspired by all Merman!John fics out there.

Especially from Glimpse of Gold by TheOtherMaddHatter

After all these years that I’ve read them I finally be able to draw my merJohn

  • Isaak: I don't even know if she's gonna wanna come with me, man. I-
  • Taako: SHE'S EIGHT, MY DUDE!
  • Magnus: You're way big, she's way little!
  • Merle: Offer her cake! Tell her there's cake!
  • Isaak: She saw me kill her daddy. I don't, that doesn't-
  • Merle: Cake trumps that.
  • Isaak: I, I killed her daddy. That doesn't seem like the type of thing you just easily forgive.
  • Magnus: She's had a lot of time to think about it.
  • Taako: Like a lot~.
  • Isaak: Yeah, I guess we all have.
  • Griffin: And all of a sudden June is behind him, with her hand outstretched. Like-
  • June: Alright, c'mon. Let's go. Dummy.
  • Magnus: That's a good one, June. Sick burn.

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