is it june 3rd yet

RUMOR : ,,The growing Modric clan will soon see another member!” - Total Croatia News

,,Luka Modric and his wife Vanja are expecting their 3rd child! Son Ivano and daughter Ema will be the older siblings to a brother or sister this autumn as Vanja is said to be 17 weeks pregnant, reports Juntarnij List on May 16, 2017. 

This wonderful news no doubt adds to the crown of happiness for Modric family lately. Luka, the Real Madrid defender who has been living in Spain since 2012, is also celebrating a return to the Champions League final which will take place on June 3rd between Real Madrid and Juventus. 

Modric has not yet announced the pregnancy, but that is nothing out of the ordinary - it would be safe to assume that with the upcoming Champions League prep and the hope to clinch the La Liga season in first place, the 32-year-old has not time to deal with the media. 

The third child will arrive for the Modric’s some months after the couple celebrates their seventh wedding anniversary, although the couple has been together for much longer. Nearly thirteen years ago, Vanja Bosnic worked at Zdravko Mamic’s agnecy, and her mother, Vesna Juracic at NK Dinamo as a head of accounting. Luka, from the small Dalmatian village of Modrici near Obrovac, was 19, and Vanja 24 when they met at cafe in Zagreb. After six years of dating and when Luka was already playing for Tottenham Hotspur, they got married.”

- by Total-Croatia-News

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For now we have just rumors but Vanja and Luka was planning to have 3rd baby, so it’s really possible that it’s true! :)


You wake up. It’s a beautiful morning. The sun shines through your windshield, giving you the pleasure of a warm and soft glow. It’s quiet, except for the sounds of a cheerful bird, chirping its wondrous song, not minding much else. A tired smile finds its way to your face. You sit up, stretching a bit. You check your phone, wincing at the bright light of the screen. You eagerly check the date. Your heart drops, and all happiness that was or could have been has now vanished. The date still isn’t June 3rd. Make Happy isn’t out yet. What the fuck. Where is June 3rd. Why isn’t it here. There’s no point in even doing anything rn. Fuck this, you think, going back to bed. Wake me up when it’s June 3rd so there’s actually something to get up for jfc