is it july 15 yet omg

findinggabi  asked:

15, 14, 13, and 12. Also, nice simblr! Keep up the good work! xx

12. Any memorable moments?

Oh boy, probably when Elliott proposed to Julie!

13. Any funny moments?

Omg I honestly don’t know I think I suck at translating funny moments into my story, I think the only thing that could be considered a “funny moment” was Addie’s reaction to becoming a big sister

14. The most unexpected twist in your legacy?

Omg no planned twists as of yet (even tho I have a whole story line in my head), just the unexpected twin pregnancy!! 

15. Favourite name used on your sims?

Uhmm, from the ones I currently have I’d have to say Adaline. 

Thank you so much bby!!

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Follow List for Tay

I’ve finally reached 500 followers and I decided to do something to thank you guys!! As most of you know, one of my followers is Taylor Swift herself (I still freak out about it omg) so I’m making a follow list for everybody who doesn’t have a Taylor follow yet!

All you guys have to do is…

1. Be following me. Even if you don’t follow now, you can still click the button to be on the list!

2. Reblog this post and you’re in!

Remember, you can only be on the list if you don’t already have a follow from Tay.
Everybody has until next Thursday, July 2nd to reblog, then I will make and post the list(s). Each list will have approximately 10-15 url’s on it!

Thanks again to everybody who got me to 500! I hope I can get you guys to achieve your goals of a Taylor follow!!