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“And I want people to feel that even as the show ends, we see Booth and Brennan walking off, and they’re changed people, but you want to have that feeling that yes, they’re still going to be out there, and they’re still going to be solving cases and making the world a better place, even if you’re not going to see them anymore. They’re still joking and laughing in the car, having their differences and having those playful fights they have. You really hope that’s still going on when you don’t see it. It’s certainly bittersweet not to be able to see them again, but just to feel that they’re all in a good place and they’re going to be okay. And you as a viewer are going to be okay, too.” - Michael Peterson

So. It’s been quite the day. I’m gonna vent a bit, guys, if that’s alright.

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@chariotdunord replied to your post: i used to just comment on tweets casually to leave…

you’re braver than me though, who knows Japanese decemtly and yet still to nervous to comment on anything pfft

im always torn because i REALLY like sending nice messages to artists so they feel loved and appreciated but: i also blush and cry when you stare at me too hard

sorry for another ooc post, but I’ve been seeing something lately and it really irks me. on some tumblr blogs, people repost art without credit or care for who made it. it isn’t my art, but it’s extremely upsetting to see people repost art from fandoms, sometimes art pieces that still have watermarks on them, and post them to their blog without a care in the world.

in the people’s minds it may be harmless, like they just want to repost a pic they found on another site and not go through the trouble of reblogging it somewhere or giving proper credit, but that’s literally stealing work. it makes me sick. as an artist I know it takes a long time to make art pieces, and as I get better in the future, it’ll take longer to finish pieces. reposting art pieces and not giving the op validation through that is really cruel imo

don’t be a dick and post art that isn’t yours, especially without credit ,,, I’m upset that this isn’t common knowledge

Since anon is off for good, and I updated my rules to clear any misunderstandings, AND made Carmen sexually available to women, I can finally say this headcanon of mine once more:

If Carmen survived and lived through​ the 60s, she’d totally vote for John F. Kennedy. She, like plenty of people did back then, found him to be charming and good-looking. A charismatic man makes for a good president, or so. Carmen thinks. She also likes that he’s Catholic as well. Honestly she just simply agrees with his platform, and finds his charisma to be a bonus.

Now would she ever pull of a Marilyn Monroe and have an affair with him? Depends. If she wants to get herself into a scandal, then yeah. Although TBH, she’s more interested in investigating who assassinated him.

I’m an adult. And because i’m an adult i went and enrolled on a tango and folklore dance school.

Ivy is a more stable option for Harley than the Joker. That’s a FACT!

This doesn’t mean that Ivy is a stable option in general. “Better” doesn’t immediately mean “good.”

can i just say something?

when I was a kid, I told my mom that I wanted to be an actress when I grew up. You know what she told me?

She said, “sure, but you’re going to have to do it in China. America won’t hire you if you’re Asian.”

And that was it for that dream. 

Of course, that was just a phase - one of many, one I would’ve gotten over anyway. But what she said stuck to me. You’re going to have to act in China, because America doesn’t hire Asians.

And if there’s anything I learned over these years, it’s that she was right. Asian-Americans don’t get to see ourselves on screen. We don’t get to read about our deeds. And we get pissed. We complain, we shout, and people dismiss us because, oh, “the Japanese are okay with Ghost in the Shell”, and “I’ve heard that mainland Chinese are perfectly fine with Iron Fist.” Well, great for them. This isn’t about them.

This is about us. Asian-Americans. Asian-Canadians. Asian-Australians. Asian hyphen something. And the Asians in Asia don’t understand - because they can’t. They’re surrounded by media portrayals of them. They never have to fight for representation because it’s always there. They have no idea what it’s like to live in a country that sees you as other, and then to have to go back to your home country, to have your parents tell you “this is you, this is your culture, your heritage” and you look upon the faces of your family and you see nothing of yourself in them. 

Asian-Americans are not the same as Asians who live in Asia. We live in a different culture. Our values, our beliefs, the experiences that shape our lives are separate. 

We want to see ourselves in western media because it’s what we grew up with. It’s what surrounds us. Sure, we can watch K-dramas and anime and Chinese/Taiwanese/Japanese/whatever dramas, and a lot of us do, but it’s still not us

We shouldn’t have to go watch Asian dramas just to see a part of us represented. We shouldn’t have to move to Asia just to be hired. 

We deserve to represent, and be represented, as ourselves.

the lesbophobia present in television is so upsetting. like not blatant, explicit lesbophobia but the lesbophobia that makes wlw scenes so much shorter than scenes between het couples, or wlw couples getting cheek kisses or hugs or pecks on the lips at best when het couples get heated makeouts and sex scenes right off the bat. it’s transparent and i’m sick of tv creators getting away with it. 


Here, have shiro being unnecesarily clumsy while keith gets all exhasperated mother hen on him.

Not much later in the past before much later into that future: