is it in or on my chest

i have trust issues with milk:

  • tastes fucking weird
  • smells funny????
  • can genuinely never tell if the fucking milk has gone bad or no
  • twice i’ve microwaved the stuff and it’s turned chunky
  • one time it LOOKED fine, but then i fucking poured that shit into a glass and that shit was chunky, even tho it looked fine just a second ago and didn’t have that horrible I’VE GONE BAD smell
  • i can’t trust the “best buy” date at all b/c it’s never actually helped me
  • gives me an upset stomach after maybe a glass or so
  • it’s never there when i actually need it to cook

this is his beautiful and shining goodbye. he didn’t want us to be sad and to ache and long for him like this forever, he’s telling us that he’ll be w/ us forever, and it’s true. I just can’t explain how much I love and admire this beautiful man………..until his last day he made sure no one would feel disheartened for long. 

I’ll always be w/ you, jjong ❤️

I will never not be made uneasy by all these assertions that Kylo “needs” to die and the Skywalker line “needs” to end for the good of the galaxy. 

Obviously, the ST is pulling the focus away from the Skywalkers - stressing that they aren’t the only people who can shape the galaxy and other people, other heroes can rise in their place - not even the role of a Chosen One is Skywalker-exclusive anymore - and also that Skywalker meme carries more weight and is more beneficial than the Skywalker gene. Luke’s legend and Leia’s resilience brings the light back to the galaxy, while Ben’s whole life was destroyed because of the “mighty Skywalker blood”.

These are great ideas to base the trilogy around, to push Star Wars into a new era, where there simply will be more films not centered around the family than the Saga movies in a few years time. The galaxy is a big place and it shouldn’t hinge on these predestined space aristos. But now I also see a response that if we’re going this way, it’s time to wipe the board clean. That the legacy of the Skywalkers will continue through Rey and her NJO, through Poe and the Resistance, but that the bloodline itself needs to disappear. After all, if the Skywalkers have repeatedly plunged the chaos over the last 60 years, then they are “high risk” and the galaxy would just be better off without them altogether, right?

No. Couldn’t disagree more.

I find that very cynical and disingenuous. “Yeah, these guys sure did some good and we’ll build upon that, but good riddance”. But worse than that, that line of thinking totally dismisses the Skywalkers as people, as beings with free will, with a right to pave their own lives. It implies a narrative where Anakin having children with Padmé created a destructive deviation from the “will of the Force” and that the galaxy can only be set right once that anomaly is removed. That Anakin should have just done his damn job as a Chosen One and die alone.

Additionally, Kylo is as much of a victim of his heritage as it is a source of elitism and power for him. His journey should be about ultimately rejecting that toxic influence and creating his own life, not falling as a final, misguided scapegoat on the altar of Vader’s sins.

How is that supposed to be a good end to the family story? That the meme will be carried on, but the Skywalkers themselves were just inherently corrupted and destabilizing, with the last Skywalker being a monster created by Anakin’s deeds echoing down generations.  No, if the galaxy is to heal, then the Skywalkers deserve a chance too. Ben needs to make peace with his family’s history and should get a shot at overcoming its’ shadow, if he chooses to. That’s the only way to correct the wounds Vader created in the family.

To utterly fall in his grandfather’s footsteps, but to rise again and live. Ben is a result of the Skywalkers’ greatest triumphs and failures through the generations. If he can learn to carry that weight and become his own, better person for it - that would truly redeem Anakin and fix the damage he inflicted and show the way for the others to come. The legacy is both good and bad. Integrating both, striving towards future, while not forgetting the tragic and messy history and the lessons to learn from it. Only Ben can really do that. Rey carries the larger than life idea of a Skywalker. Ben carries the cruel, sad, but humane truth.

saltyguavaflavoredpancake  asked:

I’m totally with you about Molly. Talisen looks kinda nervous and jumpy when he’s acting as molly. It’s putting me off

I don’t want to start analyzing how they’re paying their characters (I say as I’m about to analyze how they play their characters) but––

I think he’s having trouble with Molly’s extroversion (@curriebelle​ made some intriguing points here that I definitely agree with), and I think it’ll smooth out as they get more into their characters, but for the moment it’s just a little… yeah, I was gonna say hard to get into. Distancing. (I think they’ll all work out the kinks over the next couple of episodes and I don’t fault them for finding their footing––I mean, they’ve been playing the same characters for five years and now they’ve all changed pretty entirely and that’s gonna take time to figure out––but I’m having a hard time tapping into the general enthusiasm.)

Since no one else seems to be bringing it up that much, can I just take a moment to draw attention to the fact that Raven murdered a child?! I feel like most people have been glossing over that explicit fact.

All because she thought the girl couldn’t keep up with the tribe, mind you. I mean, I’m not saying you shouldn’t like Raven as a character, but I am saying you shouldn’t ignore that aspect.

before we get started, this is my own opinion and my own guess. please do not bash me asdfjf. okay, this post to talk about why certain members in certain groups don’t get to sing or rap as much despite their beautiful voices and not a post to show that i strongly agree that they shouldn’t get lines, but instead, why. do feel free to add more or correct me!

as we know, many idol groups don’t always write their own songs or sing as much as they want to. but of course, they have their reasons. as someone who has been following nct ever since the first unit, u, debuted, i realized that there was more to it, and not the labels or producers being ‘biased’ towards a member or two.

nct, as we all know, has some crazy theory shit going on. this equals that, vice versa. but after letting my brain do its thing for countless insomniac nights, i kind of figured things out. so, um, still please don’t bash me ehe? 

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dear god

the thing that disappoints me about the infinity war speculation is the knowledge that this is going to be the mcu’s last big hurrah for their founding characters, and for tony and steve in particular. and this is… it?

we’re never going to get you gave me a home or it wasn’t worth it. none of the cute good morning, beloved or captain handsome or what was that about a safeword? 

we’re never going to see tony’s cap tribute room or tony dressed as cap or fun identity confusion or steve going on national tv to proclaim what a good man tony is.

we’re not going to see them grow into each other and move past the betrayal and anger between them and into guess they’ll have to learn to love me. you did and he loved you and admired you, even when you fought and i’m not half as good at anything as i am when i’m doing it next to you.

we’ll never see those character moments with steve picking tony up when he’s at his alcoholic lowest or having them rebuild the team together or even just doing the hug n fly.

tony and steve are the single most iconic relationship in the 616, the foundation on which the avengers team is built and the most enduring friendship of 50 years of canon. and instead of any of that we got big man in a suit of armor and sometimes my teammates don’t tell me things and them punching each other in the face over a stupid plot contrivance and i am frankly Tired.