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the problem with the gotham fandom is that people doesn’t respect each other ideas, you have to go and explain a bible of how the opinion and view of any other fan that thinks different is wrong, and that is sad, because there are ways to chat about a topic and there are ways to form a proper analysis and discussion but NO there’s zero respect among the opinions for each character and it angers me to the core. 

you wanna think Oswald was innocent? I respect it.
you wanna think it was ok for Ed to kill/shoot Oswald? I respect it.
you wanna think it’s ok that Oswald froze Ed? I respect it.
you wanna think Oswald deserved hatred from Ed and viceversa? I respect it. 

Mark Hamill said it himself in an interview about Luke’s sexuality “if you wanna think he’s gay then he is”, then if person 1 wants to think Oswald didn’t deserved being shot then he didn’t, and if person 2 wants to think Ed had all the justified reasons to hate and shoot him then he did. RESPECT.

Are you tired of explaining your point of view to others? Fine then don’t do it anymore, what do you gain with that, being so brute? I respect every opinion the fandom has to offer and i don’t go sniffing around getting mad because someone else’s opinion. 

Example: I don’t like the SS’s Joker, but I don’t go into the Suicide Squad tag and comment into every person’s opinion about how much they loved the Joker from the movie just because i don’t like it, because it’s MY POINT OF VIEW, MY PREFERENCE. And it’s the same with HarleyxJoker stans and the ones that hate the couple, leave people be with their points of view. 

Be kind guys, be respectful to others, we are a community and we are not freaking animals. Respect Oswald stans, respect Ed stants, respect Isabella stans, respect every opinion and spread love. If you want to explain points of view with others be respectful and chat with them, let them explain back and form a proper conclusion. 

posting this cause itll be nagging me if i don’t but. the other day i saw a post essentially arguing that sperm donations and surrogate mothers should be illegal, that if you want a kid that badly you should adopt because a lot of kids are in dire need of adoption. and it bugged me even tho it seemed reasonable and i just realised that it bugs me because the message is essentially “only heterosexual couples should be allowed to have biological children.” like why wouldn’t you also argue that heterosexual couples having children together is immoral when they could potentially adopt instead? like i really want to have a bio child one day and i don’t like the implication that i only have that right if i marry someone who can impregnate me

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I would just like to take this moment to thank you for bringing my attention to the following: Big Eden, Lisey's Story, various embroidery designs, the joys of reading about other people making food, all your Deathless meta and attached Russian history and folklore, and lots of others. Thanks for being. :)

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Thoughts on John Doe (Batman: The Telltale Series)?

My main man, old Uncle J! :)

I will say that I was among one of the many fans who would’ve preferred that the Joker stayed out of the mix for this version mainly because I wanted it to focus more on other characters and the fight with the mob. So when he was first announced, I wasn’t all that happy about it. (Ironic, I know.)

However, when I finally got around to playing the series, I must say that this version was done very well. John’s still got the sadistic sense of humor and trolling tendencies. But oddly, he can act very polite and still seem rather genuine about it. It may seem like no surprise when interacting with Bruce, but he has no idea who Bruce really is. John was just coming in to say hi to the new guy. Probably trying to see what a billionaire like him is doing in a place like Arkham.

Though it is still clear that he is obviously nuts when he starts his distraction for Bruce. As well as when he beats up the inmates that were trying to assault Bruce. You can tell he was enjoying it a bit too much. And yet, John can still be cordial enough that Leland considers him to be making a lot of progress. (This kinda makes me think that this is how he got out of Arkham in the end. He didn’t break out; he was released.)

And the one thing that doesn’t happen is him overtaking the story and becoming the main villain. His role in Season 1′s story never really goes beyond Bruce’s informant. He never even becomes an antagonist either. And he doesn’t fall victim to the problem with Leto!Joker’s short screen time of not being brought to his full potential (and the fact that he was actually well written in this version). But now that the other villains are out of the way, I’m very interested to see what he’s got in store during Season 2.

And a design thing I must not is that his lips are not naturally red. I honestly like that approach since it makes more sense than him randomly having red lips after emerging from the vat of acid. Also, I’m glad that it is established that “John Doe” is obviously not his real name and no one knows anything about his past - just the way I like it. And Anthony Ingruber does a great job of voicing him. Even the laugh is pretty good.

( psa ) under the cut, it’s a bit of a vent as well, word of warning though, please read it until the end if you decide to read this, there’s a twist.

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i’ve been doing some thinking on what it is about Antis that bothers me so much. and like, sure, of course, there’s the fact that i find their entire approach to fandom actively toxic and stifling and very, very counter to my own ethos of i) tag properly, ii) don’t like; don’t read, and iii) YKINMK.

but the thing that gets me on a personal level is:

they try to frame me as responsible for other people’s evil.

because that’s what Problematic means, that your actions actively hurt people. and that is–

i write angst sometimes, but at the heart of most of my fic is the theme of healing. there’s nothing more moving and amazing than to be told by a reader that a thing i wrote was what they needed to hear, that a thing i wrote gave them the courage or the hope or the breath to push on. and to be told that my ship, by very definition, is not only actively hurting people but enabling other bad people to go out and hurt more people?

that accusation is a thing that attacks the very foundations of my own self-image.

it makes me want to apologize: “oh god, i’m so sorry if my writing hurt you, i never ever in a hundred thousand years would have ever wanted–”

and that they take advantage of that very impulse? like, that’s exactly what Antis want. they want you to get on your knees and repent for the Sin of your ship, in front of some false god they’ve constructed in their own image. they want you to beg for forgiveness, weep for your dirty wrongness in the face of their arbitrary definition of Pure.

it makes me furious.

you’re right, fiction has been proven to influence reality: reading has been shown to make people kinder, more empathetic. but you know what? i’ve yet to see any proof that a single piece of media or fiction is responsible for turning people evil.

evil people are going to twist reality up to uphold their own righteousness. that’s just fact.

that does not mean i am responsible if evil people choose to take this thing i have created (with an open heart, with upturned palms) and use it to justify their own evil.

Anti culture isn’t about making fandom a safer place. fandom isn’t meant to be a safe place; it’s meant to be a creative place. we use fandom as a place to deconstruct the media that we love (and in doing so, the world that shapes that media), turn it inside out and explore it, put it back together, and share it with people as passionate as we are.

Anti culture is about shutting up the voices they disagree with and don’t want to hear.

i didn’t write this for you. i tagged it so that the people who it isn’t for could avoid it and so that the people who have the same flowers as me growing in their throats could maybe find a breath of air to save them from suffocating. i didn’t write this for you.

how dare you try to turn something necessary into something obscene?