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One-Word OC Prompts

Short and sweet, unless you want to write a couple paragraphs of elaboration! Tell us about your OCs with one word…

  1. that describes what/how they want to be
  2. that describes what/how they least want to be
  3. that describes their foremost goal(s)
  4. that describes their deepest fear(s)
  5. that describes their current life situation
  6. that describes their #aesthetic (feel free to kick it up to two or three words if you have to)
  7. that describes their family (or immediate familial friendgroup)
  8. that describes them as a whole

Luna comes to Earth S01 E01

Synopsis: The day has arrived, Luna is now 14 years old and therefore is the new owner of the wand, but she is not ready for it. After practicing all night with Glossaryck she comes to the conclusion that her spells are unstable and a danger for Mewni. She steals the dimensional scissors from her parents and escapes to Earth.

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@ the ghosts, specifically Kurt and Ram: do you two think it's cool or weird that your dads are together? have you two taken a liking to each other?

JD: They don’t hang around much since I’m here, there’s no use in asking questions they aren’t here to answer.

(THANK YOU SO MUCH TO @ecoman12 for being a guest artist!!)

Autistic Todoroki

- Todoroki has trouble with verbal interaction, he doesn’t talk much and gets overwhelmed easily by (auditory) sensory overload
- He’s not very good at understanding social cues and expecting how people will react to social situations, people like Midoriya or Tooru are really extreme in their emotions in his eyes, but it actually kinda helps him because it’s easier to expect how they might react to different situations.
- Ironically enough, he has sensory issues with heat, both too hot and too cold
- He uses his quirk to maintain a constant temperature, so his quirk both helps and hurts with the sensory issues
- He’s very touch sensitive, he has trouble with certain fabrics and his burn is extra sensitive
- It really hurts him if anyone touches his burn scar at all, and it hurts if his hair brushes up against it unexpectedly but he forces himself not to flinch
- On that subject, Endeavor, expectedly, is shitty af about his autism
- Endeavor would call Todoroki’s stim toys “childish” and take them away, discourage his stimming, etcetera etcetera
- Flapping was one of Todoroki’s favorite stims when he was younger, but then he was forced to stop
- He used to use his flames as a visual stim but…well. That was before he didn’t want anything to do with them.
- His ice is actually a stim for him as well, he likes the smoothness but then it feels too cold easily and when it starts to melt it’s an issue because the wetness on his skin is a Very Bad Feeling for him

- 1A first learns about his autism because of Midoriya and Kirishima
- Midoriya is very observant, but Kirishima actually has a younger sister with autism, so he has experience with it and realizes pretty early on that Todoroki might have autism (he isn’t certain though, of course)
- Kirishima ends up talking to Todoroki about it, and finds out that Todoroki has been (secretly) diagnosed (because Endeavor doesn’t want people knowing his son is autistic)
- On Todoroki’s birthday, he walks into the common room of the dorms and everyone is sitting there with a big wrapped up box
- When he opens it, it’s chock full of stim toys, from an (iceberg) slime making set from Mina and Momo, to glitter bottles made by Aoyama, to a chew stim toy given by a strangely quiet Bakugou who won’t meet his eyes
- Todoroki is amazed and touched as Kaminari explains how they all got together and pooled their money to get lots of toys for different kinds of stims, since they don’t know what he would want
- He spends the next week figuring out just what he likes best, and slowly he tells his class more about his autism and how it affects him personally

- The best moment of his entire hero career is when he met a little girl dressed up as him who wouldn’t meet his eyes as she squeezed her own stim toy as she told him that he inspired her and that she was going to be a hero just like him!!
- And so what, he may have teared up, so what? She was a cute kid, and he was allowed to get emotional over kids dressed as him. He definitely didn’t cry.
- (He definitely cried. There’s pictures and they’re incredibly sweet.)