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(2) I’ve been trying to finalize his design, you can see my process here. I haven’t solidified Galen’s backstory, but I keep getting the idea that he was always somewhat jealous of his older brother. Nathaniel was much more successful in this later life, Galen couldn’t follow the same path. 

Gosh my ideas are so sporadic right now. ahHH


(1) Introducing Nathaniel’s younger brother, Galen. Since I don’t have that amazing Wacom tablet at home, traditional will have to do. Born a decade apart, Galen’s much more laid-back than his courteous older brother. They grew up together in their family castle in western Europe. 

They parted ways when Nathaniel left to settle and have a family of his own. Meanwhile, Galen moved to Germany. Years and years have passed, not a word was said between the brothers.

No Regrets

Summary: Y/N and Bucky take matters into your own hands when it comes to executing your perfect wedding. 

Characters/Relationships: Bucky x reader; appearances & mentions of other Avengers team members.

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: This is my entry for @curvybihufflepuff‘s 1K Celebration Writing Challenge

My prompt was: “Stop trying to stop me from executing my vision!” “Your vision is expensive.”  


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Finally got my hands on Hana to Yume and could read chapter 150, and can I just say…

LADY INTERACTIONS! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑


[Fairy Tale Characters, Hogwarts Style] Alice Aesthetic

A Wonderland imagined by a Gryffindor Alice would be a place where madness is tyranny – where the Queen of Hearts rules with an iron fist, and Alice is forever fighting imaginary battles against her, like Don Quixote confronting his dragons.

A Wonderland imagined by a Hufflepuff Alice would be a place where madness is loneliness – where Alice is too small to get much of anywhere or to be heard by anyone, and even Time itself shows her nothing but disdain, stopping forever and trapping her in one moment forever.

A Wonderland imagined by a Ravenclaw Alice would be a place where madness is nonsense – where up is down, wrong is right, and nothing’s as it should be, leaving Alice to try to make sense of everything…or, at least, her own version of “sense.”

A Wonderland imagined by a Slytherin Alice would be a place where madness is paranoia – where absolutely everyone is an enemy, including oneself, and all Alice can do is run from this mad, terrifying world, even if she can never really escape it.