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What is your favorite Finnish's myth/folk lore story ?

It’s a bit sad the original Finnish mythologies and folklores aren’t written down anywhere except for the national epoch Kalevala. I have only small, general hint-like information of this deity or that spiritual creature in Finnish mythology. Add there the fact no one here believes in old spiritual creatures, we have no “don’t go there, there are spirits!”-places or “don’t do this, it upsets spirits”-thing here and here we go. Nothing is left from old traditions. Lehto ry does work for keeping the traditional Finnish religion alive. There are some pagans who follow traditional Finnish religion.

Here are some of my faves

Liekkiö (from liekki, flame) and Ihtiriekko were spirits of deceased children, often killed at birth. While Liekkiö was harmless, appearing often as a shape of flame, and mostly bothered traveling people with crying and whimpering, Ihtiriekko tried to point out their killer and get peace for their soul. Whether people believed in Liekkiö or Ihtiriekko, it depended of the area. 

Hiidenhirvi (Hiisi Moose) was a big moose, which bothered people and caused havoc. It was from Hiitola, which in some cases means the land of dead. In one story forest spirits Hiisis created Hiidenhirvi from natural materials. Hiisi was another annoying spirit, evil one, and you wanted to avoid it. If Hiisi caught you in the forest, it took you to its home Hiitola, where you served as Hiisi family’s slave till you died. Vesihiisi (Water Hiisi) was a special type of Hiisi living in lakes and bonds.

Vetehinen (roughly translated as Waterly) was evil male water spirit, kind of like a merman. Like all evil spirits, it was the best to avoid Vetehinen. It was possible, however, to bribe Vetehinen to help you. A story goes how Vetehinen tried to turn over fisherman’s small boat (because Vetehinen is a little shit) but the fisherman cut Vetehinen’s arm off with his sword and it fell in the boat. Defeated, Vetehinen asked to get his arm back but the fisherman said he’d return the arm only if Vetehinen helped him to get some fish. Muttering and utterly pissed off, Vetehinen had no other option than help the man. The man got a boat full of fish hunted down with the help of Vetehinen, and Vetehinen himself got his arm back.

Vetehinen’s female counterpart is Näkki. While Vetehinen lived in lakes and bonds, Näkki lived in all type of waters (for what I know). Kids were warned not to go near water because Näkki can take them and drown them. This phrase is still used here; even I got told as a kid not to go alone near water because Näkki can catch me. Nowadays it serves more as a thing to scare kids so that they don’t accidentally drown themselves than a real belief of Näkki. It’s same as the phrase we use for kids who are naughty, that “If you don’t behave, Mörökölli comes and kidnaps you”. Mörökölli is considered a furry, goblin like creature.

By the way, we call seashells as Näkinkenkä, Näkki’s shoes.

Ancient Greece had Cerberus guarding the pathway to land of death; we’ve got a giant snake with multiple heads. There runs a river between the living and death near the entrance of the land of death (Manala or Tuoni), called Tuonen virta (River of Death). In Tuonen virta swims gracefully a white Tuonen joutsen, a Swan of Death.

Ajattara was a beautiful female spirit who made men get lost in the forest and then killed them. We have got a band here in Finland named Ajattara and they write and sing their songs in ancient Finnish spell casting form. FInland was definitely the land of spell casting and the spells were always sung. 

We also have got a badass female deity, Louhi. Louhi ruled the land of Pohjola (Northland, as north was considered the direction of evil) and acts as the antagonist in our national epoch Kalevala. Louhi was an old witch with a great army and she basically ruled all the lands and the men there. She had multiple beautiful daughters and also a husband, who got killed later in her front yard. Louhi is capable of changing her appearance and summon forth men for a fight. She’s very powerful at spell casting. 

Sami people up North in Lapland are better in this folklore stuff and they still have holy places which can’t be disturbed. From Sami folklore I love the belief that dead people can be summoned back to Earth in forms of bears and wolves. The latest incident, where a shaman was asked to deliver these “Lifted” (Nostettu) spirits, who caused damages in a form of wandering wolves, was held in Lapland in 1921. The shaman had been angry about it, saying that “Nowadays anyone can lift spirits, but then they have no idea how to send them back”.

EDIT: Oh and I forgot! Kola Samish people believe they are descendants of a Deerman, who was half-deer, half-man (deertaur basically). A human woman, who slept with the Deerman, gave birth to Kola Samish people from this union. The folklore tells that Deerman’s mother was a powerful witch, who could take a form of a deer. Kola Samish people have also folklores of raven and seal, who both marry a human woman. Where the Deerman taught the humanity how to hunt and thus represented forest, Raven was the symbol of air and Seal the symbol of water.  

A Time To Keep Silence... the return?

Alright, so the bloody amazing Elizabethan AU is almost finished on AO3 … it’s had the second most book marks of anything I’ve written, it’s in my top 10 of hits. It’s had the most subscribers I’ve ever had (don’t anyone get excited we’re talking tiny, but HUGE for me!! I’m so grateful to everyone who came by to read). And, well, I’m thinking of taking Will and Hannibal abroad, maybe two or three years into their relationship. I’d set it 125 years earlier (don’t worry about the logistics I’ll do that bit) with some of the same characters (Meg, Lana, Matthew, Herralt, The Grand Duke, H&W, Reba) in Renaissance Florence - the Medici, the Pazzi Conspiracy (YES that Pazzi), the fuckin amazing art (can you spell Botticelli? How about Savonarola?), the scandal, the background of the Borgia. The architecture (drooling over Brunelleschi), the politics, (Nicolo Machiavelli) you get the idea? What I want to know is if there is the appetite for it? There’ll be thrills, spills, Renaissance nsfw, a central mystery suspense thing, some cliffhangers, awesome dialogue etc. Those of you who’ve read the current one will know what I mean. Bit of Italian too (my dad’s bilingual but it won’t be the nsfw bits! He’s nearly 90 no heart attacks for him). It’ll be about the same length (I’m lying, the current one is just over 50,000 words - what a week it’s been! If you be kept up you’re awesome, if you haven’t oh my god you’ve got something for the weekend! And next week too!) I think it’ll be longer? Maybe 100,000 or so, twelve chapters plus an epilogue at a guess? Of course I have tie porn, murder dance, I accidentally slept with Hannibal last week, Dr Plushy Pants, SadDogs 3 and 4, and Murder Husband BB, and Mr Zeller and Dr Price and the Curse of the Mummy to do too. But I thought it worth checking. (Oh there’s another long one in there but I’m keeping that one to myself right now cos, you know. Sanity). I’ve a good handle on Renaissance Italy. So it wouldn’t take too much work? And the rest I’ll make up on the fly. So, dear friends, I ask you truly, should they travel forth in doublet, hose, and courage?

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I…I don’t ask people to stream or anything very often ‘cause…I don’t like to be this vulnerable? LOL I DON’T LIKE PEOPLE KNOWING HOW DEEPLY I FEEL ABOUT SOME GROUPS OKAY. But Nu’est was my 2nd kpop group and they were partially responsible for getting me into Seventeen (who are the sunshine/happiness/all the sugary sweet good things of my life; y’all who follow me should know how much I adore Seventeen, ha ha, adore u, I adore them? okay i’ll shut up). And I remember how devastated I was when I heard about the Pledis trainees on Produce 101 Season 2. At first, I actually skipped over their first evaluation ‘cause my heart hurt so much and when Kahi started tearing up, I just crumbled? So I was so proud when slowly but surely all of them were being recognized and they made friends (and adopted kids) and just? seemed? so? much? happier? 

Episode 11 fucked me over big time. And I think many LOVEs will agree. I was so sure Jonghyun was going to be no. 11. When BoA paused for so long on Pledis, I–I knew #14 was going to be Jonghyun. I’m so proud of the Top 11, our new Wanna One, but…I felt it was bittersweet that Nu’est might have a win without Minhyun. So from the bottom of my heart, I want Nu’est to get a win WITH Minhyun. When Hello was nominated for Inkigayo, I almost started crying again. They deserve their first win to be with all of Nu’est

I know, I know, this is almost impossible and I know, I know I’m just praying for things, but if…just one listen? Go on Youtube and watch this music video (720 and >50% volume) I will be forever grateful. 


If your actions make the sweet, cute and calm Narnia fandom worse, by creating hate and being rude and awful in any way, you’re the problem. Calling out actions and/or attitudes that could make it worse for others, is not actions that fall under this category. All I’m saying is that being untentionally mean to others, by doing personal attacks, is a bottom low, and not the way we want things around here.

who would like a continuation (part 2) for the story ‘The Truth Hurts’?

I’m going to assume by comments that @sdavid09 , @aquabrie , and @saysay125 that the three of you would like another part as well as to be tagged. 

But if anyone else is interested (in the second part as well as being tagged) please let me know through reblog, coments, replies, asks, and or messages. 

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If you had the power to go back in time what would you chance ?


I’d also slip to see Billy Idol’s gig in late 80′s-early 90′s, while that isn’t anything which would change the history haha :D