is it honest

sasha: yes im hawkfrost and mothwings mother

firestar: oh ok- wait….mothwings amber eyes……hawkfrost’s tabby fur….the broad shoulders…….dont tell me. was tigerstar their father?

sasha: yes…

firestar, remembering all of the fucking bullshit tigerstar spewed to everyone about hating half-clan cats and kittypets and all of the insults tigerstar jabbed at him for being a kittypet:

in 2018 can we stop the idea that idols are only good rappers after they’ve dropped a generic track dissing the haters and going off about how badass they are bc there’s more to rapping than just aggression and anger and don’t get me started on how anti-black it is to believe a genre black people created is only worth listening to if there’s anger behind the words

Let it be ok to be confident in things you are good at 2k17

currently in the midst of someone attempting to make me feel bad for being educated and confident about my education? And it is fucking wild.

Symphogear XD Unlimited - Memoria Card “A Great Way to Beat the Heat” EN TL

Miku happens to pass by Tsubasa in the midst of washing her motorcycle. Miku wishes, ‘On a hot day like this, I could go for getting splashed with water too,’ and Tsubasa quickly grants her request.

Tomosato: Alca-Noise have been detected on the outskirts of the factory district. All Adaptors, please proceed to the scene at once.

Tsubasa: Understood. Heading over now as fast as possible.

Tsubasa: Imyuteus amenohabakiri tron-

Tsubasa: I’ll be at the site shortly.

Tomosato: We expect Hibiki and the others to arrive three minutes after you do. Until you link up, please do your best to hold back in combat.

Tsubasa: Though I want to say I agree, I wouldn’t say the situation appears to be so leisurely.

Factory Worker: Some, someone help!

Tsubasa: The Alca-Noise are attacking a civilian! I’ll strike them down with this very motorcycle!!

Tomosato: Tsubasa-san!? What are you-!!

Tsubasa: Haaaaaa-!!

Factory Worker: W, what the heck are you!?

Tsubasa: This area is dangerous! Please, hurry and evacuate to a safe location!

Factory Worker: A, ah…… excuse me!!

Tsubasa: Though I know not for what reason someone has summoned you here-

Tsubasa: I can no longer let you do as you please!

Hibiki: Tsubasa-san, are you alright!?

Tsubasa: All is well. You need not worry.

Chris: It’s not like we were worried!

Kirika: It looks like everyone in the factory evacuated to safety thanks to you, Tsubasa-san.

Tsubasa: That’s what’s most important.

Maria: Anyways, all that remains is to get rid of the rest.

Kirika: Then we’ll cut them down right away and head home!

Chris: We’ll annihilate them in one blow!

Tsubasa: It’s fine to be eager, but if you overdo it, be sure not to destroy the factory equipment.

Hibiki: -gulp-!?

Chris: W, we know, you don’t have to say it!

Shirabe: Is that so……

Kirika: Even if it’s us, we won’t mess up that badly. Ahahaha……

Tsubasa: If you understand, then that’s good.

Tsubasa: Very well- let’s go!!

Tsubasa: Fumu…… thank goodness, it doesn’t seem like the damages stood out.

Tsubasa: But due to my making you tumble around, you’ve gotten considerably dirty. Shall I give you a thorough washing today?

Miku: Ah, Tsubasa-san. Washing your motorcycle?

Tsubasa: Ah, Kohinata? Please watch where you pass. Last night, it got a little unclean.

Miku: You must’ve been out fighting late last night too, weren’t you?

Tsubasa: Ah, you’re already apprised of that?

Miku: Hibiki came home late last night, too.

Tsubasa: Are you troubled?

Miku: Before, a lot. But…… now, I don’t worry. I know Hibiki will definitely come home.

Tsubasa: Is that so…… you have faith in her, then.

Tsubasa: Even if you’ve been together as a couple for such a long time, it’s no good to do things halfway.

Miku: A c, couple, you say……

Tsubasa: The word’s just an example, but…… why is your face so red?

Miku: *ahem* N, no, it’s nothing. It’s just so hot today, that’s why.

Miku: I feel like I want to be splashed with some cool water, like your bike .

Tsubasa: Oh? ……very well. Be that the case, perhaps I’ll do as you say.

Miku: Wha…… Tsubasa-san, what’re y- kya!?

Miku: S, so cold!

Tsubasa: It’s water, so it’s natural to be cold.

Miku: That’s not what I’m talking about!

Tsubasa: In times past, on hot days, I’d douse Kanade with plenty of water.

Tsubasa: Kohinata, your face looks incredibly hot. It would be a serious matter were you to collapse from heat stroke.

Miku: Jeez…… quit making fun of me!

Tsubasa: Fufu, on hot days like these, it’s not bad to get drenched, is it?

Miku: Yeah, but…… I didn’t mean like this!

Tsubasa: Hey, won’t you dry up soon due to the heat?

Miku: Even so! Kya, jeez, Tsubasa-san!

And we’re back! Life roared its ugly head, so for now, releasing stories that didn’t feel too tricky to translate. If you’ve got access to the source and notice a translation discrepancy, though, please feel free to contact me with the correction and I’ll amend the post!

QC: @carolnein as always - once more, thanks for the rescue!

today was the best….all I have to do is read papers on homosexuals and homosexuality in europe & america in the last 250 years….I could probly reblog 28529835 you’re valid uwu posts on here but really…finding your own community’s history is the real validating shit



Otomedia Hanamaru S2 interview

This is pretty long so I only did the parts that had new info, but if you want to check everything the magazine had about Tourabu you can do that here (in japanese). There’s also something about the Kashuu Kiyomitsu solo performance btw. 

Q: The new season will start in January, but what can we expect to see in it?

A: First, it will also take place in a “certain citadel”, just like before. Season 1 started with Yamatonokami Yasusada’s appearance and lasted 1 year, and season 2 takes place during the following year, so it takes place during the time Yasusada was on his journey. Yasusada leaves and will surely come back stronger, both physically and mentally. On the other hand, Kashuu Kiyomitsu stayed behind but he also experiences his own growth as a touken danshi. I think you’ll be able to see what kind of growth each of them archive at their separate places. There are also scenes that show Yasusada during his travels, so you can look forward to seeing how both of them debut once again in a “certain citadel” after having grown. And of course this doesn’t only include them, but also all the other touken danshi in this story.

Q: Ever since the game was released, we’ve been able to see all sorts of citadels and touken danshi represented in the different musicals, stage plays, and anime projects. What did you want to show in this anime’s sequel?

A: I think the most characteristic thing about Hanamaru is its ability to show a large number of characters. Being able to vividly depict them, and having parts that followed different characters was also part of Hanamaru’s charm, so I wanted that to persist in the sequel too. But if you just repeated the same thing we had in season 1 it would be boring, so we planned to include things that would surprise people too. I wanted to show things that you could do precisely because this was set in Hanamaru’s world.

Q: We saw some battles in season 1, will there be any in season 2 as well?

A: Of course, there are touken danshi that will go out to battles, and some of those from season 1 that didn’t get the chance to participate in them will do so this time around.

So not very good news for me. ;_; It really really destroyed me when I saw that Yasusada’s trip had taken a whole year instead of 3 months like most people thought. It doesn’t specify if he’ll become a recurring character at some point or not. I mean I assume he won’t? Since it takes place during the time he’s away. Somebody also asked about that in today’s new radio episode, but they didn’t really answer. And with Yasusada gone I guess Kiyomitsu will be the main this time? The same person that asked about Yasu in the radio said this time it would be Kiyomitsu centric and they didn’t correct her so I guess the chances are pretty high. 

Honestly I can deal with Yasusada not showing up but knowing that he spent a whole year alone and away from everybody really crushes my soul into tiny little pieces. It also means Kiyomitsu was alone for a whole year too so that’s DOUBLE the soul crushing pain. This isn’t very hanamaru. ;_;