is it hi or hey

of course the one time i actually meet a nice guy who doesn’t mind my chubbiness just randomly stops talking to me :’’( 

❛ with halloween right ‘round the corner, i decided to go costume shopping with my baby sis, grace. picking out her costume was EASY PEASY — she wanted to be a disney princess, ariel to be exact. picking out my costume proved to be a bit more difficult since i had no clue as to what i wanted to be this year. so, i decided to just let grace choose for me. what’s the worst that could happen, right ? here i thought she was going to pick out something cute for me, perhaps a superwoman costume or maybe even make me a princess like her but no. no, she wanted me to be a HOTDOG ! a hotdog of all things !! i was so surprised, i laughed. when i realized she was being very serious and even hit me with extreme puppy dog eyes, i couldn’t say no. so this year i’m a hotdog. auditions to be my hamburger bestie are open. ❜


25 July ‘16 | (44/100)

more bio notes!! tumblr didn’t post this earlier ugh

hey guys so sorry for being away for q a long time and not posting!! was rly busy with prelim exams and gna be semi hiatus all the way til o levels!! (87 days left *gasps*)

hope everyone has had a great Monday and wish you guys a rly nice week ahead!! :D press on yall!! 😊x


(๑♡3♡๑) JacKen- NO KYS .


ok. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ i saw dah opportunity. AND I TOOK IT. //winky wonk//

don’t touch Kenpai.

btw we’ve not seen him since a while on tumblru. 90% of chance this bear  lost his password / e-mail. Ha ..Ah.(๑꒪▿꒪)*

Calum has the cute voice that cracks every now and then
Michael has this whiney but adorable tone to his voice
Luke’s voice is deeper than the fucking ocean
And then there’s Ashton who sounds like a kangaroo that’s swallowed another kangaroo. I love them.