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Sending out many good vibes to all those who have to endure emotionally abusive families this Thanksgiving. If they try to hurt you or gaslight you, please tell yourself that it is not you. It is them and their own issues. No matter what they say or do, the abuse was and is not your fault. It will always be theirs. Please lay the fault where it belongs–with the abuser. Also remember to check in with yourself and how you are feeling throughout the day. Give yourself permission to set boundaries, to say no, to leave early or walk away if you get triggered, or to even choose not to spend time with them this Thanksgiving. Let them get angry–that’s their issue. Please take care of yourself and your mental health. You have a right to make yourself a priority. ❤️

so Allura is obviously a creative intelligent young lady who loves her teammates right? and sees Pidge as a little sister?

pidge takes allura up on that offer for girl talk once in a blu moon. when she feels really dysphoric she goes to allura.

allura, the Princess turned Paladin, who is the absolute embodiment of feminity and light and is Ultra High Femme. at first it’s bc pidge is hoping that Femmeness will rub off on her, but Allura is like ??? ur a girl. a techy little gremlin of a girl, but a girl no matter what u wear.

allura’s not gonna Shut Pidge Down tho. pidge wants to look more femme? ok. allura’s gonna help pidge look more Femme. Allura, who fiddles and makes “"silly”“ little things with the castle’s low-capability 3D printer (good for clothes and little toys but not QUITE precise enough for making castle parts/magical tool creation), Allura starts making silly little hair ornaments for pidge, similar to Allura’s comm earrings

little intricate hair pieces, sparkling like emeralds and serving as little emp (qmp? quintessential magnetic pulse? idk) bombs. hair pins that double as multi-tools, aligning perfectly under pidge’s helmet.

Pidge in turn helps Allura w/ her prosthetics - fine tuning them, upkeep, any aesthetic stuff

and basically Pidge learning Altean also means that Allura has someone other than her 50-odd year old advisor to speak with in her mother tongue (tho pidge’s accent is hilarious)

let… these girls find sisterhood in each other

hey if ur going black friday shopping here’s an aggressively friendly reminder to not be a dick to workers (e.g., being rude and/or messing up the store by throwing clothes or w/e all over the place) because ur just making our jobs infinitely harder. also?? don’t take ur anger out on workers who may be slow while helping you because a lot of them are seasonal workers who have little to no training & have probably never worked black friday before so! Be Fucking Nice Please

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Oh my god your art is amazing. If you're taking requests, could you try Remus Lupin w/ the Mountainous palette? thank youuu

Thank you so much!

And here he is.

Seems like Remus snuck out of Hogwarts again. Maybe to enjoy the night air, maybe to prepare a prank, who knows!

Let’s hope he doesn‘t get caught!

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