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it’s okay if you didn’t do all the things you had planned today, it’s okay if you didn’t have time, or if something else came unplanned; even if you just couldn’t or didn’t want to or didn’t have the energy - it’s okay, so please try your best to not be too harsh on yourself: it’s okay to go your own pace

penguinihoodni  asked:

Any tips on a more detailed writing?

Hi :)

● Use strong verbs. Writing sounds so much better when the verb usage is precise.
Ex. “she sobbed, groaning in agony” (✔) vs “she cried”

● Replace “very” with a more specific word. Here’s a link to a list:

● Try more complex words by using a thesaurus/looking up synonyms. That doesn’t mean to saturate your writing with a ton of obscure or exaggerated or superfluous words. As with most writing advice, you need know that there is a balance and feel it out for yourself.
Ex. “towering” (✔) vs “tall”

● Utilize the five senses especially with location changes or meeting new characters.

● Include comparisons. Again, this is to be used carefully. I don’t want to read a metaphor every other sentence.
Ex. She moved from table to table like a hummingbird flitting between flowers.
Ex. The intense brightness surely rivaled that of the sun.
Ex. As prickly as a cactus in personality, he was not a delightful fellow to be around.

● Make use of brief expository paragraphs.

● Elaborate.
Ex. He wished for the day to come.
Ex. He wished for the warm, guiding sun of day rather than the harsh, white light of the stars.

A little Langst :)

( Warning! If any mistakes or anything I can improve please message me. It’s my first to post and I haven’t written all summer- but I guess that’s no excuse! hahaha! Ok bye now!)

Lance trailed behind the two males.

  There he was again. Stuck in the same position like on every date. That one damn position that has him, sniffling, shouting, crying to be heard by his two lovers. The third wheel. The third wheel, oh what a horrible place to be in when you’re in a polyamorous relationship, and as much as Lance wants to deny it, he knows.

  Every day, Lance watches everything his two lovers do to each other. He see’s many things from the back. He sees the stares the two exchange when they gaze at each other’s features, he sees the hugs the lovers pour their heart out into, just for the two of them, and oh, not to mention but, he most definitely sees how Shiro and Keith scoot up together on the couch when watching movies. Not even bothering to invite the small boy shivering on the opposite side of the couch.

  Lance ignores it. He ignores the scoffs Keith gives him, or the look of disappointment on Shiro’s lips. Lance ignores it all. Why? Because he knows their happy and that he’s happy with them. Why bother them? Lance questions. He thought he was content so, he continues to watch quietly. He sits and view the two, with his raven colored eyes. He observes the love. The trust.  The acceptance. He stares…Longingly… at how the lovers are entranced by warmth. How it seems like the two boys are on their own little petite island, in the middle of clouds and daylight where everything is happy, while Lance drowns in the waters right behind that little island. He drowns in the shadows of the lilac palm trees and in the tears of fallen feathers.

  Lance continues to stare ahead. He believes things will get better. That one day, those two lovers will find a raft and come for him. That they’ll pull him ashore and hold his hand. He believes that if he waits long enough, if he tires himself out enough, if he cries and shouts loud enough for them to hear him, he’ll be welcomed… but, days passed-Months- a year probably- and every day, his same smile is weakened. Lance starts to get sick of watching the hairs on Shiro’s neck stand on edge, and Keith’s back flex whenever he laughs. Lance gets sick…but wasn’t he always?s

well…He’ll stay in the back of the lovers. Slowly crumbling until he has lost all motivation and He’ll float under the sea. Dying.

I’ve been thinking about your hands lately. And they’re not particularly beautiful, but for some reason I still find myself fighting the urge to let my gaze run over them.
—  You’re beautiful to me. 🖤

Thank you everyone- my friend has raised the goal amount and… guys… thank you. To those who reblogged and to those who donated… guys you gave her a chance to say goodbye to her nephew. To grieve and support her loved ones. A time when you’re supposed to be with family- you gave her that. 

Thank you. 

You gave a family closure. 

Thank you. 

You are all angels, blessed and kind and rekindled not only my faith in humanity- but hers. This is the first truly good thing that’s happened to her this year… and to come from such tragedy… it will help heal the wounds. 
You are all beautiful and she wants to thank you from the bottom of her heart- I know that her family will never be able to completely show you their gratitude- but, know that it’s there. 

Thank you. 

“My tears are bittersweet as I can now be where I am needed. Thank you all for helping me in such a tough time. God bless you all.” - Trigmy


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