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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Wife used to clean hotel rooms, some stories

(In Central Europe)

  • Women can be easily messier than men, despite the stereotype otherwise. Careless with bloody tampons etc.

  • The neat 40 years old businessman or businesswoman is not necessarily so neat with the room. Often appalingly so.

  • Russian and Brazilan tourists take the palm in messiness in Vienna

  • Another fun guest type is Chinese tourists cooking noodles in the tea kettle, because apparently the Chinese noodles a lot of fast food places sell in Vienna are not home enough

  • Some men rent hotel rooms to have sex with prostitutes. It is understandable. Why some want to have 3 day drug and alcohol romps with a really ugly, really old prostitutes is less clear. Why both the guy and the woman march out occasionally stark naked, drugged up, and ask various things from the cleaning maid is even less clear.

  • Lots of celebrities ski in Schladming. They are cool people. Heather Mills really does ski with an artificial leg. Or multiple ones. My wife found some of her legs in the room. I guess if you are a disabled celebrity, it is like shoes, you have a leg for every occasion and fashion. She tipped well.

  • The myth that there is no tipping in Europe only America makes s Americans not leave tips for the cleaners. European guests actually do because they do get a minimum wage is not a big deal.

  • All the awesome worker proctions of a social democratic state like Austria or Sweden worth nothing because they cannot regulate the workload. If they make you clean 40 rooms a day, and not allow overtime, and destroy your self esteem with constant criticism if you are not done or they are not perfect… you are going to clock off and sneak back to finish them in unpaid overtime. What else can you do when it was your third time standing on the carpet choking back your tears because the criticism makes you feel worthless?

  • There is also the fun part. Many guests leave cool stuff behind, you are supposed to give them to the desk unless it is in the thrash bag / bin in which case it is a free game. Favorite thrash bin find was a large, very strong shopping bag used to buy ski shoes. We still use it to buy soda and bottled water, it can hold a huge weight and quantity without tearing.

  • In the rare case you have free time you can look at the room Bibles, many atheists or just teenager feel the urge to draw dicks in it and many other entertaining content

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“I Lived” – Neal Cassidy.

When you get more from a three minute video than you do from the actual TV series.

Flower game
  • Reblog and write the flower you choose (only one : c )
  • Rose: John and you are in love in Hamburg, in the early days, but your parents separate you from him
  • Daisy: George and you fall in love in your holiday in India, but you only have an affair
  • Sunflower: Paul and you have a date, and you fall in love, but he meets Heather Mills
  • Gardenia: Ringo and you fall in love during The Beatles tour in Australia, but he must continue his travel
  • Hydrangea: John and you pass a romantic week together, then he don't answer the phone anymore
  • Loto: George and you begin a romance, but one day you see him on the street holding the hand of another girl
  • Jasmine: Paul and you have three wonderful dates, but the fourth time he leaves you waiting
  • Petunia: Ringo and you are dating, one day go to a party and he disappears with another girl

anonymous asked:

Could you list some thing that everyone in the Beatles fandom should know? Because I'm new here lmao

hey!!!! welcome!

here’s a list of things you need to know.

  • There Are Four Beatles.





  • Their Birth Dates.

John: October 9th, 1940.

Paul: June 18th, 1942.

George: February 25th (no one is really sure), 1943.

Ringo: July 7th, 1940.

  • Their Real Names.

John: John Winston Lennon.

Paul: James Paul McCartney.

George: George Harold Harrison.

Ringo:  Richard Starkey.

  • All About Them.

John: John was an asshole, but also a saint. He’s extremely intelligent. He fought for peace with the Bed-In and he made songs such as Imagine and Give Peace A Chance. He is one of the most popular activists. People know him as a hippie who was against the government and stuff like that. He was never scared to say what he thought. He was rude, yes, but he was honest. The government wanted to kick him out of the USA (watch The US vs John Lennon if you want to learn more) because he was convincing people to start breaking the rules. John wasn’t a good parent at all during his Beatles years. He had a son, Julian, and he didn’t take care of him often. He used the excuse to be famous to not see his family. He cheated on his wife, Cynthia, and probably thought he had had the obligation to marry her because he had made her pregnant. He could be violent, rude, he often only thought about himself and was always angry. He was also really depressed, he had a difficult childhood. His parents abandoned him when he was young, so he had to live with his aunt Mimi. Later he found his mother, and she learned him how to play music. They were getting closer and closer but she tragically died in a car accident. Since that moment John felt truly abandoned and he wrote her the song ‘’Julia’’. He also had a best friend, Stuart, who died suddenly in 1962 from an aneurysm. John always felt guilty of Stuart’s death, since they had a fight and he thought it was his fault if his friend had headaches all the time. To conclude, John Lennon was a rude person, mean, even cruel sometimes, but inside he was insecure, he needed love and he could be a really good person. We all have a good and a bad side, and John truly tried to become a better person before he died. Unfortunately he didn’t have the time.

Paul: Paul is rather the sassy one, I must say. He can be hypocrite in a certain way. He was really nice with the interviewers and he always looked pretty for the cameras, but when he didn’t have what he wanted, he wasn’t happy. He slept with more than 500 women in his Beatles years, even though he had a girlfriend, and stuff like that. But he is also a really good person. He is vegetarian, he’s a very peaceful old man, and he’s nice to everyone. He’s also really hot for a 73 years old grandpa. And when he’s in love, he will never hurt a woman. For example, Linda. She was the love of his life, and he loved her deeply. He never cheated on her. They stayed together for 20 years! He fought for animals rights, he is also an activist. He’s like the greatest musician in the world. Sir Paul McCartney is extremely important in the society. He’s not a nobody. He never stopped doing music since 1957, and he will probably never will. After the Beatles’s break-up, Paul had no motivation to get up in the morning. He was always drinking and sleeping. But with the help from Linda, he started a band, Wings, and they got really popular. 

George: George was the calm one. He was a beautiful human being. He never wanted to be a rock star. He just liked playing music. He didn’t like popularity. He was reserved. He was also the youngest of the Beatles, so of course they sometimes made fun of him for that. He had a really sexy accent, and he wasn’t always starving for attention. Unfortunately he didn’t write enough songs in the albums, but the ones he wrote got really popular. He met his first wife, Pattie, in 1964. They stayed together for 10 years. They were really in love, but George got really obsessed with Hinduism. He went to India, visited places, met gurus and psychedelic drugs encouraged his path to meditation and Hinduism. He wrote a lot of religious songs like My Sweet Lord. Family was also really important for him. He met his second wife, Olivia, in 1978 and they got a child, Dhani. George could be mean sometimes but he was really peaceful, and he wasn’t full of himself. He even wondered why people loved him so much. He was an angel who didn’t deserve pain.

Ringo: Ringo is a peace and love teenager. He’s 75, but he acts like a kid. If you want a proof, look at his Twitter. He’s really funny and really sweet. Since his Beatles years, Ringo chills. He’s relax. He is a drummer and everyone loves him. He made a lot of mistakes. He could be violent, he is alcoholic, he had problems with drugs but he finally took care of himself and now he’s clean. I think he is the nicest Beatle. He is really sweet and he deserves protection. You just can’t hate Ringo. He made songs like With A Little Help From My Friends, Yellow Submarine and Octopus’s Garden, which are great. There’s not a lot to say, but he deserves a lot of LOVE. Send him a nice message on Twitter. Tell him that he’s your favorite drummer. Protect him.

In General: They were all assholes okay. But great assholes. 

  • Their Girlfriends/Wives.

John: Cynthia Powell, Yoko Ono, May Pang.

Paul: Dot Rhone, Jane Asher, Linda Eastman, Heather Mills, Nancy Shevell.

George: Pattie Boyd, Olivia Trinidad Arias.

Ringo: Maureen Cox, Barbara Bach.

  • Important Thing.


and there’s also nudes of him. check by yourself.

  • Movies By Them.
  1. A Hard Day’s Night (1964).
  2. Help! (1965).
  3. Magical Mystery Tour (1967).
  4. Yellow Submarine (1968).
  5. Let It Be (1969).

WARNING: You need to know that Magical Mystery Tour is really awkward and no one knows what the fuck is going on. But they’re hot, so it’s okay.

so idk man, i guess it’s enough. if there’s something else you need to know, just ask me. it took me a lot of time to do this so yeah. welcome!

PS: this fandom is very awkward. just enjoy the beatles and ignore the drama. that’s an advice. 

and once you enter the fandom, there’s no escape. you’re stuck forever.


So I went to office max and made the computers sexy :)