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The Sitter Pt 2

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Summary: A busy tour schedule means someone has to take care of RapMon, and your services are taken up by the slowly smitten leader of BTS.

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Friends to lovers

Originally posted by baebsaes

It had been a week since you last saw RapMon and his owner that made your heart flutter. Of course he would, you scolded yourself. Of course he made your heart flutter. That’s what he was supposed to do. He was an idol. Yet, an idol with as much normality to be able to get to know you pretty well. He was just like any other guy you were slightly crushing on, right?

You went to university to hand in some final reports, and you met up with your friends after over iced coffee and had talked about how the summer was treating you all so far. Usually most were working to pay off the overdrafts they had gathered over the course of the semester, some were lucky enough to be jetting off to parts of the globe for city breaks, and some were just lounging at home watching netflix- standard summers really.

“So, have you been doing much lately Y/N?” Elise, your childhood friend asked.

“Just dogsitting…” You said, repressing how your dog sitting this year was nothing close to ordinary. You sat there twirling your thumbs over your phone, secretly hoping a certain someone would maybe pop a text, especially since you felt he’d be in contact with you. Oh, you wished.

“You’re lying. Just dog sitting?” Son-Ya narrowed her eyes at you. Son-Ya was also studying in vet school, just like you so she had more experience when it came to seeing you nervous, which you unintentionally were.

Your heart accelerated.

You then cursed yourself why you didn’t set your phone to silent, as the DING of your i-phone alerted you of a text, and you shot your eyes down before they widened in excitement that it was from him. Namjoon. You also cursed yourself for changing his contact details to his real name, because your friends were probably peering at the screen.

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Discovery: Mutation

Characters: Logan x Reader x Erik

Words: 600+

You were lying on the couch with Logan, the TV was on but none of you really watched what was happening in the small box. 

Your body was wrapped up in his arms, while he was sleeping. You were playing with your nails gently trying not to hurt yourself; Logan had started to call them baby claws.

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Prompt: Naegi and Nanami swapping hoodies. That’s all I have to say. Go nuts. @rpbattleman

A/N Well they do have the same height and I do have an unhealthy obsession with hoodies so why not? In hindsight, I don’t know what happened. The characters wrote this themselves.

Hoodie Swap - Naegi and Nanami ft the rest of the cast

Wearing a hoodie was so much like second skin that they didn’t notice that they were wearing different hoodies.

Naegi wouldn’t even have noticed it and he probably would have gone home wearing it if his classmates hadn’t helpfully pointed it out.

“Halt! Naegi, how many times must we go over this? A hoodie is not welcome in a school environment. You are in clear violation of the school’s dress code.” Ishimaru was quick to reprimand him as soon as he entered the classroom.

“Huh? But isn’t it okay when it’s functional? It’s been getting colder lately so I thought the extra layer could help.” Naegi explained his reasons.

“I must admit that it is actually allowed to wear jackets provided that they aren’t needlessly distracting.” Ishimaru corrected himself and then pointed in accusation. “However! Yours is unconventionally designed! And quite honestly, I am distracted enough!”

“What do you mean? I thought it was plain enough.” Naegi replied with a lost expression.

“Can’t say I agree with your tastes for plain.” Mondo said from behind him as he reached out and pulled Naegi’s hood over him. “Cat ears eh? And here I figured you were more of a dog person.”

“What are you talking about?” Naegi asked, now more confused than before.

“I think it’s cute.” Maizono shared with a smile. “It’s unexpected but that’s what makes him look even cuter!”

“Master Naegi, if you would kindly listen to my request…” Yamada popped up beside him and positioned Naegi’s hand so that it was closed like a fist and raised beside his face. “Like nya.” He instructed as he demonstrated the action.

“Nya?” Naegi pawed uncertain as he tilted his head in confusion which only added to his catlike performance.

“Hold that pose!” Enoshima expertly slid in front of him and raised her phone to take pictures. “Okay now do that again with voice so I can get this on video.” She smiled widely behind her phone as she laughed. “Upupu… This is priceless! But I am willing to negotiate a price to any potential buyer.”

“Wait, is there something weird on my hoodie?” Naegi asked again as he slowly began to piece what was off with his garment.

“Well it’s not like there’s something wrong with the hoodie itself.” Fujisaki timidly answered. “It’s just that it’s… different from what you would usually wear.”

“Or is this something like your secret hobby?” Kuwata interjected with a smirk. “Because if it was, it’s cool, man. We won’t judge.”

Okay now that last remark convinced him that he was definitely wearing the wrong hoodie. He filtered his memories for any embarrassing hoodies he owned that he may have worn by accident. None seemed to strike him that would stand out. Last time he checked, he didn’t own any with cat ears unless… His eyes immediately went towards his sleeves and upon the familiar color, he confirmed just whose hoodie he was wearing.

“I’m wearing someone else’s hoodie…” He mumbled his revelation.

“Oh my, you’re quite the bold type to wear your girlfriend’s clothes.” Celes commented with a giggle. “Although it’s quite unconventional considering it’s usually the girl who wears the guy’s clothes afterwards.”

“W-What?!” Naegi could only spluter at her insinuation. “It’s n-not like that! In the first place, she isn’t even my girlfriend!”

“Back the fuck up. How did our resident herbivore land a girl before I could? I mean, I’m way cooler than him!” Kuwata took offense to the new information.

“With that kind of attitude, it’s no wonder.” Maizono commented offhandedly.

“So this is the source of today’s commotion? How absolutely trivial. I suppose this is the gossip that you commoner enjoy.” Togami scoffed from his seat. “Very well, consider this an honor. I shall allow you to indulge us in such to pass time.”

“Oh! Oh! I definitely want to hear this one!” Asahina all but squealed in excitement. “Yeah, tell us more about your girlfriend!”

Naegi blushed at that comment. “She’s not my girlfriend!” He denied.

“Hmm? Is that so?” Kirigiri intervened and although her face was the picture of calmness, there was a certain sharpness inflected in her tone, an underlying threat. “The evidence suggests others. Please, explain that by all means.”

“I didn’t mean to. It was an accident, okay!” He blurted out words without much thought in his panic.

“Naegi, that’s not nice to say about your girlfriend.” Asahina frowned in disappointment.

“Whether intentional or not, one must be prepare to take full responsibility of one’s actions.” Sakura reprimanded him as well.

“No, that’s not it. You guys are misunderstanding.” Naegi raised his hands in an appeal. “I was hanging out with a friend who happens to be a girl but isn’t my girlfriend and then I may have accidentally picked up her hoodie instead of mine.”

“Then w-why are you so d-defensive about it, huh?” Fukawa accused with a disgusted expression. “Just because you have a g-girlfriend now you’re g-gloating her already.”

“So you have a girlfriend now…” Ikusaba quietly sulked at one corner.

“Did you not hear what I just said? This is all just a misunderstanding.” He insisted, practically pleaded at this point.

“Chill, Naegichi. I believe in you!” Hagakure gave him a thumbs up in support.

“Hagakure…” Naegi smiled gratefully towards his friend. “At least someone’s on my side.”

“There’s no way you could get a girlfriend so aliens must have abducted your hoodie and replaced it with theirs which is filled with all sorts of probing stuff.” Hagakure added from way at the back of the room.

Whatever hope he had been filled with was instantly shattered.

“Ah, I should’ve known. It’s Hagakure. Why did I even expect?” Naegi sighed as he sank his face into his hands, defeated.

And as they hounded him with questions and camera phones, he took comfort at the fact that at least the hoodie was comfortable and warm just like how it reminded him of its original owner.

Nanami wouldn’t even have noticed it and she probably would have gone home wearing it if her classmates hadn’t helpfully pointed it out.

“Hi, Nanami. Welcome back.” Koizumi greeted her as soon as she returned. “Hey, that’s a new color on you.”

“Yeah, what’s with the outfit change?” Saionji asked offhandedly but quickly narrowed her eyes as she felt something unusual about Nanami’s choice in clothing. “Hey, is it just me or is that color disgustingly familiar?”

“Huh, what are the odds of that?” Komaeda said from behind as he just entered the classroom too. He smiled at her. “Now it looks like we’re matching.”

Nanami stare at Komaeda’s hoodie and then back to her own sleeves which she was slightly surprised to find them as dark green like his. She could already piece what had happened given the owner’s luck but it hardly fazed her. She could always ask for her hoodie after classes or tomorrow so she had nothing to worry about. Oddly enough, it fitted her quite well so she had no qualms wearing this in the meantime.

It was strange to wear green instead of her usual brown or blue one but it was just a bit funny since it complimented Komaeda’s own hoodie. “I guess we do match.” She smiled lightly.

There was a peaceful lull in the room… until all hell broke loose.

“Wait! Wait! Waaaaait!” Souda yelled and ran towards them with tears in his eyes. “You guys are wearing matching clothes like what couples do? Someone please tell me this is a joke before I faint.”

“What dark sorcery is this indeed? To have enraptured a divine being without alerting my zodiac generals, truly only a fiend could accomplish such a feat!” Tanaka bellowed with his usual dramatic flair. “Tell me, mortal of unfortunate chance, what are your nefarious intentions with the holy one?”

“In my country, couples wear matching crowns. I now see that this is Japan’s equivalent.” Sonia said with practically sparkling eyes. “I will take note of hoodies when I return to inform my people of such cultural highlights.”

“Let’s not jump into conclusions just yet. We haven’t even asked them if they’re actually an item now.” Koizumi did her best at crowd control and when she was closer to the two, she whispered lowly, “Please feel free to deny all accusations.”

“Yeah! As if Big sis Nanami would ever date trash like Komaeda!” Saionji vehemently shouted “I mean just look at him! She could definitely do better than this hope fanatic!”

“Well you’re not wrong. I am just lowly trash undeserving of love especially from someone with hope as bright as Nanami’s.” Komaeda agreed with a cheerful laugh.

Nanami huffed at his self-deprecating comments. “Komaeda, you should value yourself more. Whether or not I’d want to date you shouldn’t be a standard for your worth.” She then smiled softly at him. “Remember, you are always worth it.”

“What’s with that moment? Surely it was charged with love!” Hanamura jumped at them. “Now tell me, what sorts of love have you two already engaged in? The more physical, the more details I’ll be needing.”

“I suggest you refrain your tongue from spouting any more.” Pekoyama intervened with her bamboo sword right at his throat. “It would do you good to hold back a bit more and respect their privacy on the matter.”

“Oi! Don’t think you can get away with harrassing them. It’s their choice if they want to share anything. So don’t go doing anything that I would need to silence you for, got it?” Kuzuryuu threatened Hanamura but it was all in good will. He then turned to the two still in the hot seat. “You two better start confessing if anything’s going on or else the rest of these guys are going to go off with crazy ideas.”

“An unexpected ship has sailed! Ibuki calls dibs on being the captain! And as captain, I will see to it that this ship reaches the shores!” Ibuki hollered as she strummed on her guitar. “Alright! Let’s sail this ship away!”

“A rarepair, huh. Well it’s not unheard of.” Ryotwo thoughtfully commented. “It’s just a bit suspicious that there weren’t enough flags triggered and there’s suddenly a development.”

“Ack! A critical hit!” Ibuki dramatically clutched her hand over her chest as if she was shot right there. “Not even an hour in and someone’s already attacking my ship! The sea is merciless as ever!”

“Attack? So there’s a fight, yeah?” Owari’s ears perked at the mere mention of the word. “Let me at them! I’ll be sure to fight and win for ya.”

“If it’s a fight you want then I won’t hold back either.” Nidai crackled with energy. “Looks like I have no choice but to do damage control again.”

For the two people who were the center of attention, they took it more calmly than most would.

“Ahaha, everyone’s full of hope like always. Truly, what a wonderful class this is.” Komaeda’s grin reached his ears.

“I’m glad that everyone’s having fun over this.” Nanami seconded with a smile of her own.

And as they hounded her with questions and camera phones, she took comfort at the fact that at least the hoodie was comfortable and warm just like how it reminded her of its original owner.

An Evening Away

2165 Words. One-Shot. Rated PG.

Pretzel Week - Fake Dating Trope in the Enchanted Forest

One drink. It was all Emma needed to steel her nerves. Pulling the hood up over her long plait of blonde hair, she ducked into the small tavern nearest the castle. It was a seafarer’s haunt, so she knew the patrons would largely be those passing through Misthaven on their way to other destinations. She swept in through the door and made her way past a crowd of burly sailors before settling at a small table nearest the window. She turned her back to the outside and looked around for the nearest serving wench.

“What can I get you?” A pretty young girl asked, swinging her skirts up against the table as she collected the tankards left by the previous occupants.

Emma kept her head down and hood on to avoid being recognized. “An ale, please,” she slid a shiny silver coin across the table. The girl picked up the coin and hurried off to the bar to place the order. Looking up, Emma watched the girl go before relaxing into her chair. The day had been long and arduous.

Negotiations were taking place amongst her father and the heads of several other kingdoms. Emma was required to sit in on the talks, considering she seemed to be the largest bargaining chip King David had to his name. Her future was up in the air. She would be sold off to a single King or Prince; whoever presented the largest bid. No matter how much she begged her father to reconsider an arranged marriage, he always gave her a painful smile and promised he would find the best suitor possible.

It was maddening for Emma, especially given that her late mother had spent every night in her youth telling her own beautiful love story. Queen Snow had promised the Princess an opportunity to find True Love and yet, her opportunity had never come.

“You’re somethin’ special, aren’t ya?” Came a gruff voice from the corner, snapping Emma from her thoughts. She glanced in the general direction of the sound before looking back down to the table and shifting her position to show disinterest.

“Aww, come on now,” the voice continued. There was a scraping of wooden chair legs against cobblestone floor, and heavy footsteps made their way toward her. Emma closed her eyes tightly and swallowed hard. Confrontation was absolutely the last thing she wanted. “Give us a smile, would you?” The man continued, placing two large hands on the table in front of her.

“Please, just leave me be,” she sighed, keeping her head low. “I’m not looking to be social with strangers.”

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I know that we’re all #shook because of the Viktor figurine, but I’M STILL FEELING #SHOOK DUE TO THE YUURI NENDOROID SO HAVE A FIC Y’ALL AND SUFFER WITH ME

Title: Put that thing back where it came from (or so help me)

Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice

Pairing: Viktor Nikeforov/Yuuri Katsuki

Time-frame: Post ep-12, because that is my jam. I’m also going to hand wave away the legal issues surrounding a firm using the image of a celebrity to make profits and assume that the JSF signed off on it or something. Eh, it’s for the hilarity.

P.S. Note that this is nothing but crack. Also, that I haven’t written fanfiction in years. Please be kind to me XD

P.P.S.S. I realise, belatedly, that I’ve completely forgotten to write about Makkachin. Please do not worry - the doggo is alive and well.

The madness starts on a Sunday afternoon, with both Yuuri and Viktor watching television on the couch in their apartment in St. Petersburg. It’s their day off and thus far, it’s been a perfect day - waking up late, walking to the cafe opposite for a quick brunch, and then returning home to spend some time together. 

The television’s tuned to a Russian tv series which Yuuri, who has thus far only mastered a smattering of Russian, can’t make heads or tails of save for the fact that the lady on screen is very, very upset. But it’s alright, because for the past hour, he’s been watching Viktor, whose eyes are glued to the screen, enraptured by the show.

Viktor’s TV-watching (and Yuuri’s Viktor-watching) is interrupted by a soft “ping” sound. Tearing his eyes off the screen, Viktor slips his phone out of the pocket of his sweatpants, deftly unlocking it with a few swipes of his thumb.

“Oh”, says Viktor, eyes widening at what he sees.


Viktor turns the screen of his phone to Yuuri, mouth set in his famous heart-shaped smile. The instagram app is opened and…

Yuuri’s jaw drops.

“Amazing!” Viktor double taps the photo of a nendoroid that looks exactly like Yuuri to “like” it. “It looks just like you, Yuuri!”

Orange Rouge, as Yuuri understands it, is a firm specialising in figurines of male anime characters. He’s never bought anything from the firm, having spent most of his time practicing on the ice or watching clips of ice skating. Mari has occasionally bought a figure or two though, when she gets really into an anime series (there was this one about swimming that all the females in Yuuri’s life (and a few guys) went crazy about - it didn’t really appeal to him, but Mari loved it, so he got her a nendoroid of that “Haruka” fellow anyway).

So, Yuuri knows who these people are. What he does’t get is why there’s now a figure of him.

“It’s their National Day special!” Yuuko enthuses over the phone. “To celebrate this year’s National Day, Orange Rouge is making figures of our top athletes! That -” and Yuuri can literally hear her narrowing her eyes, “includes you, Mr Top-Male-Skater-Of-Japan.”

Yuuri bites back the usual spiel on him being one of the dime-a-dozen figures certified by the JSF. “It’s just… a little awkward, isn’t it? Why would people want a figure of me staring at them all the time?”

It really doesn’t help, Yuuri thinks, that of all the costumes Orange Rouge could have chosen from, they picked the Eros costume. Do small kids buy these sort of figurines? Should they be allowed to play with the costume Yuuri wore as he attempted to seduce Viktor on the ice?

Yuuri tries not to think too hard about it.

“Who wouldn’t? I certainly don’t mind. It’s so cute! Did you know that it even has a little katsudon bowl? The people at Orange Rouge know you pretty well, eh?”

Yuuri is suddenly reminded of the time where he announced that Katsudon was his eros and he covers his face with his hand, cheeks turning red to the sound of Yuuko’s gentle laughter.

So, Yuuri now knows of the little figure’s existence, and is pretty sure that Viktor will get it (Viktor, bless his sweet heart, gets all the Yuuri memorabilia he can get his paws on. It is, in his own words, his way of catching up with Yuuri, who has collected Viktor memorabilia for years). However, nothing prepares him for the sight of coming home after a few extra hours at the gym to Viktor holding the figure in one hand, using a single finger on the other to prod the figure’s ass.

“Yuuri!” Viktor says, eyes lighting up. “They got your ass correct!”

Yuuri’s soul leaves his body.

“Phichit why.”

“Sorry Yuuri! I couldn’t resist!”

Yuuri’s soul leaves his body for a second time, hands trembling around his phone. On screen, Phichit’s newest instagram photo, depicting a Yuuri Nendoroid seductively looking at a miniature picture of Viktor, hits 3,000 likes.

“Yuuri,” Phichit laughs, “you gotta admit, your thirst for Viktor Nikeforov was real.”

Yuuri walks into Yurio’s room, and then nopes out of there.

He’s not sure why Yurio has put a tiny little cat-ear headband on the Yuuri Nendoroid, nor why Yurio even has a Yuuri Nendoroid, but he doesn’t want to think too hard about it.

A week after Yuuri finds out that Yurio has bought a Yuuri Nendoroid, Christophe uploads a photo onto his official twitter, depicting his hands cupping his ass. To the side, a hand holds out the Yuuri Nendoroid, back turned to the camera.

Yuuri suspects that it’s Christophe’s boyfriend helping him to take this photo, just like when he helped Christophe and Viktor to take their rooftop pool photo in Barcelona. Yuuri would question how the poor man keeps getting drawn into taking weird photos, but he knows that feel.

Love, he surmises, makes fools of us all.

The photo is captioned “Whose ass is the best? Vote now!” There’s actually a twitter poll under the photo, and the vote is split pretty evenly.

On one hand, Yuuri can see Christophe doing things like this. On the other hand, Yuuri is done

Viktor comes home to Yuuri, curled up on the couch, covered entirely in a blanket. The Yuuri-Blanket-Ball is completely silent as he approaches, but softly whimpers when Viktor puts his hand on the top of it.

“It’s just… so… embarrassing” Yuuri murmurs. “I can’t imagine what people are thinking when they look at it.”

Viktor smiles, a soft, gentle expression that would never have appeared on his face a year back.

“I think they look at it, and think about how beautiful you are. How adorable you look when you’re flustered. How sweet it is when you’re happy.”

Viktor leans down, and rubs his cheek against the top of the Yuuri-Blanket-Ball. “At the very least, that’s what I think about when I look at it.”

Yuuri feels better.

“Mama no”.

But Yuuri,” Mama Katsuki says, gesturing at the coffee with Yuuri’s face printed on top, “they’re selling so well!”

Yuuri’s soul leaves his body again.


A Whole Other World

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1,207

Request: newt showing the reader all the creatures in his case and teaching them about the beasts.

Feedback is appreciated!

Originally posted by stellarstarryeyes

“Newt!” you called, running after him down the cobblestone streets of New York. “Wait up!”

He paused, looking back at you and holding up the case in excitement. “Come on, Y/N! I think I know where the Demiguise is!” 

You grinned, amused by how eager he was. “Okay, but shouldn’t we put the Niffler back first? Before the little bugger escapes again and we have to rob another jewelry store?”

He laughed. “Yeah, I s’pose you’re right. He’s a bit of a rascal. We’ll just make a quick stop.” He ushered you in front of him and followed you into one of the alleyways in between two shops, and knelt down to unlatch the locks. “Ladies first,” he said, gesturing to his case. 

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Sweet Pea [Hogwarts!Jungkook]

Summary: It wasn’t a good idea at all to tease Jungkook. Not good at all when he turns you into a cat, and when you accidentally give him a boner. 

Gryffindor!Jungkook, featuring other BTS members.

Genre: Fluff (I think)

Words: 1.9 k

Originally posted by kookie-bts

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Prompt: I dont know if you do prompts but this has been running through my head all day. Reader to Negan: “You’re not a leader, you’re a fucking tyrant!!”

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words:  811
Warnings: Suggestive, like very suggestive, minor daddy kink, curses

“You’re not a leader, you’re a fucking tyrant!”

You were sitting down on black leather seats, driving down a long straight road. You had your arms behind your head and your shoes up on the dash board. The car vibrated under you and the only sound was the rumbling engine beneath you.  You turned on your side and looked at Negan whose lips were upturned in a smile.

“I assume that’s a compliment?” Negan said lightly as he glanced over at you.

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AfterDeath fanfic:Snitch(Skele-Witch)Au

Its been months-Nah, YEARS since Geno and Death broke up.Until this day,Death still wants to bring their relationship back,but Geno’s the opposite of that.For years,Death has been finding ways to bring Geno back,and this includes:WitchCraft.
It may seem odd for a skeleton like Death to perform magic not for reaping souls,but other things like Love potions and luring spells.Day-after-day,after Death’s work as being…well…Death,He heads down to his ‘secret’ basement,which is…not really secret for there are signs pointing towards the path of the basement written on with BIG letters,most saying:“THE WAY TO THE TOTALLY NOT SECRET BASEMENT”.His brother thinks its just a silly thing,so he doesn’t ever actually go in the basement.
Death went on to continue with his experiment on spells and potions.Surprisingly,his basement is not as witch-y as you thought.Its full of pictures of Geno when their relationship was still not broken.Geno’s face shows no emotion in most of the pictures.Death continues to zoom on his spellbook,looking for spells,while singing:“🎶 I love Geno,yes i do,he’s for me,not for you!🎶"Actually,Death sang this in most of his time.He saw the perfect spell,enough to please him for getting geno to date him again.“aah,yes,this will do”
Death continues to go upstairs to dress in his dating suit,got flowers,and hid his wand in the Peony boquet,to ‘surprise’ Geno.Papyrus saw Death dressed and asked him"Trying to bring him back again brother?This is the 556th time!“Its true.Death has been chasing Geno to love him for decades.“I’ll come back for dinner.“Said Death,as if he keeps promises that well."You always don’t come back for dinner!and you almost don’t focus on your real job!and I always have to deal it myself!"Papyrus exclaimed.Since Death and Geno’s relationship broke,Death spent so little time with his Brother and his Job."Don’t worry,I’ll be back."He said for the 566th time.
Death went looking for Geno.It was actually really easy to find Geno,For Death lists the places where Geno usually go.And the top 1 is….The garden where Death and Geno first met.So,Death teleported there,and saw Geno sitting on one of the empty benches.Death wasn’t quite surprised to see him lonely.And Geno didn’t even notice him.Death thinks of a quick flirty move,and proceeds infront of Geno.Geno looked up at him,as if he didn’t recognized him.Death said "Hey,Geno,I’m sorry we broke up,here,have these Peonies…"Geno blushed,but before he could say anything,Pink and purple mist and sparkles surrounded his whole face.Geno coughed out of the smoke,waving to make way for his breath."What was that!?!?"Geno shouted at Death.He saw Death’s face,smirking like an idiot."what did you do to me?"Geno said.Death pulled out his handy dandy mirror and make Geno look at him.Geno saw his regular face,exept…..Cat ears."WHAT IS THIS!?!?TAKE IT OFFF!!!!!!!!"Geno screamed at Death,trying to hold his laughter."I’ll remove them if you go to date me."He said,smirking."NO!"Geno was now frustrated,he grabbed his tail and tried to bite them off,but it just hurts."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"Geno is very mad right now.
"FINE,I WILL DATE YOU,BUT RETURN ME BACK FIRST."Geno blurted."Nah,I’ll turn you back AFTER the date~"Death said,as he puts his hand and scratches behind Geno’s cat ear."A-ah,HEY! s-stop that!y-you’re making me….hnn..purr~"Geno continues purring and purring."You look cuter that way~"Death exclaimed.After minutes later,Death carried Geno to his home."where are you taking me!?i tought we were supposed to date and you’ll change me back!"Geno said."Exactly.I’m not going to date you and you’ll stay like that.” Death said confidently.“WHAT!?"Geno is VERY fricking mad now.Geno tries to scratch Death with his paws,but…Death just goes…"eh,okay?Look,if you’re trying to hurt me buddy,it doesn’t work,i don’t have neERVES GENO W-Wha!?"Deaths exclaimed as Geno licked his neck.Death dropped Geno and blushed furiously.He took removed the string from his clothing and tied them together to make it a leash.He then dragged Geno to his Home,still blushing hard af."Papyrus!I brought a pet!"Death said sweetly."Oh goody!-wait….is that Geno?” Papyrus said in curiosity.“Yes.And he’s my pet now."Death said.Papyrus glares at him"YOU LAZYBONES!YOU CAN’T JUST GET SONEONE AND TURN THEM INTO A HALF CAT SKELETON TO BE YOUR PET!YOU DON’T EVEN HOLD THE RESPONSIBILITY OF A PET OWNER!” Papyrus exclaimed while holding Geno and petting him.“meowwww,hehehe."Geno Purred.Death is had enough of this shit.
-The End- Lame excuse for making Geno a Neko-skeleton.

———————— MmmmMMMMMMM👌👌👌💜💜 Thank you for this ;))

Negan is an experience for itself.
But drunken Negan is a thing you can’t barely handle.
“(Y/N)!” He shouts like you’d stand on the other side of the Sanctuary.
The roughness of his voice echoes into your head as you turn around to him.
“What?” You ask playfully lovingly, making him cackle.
You raise your eyebrow as he slaps your ass before he grabs your left butt cheek and pulls you closer.
“Wanna mess around?” He asks in his most charming voice.

And hell, did he wink at you?

“With me?”
You almost faint from the smell of whiskey.
His other hand wanders to your hip and now you’re pressed on his erection.
Half amused of his pathetic flirtation and half disgusted by his thing on your stomach you return the favor with the slap.
“Ugh. The fuck?”
Negan holds his cheek and looks at you like a threaten puppy.
“When you ever put your paws on me again I’ll castrate you with my teeth!”
“Heh, is that a fuckin’ promise?” Negan asks and you snort in disbelief.
“Eh (Y/N), wait.”
But you don’t wait for this dickhead instead of you turn around to him and show him your middlefingers. He’s so appalled, staring at you with his round eyes and open mouth that you start laughing.

“Stupid bitch.” Negan babbles to himself before he goes upstairs to the penthouse.
All these fucking stairs.
They’re like every-fucking-where.
And his head feels like a carousel. But he’s still hard like a fucking baton.
‘That fits.’ He thinks with a giggle before he slams the door to the penthouse open.
The penthouse is almost empty, only Stephanie and Anne are sitting on a table and playing some fucking cards.
He narrows his eyes and goes closer to them. They ignore him, but that doesn’t stop him from staring.
Stephanie has some nice tits, but Anne’s are bigger.
Any bet that (Y/N) has also some pretty titties.
His dick pounding expectantly against his pants and he grabs it to bring it in a more comfortable position.
“Look at this.”
He puts his bulge on the table and it looks pathetic small now. Anne risks a glare and sighs annoyed before she continues the card game.
“Not in the fucking mood?” He asks pouting and unison they shake their heads.
Still pouting he leaves them alone and decides to give himself a handjob.
His pussy radar seems broken.
He falls on his bed which cracks under his weight and opens his pants, pushing it down.
The precum moistens his hand as he jerks himself off.
With his eyes closed and a handful dick he thinks about (Y/N). Her hand felt tiny on his cheek.
Fuck, his dick would look fucking huge in it.
With this thought he falls asleep.

“Jesus Negan, seriously?” Sherry asks him the next morning after she opened the door.
He’s still holding his dick like it’s the holy grail.

What the fucking fuck happened last night?

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Ficlet: Wrapped Around Your Finger

Fourteen Days of Ficlets, Day 7

Today’s Featured Prompter: allegoricalrose​, who requested Ten and baby!Rose teething 

Rating: All

Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler

Summary: Rose steps into a machine that temporarily regresses her to her 9 month old self, leaving both Rose and the Doctor confused and scared.

A/N: While I know it’s canon that the Doctor is fluent in Baby, for the humor of this story I’ve decided that this version of Ten isn’t.

“Please don’t wee on my coat. Please don’t wee on my coat. Please, please, please don’t wee on my coat,” the Doctor chanted over and over while dashing back to the TARDIS. “You know Janis Joplin gave me this coat. I can’t launder it very easily. So if you wee on it, it’s going to smell like baby wee for years. I can’t have that,” he panted.

What else was the Doctor to do? Rose had no way of knowing the archway she’d stepped through was meant for the elderly. It certainly did its job of taking twenty years off her life. And though the effects were temporary, the deed was still done. The corporation responsible for creating the machine was none too pleased, however, with his thorough job of destroying it. They sent armed guards after the Doctor and Rose. So just like usual, they were running for their lives back to the TARDIS. There was no time to grab Rose’s clothes. And even if he did, they wouldn’t fit her anyway.

Rose was none too pleased with her plight, and spent the entire time they ran back to the TARDIS wailing at the Doctor’s chest. But if the Doctor thought she was angry, she was ready to throw down the entire TARDIS when he fitted her into a safety seat the ship had fabricated for her for the ride into the Vortex. There was no cutting him any slack for wanting her safe. The moment he clicked her in her squalling doubled in volume, turning her pudgy face bright pink. Funnily enough, the TARDIS’s engines kicking in seemed to soothe her a little, so during the flight at least his ears had a moment’s rest.

“Alright Rose, see? Told you it would only be for a minute,” the Doctor cooed at his baby companion while unbuckling her. His coat that he’d swaddled her in was damp when he brought her to his chest. “Oh, no… no no no… oh Rose, how could you? I told you not to wee on my coat!”

The calm that the TARDIS had worked at began to ripple away from Rose’s face the instant he raised his voice. He hadn’t even realized he’d done it until her chin wrinkle and her mouth turn to a blubbering frown. She already had him with that, just before a flood of tears tore at him. She sniffed a few times before returning to the cry that she’d tortured him with earlier. Only this time it was completely his fault.

“Oh, Rose, please don’t cry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it, okay?” he pleaded, and brought her up for a hug, but she pushed herself off of him and writhed in her swaddle, trying to get out of his arms. “Come on, I’m not that bad. I’ve at least got to get you a nappy and some clean clothes, okay?”

He paused. Had he ever even had a baby aboard the TARDIS? He wouldn’t have a reason for keeping any baby things. Rassilon help him if he had to pop into a store with a naked and nappy-less Rose to buy a whole assortment of baby supplies to last them through however long she remained a baby. The effects were temporary, but the machinery causing Rose’s state was meant for a species that wasn’t strictly human. It would affect her differently. His only hope was the TARDIS considering a passing thought he’d had recently.

Thank Rassilon she did. A monitor trilled on the console and popped up a coordinate on the TARDIS’s schematics. The Doctor kissed the monitor and dashed down a corridor in the direction of the nursery. He couldn’t be certain if the TARDIS was being funny with how fully stocked this nursery was, or if perhaps she was laying on a few hints. Maybe both. But he was all too thankful. And maybe the soft pastel coral walls and the starry ceiling might help calm Rose down, he hoped. The first order of business was getting his tiny companion in a nappy. And it would have been great if she agreed with this assessment. The Doctor was no stranger to the task, but that didn’t make it any easier.

“Oh now that’s not fair. I’m trying to help,” the Doctor complained at Rose’s slippery kicking legs that were nearly impossible to catch. And once he did weave her ankles between his fingers in a hold he thought was pretty secure, she flopped over and freed herself. “Where are you going? You realize it’s a three foot drop to the floor.” Rose peered over the edge, almost as if calculating her odds. “Where are you even going to go starkers anyway, hm?” He flopped Rose back over and formed a tighter grip around her ankles. She was none too pleased with this, and made certain that was known. “You’re mad because I outfoxed you. D'you honestly think I’m enjoying this? I didn’t wake up this morning expecting to be wiping your bum, I’ll say that.”

Rose wasn’t about to make his job easy, and wiggled about the entire time while whining at him. Just when he thought he was in the clear, walking away from the table with a fresh cloth in hand he learned that using it on Rose’s face was tantamount to murder. Getting Rose into some clothes involved chasing her around the room and pulling her out from under a crib, not to mention wrestling the writhing baby into the clothes. He opted for a dress after all the trouble she put him through. Some day he would find all of this rather comical. After a long while. Not long after he’d managed this, Rose returned to her routine of frustrated crying.

“Rose…” the Doctor sighed. “I don’t know how to do all this. Are you hungry? Tired? I’m exhausted and we’ve barely done anything. I’ll give you chips. D'you want chips? Can you even eat chips yet? I’ll mash them up if I need to. Just please stop crying, alright?”

He scooped her up into his arms and sat her on his hip. He wouldn’t deny baby Rose her cuteness. It had to guarantee her survival, with her mother growing Rose up on her own. The Doctor had a much deeper respect for Jackie than he ever did before. Whether he’d ever tell her as much remained to be seen. He could even live with Rose ruining his tie by chewing on it. At least when she had it in her mouth, soaking it in Rose drool, she was marginally quiet. Well, that is until he set her down on the floor in the galley.

“Oh, Rose… I can’t do this with just one hand,” the Doctor reasoned to a pair of teary doe eyes. “Give me just a few minutes, alright? I’ll even make you a bottle. And then I’m all yours.”

Rose wouldn’t be convinced of this, and crawled after him as he fetched things around the galley, making certain he was was aware of her malcontent by whining after him. When he disappeared into the pantry for a moment she burst into tears. Surely the independent Rose that he knew wasn’t really like this as a baby. Jackie would have lost her mind. When he stopped in front of the microwave and bottle warmer (bless his TARDIS), Rose pulled herself up on his pant leg and held herself there, babbling at him in her continual whine of complaint until he looked down at her.

“Oh alright,” the Doctor relented, and picked her up. “I’m not letting you live this one down though, just so you know.” She couldn’t be bothered by this while she found a suitable suit collar to chew on. Evidently his little companion was determined to make her mark on his clothes.

But she wouldn’t eat. No matter how he argued that mashed potatoes were much more edible than his silk tie, Rose refused to let it slip past her mouth. In fact, a good bit of it ended up being pasted onto his clothes (as he fed her from his lap because she refused to sit in a high chair). And no matter how he begged her, it was the same story with the bottle as well. It quickly got cold.

“I don’t understand,” he grumbled and rubbed his face in his palm before messing with his hair as if it might hold the answers. Even as the Doctor held her and cradled her close she still cried. Clearly she wanted to tell him something, but didn’t know how to. “What is it? I don’t even want to try putting you to bed.”

He started down the hall and while he walked he fished his sonic screwdriver out of his jacket and sent it whirring over the little pink Rose. The moment Rose saw it light up she squealed and giggled, reaching for it with her stubby, grainy fingers (how was potato so difficult to get off?). He was about to tell her there was no way she was getting his sonic when he saw that she’d already soaked it in drool, and was actively chewing on the light end. Even with her chin and neck soaked, gumming on his precious sonic she was still cute. Her deep chocolate eyes looked very much the same, and evidently could still get him into a lot of trouble. It was a good thing he had backups, he thought with a sigh. He pressed a safety button on the side and smiled at her. He couldn’t tell her no when she had the most vacantly blissful look spreading across her damp, pudgy face. The memory of making her cry was still tugging at his heartstrings. So although his sonic now had tiny teeth marks on it, his Rose was happy.

And then it hit him. The Doctor stopped right in front of Rose’s bedroom door and watched her blissfully chewing away at his sonic. He really was incredibly thick. When she soaked his suit collars it should have hit him. Perhaps when she wouldn’t eat. He held Rose up by her torso and brought her forehead to his lips for a little kiss.

“Your gums hurt, don’t they, eh Rose?” he cooed at her and beamed. He stepped into Rose’s bedroom and headed towards her bed. “I’ve got just the thing.” He beamed at her after setting her down on the mattress and laying next to her. “Much better than this icky metal thing, promise.“

Rose whimpered and pawed at his hands when he took his sonic away from her. She also wasn’t having any of his attempts at cuddling her close. But he ignored her protests and made a nest of his head, arms and chest around her. He stuck his tongue out at her and tickled her feet when she batted at his nose in frustration. He hushed her when he saw her lungs filling up to release a cry. And before she could protest any further, he eased a finger into the corner of her mouth.

"Now, no biting, okay? I’m trusting you on this one.”

The Doctor pressed his fingers to Rose’s gums and worked his way around until he found the culprit. He massaged the spot and watched Rose’s demeanor change in a few heartbeats. Her chubby legs fell to the bed and she leaned in to him. He had to stop what he was doing for a moment so she could crawl on top of him. He’d earned her trust, he surmised. She grabbed his hand and found the forefinger on his other hand. Maybe it tasted a bit different, milder or sweeter. At any rate she found it to her liking and let him resume rubbing her gums. They both relaxed within a few minutes, and a peaceful blanket of exhaustion began to settle over him. Rose seemed to share this sentiment and released the tiniest little yawn. The Doctor wriggled his way under her sheets and covered them both up. Her chest rose and fell in gentle puffs, and within a few minutes she was purring in her sleep like a kitten.

He took a few minutes to clasp her tiny hand in his and soothe her soft skin over his palm. He brought her up to his face so he could nuzzle her caramel down and drink in her mild scent. He sighed it into a kiss and felt his cheeks warming with the thought that she always smelled like Rose, his Rose. It was a sentiment that eased him into a deep sleep snuggled up with her on his chest.

Rose awoke in the morning curled up with the Doctor. The only thing keeping her from smacking him across the face for sneaking into her bed while was naked was finding that he was clothed. She’d be lying if she said it didn’t feel so right, too. She licked her gums and found her teeth throbbing. The Doctor looked like a complete wreck, and since he wouldn’t free her from his grasp, she nestled her head into the nook under his head and fell right back asleep.

Makoharu Duet CD Cooking Scene- Rough translation

Haru: Are you ready? Makoto.

Makoto: yes, I’m prepared. Haru

Haru: Okay, then. Lets sta…

Makoto: Ah! Wait a sec. I forgot to put on apron
Em, this is bad Haru. I’ve never cooked properly at all.

Haru: Its no big deal. That aside, why do you suddenly want me to teach you how to cook? Is there someone you want to cook for?

Makoto: Yeah!

H: Who?

M: haha, ran and ren. Tomorrow is our parents’ anniversary. Both of them are going to an onsen excursion. That’s why in the meantime I have to look after ran and ren… And we can’t eat pizza for lunch and dinner all the time.

H: Hm. Then saba and miso would be perfect. Even beginners can easily make them.

M: I’m counting on you. haru

H: Yeah. Well then, lets start. Do as I say. Firstly, the prep. put the saba on top of the plate

M: like this?

H: then put kitchen paper on top. put on the net, boil the water.. (expertly explains…)

M: Like this? (boiling sound)

H: (continue with the instructions)

M: Wow, looks professional!

H: This is just the basics.

M: haha.This reminds me of what we used to talk about. Who will be the better bf. Haru you really are going to be a good husband. .

H: Its not like i’m interested in getting married.

M: But after getting married, you wont be able to say “I won’t swim any style other than free”.

H: Leave me alone =3= Don’t talk and get ready. Next will be the pickled ginger. slice them thinly

M: erm, ginger ginger… like .. this???

H: NOT LIKE THAT! When you hold the kitchen knife, make your other hand into cats paw.

M: like this?

H: you, didn’t you take cooking class (or home econ?)? how can you not remember? Curl your fingers like this.

M: now that you mentioned it..

H: Makoto you.. don’t tell me you’ve never picked up the knife ever since the class?

M: EH? ERM.. something.. like that ^ ^;;;

H: just cut like how I told you.. slowly.


(cutting sound)

H: yup just like that.

M: Its done!

H: Next into the frying pan, soy sauce and mirin. sake, sugar and water

M: wait wait.. erm.. soy sauce and mirin… sake.. sugar and whooAAAAAA! (fire) ouch hot!

H: baka! you poured too high up.

M: sorry :<

H: did you get burned?

M: um, I’m okay :) thanks

H: Then, lower to heat to the appropriate level and line (something) along the pan.

M: like this?

H: Yea, looks like the only thing you are good at is lining them on the pan.

M: shut up you

H: put the ginger first, close the lid and let it cook for 5-10 mins

M: in a cooking show, this is where they take out the finished product isnt it.

H: If you know stuff like that so well, how come you don’t know how to use the kitchen knife.= =

M: you are so noisy..

H: Next! add miso and caramelize it. and now for the secret ingredient


H: Just put in a little bit.. you can also put in
cheese or yoghurt. But i always put this in.

M: hmmm… (impressed). Haru you are really good at this. I dont think i’ll ever be as good.

H: *Blush* you’ll get there if you cook too.

*time passes*

*lid opens*

M: it smells nice!!

H: Makoto, open ur mouth!

M: !!*gulp*

H: is it nice?

M: (omnom nom nom) !!!! UGH!
HARU! TT_TT somehow.. its salty! TTATT

H: ! don’t tell me… Where did you take the sugar from?

M: this blue lid one…

H: thats.. salt.

M: E!?!? hooow… cant eat it like that…looks like we gotta trash it.. :(

H: NO >| Its not over yet for the saba! First remove the saba.. then put it in the frying pan with egg. Makoto! get me the eggs.

M: roger

*crack, whisking egg*

H: then put the cooked rice in it as well!

*haru cooking*

M: wow…

H: no need to put anymore flavoring. And just like that, its complete. Saba miso fried rice.

M: whoooaa. Can i try it? :DD

H: yeah

M: nice! its really nice haru!!

H: that’s good

M: :DD they are gonna be really happy :DDD

H: now you too can make it.

M: yea you are right :)

haru, thanks!

H: *blush* 

M: watch out! frying pan! its gonna burn!

H: even if its burnt, burnt rice is nice too.

M: its too burnt!!!

*fire sound*

aahhh its burning!

H: dun worry. Now its the mayonnaise and pickled ginger’s turn (haru still eating i think? ignoring the fire)

M: no no! more importantly! the lid!

*phone ringing*

who is it at this time!!

hello? rei? what is it? tomorrow’s training schedule? 

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"With us" zootopia fanfic

It had been years since he last saw Zootopia. Martin DeClawe moved away when he was young to fulfill his dream to become a detective for the Zootopia police force. After gaining the smarts and skill, he was finally qualified to join the top team. He thought he deserved a little reward after his first day on the job, having caught a bank robber just hours ago.
Martin twiddled with the small cigarette he had in between his fingers, placing in between his lips. He tilted his hat down, trying to protect it from the harsh pouring rain while he made his way to the Tundra Club. There you can sit and listen to music and the singers while enjoying a nice chilled drink by the bar.
Once inside, he took of his dark blue trench-coat passing it off to one of the employers who rushed to place it on a hook to dry off at the side. The club’s walls were made out of solid once, carved precisely to resemble the inside of an igloo. Martin’s nose twitch, smelling the tobacco smoke that filled the air. He pulled on his suspenders while he made his way to an empty table near the far end of the ballroom. On stage, soft music was being played by a young polar bear dressed in a red, bright suit. He typed on the piano keys while some animals listened while eating their meals.
Martin took out his lighter and put it up to his cigarette but cursed when he found it limp and soggy, from the rain. He didn’t escape it fast enough.

“It’s not polite to swear, you know?” Said a gentle voice. A voice that he haven’t heard in years after he left Zootopia. He whirled to his right to find a bunny, an albino. With shiny snow-like fur and bright red eyes, still as curious as to when he met her when they were children. She was wearing a golden shimmering modest dress, and around her neck was a thick black strap to help carry the small box of cigars and cigarettes. Yet, when he looked at her, he had found that she had really matured over the years to when he was gone, noticing the tight and slim curves. She giggled softly when his cigarette fell out from his open mouth.
“Hello, Marty.” While his real name is Martin, he expected animals to call him by his full name but she was the exception. .

“Martha? What in the hell are you doing here?” He asked, making her smile politely.

“I’m working, this is the only job I can get in this club…I have to pay my rent somehow.” She tilted her head at him, holding her smile. “It’s so wonderful to see you again, Marty.”

He held his breath, and swallowed. It has been ten years since he last saw her. He haven’t seen her since he was thirteen but even now, he still recognized her. They met when they were just kits, at six years old. They were next-door neighbors and completely different, including being a fox and bunny. She was shy, and still is, even now he can tell by looking. Him on the other paw, was a little tyrant. Loud and obnoxious.
But one look at the shy girl behind the white picket fence and something inside changed. He did not know it then and he did not know it until after he left.
They were meant for eachother. He fell in love with her at first sight and he could never tell her. A fox and a bunny becoming mates? That seems to good to be true. Also it does not take a genius to notice that inter-species relationship is frowned upon. Sometimes even hated but that won’t stop him from ever loving her.

“I can’t believe you found me here.” He said, rising out of his chair giving her a friendly hug. He found that he had grown intensely over the years, when they were teenagers they were the same height and now he loomed over her by a foot. Her head right to his chest. She noticed it as well taking a step back while blushing lightly.

“Oh my, Marty…you have gotten tall.” She laughed, putting a paw on lips hiding back her large smile.

“I’m not the only one who changed, Cottontail.” He replied slyly. Hearing her old nickname made her stop laughing, letting out a small scowl while still holding her blush.

“Oh! I hoped you wouldn’t call me that.”

“But it’s perfect, cottontail.”

“Oh stop.” She huffed before letting out a smile. “Would you like a cigarette, Martin?”

He reached inside his pant’s pocket, feeling for his wallet. “Sure, I could use a smoke while we talk, how much?”

“It’s on the house.” She said under her breath while she hands him a lone stick. “I insist.”
He smirked and plucked it out of her paw, placing it in between his lips and lighting it with his matchstick by the flick of the wrist.

“How about that talk, eh?” He snickered motioning her to sit down beside him. She shared in his playful laughter but waved it off.

“Oh I couldn’t, my boss would get so mad, my shift haven’t ended yet.”

“Than when does it? I’ll be happy to wait all night.” He winked, making her blush again. He found it quite easy to make her feel embarrassed. “We can talk in my apartment, I’ll even treat you to some take out.”

“That sounds wonderful. I stop working in a hour, until then, I have to hurry and sell these as soon as possible.” She moved away, placing her paws underneath the large wooden box. She picked up her feet when she rushed onto the floor, hiding out cigarettes to the large group of animals waiting to buy. He watched her scurry along the room, handing out the boxes with a smile on her face. Even though she hated Tobacco. She never had a fancy for the stuff. The same thing with alcohol. He stifled a laugh noticing the glass of scotch in front of him. They really were polar opposites, like yin and yang.
He watched her more than the entertainment. Never removing his sight for more than a few seconds. It wasn’t long until it was time for her to check out. He watched her more than excited to come meet with him, practically picking up her feet. He grinned lifting himself off of the booth and suddenly a sharp cry rang out. He whirled to find that Martha, had tripped over her small heels and landed face down onto the carpet.

“Martha!” Martin yelled out rushing to her. Most of the patrons were already moving towards her, ready to pull her up. She lifted her head up slowly, rubbing the back of her head. Her face completely red.

“Oh my, no I’m okay!” She smiled towards a bison gentlemen trying to lend her his hoof. Martin bent down on one knee, looking her over.

“What happened Martha?” He asked, giving her his paw. Her ears went down becoming timid as her face grew redder.

“I-I wasn’t looking to where I was going…oh, I’m so clumsy today.” She said with a timid voice before taking his paw. He gently pulled her up to her feet.

“Ow!” Martha winced lifting her left foot. “Oh no!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I-I think I twisted my foot, oh I really am clumsy! that’s what I get for not looking.” She winced again when she tried moving it, her eyes becoming watery. “I don’t think I can walk…”

Martin sniffed. “Well that’s not a problem…” He swiftly picked her up bridal-style. Sweeping her off of her feet and into his arms. She was light as a feather when he began walking towards the exit.

“M-Martin?! P-please put me down!” Martha demanded. He had never seen her face so red before. He grinned.

“No way Cottontail. You ain’t escaping that easily, I’ll give you a ride to my apartment so we can catch up and do something about that nimble ankle of yours.”

“Please!” She continued, noticing the stares of the other animals from outside the club. “E-every animal is looking!”

“Because you’re shouting Martha.” He smirked, she closed her mouth, looking down and avoiding eye contact with the patrons. Martin chuckled as they made their way outside. He gently placed her in the passenger seat of his hardtop black convertible. Martha eyes widened by how new the car way, straight out of the warehouse. She never knew Martin could own such a car. She glance at him when he closed the door in the driver’s seat and the car into gear.

“When did you buy this Marty?”

He grinned at her question. “Ya like it? Just bought it a week ago working with the ZPD, they pay good dough.”

Her mouth moved into a happy grin. “You finally made it in the police force?”

“Sure did. Been working with the law for about two years and I got promoted. Just hearing the word Zootopia made it easy for me to accept.”

She hummed,tilting her head at him. “I’m glad you came back, Marty.”

Martin gripped the wheel when he heard the tone of her voice, it sounded genuine, almost as if she really did missed him as much as he did her. He was right.

“What about you bunny? You work as a seller now?”

“Yes, not really the job I want, what I really want to do is sing to the crowd.” She sighed happily, imagining it. “If only…maybe one of these days I’ll get a chance.”

“They’re idiots if they don’t give you a chance, Martha.” He replied sternly, he bit his cheek before asking her the next question. “And what about…a mate? Got some guy you fancy?” He asked slowly, not really sure if he wants to hear the answer. Martha twiddled her fingers, her cheeks turning a shade of pink.

“I…I had a few.” Martin’s mouth went into a straight line. “But they weren’t the right choice for me.”

He smirked slightly, careful to not let it show to her. “Good to know.”

“And you?”

He snorted. “Too busy for that sort of stuff, plus, I think my personality scare the girls.” He chuckled deeply, he wasn’t wrong about that. The way he carries himself always seen to affect those around him. Martha smiled.

“I suppose they don’t know you like I do.”

Except Martha. “Exactly, Cottontail.”
“-And down we go!” He set her down gently on his couch, making sure her legs were elevated on a pillow. Martha giggled at him as he grabbed ice from his freezer.

“Martin, I’m sure it’s not that bad.”

She winced when he placed the cold bag down over her ankle. “Not that bad eh?”

“M-maybe you’re right.” She cringed letting out a soft laugh. He collapsed right beside her, sitting down fully as he removed his coat, showing off his suspenders and white collar shirt. He felt Martha lean her head on his shoulder while she looked up at him.

“You changed so much.” She bluntly stated, making him shrug his shoulders.

“You think so? I should say the same about you, you changed a lot.”

“How so?”

“You’re more curvy.” He flinched when he felt a harsh slap on the knee.

“That is very crude.” She said playfully. She gave out a set of giggles making him laugh along. He set his head down over her own, making her ears do down.

“Well, it’s true.”

Martha eyed him coyly. “You look very strong, Marty.”

“That’s because I am, Cottontail. Got the scars to prove it.”


“More like bullet holes…” He said bluntly, she gasped sitting up fully as she whirls at him.

“Bullet holes!?-are you playing with me?” She said with a huff. Martin flick his wrist and grabbed the collar of his shirt, giving her a grin.

“Want to see? I got one right on the shoulder.” Her eyes widen in curiosity as she leans in, nodding slightly. He pulled the collar down, popping the buttons. He moved aside the fabric, revealing his left shoulder. Right next to his collarbone, was a pinkish scar of what looked like where the bullet went through him. Martha gasped slightly, her paw shooting out towards his scar.

“What happened?” She demanded, rubbing against it with her index finger. The scar was the size of a silver coin. “When did this happen?”

“About a few months ago-!”

“A few months!?” She shouted making his ears go down.

“Hey, hey, it wasn’t fatal! I also have another one on my right side. Now that one hurt.” He laughed but quickly stopped when he noticed Martha holding a frown. He felt her fingers circle around his scar, her paw shaking slightly.

“It could have hit your heart…” She whispered grimly. Martin’s ears sprang up when he felt her paw stroke at his scar. She stared at it in a sad frown as she nimbly stroked the pinkish flesh wound. He slightly blushed, he never noticed how shiny her lips were from the red lipstick.
“Does it hurt?” She asked softly, with a hint of concern. His fur went on end when he heard her sweet angelic voice.

“Nah.” He whispered. “Nothing hurts me, this just a paper cut, you should see the one on my back.” He said raising his eyebrows mischievously. She gave him an unamused scowl. “I was just playing a joke…there’s nothing there.” He grabbed her wrist making her place her palm against his scar fully. She looked up at him and noticed how close his muzzle was to her. “Remember what you did every time I hurt myself?”

Her breath caught, a soft blush appearing. Remembering a time when they were children running into danger. Martin was the one who got hurt the most with his reckless behavior. She found the one thing that helped soothe his wounds, was a secret. Both of them wouldn’t dare tell their parents about their innocent adventures. Whenever Martin got hurt, she would lean in.

She closed her eyes. “I kiss you.”

And her lips brushed against his. He didn’t hesitate to kiss her back. He captured them in a vice grip, revealing the feelings he kept bottled up. It was like a wave, he wrapped his arms around her waist, locking her into a passionate embrace. She responded by clutching at his suspenders, gripping them and his shirt. It was as if she was under a spell because the moment she opened her eyes, the spell broke.

“O-oh my goodness!” She cried out removing herself out of his arms. “What have I done?” She covered her mouth, completely mortified. Martin blinked dumbly, wondering if he done something wrong. She clutched her chest feeling her heart race, she even touched her forehead suddenly becoming dizzy. She stood up, walking backwards away from Martin, who raised himself from the couch.

“Wait Martha-!”

“N-no it was a mistake Martin!” She cried out, her eyes already at the point to tears. “I did not mean to! P-please just forget it!”

“But Martha!-”

She rushed towards the door and fell forward, the pain in her ankle shot through her like she had been stabbed. Martin rushed towards her, catching her, a foot above the floor. She could have hurt herself even more. He was surprised when she started fighting against him. Desperate to get away.

“Let me go!”

“Martha! Get a hold of yourself, you can’t walk yet!” He yelled gripping her shoulders. Not enough to hurt her as he dragged her back to the couch. She fell with a thud and hugged herself, growing smaller as she turned away from him.

“Just…let me go home, Martin.” She whimpered, a tear running down her cheek. His ears lowered, his heart aching at the sight of her. If was as if she was afraid of him. He slowly took a seat beside her, a paw reaching out to her.


She let out a shaky breath. “I-I don’t know what came over me when I kissed you!” She rambled.” I-it was just-!” She covered her mouth, not wanting to speak anymore. “I-it was wrong of me.”

He grabbed her paws, opening her tight fists, revealing her pinkish palms. Staring into her eyes, he moved her palms to his lips. She hid her face into her shoulder not wanting to look at him while his cold lips hit her paws She struggled against his lips, her protest falling on deaf ears.

“N-no! Stop it! You shouldn’t!”

He let go of her left paw, focusing more on her right. Trailing up her arm in a passionate reveal moving closer towards her face. She fought against him, but she was a weak little thing. More pacifist than anything. She never once taught herself defense. With each kiss he gave her, he began to reveal his feelings with each pause.

“You’re beautiful!…you’re perfect!….you’re kind!…” He was already passed her forearm, prompting her to raise a shaky paw in the air. She shook her head, not wanting to hear anymore. “I love you!”

Her free paw swung down, a loud slap echoed in the room. She winced by how loud it was and gasped to find Martin with his head aside. The fur on his face were pressed into the shape of her small paw. She knew underneath it, the skin was screaming out from the stinging pain. The look acrossed Martin’s face was one of shock and bewilderment, which contorted into aggravation when he touched his cheek.
Martha pulled her arms closed to her chest.

“M-Martin! I-I am so sorry! I didn’t-! I-I never meant to actually-!” His eyes narrowed when he looked back at her, making her shrink. “P-please, don’t be angry! Martin?” He lunged at her, making her scream out. “Martin!”
She shut her eyes when he grabbed her face, waiting in complete fear and dread that he might beat her in retaliation. Turning her head, she cried out when she felt him press his lips gently against her cheek. She blinked. Becoming confused as he softly kissed her soft white fur. She felt his mouth turn into a smile from each butterfly kiss he gave her. She felt his thumb from his right hand brush away her lingering tears. She held her breath when he pressed his own cheek against hers.

“How do you expect me to not love you after that?” He chuckled deeply before pulling away. His mouth moved side to side before laughing deeply. “That was some hit, Cottontail, you owe me an apology kiss after that.” She shook her head, a blush forming.

“N-no, it’s wrong! We are too different, it would be one thing if you were a bunny or I was a fox!”

“But we’re not! Martha-my little cottontail.” He growled playfully, taking her paws into his own again. She turned away, trying to calm her heart. “I loved you ever since we were children.”

“B-but…it’s against nature, you’re a predator, I’m prey.” She stated sadly finally looking back at him. “It will never work. No matter how much I may love you too.”

“I want to be with you!” He argued, clutching her paws in a desperate act. “Just looking at you makes me want to have you.” He said moving his muzzle closer to her lips. She turned away, looking down at her paws. “Martha, I will never stop loving you…”

Her lower lip quivered, a soft sob escaping. “B-but we can never tell anyone…”

She felt his paw move her head back towards him. “Than we won’t.” And pressed his lips against hers. This time, she didn’t pull away.


Martha hummed happily to herself in her new home. She was busy folding laundry in the living room, making sure the shirts and pants were pressed and hanged. She took out her favorite blue dress and swiftly put it on its hanger. She set it off to the side, not wanting it to be next to the other pile of clothes. Her nose wrinkled when a strong smell of nicotine filled the room. She jumped when she felt Martin’s strong arms wrap themselves around her slim waist.

“Martin!” She scolded softly, her timid voice barely breaking the air. He moved his cigarette to the side of his mouth when he placed his chin on her shoulder. Hearing her bag right into his ear. “I told you to not smoke in the house. You’re going to stink up the clean clothes.”

“Ah bah!” He grumbled. “It’s too windy out, it will take out the embers. Besides-” he tighten his grip on her, making her slap his arm, warning him not to press any closer. It was more of a tap if any. “I thought I could have more entertainment with you.”

“Oh no Marty.” She said shaking her head. “I have to put these away.” She picked up one of his brown slacks from the hamper and folded it, placing it neatly down on the couch cushion. His eyes narrowed when he saw all of clothes was taking up space on his couch.

“Than I guess we’ll just going to sit right on top of them.”

Martha’s head shot up. “Don’t you dare, Martin, I just ironed your shirts!”
She yelled out when he turned her around and pushed her down on the couch, making her lay right on top of the clothes.She shrunk when he loomed over her. Cutting off any sort of escape. He removed his cigarette, discarding it in the ashtray behind her on a table. She gave him a scowl when he grabbed her paw.

“You always do this.” She complained softly. She blushed when he gave her a tender kiss on her golden wedding ring. “I won’t be ironing your shirts again, they’re going straight into the drawer after.” She said trying to show a threatening tone. He gripped the back of the couch, his knee on the cushion beside her while he suspended himself above her fragile frame. Her eyes lowered when he came closer. Her paws moved methodically to his suspenders, tugging at them when he kissed her ears. “Are you listening, Marty?”

His lips touched her forehead next. “Of course I am…” he replied. She frowned when she pressed her face against the collar of his white shirt. Taking a breathe.

“You smell like smoke.”

He smirked and stroked her ears. “You like it.” He felt her nuzzle her nose on his shoulder, right where his scar was hidden.

“I love you.”

He smiled, falling right into place into the couch. Laying right beside her, with his arms protecting her. “I love ya too.”

They both jumped when they heard a rapping on their front door, a loud voice rang from the other side.

“Hey, ya old fox! We’re here for a visit!” Shouted an obnoxious voice. Martin cursed bitterly under his breath making Martha giggle silently.

“Martha! I made you guys a carrot cake!” Yelled a second voice. “Are you home?”

Martin growled deeply, his head falling into her neck. His hot breath hitting her fur when he complained.

“I forgot those two were coming over.” Martha shifted under him.

“We should let them in…”

“No!” He whispered loudly. “If we stay quiet they’ll go away!”

“Martin! That is very rude.” He grumbled when she gave him a small kiss on the nose. “Answer the door, and please be polite…it’s nice to have them visit.” She began to move away, only to feel his arms tighten. She rolled her eyes, giving him a smile. “It’s only for a couple of hours, and after we can continue.”

He sighed. “Alright, I’ll bring them in.” He jumped when he heard their guest, bang on the door again.

“Marty! The cake is getting blown around! Whiskers, can’t hold it any longer!”

The old fox jerked forward, baring his teeth in annoyance. “Call me Marty again, Flat-Top, and you’re going to get bent!” He yelled out. Martha gasped loudly.


Nick cringed from the harsh voice from inside the house, making Judy glare at him.

“You know he doesn’t like it when you call him that and would it kill you to be polite this time?”

He crossed his arms. “I’m polite. I’m nothing but polite Whiskers.”

She groaned softly, hearing the door unlock. “Better not say some smart joke to them again, I’m pretty sure Mr. DeClawe is going to punch yo-Oh! Hello, are we late?” She said giving the old couple a forced smile.

Another Martha and DeClawe story! Just something to keep you guys entertain with until I finish with part 2 of “two week trial”
I’ll post the edited version in a Reblog ^_^

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oh my gosh. that dad!akashi scenario was soooo cute. (>////<) can i please request for gom + hayama + reo trying to teach their toddler to walk/talk?

Thank you so much! :3 I had a lot of fun writing this request~ Also, I realize that you didn’t ask for Kagami but I accidentally wrote him anyway so haha *sheepish* I hope you don’t mind even if I’ve included him in this. Thank you for requesting, and please continue to support me! :3 

Kuroko held onto the tips of his toddler’s fingers, watching him lumber forward clumsily. From your position on the sofa as you urged the baby to come forward towards you, you couldn’t hear the soft words your husband cooed to your child, but you could see the small smile he wore on his lips as they steadily moved towards you on the padded carpet. Unable to help yourself, you slid down the sofa to sit on your knees in order to cheer your baby on more enthusiastically. His eyes were shimmering slightly like his father’s, but he mirrored the wide smile you wore on your face.

“A bit further now, [baby]-chan,” Kuroko’s voice was gentle, “Mummy is waiting there for you.”


Kise clapped enthusiastically whenever his daughter gurgled out a series of noises. You couldn’t help but laugh cheerfully at how equally enthusiastic and loud both your husband and daughter were as they all but squealed at each other. Kise’s wide smile never faltered as he repeated a single word to the toddler squirming happily on the bed over and over again in a series of several different interesting voices.

“Aaaaa, say Da~da,” he nodded his head with every syllable, and applauded ecstatically whenever he got a responsive shriek,“Da~da! YAAAY! Once more~! Da~da!”


Your toddler grasped tightly onto two of his father’s fingers as he took shaky steps forward atop the mattress of your bed. Murasakibara’s long arms were more than enough length to help his child cover the short distance he needed to lumber forward in order to reach you. You had your arms outstretched, and your baby grinned and squealed at you excitedly as his father steered him forward. 

“Nn, hurry up, [baby]-chin,” your husband’s voice sounded exasperated, but the smile he wore betrayed his true feelings, “Go to mommy…” Your fingertips brushed his and you laughed cheerfully and cooed as you scooped up your child in your arms. 

Murasakibara yawned pointedly, but his eyes still lingered on you two affectionately as you frolicked with your son. His smile widened. 


The first thing Kagami did as soon as he came in through the front door after practice was scoop up the auburn-haired toddler squirming in your arms.

“Bakagami,” you scolded lightly, but did not protest as he twirled his son around, laughing gleefully, “you’re all sweaty.”

“Heh, it’s fine,” he grinned to you before cooing to the baby in a manner that would have greatly embarrassed him in front of him team but for some reason he wasn’t bothered to express in front of you, “right, [baby]? Did you miss daddy? Say daaaaaddy!” When your toddler screamed back a gurgle of similar noises, he laughed exhilaratedly and repeated his words until you were forced to retrieve your child and send him off to take a shower.


"Say, ‘good morning, father’.” Midorima’s voice sounded official but his tone was gently soft as he reached into the crib to pick up his sleepy daughter. The toddler murmured a series of incoherent noises in response, and your husband tried to look stern. He couldn’t prevent a happy smile from spreading across his face, though. 

“Good morning, father.” He repeated again, a bit more insistently, but your daughter just yawned widely and flailed her arms towards her father happily. Midorima tried very hard to look stern, and you had to resist laughing at the resulting grimace as you walked over to where he stood by the crib. 

“Say ‘good morning’, nanodayo." 

You shut him up by giving him a soft peck on the lips. Despite the fact that you two had been together for a long time now, his cheeks still flushed pink. You pulled away to kiss the top of your daughter’s forehead before grinning at your blushing husband. 

"Good morning, nanodayo.” You teased, and he flushed a deeper crimson. 


“One, two… There you go~!” Reo cooed to his daughter as he took gentle steps forward with her. “One, two, three… Ara, good girl!” You were holding onto the baby’s other hand, and you two stumbled through the grassy park as your daughter squealed enthusiastically and you two laughed happily. After a while like this, your daughter began to screw her features up in dissatisfaction, possibly because she was getting tired. But before she began whimpering unhappily, Reo immediately tucked his hands under your daughter’s arms and lifted her up into the air, gently pressing his lips to her forehead before allowing her to rest on his arm. “Aaa~, tired, are we? It’s okay, daddy’s here for you.”

The toddler smiled up at her father happily again, and you and Reo dissolved into happy laughter.


Aomine kept making faces at his son, enticing a lot of happy laughs, whenever you turned your back on them. He lay on the sofa with his son sitting atop his chest, and laughed whenever his son tugged at his shirt or pawed at his face. “Huh,” he ran a hand through his son’s navy hair and widened his smirk, “you’re just like Dad, eh?” He spoke in quiet tones, thinking that you didn’t hear him while you prepared dinner. 

“Hm,” he spoke up softly again after a while when your son gurgled happily, “say ‘Dad’. ‘Da-aaad.’” Your son squealed back again happily, and he gave a slight, soft laugh. “Hah, you’re just like Dad. Say ‘Dad’, first, okay? Da-aaad.” 

You couldn’t help but secretly record the conversation. 


Hayama was almost recklessly cheerful with his son, throwing him up lightly and deftly catching him right after he scooped him up from your arms. “Kotaro,” you couldn’t help but say anxiously, though a slight giggle did escape your lips at his enthusiastic happiness. Your son too, seemed to find his energy-filled father to be very entertaining, and screamed gleefully. 

"Aha, don’t worry, []!” He said ecstatically, nuzzling his nose against his son’s cheeks, enticing a series of happy giggles from the toddler. “[baby]’ll be fine! Ne, [baby]?” He twirled the toddler around excitedly. “Papa knows how to take care of you, right?” He laughed as he brought the baby close to his face and rubbed noses together. “Say Pa-pa! Paaaa-pa! Paaaaaaapa!” 


Akashi smiled contentedly as you grasped onto your daughter’s hands and propelled her across the room. Your daughter laughed gleefully and stepped forward towards her father clumsily. “Where’s papa?” You cooed happily, and your toddler tugged towards Akashi triumphantly. “Good girl!” Your husband gently took her hands when she reached him, and she squealed excitedly. He had just returned from an urgent business trip, and he seemed enthralled by how much his daughter had grown within the span of just a month. 

He knelt down to pull her onto his lap and press his lips onto the top of her head. “Did you miss your papa?” He asked pleasantly, running an affectionate hand through her hair. “I am here now, my little pearl. Did you miss me?” 

He smiled at her softly again. “Call me papa, okay? Papa.” His tone was both firm and gentle. “Pa-pa.” 

His daughter squealed back enthusiastically and gurgled out a series of incoherent noises before she promptly gripped the fabric of the business suit he was wearing and pulled herself against her chest. Akashi stood still in stunned silence for a moment, but then his arms closed around his daughter and his smile widened. “Papa loves you, [baby].” He whispered softly, and you felt your heart pang at the wholeness of his smile. It was for once, completely unrestricted and completely unhindered. 

You could have tanned yourself in the sheer brilliance of it. 

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WHAT IF derek crossed a witch by being rude and the witch curses him to have fluffy wolf paws while human and stiles is the only one to volunteer -so he can laugh at him- to help him until the curse passes/until derek learn his lesson

Can you imagine Stiles’ reaction though? Like Derek walks into the loft where everyone is obviously, hands behind his back and an annoyed look on his face. Scott is the one to ask what’s up, of course, and when Derek doesn’t answer, the others try to pry it out of him.

And then he sighs and brings out the fluffy wolf paws he has for hands, and the room just goes quiet. But then Stiles bursts out laughing, head thrown back and switching between clutching his stomach and wiping tears from his eyes. A few of the others are laughing a little as well, but Stiles’ loud laughter drowns them out, and Derek just glares at him, wolf paws curling into fists.

Stiles calms himself down, so Derek explains what happened, and then Stiles starts right back up, because the thought of Derek being rude to a witch is apparently hilarious.

The next day Stiles walks in to find Derek glaring at his wolf paws, a mess of milk and cereal spread out on the floor because “making breakfast is hard with fucking paws for hands, shut up, Stiles, stop laughing,” so Stiles makes him breakfast but he never stops laughing. Or maybe he stops for a little bit while watching Derek try to do anything with his paws, because it’s kind of cute.

Stiles helps Derek with finding out how to get his normal human hands back, doing late night research and laughing at Derek attempting and failing at picking up a lot of things. No one else really helps, mostly because Stiles told them to stay away so he could make fun of Derek by himself. Obviously no one believes that, well aware that Stiles really likes Derek and those feelings are very much returned, so they happily stay away.

Somehow they manage to find this witch, because she’s not really hiding, and she tells them what Derek needs to do, that he needs to be nice for the spell to wear off. So Derek starts being nice to everyone, doing it with a tight smile at first, but then eventually it becomes a bit more natural. Everyone finds it weird, especially since Derek isn’t really nice to Stiles but instead of insulting him and calling him an idiot, he openly flirts with him and Stiles notices that too.

And then they kiss because Derek doesn’t stop flirting with Stiles, and Stiles kind of really likes Derek, and whabam no more wolf paws.

Stiles is just a little disappointed, ‘cause they were kind of cute. But then Derek says “well, I can’t give you hand jobs with paws,” and Stiles immediately changes his mind and decides he can definitely live without the paws.

@copbunny con’t from here

Her smell was intoxicating, and even if she was just a bunny, her smell… “Hmmm… Cute, eh?” he replied, before shaking his head. “Thanks, lady, but you’re not my type…”

His hands went to his tie wrapped around her paw, realizing how strangeit was she could see how cute he was, let alone see him at all. “But what’s a nice bunny like you doing in an alley like this?” he joked.